Super-cyclone Amphan batters India and Bangladesh

Guardian News

Guardian News

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    The Bay of Bengal’s fiercest storm this century, super-cyclone Amphan, has slammed into the coast of eastern India and Bangladesh, bringing heavy gales and the threat of deadly storm surges and flooding. Over 2 million people have been evacuated from their homes
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    Super-cyclone Amphan hits coast of India and Bangladesh ►
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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 8 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Guardian News

      Super-cyclone Amphan hits coast of India and Bangladesh ►

      1. Siva Sakthi

        Guardian News f Ml Pp

      2. knowledge direct

        More than Bangladesh it has caused damage to India. There is a state "west bengal " which is worst hit...

    2. Lexi Haron

      2020: Welcome to destruction

    3. info coollpic

      Indian is now near to its end

    4. Clive Choo


    5. Shivam Basu

      My district North 24 Parganas has been suffered the most along with South 24 Parganas(including Sunderban),West Bengal,India

    6. rainee flame

      It will come over again 06 2020 to punish strike india , human falls dawn

    7. Harold Beaumont


    8. Harold Beaumont


    9. Sagnik Chakravarty

      Thank you Guardian for covering this devastating cyclone. Our national media failed to understand how bad the cyclone was but glad someone does.

    10. Loving Caring Kindness Forever

      Hoping for the best for india. 😢 😭 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    11. Lily Mondal

      Such a tampered video...Some actual clips are merged with previous clips of water logging of some other area. The actual senario is more worse as my family belongs from there

    12. gamer cat

      Mother Earth is angry

    13. Komal Bhosale

      This cyclone was in orissa and west Bengal not in whole india

    14. Glow With Glam

      Help West Bengal

    15. Jassi PRASAD

      We should pray for those .... 🙏🙏

    16. Binit Magar

      In Future Everyone Will Remember 2020 The Year Of Hell

    17. Parbin Akter Kona


    18. Harold Beaumont


    19. darth_vader

      Is the situation same in entire Kolkata,or only some parts were affected?

    20. Omkar Gajabar gajabar

      20-20 year

    21. sunny aggarwal

      probably krk is directing this year

    22. Rajen Wahge

      777kil I ,loo

    23. Samikshya Nepal


    24. ahmad shahid

      Instead of targeting & communalising, india should focus on rehabilitation & proving basic necessities like toilet. Which are far thing in country like India.

    25. UDAY MEHTA

      🙏Very unfortunate and terrible. My deepest sympathies and prayers with the bereaved families.🙏

    26. syn khm

      from kolkata..this is nothing compared to the original..we experienced the most dangerous night..m not an MRselr but uploaded a vedio on my channel u can check it

    27. Proud Bong

      The Guardian is better than Indian Main Stream media..They r not showing properly..They r busy with communal disintegration

    28. shiplu joarder

      @gurdian news just i wanna say something that is before making news please ensure about the validity of news! Because your statement about bangladesh is totally wrong and i m going to report your video for false statement!

    29. tuhin hosseain


    30. K. Ganesan Ganesan

      C0mmunity radios will minimise loss.

    31. XavierBeamGacha

      Rest in pepperonis


      Thanks to chief minister of west Bengal State of India

    33. AK Brahma

      As long as we're alive we can rebuild it and that's we are gonna do. We ain't giving up, and neither will we let anyone give up. After massive devastation electric lines have resumed after 3days in many areas. I hope it would have been faster, maybe in the next one. Take care be safe. Love from Kolkata

    34. Divyanshu kunwar

      Waiting to watch the hollywood movie 2020

    35. Madison Bryant

      Praying for everyone 😢😢😢😣

    36. Lakshay Mittal

      like kardo bhakee

    37. Ryngkatborlang mylliem umlong

      I want come back.2019

    38. Creepy Creeper

      There are some wrong info related to evacuation... provide correct info ok... have a great day

    39. Zeeshan Ansari

      अनपढ़ बनेगा इंडिया तभी तो भक्त बनेगा इंडिया.... 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

      1. Alexander Holden

        West Bengal main so-called bhakto ki sarkar nahi hai anpadh gawar. Upar se natural disaster par kya kar lega Modi.

