Yovanovitch: Any Concerns With Alexandra Chalupa 'Would Have Been Handled Here' | NBC News

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    Former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch was questioned by Republicans on what she knew about the business dealings of Alexandra Chalupa and the Ukraine.
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    Yovanovitch: Any Concerns With Alexandra Chalupa 'Would Have Been Handled Here' | NBC News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Carlos _

      If true (Chalupa Spy) I didn't think..... Hummmmmmm?

    2. Bad Blood

      You FAKE news POS RIP traitors

    3. latengocomoburro

      Free propaganda for Taco Bell, I am pretty sure they are selling more chalupas now.

    4. latengocomoburro

      Yo quiero Chalupa!!!

    5. El Jefe

      Chalupa is all beans, no meat.

    6. ernest747


      1. latengocomoburro


    7. Steve Bowlus

      Ummm ... So the Republicans, very concerned about hearsay evidence, solicit the Ambassador's hearsay evidence.

    8. Bruce Yeager

      dont feel sorry for her, she is still making 200k a year for teaching one class of 14 students...although her free housing is gone now , thats gotta sting

    9. Folk Aart

      The poor intimidated snowflake! Schiff needs to designate a safe space, quick!

    10. Dj Dj

      Shes lying

    11. Sofonda Cox

      What a complete waste of time and money on garbage

    12. Bubbles

      This is so elementary! So ridiculous and a waste of tax payers money ! These woman has nothing to do with the matter except that she is a disgruntled employee who was rightfully fired upon the emergence of a new President! Why is she there? How do the Rats get away with this nonsense! People please register to vote and walk away from the democratic socialist party or we all are going to suffer like the people in Venezuela !

    13. lindsay jones

      Our elected officials were probably more concerned about her safety in Ukraine, versus what happened in Benghazi . . . .

    14. Chado

      Yovanovitch... Is that like possibly Putin's relation, maybe? Idk.

    15. The Creepy Cracker

      If a story suggestion is off base, color, reservation, or in some way True but unrepeatable/ not true @ all/ or whatever... You could make some fuck'n effort, or Don't Ask!

    16. The Creepy Cracker

      Bush Whacked left to rot in Hog Slop

    17. Puppy power

      Looking forward to the end NBC trash

    18. CM Singletary

      Trump is exposing democratic corruption, that is what this impeachment is about. Why don’t they talk about the real problem, Biden and Clinton corruption? That’s what caused this crap!!

    19. Ray Bodine

      dems are a bunch of clowns. and the american people know it. the media nbc, cnn, abc, cbs, msnbc, and sometimes even fox are crazed. we cannot let the media control us anymore. this is america we need to stand up to our constitution and not let these lunatic democrats take over our rights as citizens. as a former democrat i want to say, trump has done a great job, secured our border better then any president yet, our economy is great, our taxes got a break, and we are saving billions by not participating in ridiculous agreements with other countries, we as america our on our own and we are #1 in the world. liberal ideologies cannot and will not break our values and the system that we have today, the leftist are radicals that want to destroy what our founding fathers have accomplished and wrote. our laws are here to stay. i will be voting trump in 2020 due to the fact that the democrats are bullies and liars. any american can see that and also i will not be paying for other people medical care, nope especially illegal immigrants who ransacked our welfare programs and continue to defraud our social services. i will not stand with any democrat or republican who endorses radical ideologies of reparations and / or taking taxes to pay for other things that should not be allowed. america will not suffer under and cannot afford to have another radical liberal dem president like obama or any affiliate of that group of people. america has risen under trump and will continue too. liberal madness and social justice warriors need to stop acting like crybabies and the silent people need to rise and be heard because america is for trump.

      1. Jay Boh

        So far the REPUBLICANS fit the shoes of all ya said so try again pal

    20. JAY JAY

      Yovanovitch hearing confirms that Trump is running a thugocracy: President Trump just couldn’t help himself. As former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified about the successful smear campaign engineered against her by Trump allies and explained how intimidating it was to learn that Trump told the president of Ukraine that she was “bad news” and is “going to go through some things,” Trump decided she didn’t feel quite intimidated enough. So he tweeted. Whether this is technically witness tampering, it’s undeniably appalling. Even on Fox News, Ken Starr called Trump’s attack on Yovanovitch during her testimony “extraordinarily poor judgment.” What it shows - as does all of the former ambassador’s testimony, along with lots of other evidence we have seen - is that Trump has been running a thugocracy, one in which the president talks and acts like a Mafiosi and so do the people who have the greatest influence over him. Stunningly, as Yovanovitch was calmly explaining how all this happened, Trump let everyone know what a thug he is, trying to intimidate her one more time. It’s probably too late for that, though; all he did was remind everyone who he is.

      1. Brian Trimble

        @Sabvina Cruz I agree with you 100%. Politicians should be held to a higher standard. You know who should be held to a higher standard? Good ol main stream media! MSM should just focus on unbiased fact based news and stop with "opinion " smear campaigns.

      2. Sabvina Cruz

        Brian Trimble I’m all for exposing the truth. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like most politicians don’t have dirty secret or call something what it isn’t or vice verse. We all want the truth on all our politicians.

      3. Sabvina Cruz

        Brian Trimble okay, lets say “expose”. Either way, I’m fine with the wording. There are still proper channels to go through for something like that. Not the way the president went about it.

