Why The U.S. Is Giving Millions To Ukraine | NBC News Now

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    President Trump says his reasons for withholding almost $400 million of aid to Ukraine were because he wanted other countries to give more money and that the government in Kiev need to do more to tackle corruption. NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud explains why the U.S. gives aid to Ukraine in the first place.
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    Why The U.S. Is Giving Millions To Ukraine | NBC News Now

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 दिवसापूर्वी


    1. Augie doggie and Mimi Dog

      Good question ahhhhhh USA is 22 trillion in the red. Insane. Russian aggression. Not USA business

    2. Brian H

      Maybe I missed it, but why is it in the United States' interest to fund a civil war in Ukraine? While you're at it; explain why it's in the United States' interest to participate in a civil war in Syria? This has to stop.

    3. Dav A

      Very informative and non partisan. We should have this informational types of broadcast more often. It is noteworthy that tRump wants to say that he has given more aid to Ukraine than Obama but in fact it was the republicans who controlled congress that had held up giving more aid when Obama was president. Another twist of the truth typical of a conman.

    4. Daniel Youngblood

      Didn't know pink was a news anchor.😂👌👍

    5. Judith Aldridge

      Aid to Ukraine: The USA: $2,500,000,000. The EU: $15,000,000,000. Individual European Countries and Independant Bodies: Approxiamately $32,000,000,000. Total Aid: $50,000,000,000. This total covers a ten year timespan.

    6. Brk Brk

      your a liar you cherry picked information please tell better news

    7. Cue 1st Amend

      Another school shooting--at New Jersey high school football game in Pleasantville.

      1. Judith Aldridge

        And the Republicans will still not do their duty regarding weapon controls.

    8. Tammie Broggins

      America needs to take care of its own first

      1. Jack Boot

        Build the wall.

    9. Sh0t

      Letting Ukraine into NATO would be a disaster

      1. Sh0t

        @Dark Flame Master It would a provocation Russia could not ignore, based on 30 years of their statements about the matter. Russia is not going to let NATO box in their Black Sea Fleet and merchant marine. The situation in Crimea was a direct but delayed response to the Orange Revolution.

      2. Dark Flame Master


    10. D Johnson

      tRump love's Russia Money he's the LOSER stop taking about Obama he has not been in office for a long time.

    11. Conservative Californian

      The obama administration gave money to Ukraine to recycle into democrats personal bank accounts.

    12. Dawn Oceanside

      The GOP would only approved funding the blankets when they had the House majority. The DEMS are funding fighting our enemy, not kneeling down in front of Vlad. tRumpf is the weakest of presidents.

      1. Brian H

        Spoken like yet another blood-thirsty, Democrat coach potato. Why don't you buy a ticket to Ukraine, pick up a weapon and join the fight?

      2. Conservative Californian

        Congress funds the state department, the state department under the direction of the secretary of state, decides who gets foreign aid and for what purpose. Don't feel stupid, it's easy for you libturds to be misled by the fake news you watch.

    13. Alfred E. Neuman

      End Ukraine's funding !

      1. Pohaku Mana

        israhell's billions first

    14. arthur taylor

      I thought the US was in debt up to it's eyeballs....... Where is the 400 mil coming from ??

      1. Jack Boot


      2. Judith Aldridge

        Yes we are: However Trump has had to borrow a Trillion Dollars a year to pay his phoney tax cuts that went to the rich and make the economy look good, though that is mostly smoke and mirrors. The Trade Deficit sits at $1,000,000,000,000 and will most likely get worse if Trump remains in office. The true unemployment/underemployment figure is running at about 16%. At least 25% of Americans do not have a fixed hour contract as under Trump Zero Hour contracts are moving towards 30% right now. Deportations under Trump are the lowest since GWB. Obama deported over three million failed asylum seekers. That $400,000,000 should be coming from the richest people and corporations who pay little or no tax. A middle class worker today pays a higher percentage of their income in taxes compared to the billionaires for the first time in history.

      3. Pohaku Mana

        DEEP state pockets, bum checks, fiat money, plus my .3%.

    15. Michael Charles

      Grammarly is based in Ukraine. Grammarly is a mind control project for controlling the English language and countries that use it.

      1. Michael Jerez-Arjona

        You sound stupid

      2. Sh0t

        good point

    16. Howard Roark

      Obama gave Ukraine blankets ... Trump gave them guns and missiles TO BLOW UP RUSSIAN TANKS ... now use some common sense people, which president seems to be more friendly towards Putin / Russia ?

      1. Conservative Californian

        @Dawn Oceanside Congress does not specifically allocate foreign aid, they authorize funding of the state department, the state department then budgets USAID aka foreign aid for specific purposes. The President appoints his secretary of state to implement his foreign policy, comprehend?

      2. Dawn Oceanside

        Obama had the GOP majority, tRumpf had the Dem majority. Ya know the House had the power of the purse DOTARD!!?

    17. Howard Roark

      Russia invaded Crimea , Obama didn't do anything (like he said he would) because he didn't want to upset Putin ... and they call Trump the "Russian agent" ... what hypocrisy !

    18. Gringo Bush Pilot

      It’s all about a Russian phobia in the beltway. The corollary would be Russia giving millions of dollars in aid to Sinaloa Mexico right south of the Arizona border. The United States is not the peacemaker here it’s the troublemaker

      1. Judith Aldridge

        What, did you miss English at school?

      2. Pohaku Mana

        when were we peacemakers?????? WWII?

    19. David Ellis

      Alexa with facts ! 😎

    20. Damian Hunter