      2. ColoursofAutmn

        Madarsa me padhega India Tabhi tabligi banega India

    40. Aniket Mandalkar

      F$*k Indian Media .. worst media in the world.

    41. Oyon Hasan

      Way To Start A Decade!!!

    42. RAJ BrAr

      No one is talking about global warming that is single handly intensifying tropical cyclones, cyclones derive their energy from condensation, so more warm waters more vapours , more severe cyclones. This is just a warning, severe storms like humanity has never seen before will come in next decades, brace up. When they say like poor bear the brunt of activities of rich people and corporations it sounds like cliche but it is the dark reality, mostly poor people will suffer.

    43. Shama Khan hi mam


    44. Studio Charles

      Dang a cat 2 did all of that

    45. Sai Kiran

      2020 stop it already ...

    46. jayanta tikader

      রমজান মোবারক from India 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇮🇳

    47. OPPO A5s

      What signal number is it in India?

    48. Shagun Saha

      So much destruction to our state just in a day that too in the middle of a pandemic.. how worse can this get? 😔

    49. AATH 8D SONG

      অাল্লাহ অামাদেরকে সবাইকে হেফাজতে রাখুক অামিন, অামরা সবাই পাঁচ ওয়াক্ত নামাজ পড়ি এবং অাল্লাহ কাছে সবাই ক্ষমা প্রার্থনা করি। অাল্লাহ অামাদের সবাইকে মাফ করুক অামিন। 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Hello guys plz support my channel and do subscribe.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    50. The Wizeguy

      Ek number bc 🤣

    51. Unique M K

      , Guru and cc b bhuj78b kh8ygj Hn iju lymt.i8

    52. Maria Christina Buneker


    53. S RUBEL

      *Cyclone impact 🇧🇩 Bangladesh is not as Bad as India. It just impact few costal area of Bangladesh*There is no major infrastructure damage like 24 Porgona, 36 Gor, Urrisha & Kolkata*

    54. Rezaul Karim

      Wind speed was 130 kmph.

    55. Dean Johnson

      Climate change. stop having too many babies and pollute the earth. 🐄💩

    56. Balaji S

      Were are loosing species at an alarming rate in this anthropogenic era where humans and other species are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction..... Embrace your loved ones more is coming our way..

    57. MR AFK

      Oh 2020, cant wait for this year to end already, were only halfway through..😐

      1. MR AFK

        @zakwanarif yep

      2. zakwanarif

        Nahh there will be no 2021. There will just be 2020 (2.0)

    58. mnm vlogs

      2019 left the chat

    59. Hari M

      Cyclone is not quite popular in summer Indian costals have common for cyclones in monsoon, but mega cyclone is rare as 20 years back, it took place, as far as i heard But now, during CoViD crisis, this is a devastating combination Let's plan for the worst in 2020 rather than predicting it😕 Instead predicting poverty, lets all plan for poverty alleviation

    60. ARJUN 2204

      2020 worst nightmare anyone could possibly imagine

    61. Wayne Wallace

      As a resident of Calcutta, it was nothing like anything we have ever seen before

      1. kakde harsh

        @Soham true..

      2. Soham

        @kakde harsh no offense but I don't need it. If you're religious pray for the people who didn't have a strong roof over their head or doesn't have a steady water supply,many might even die due to sub par sanitary conditions in the face of a global pandemic

      3. kakde harsh

        @Soham my condolences to all of you.. May u all emerge strong in this cruel situation...

      4. Soham

        @kakde harsh most places still don't have electricity and water, internet is not even at 3g speeds,a lot of places are heavily waterlogged and jammed by huge trees that were uprooted during the cyclone and a lot of homes were destroyed. Then there are long term effects that's still not clear. It's pretty bad

      5. kakde harsh

        Is it that bad?