      4. R.C.B.

        @Brian Trimble ouch

      5. Brian Trimble

        @Sabvina Cruz trying to dig up dirt? I'm sure you meant to say expose the dirt that had been momentarily covered up. You know from when Biden had the billion dollar loan guarantees held until the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating burisima and others.

    21. T. Shrine

      Thank you democrats for TRUMP LANDSLIDE 20/20. 😎👍🇺🇸

    22. Joseph Peeler

      The real scandal is the collusion between the corrupt U.S. establishment and Democrat/CIA operatives, especially prior to 2016 election.

    23. George Washington

      Bruhhh.WHO TF IS ALEXANDRA CHALUPA?!!? lmaooooo

    24. Cara Storey


    25. MrHootiedean

      Lock Trump up! #InOurDemocracyWeTrust

      1. Luis Padilla

        @MrHootiedean he is not getting impeach. I am latino first time voting and for Republicant

      2. MrHootiedean

        Hear, hear! Lock Trump up! #InOurDemocracyWeTrust

      3. Big Green

        @MrHootiedean I heard he doesn't replace the toilet paper roll either! IMPEACH!!

      4. MrHootiedean

        @Big Green I will until this racist, sexist, lying, egotistical, hypocritical, traitorous, bigot is kicked out of office for his crimes against America.

    26. Joe Tallon

      Anyone that takes Schiff seriously is a moron.

    27. Amy Knorr

      Cleopatra returns to Egypt! Underworld patterning for future "progress" is wrong. Restoring the original founding visions on a quest for true greatness in future planning, is EXCELLENT. The real road didn't go anywhere. We must function with 'new and improved' practices. We have much to restore. The bloodline of Cleopatra included Queen Elizabeth I of Britain. Mata Hari, aka Margaret G. Zelle, the registered bloodline descendant of Cleopatra I - V, proudly personally delivered her formal written proposal to the Cabinet of Egypt, to have her future registered descendant work as the Secretary of Antiquities. The goal is to restore Egyptian History to 100% accuracy up to and including the Egyptian Latin language both written and spoken. The true artifacts of Old Egypt must be differentiated from the Eastern Libyan Invasion period. Egypt was the birth place of Democracy as we understand it today. How Old Egypt can reform present day Egypt is also recognized. This project was also presented by Marilyn Monroe, the direct descendant of Mata Hari, to the President of Egypt, and was 'green-lighted'. Direct descendant of Marilyn Monroe; Amy Knorr perceives these plans as set for a descendant in the near future. WARNING: The fallen members of extended Royal Family who have completely acclimated to the underworld, may be dangerous. The public should neither perceive nor pertain.

    28. Joseph Peeler

      What were Democrat operatives doing in the Ukraine before 2016 election? The discredited Steele Dossier comes to mind.

      1. Joseph Peeler

        @Michael Tyler Really? Nothing discredited? You might want to do a quick search then back to me.

      2. Michael Tyler

        There is NOTHING discredited about the Steele Dossier. Much of it has been confirmed by independent evidence; none of it has been contradicted by independent evidence.

      3. Folk Aart

        They were colluding with the Russians in order to steal the election.

    29. Scot Mile

      Nothingburger 😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Adventure Escape

      Why won't the Republicans ask questions pertaining to the testimony? They aren't trying to catch her in a lie or anything, just political speeches. This isn't looking good for Trump.

    31. Samuel Lake

      Jim jordan vs Larry nassar

    32. Wiss Tip

      If you believe the lame stream media after the last 3 years....you're a fool.

      1. Folk Aart

        There is "systemic racism" lurking around every corner! Just ask Don Lemon.

      2. R.C.B.

        Never underestimate the power of fools in large numbers, one of these days these crazies on the left will be in charge...be ready

    33. honey badger of the truth

      Watching this makes me want to get a comfort dog and sit in my safe space and weep uncontrollably......lol not!!!!! These Democrats are idiots and it's awesome!!!!!!!

    34. Mike Greene

      Satanic Pedo Cabal will be outed soon

      1. twobitbandit

        Not soon enough! Cant wait for Barr to start hanging out subpoenas. I'd bet alot of accidents and suicides are in the future.!

    35. frederickvila

      Trump's Job Approval is 44.4% on the RCP Average today up from 43.6% last week. I guess the Democrat's Hail Mary impeachment coup IS NOT having the desired effect.

    36. Jack Hammer

      Another which hunt brought to you buy your friend demoncrat

    37. Samuel Lake

      Larry nassar vs Jim jordan

    38. Tom Jones

      is yovanobitch a dual citizen?

    39. dragon fart

      Is he being impeached yet? How long are these ganna go I'm so confused

      1. dragon fart

        @Emperor Charlemagne thx

      2. Emperor Charlemagne

        dragon fart Months. It’ll go on for months

      3. dragon fart

        @Emperor Charlemagne ooo ok I wanted to know if it would go on for awhile but thank you dude I was so confused

      4. Emperor Charlemagne

        dragon fart go on for a while. The senate and congress needs to vote to impeach. So it’ll pass dem controlled congress, then gop controlled senate will hold their hearing for as long as they want and inevitably vote not to impeach. Long story, won’t get impeached

      5. dragon fart

        @Emperor Charlemagne o so hes not ganna get impeach and this will go on for awhile then?

    40. some body

      Chalupas sound good right now. Taco bell here I come!!