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    Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self. Watch the new trailer for Disney & Pixar’s Soul now.
    About Soul:
    Directed by two-time Academy Award®-winner Pete Docter, co-directed by Kemp Powers and produced by Academy Award®-nominee Dana Murray, Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” opens in theaters on June 19, 2020. According to Docter, the idea for the story is 23 years in the making. “It started with my son-he’s 23 now-but the instant he was born, he already had a personality,” says Docter. “Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interaction with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we’re all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

    “Soul” introduces Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. “I think Joe is having that crisis that all artists have,” says Powers. “He’s increasingly feeling like his lifelong dream of being a jazz musician is not going to pan out and he’s asking himself ‘Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?’ Joe personifies those questions.”
    In the film, just when Joe thinks his dream might be in reach, a single unexpected step sends him to a fantastical place where he’s is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul. That’s where he meets and ultimately teams up with 22, a soul who doesn’t think life on Earth is all it’s cracked up to be. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to Joe, while Tina Fey voices 22. “The comedy comes naturally,” says Murray. “But the subtle emotion that reveals the truth to the characters is really something special.”
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    1. Cyber-BULLY

      How is this anything like inside out dose anyone care to explain.

    2. ryanxix

      Y'all are too early to criticize this movie, remember when everyone criticized "Coco" when the first trailer came out but the full movie was phenomenal.

    3. Alexandria Sanda

      Come Hang Out = perfect song for this trailer

    4. Tyrese Jeffery

      That background music lowkey smack tho

    5. ooSnahtE

      Man, screw this movie. I actually wanted to see a movie about this musician

    6. Cashton Hampton

      Inside Out 2

    7. Tuck_Rex

      is everybody going to ignore the fact that girl was holding the trombone wrong?

    8. Don’t look at My profile picture

      You don’t need this movie to have unrealistic stuff. You had a good thing going until the blue booger things.

    9. Delvy

      I hope half of this isn’t just tinted puff balls with no distinct design being goofy instead of being about expressing yourself.

    10. Jam Marmalade

      I'M SCREAMING! AJR deserve this! So happy for them!!

    11. ツIaN

      1:15 so no one is going to talk about this funny cowboy dance?

    12. Osas

      Thought it revolved around soul music, not actual souls

    13. Samanta Carvalho

      Pixar finally decides to create an animated movie with a black protagonist and... turns him into a blue blob. Disappointed but not surprised.

    14. Mr Sketchr

      Everyone In the comments talking about how the black protagonist is now a blue blob 1:20

    15. SMS

      Jeez give the movie a chance guys

    16. Wat aRe yUo LoOkIn aT hhHHHuuUUUHHhh??!!


    17. Arthur&BusterBFFL

      Don't judge this movie (negatively) you guys. You haven't seen the movie yet.

    18. K Breezie

      I’m excited but a bit skeptical... I’m getting flashbacks of The Frog Princess . First black princess who was a frog most of the movie... I feel like they might be doing the same thing... he’ll be a ghost most of the movie and turn back to himself.... I’m gonna try and be optimistic though.

    19. King Artemis

      I'm so ready to cry when this movie comes out

    20. Card Quest

      Y’all better have black 3D animators on this film

    21. Card Quest


    22. PinnedTarget

      Lets teach kids on how afterlife works!

    23. Jaime Sandoval

      Disney: I'm about to end this Pixar's whole career

    24. ISeeAll

      This will end up being sad like all Pixar films :(

    25. stupid

      This movie gives me hope that there’s an afterlife... but we all know there’s not😔

    26. SoundMaster

      Did he just enter the world between worlds?

    27. Ronnell Decoteau

      This looks better than oward but onward might still be a good movie i aint going to doubth pixar

    28. ONION

      Blue blobs aside, has a good message.

    29. Zoë Denman-Wagner

      "Look I know the tralier came out a week ago, and you can't fully know where a plot is going based on a one minute tralier, but I have opinions that cannot wait darn it!"

    30. Nazikiller 66

      What if you wanted a masterpiece out of this movie... But Pixar said: 1:15

    31. tamago random

      So this is basiclly a diffrent version of cocc??

    32. Big Dood

      AJR, nice

    33. lambo

      anyone knows if theres an instrumental of the bg music available somewhere? Sounds soooo good omg

    34. Lawrence Stevens

      I was enjoying it until he turned into a blue thing (so they can sell toys) and that cowboy dance joke. Would have preferred it to be an inspirational story sort of thing about finding your passion and happiness

    35. Clown Fish

      Ajr :) ‘Come hang out’ (the song in the background)

    36. ilpuntodigf

      Ok boomer.

    37. Parforet

      "Wow this sure looks like it'll be another Pixar masterpiece" *main character goes into some generic purgatory* "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"

    38. CrystalKittenLPS

      Everyone else: disliking the blue blob creature Me: Is there a place I can listen to/buy that music from the beginning of the trailer?

      1. EdgyMcGee

        Omg I thought it was just me

    39. MissFanGirl

      while watching: wow this looks good *blue thing pops out* uh...yeah I forgot Pixar was a kids movie-

    40. Batman

      Probably... for doing this Oppa Gangnam Style?!

    41. kitobear1

      If I see one more “what if” comment I’m going hurl. It was funny the first 100 times last week. 🙄 Movie looks beautiful though. Everyone is being so harsh and the full trailer isn’t even out.

    42. Mr.slendy

      0:58 bro he be looking like a booger

    43. Alexander

      I don’t even care about the trailer itself, I’m just amazed that they used Come Hang Out by AJR.

    44. Matas Biscuit

      Even if the movie is trash, the soundtrack sounds brilliant

    45. Elif Erkuş

      wow, most of the comments are so harsh but true, too. so just at the time I start to laugh, I get sad for Pixar and stop myself from laughing but the comments are so true that I start to laugh again and then stop myself again. It's like a cycle but quite a sad one :(

    46. Dijon McGhee

      "We want the black guy to stay human."

    47. Dijon McGhee

      They bogus for this. How sad

    48. Andres Villena

      It seemed so good, until those smurfs came in

    49. SmearedBlackInk Ⓥ

      Wait, did the motorbike just go over the sewer hole?

    50. -This Life of Mine-

      I swear black people cant survive cartoon movies either 😭

    51. njdmanok

      You CAN say “Black” you know. There is a difference between black people and African American people. It’s okay. The PC Nazis aren’t here.

    52. The Princess Gaming

      why are black ppl in animated movies always turning into something

    53. StratosBebop

      Disney 2020:What if Black People had Feelings

    54. Splash

      I- so what's the plot?

    55. 9 Plus Y

      what? Why is everyone so upset??? It seems fine... I'll watch it.

      1. Nena Arindrasari

        Yes, please. Don't mind those negative comments.

    56. Kalpit Veerwal

      Steve Jobs would be proud.

    57. Cole Walker

      How did the moped guy drive over an open manhole

    58. Fortress Master Dissolved guy


    59. MalcRich

      Faux espoirs.

    60. Eni Plays

      When they do Joe like this?