Yovanovitch Describes Being Ousted From Position: 'No Real Reason Was Offered' | NBC News

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    Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch spoke about the moment she learned she was being ousted from her position and how her removal was handled.
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    Yovanovitch Describes Being Ousted From Position: 'No Real Reason Was Offered' | NBC News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Tatiana Serrano

      She reminds me of the kavanaugh’s accuser. She is doing the same Ohhh he intimidated me, oh I was scared, and the 😭. So fake. Is more evidence that she was in cahoot with the corruption of Ukrainian and Obama!

    2. johnny cake


    3. Winay Kumar

      She ran the biggest corruption scandal for Obama & Biden. This woman is a disgrace to America.

    4. Heart Jardin


    5. Daniel August

      This was the most expensive exit interview in history.

    6. Denzo D

      Now I know why Marie Yovanovitch have been fired by Pres. Trump. Her 33 years career in Foreign Service could have been saved if not for her misguided "higher loyalty". So sad really, but s..t happens.

    7. Shula Hangel

      the democrat are fishing in the dead sea

    8. Robert H Boyd

      He didn’t need a reason. He wanted to do something illegal. Ms Yovanovitch you had too much Honesty and integrity. Donald Trump wanted you out of the way so that he could do his dirt. You are okay lady. I am sorry that you have been mistreated by this President and his gang. You’re a very brave lady be safe. This is a terrible time for all AMERICANS. God bless America

    9. David Jones

      Welcome to the 2019 "Deep State" where one has to get permission to question witnesses from Rep. Adam Schiff who reserves the right to tell them when & how to answer.

      1. Onair Carna

        David Jones - nonsense. Please read and learn what the procedures (passed by Republicans) are. www.politifact.com/facebook-fact-checks/statements/2019/nov/11/facebook-posts/social-media-posts-misrepresent-house-democrats-ru/ And you have conveniently forgotten that Donal trump has forbidden people to testify. What, no criticism of him? And please stop believing donald trump. He hasn’t told the truth since kindergarten.

    10. David Jones

      Welcome to the 2019 "Deep State" where one has to get permission to question witnesses from Rep. Adam Schiff who reserves the right to tell them when & how to answer.

    11. David Jones

      I am Rep. Adam Schiff. All persons must get my permission to question my witnesses & I reserve the right to tell them when to answer & when not.

      1. passerau

        Not sure if you usually watch hearings but this is exactly how it works. the chairman has the control of the time as well as who can speak and who cannot speak. that's the basic understanding on how hearings in Congress works. You can check some C-SPAN videos with John Boehner or Paul Ryan as a chair.

      2. Onair Carna

        David Jones - complete nonsense. www.politifact.com/facebook-fact-checks/statements/2019/nov/11/facebook-posts/social-media-posts-misrepresent-house-democrats-ru/

    12. David Jones

      I am Rep. Adam Schiff. All persons must get my permission to question my witnesses & I reserve the right to tell them when to answer & when not.

    13. Sonny Bluff

      Didn’t she help Biden get Shokin fired for investigating Burisma? Cry me a River.

    14. J C

      ALL Our Swamp Rats Dont Look Alike Some Look Like Dem O rats Some Like Bueau O Rats And Dam O Rats. Then Repub O Rats Build Better Rat Traps. None Raciest.!!!!!They Just Keep Coming And Infecting Both Partys

    15. Inn0cent Sinner

      Poor...poor...woman. The media says she's got a spine of steel but yet Schiff was trying to turn on the waterworks for what should've been an impeachment inquiry hearing but ended up being a glorified wrongful termination complaint. I wonder how Bush appointed US Ambassadors felt when the Obama admin demanded their resignations upon his inauguration. nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/trump-fired-political-appointees-so-did-obama-97206

      1. Onair Carna

        Inn0cent Sinner - much the same as all the district attorneys that trump fired, I should imagine.

    16. Tim Thomas

      should bring in all the ambassador's that Obama fired, and question Obama's friends he made ambassador's for positions like the Bahama's and other exotic places.

      1. Onair Carna

        Tim Thomas - eh? What on earth for? This investigation is about Donald Trump. What on earth does Barack Obama’s choice of ambassador have to do with it?

    17. J C

      As We Keep Draining The Swamp!!!!!