    62. Afzal Akbar

      This year is totally sucks

    63. Afzal Akbar

      I am from India ( kolkata) and I can experience how powerful this cyclone is , totally devastated, and 20th may is the worst night for Bengal people

      1. sagar kb

        Hope sab thik ho🙏

    64. I am king

      Prediction Yellow rock super volcano will burst Mega tsunami will come Covid 19 will mutate and become more infectious and fatal Infinite inflation globally Earthquake of 10+ Richter scale Giant Asteroid hidden from NASA will crush the earth Everything will happen in 2020

    65. Riddhi Datta

      Commenting from ground zero, Kolkata. We don't have electricity for the past 28 hours now. Trees have been uprooted. The PM is supposed to come tomorrow but if the centre and state governments don't work together and provide proper relief packages, then we're heading towards a certain doom. We fear increase in malaria and covid after the cyclone. We need help from all over the world and we need to make sure funds are utilised properly. We need volunteers from organizations to come and help us and to ensure proper utilisation of funds

    66. Subham Saswat Pradhan

      storm didnt even touched bangladesh the storm caused most destruction in india only

    67. Nandini Nandini


    68. Sushant

      The City of Joy Kolkata completely devastated.Covid-19 already snatched people's livelihood, now cyclone Amphan has snatched people's home.

      1. Suman Kai Basak


    69. OUM SHREE

      Odisha has faced 7 such cyclones in recent Years ,how about that....

      1. Mighty Pekka

        Do you think it is a competition?


      This is Odisha almost every year

    71. Being Anonymous

      2020 will not be the worst year, This is just starting!!!!!

      1. joel g

        M moon mole moms

      2. Suman Kai Basak


    72. Vishal Maraj

      Bangladesh and part of India correction

      1. Ambotix

        Yeah, but those parts of India were severely damaged compared to Bangladesh.

    73. Rex Longfellow

      2020 at it again😭

    74. Meghastar

      I love the girl carrying dog

    75. Elle 77

      From Kolkata and happy that we survived. Just thankful to be alive even though our house was damaged, and hope to never go through it again.

      1. Ankur Ghosh

        @Prash R ok still 50 yrs back

      2. Prash R

        @Ankur Ghosh bhola cyclone in 1970??

      3. Ankur Ghosh

        We are in Kolkata one of the worst affected places in India. We have not faced a natural calamity like this in 100 years at least. Just had a power cut lasting 100 hrs since Wednesday

      4. Hedayatollah Abir

        Love from Dhaka, brother

      5. Eleeth Tahgra

        If...theres no increase in infrastructure to mitigate the damage, youd probably experience it again. And I fear that these extremes are going to get more extreme in the future.

    76. june june

      MIPA : make India poor again

    77. Suchitra Kar

      All effects of climate change cutting trees kill animals . It's only humans we have only done mistakes not gods or other but what to say

    78. Safiya Sara


    79. Hari M

      India faces a lot @ same time : Corona Virus vs Amphan Cyclone vs Nepal Border vs Pakistan allegations vs Chinese Tiktok vs foreign invasion in stocks vs economic shutdown vs poverty vs panic shopping vs hoarding of medical mask vs America's retaliation vs Migrant labours vs China border Issues Global corona rank of India (total)=10th vs active=5th vs deaths=15th 2020 is a threat year for us😐😑😶

    80. R. Hasan

      I hope our neighbour indians are doing better...from bangladesh

      1. Soma Chatterjee

        @Adadur Raman sorry to hear about that ..It's 80+ in our country...😔😔😔

      2. Adadur Raman

        @Soma Chatterjee in our country 15 to 20 people died.

      3. Black panther 18

        Sadly no our States coastal region is destroyed.

      4. anocri

        Hope you neighbours are safe in Bangladesh too.....from India.

      5. Soma Chatterjee

        Not at all bro.....72 people have died already and 5000+ tress have been uprooted...What is the situation over there?