Video Shows Raid That Killed ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi | NBC News Now

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    During a press briefing military leaders released video showing the U.S. raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr., commander of U.S. Central Command said “The operation was exquisitely planned and executed.”
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    Video Shows Raid That Killed ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi | NBC News Now

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. gucci

      We believe what we see.. Humans

    2. Harish Shrivastava

      other prominent islamic scholars, beware.

    3. AyAyRon

      2014: IsIs 2019 WasWas

    4. Oliver Malinowski

      "It was at this moment that HE he knew, he f-cked up.

    5. per christensen

      a pig using women and children as a shield......we are all rady for this war

    6. Michael Solomon

      Maybe he could have escaped if he weren't wearing flip flops with his dpm

    7. Darren Douglas

      Why did they destroy compound It was emptied hostiles so why destroy ????

    8. Hatekrew1987

      omg these IT people are so bad hahaha

    9. Coc1 Coc1

      This stinky coward rat dead by pieces.. Religion of peace will lead you die in pieces.. -the mighty stinky rat,Bagdadee-

    10. MJS G

      Caliph baghdadi was living like a mole and died like a dog.

    11. berserk

      ac130 inbound


      It’s not over, the fact he blew himself up was because he didn’t want to be captured and accidentally expose other leaders!

    13. Amar Original

      *bag daddy*

    14. An Naeem Bin An Nahari

      al-baghdead is in al-bodybag... yaay... *only the funny thing is the russian military is the one fighting isis in syria for years. and the u.s. just came in and so easily (too easy actually) found al-baghdad's hideout and killed him?! wtf the video looks like an old school red alert game..! looks "very convincing" much like the u.s. don't even need to send troops..! is this organization called isis created by you cia?? or is it the mossad?? come on... it's over right? you can tell us... al-baghdead in al-bodybag right...*

    15. hilfa medick

      Good Job USA !!!

    16. Mando Gucci


    17. Baş Belası

      For those who think that this man blew himself up , You haven’t learned anything in life ! This guy right now is tied up in a jail cell somewhere getting tortured !

    18. Enn Euen

      Tush tush, that's the Leader? lol, that's a coward XD

    19. Predator

      So which kind of special forces was there?

      1. Bruce U

        Delta Force

    20. Vibhor Goel

      Waiting for the end of Jaish e Mohammad and its leader Haafiz Sayed the same way.

    21. bikram reddy

      Magya mala tension gala

    22. Xardox17

      That the five ISIS combatants who refused to surrender included four women is a bit surprising. There just might be an advantage of being covered with an opaque sheet.

    23. Taekook X

      Unfortunately with these groups It’s like the mafia a leader dies someone is ready to take his spot

    24. Sarah Minhtran

      4:03 "let's go to the video" "k...which video?" 🤣🤣🤣 "What!"

    25. Ralph Furley

      So they attacked the compound, killed al-Baghdadi and all the ISIS fighters. Why would they then destroy the compound, rather than secure it and search it for evidence? It seems to me they may have destroyed lots of evidence that could be used to thwart ISIS terrorists attacks. Something about this just doesn't add up.

    26. eric777100763

      4 miles from the Turkish border? That means those c********** in Turkey knew about it. I don't really give a s*** where they want to stay in NATO or not f*** turkey and f*** erdogan too.

    27. S E


    28. Hectic Habiib

      Remember same guy died few months ago...😂 also died in 2018.. thats why I don’t believe it anymore

    29. milldinho

      Hooo raaaa

    30. Jeffery Pullin

      MSNBC : Austere religious scholar and gentleman, loving father , and community leader was murdered in a brutal home invasion. Quote " this type of killing only inspires the ideology of Baghdadi's followers and in fact strengthens it " How much more anti-Trump propaganda can you spew and why is this not being called out ? "This is piling on" Shut this medium down and charge the perpetrators under the Sedition Act !

    31. Deconna Burke


    32. Happy Guy

      Amazing job America! You guys should be proud of your nation and your president Trump! Keep up the amazing job!

    33. Muhammad Jr P

      Really Important ! Dogs are Amazing !!!

    34. Randhawa Upender

      End of terror. ........ Respect soldiers

    35. Mohit Ojha

      God CreatedHuman beings , God kills human beings . America created Baghdadi , America kills Baghdadi . Interesting

    36. Memelord Momo

      I'm not a serious comment, please don't insult me or boo me

    37. Frostbite Films Productions

      Magnificent story , but it's all fake

    38. Creed

      284 Terrorist dislike this video

    39. Red onyx

      God Bless America ❤️❤️❤️

    40. praveen singh

      🤔🤔 when it was so easy to killed bagdadi than why r u not killed him in 1st attempt

    41. rus harley

      God bless America!!!

    42. Just Jake WOLVERINE

      Only watched because of the military accuracy. NBC IS FAKE NEWS !

    43. сергей макаров

      BREAKING: Al-Baghdadi Killed Again! US Claims ISIS Leader Dead, Russia Very Skeptical!

    44. The Lone Wolf

      280 ISIS members disliked this video.

    45. Kogasa Tatara

      Glad there dead but I feel sorry for the dog that got killed poor thing think it was trying to run away

    46. poop tart

      big noob

    47. Watch Account

      why did they destroy the building after Baghdadi was killed!?

      1. Jason Kuang

        to protect or destroy any remaining intel and to make sure no one ever uses that compound ever again. They mentioned it in the video

    48. Young Black Muslim

      The great USA who apparently champions peace is the creator of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all these terrorist groups running around so that makes all alike....nothing but cold blooded killers! All of them.

    49. Classifier_66

      ISIS is now official WASWAS

    50. green lover

      Stop Saudi base and created Vahabi and Salafi ideology and problem of isis and bad Muslim will solve. Look at the history before Saudi get rich Middle East was best place to live. But after they got money everything bad started. Watch BITTER LAKE documentary made by Adam Curtis. Explain everything

    51. Wisky Tom

      The *origins* of ISIS have been recovered. Stay tuned.

    52. Evoxkiwz

      Which helicopter was used there?

    53. Soumik Hazra Choudhuri

      When will the next leader be killed ?

    54. Soumik Hazra Choudhuri

      When can we expect a movie on this ?

    55. Cyprian Udo

      Was Buhari with him? Boko Haram is next in line for a boom!

    56. TheHotOne

      Another lie from the most civilized society LOL

    57. Charlie Golf

      Fak€! Jajajaaaa

    58. Adult Pijat Refleksi

      GOD BLESS YOU USA, I am from Indonesia, I am from 🇮🇩

    59. sai charan

      Bad daddy !???

    60. Darsh

      this is all fake and staged. There was no baghdadi

      1. Burgerboy

        Darsh funny