    18. brian cloud

      She is an angry white woman that thaught her white privilege would keep her in a cushy job for ever

    19. Sara Guerra

      I do not understand the relation between Trump, Putin and the new president of Ukraine.??

    20. Julia Branca

      Bet$$$this red head amb..has an ugly temper..🐷💩😠

    21. WomanOnDa Move

      Frump is an evil dirty person. This nation is in trouble with him continuing in the presidency

    22. Suzan Firth

      THANK YOU, AMBASSADOR YOVANOVITCH. I think🇷🇺President Trump🇷🇺 lied and cheated to get there. Now he must lie, cheat, intimidate, accuse, belittle, etc. to stay there before his inevitable yet impending CHECKMATE! * (thought bubble: "poor little fella") .🇷🇺 = flag of Russia

    23. cayogator

      Pity Party Did not Obama fire all Bush's Ambassadors ??????????????????????

    24. RockSlide

      It's called a layoff. Happens to many of us. I've seen good people get laid off without any advance notice. File it under "Life", subfolder "Feelings". This is turning into a big pity party.

      1. passerau

        Yes that's true but not for corrupt purposes, problem with her layoff actually it's a reassignment because she has been reassigned to Georgetown as a teacher. the problem with her reassignment is she was blocking The bribery and extortion scheme The 3 Amigos were doing at the request of President Trump on President zelenski to investigate the bidens. based on the federal law employers cannot terminate employees for reasons that would violate federal, state, or local. antidiscrimination laws.

    25. W Peters

      So we have this woman's hurt feelings because she was being ousted "for no real reason". Par for the course considering there is no real reason (or in this case no evidence/facts...I know you Dems don't like that word) for this pathetic impeachment show trial. But as this is falling apart you Dems will come up with something else to waste our time.

    26. Denzo D

      Pres. Trump has the authority to pick and choose and/or terminate the services of his ambassadors to other countries. However, I don't find it appropriate to degrade/smear the reputation of an ambassador without providing proof of incompetence or malfeasance or character unbecoming of a respected ambassador.

    27. Les Subrick

      I never knew how much hate there was on the right! The Trump supporters prayed for hate by this nutjob!

    28. Irish Rocker

      The President tries to throw the Kurds under the bus. Mad Dog Mattis quits and the republicans get upset. He doesn't do it until he gets a phone call from Erdagon a couple weeks ago and wham, we are out of Syria so fast our guys don't even pack their coffee cups. 10k isis are in not being watched and escaping ect.. We are not listening to the correct phone calls. The President is compromised and Putin keeps driving America into the dirt. Ukraine is minor to the security of the US at this moment

    29. Mr DMc

      Trump doesn't have to give her a reason. Obama ousted all of the Bush era ambassadors in one day. He replaced them with the highest bidders! Bid minimum was set at $50k!! The date Jan. 20 2008. Does that date ring a bell? That is the day Obama took the oath of office. look it up noobs. Obama's ambassador to Argentina didn't speak Spanish. Another was a former producer of "The Bold and the Beautiful". They were ALL campaign donors.

    30. Renee Palmer

      Listen Yovanovitch ................ this is NOT a JOB For Life !! " A N Y PRESIDENT " CAN DISSMISS ANY ONE ........... YOU were a left over from a previous administration !! this president, DONALD J. TRUMP, Could Have USED A BROOM And SWEPT " ALL THE LEFT OVERS OUT " !! of course WE ALL know know the " PUPPETEER " Played YOU LIKE A VIOLIN !! next time donkeys... when you shoot yourselves in the foot ...................... USE A SPEAR - GUN !! or find some IUD's and wrap - youeselves up in them and walk into traffic !!

    31. Laura Ly

      Two huge myths are being promoted by the corporate media in tandem with the Democrats. 1) It's a lie that Biden's blackmail of Ukraine to get rid of Prosecutor General Shokin was supported by every western country and international financial institution. Nowhere is there any statement, document, or any other kind of evidence that any western country or the EU recommended or even knew that Biden was going to use the $1 billion aid package as leverage to bully Ukraine to remove prosecutor Shokin. No one. Kurt Volker's testimony at the Schiff hearing confirms this. Volker: …It was a general assumption... among the European Union, France, Germany, American diplomats, U.K., that Shokin was not doing his job as a procurator general. He was not pursuing corruption cases. Question from Schiff counsel: So it wasn’t just former Vice President Biden who was pushing for [Shokin’s] removal, it was those other parties you just mentioned? Volker: I don’t know about any other specific efforts. 2) It's a lie that Prosecutor Lutsenko retracted entirely his previous claim that ambassador Yovanovitch gave him a do not prosecute list. Read the original article the media refers to at: www.unian.info/politics/10520715-ukraine-prosecutor-general-lutsenko-admits-u-s-ambassador-didn-t-give-him-a-do-not-prosecute-list.html The only part Lutsenko corrected about the encounter with Yovanovitch was that she did not give him a written list, "I explained [to Yovanovitch] that I could not open and close cases on my own. I listed some so-called anti-corruption activists under investigation. She said it was unacceptable, as it would undermine the credibility of anti-corruption activists. I took a piece of paper, put down the listed names and said: 'Give me a do not prosecute list.' She said: "No, you got me wrong.' I said: "No, I didn't get you wrong. Such lists were earlier drawn up [under former president Yanukovych], and now you give new lists. The meeting ended. I'm afraid the emotions were not very good." As usual the corporate media has spun this into something entirely different from what he was saying. Yovanovitch herself admitted that they were a larger number of individual cases she "discussed" with Lutsenko which she opined "may have led him to believe that was a list of people not to investigate." She claimed no memory of how many individual cases she may have "discussed" with Lutsenko. As for the character of the discussions she cleverly describes them as just getting Lutsenko to realize that “prosecutions need to be done but legally, by the law, not politically motivated.” Cleverly she claimed to remember the name of only one person who she asked not be investigated. At the hearing Yovanovitch and Schiff are clever to discount whatever Lutsenko had to say by making him out to be corrupt to the core. Never mind that so many Ukrainians considered him far from very corrupt and an improvement over past prosecutors. By creating monsters Schiff is showing how evil he himself is in twisting facts.

    32. JUST ME

      Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch did not BRIBE Trump with $1 Million for her position, like Gordon Sondland did. She earned it, over many years, and now she is denied the career she worked 33 years to build. What a Disgrace Donald J Putin is!

    33. David Giraitis

      Wow - the trolls are jumping all over this. Their boss must be very worried to order such an obvious attempted show of force.

      1. Ned Labarbara

        Wow idiots are concerned the people smarter than cats are tired of the lies.

    34. C W

      Democratic definition of a witness.... I heard that he said that he overheard something that he thinks he said but I don't know what exactly he said....

      1. C W

        @Brian Curfew Because this is all Schiff's spectacle. Schiff will not allow nothing from his opposing party. I mean this was first concocted in the basement of Washington behind closed doors. The phone transcript is out in public, why the whistleblower? Friday's show was more for Human Resources.. a worker got the boot, happens all the time in work places.

    35. Judith Rhice

      She is a crook too. Her hands r in the cookie jar too.

    36. Donald Ducko

      The President doesn’t need a reason. He didn’t like your stupid face. How’s that? You deep state hack.

    37. Tatyana Melnikoff

      VOTE TRUMP!!!! 2020!

    38. David Eby

      Why was she even there? She said she saw no crime! Democrats are nothing but stupid.

    39. Bruce Yeager

      dont feel sorry for her, she is still making 200k a year for teaching one class of 14 students...although her free housing is gone now , thats gotta sting

    40. Benjamin Roberts FBA

      She got moved to Georgetown as a Fellow. The position she said she’d like if moved. She is still employed by the State Department and now teaches 1 class with about 15 students. She kept the same salary. That reassignment is pretty sweet. She wasn’t fired, and I thought she was until I actually listened to the event today. She’s now in a pretty sweet spot with the same pay and only teaching 1 class at Georgetown University. Not too bad!

      1. Benjamin Roberts FBA

        passerau Well, we will find out about what, if any, corruption took place as the hearings conclude. As for her reputation, she will be remembered fondly by most people. She also has everything needed for a pretty sweet book deal too. I’m confident she can remain at the state department and be a professor and the school of her choosing. I wish her the best!

      2. passerau

        Yeah that's beside the point the problem was the reason why she was removed if she was removed for corrupt intent not to mention the smear on her reputation which will make her completely useless for any public office position. Because once your reputation is completely destroyed nobody want to touch you anymore.