Ram Ke Naam (In the name of God) - a documentary by Anand Patwardhan (1991)

Kunal Kamra

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    Me and PeeingHuman have nothing to do with this except really wanting to post this brilliant film by Anand Patwardhan so that it reaches most people. It released in 1991, most relevant today.
    RAM KE NAAM / IN THE NAME OF GOD focuses on the campaign waged by the militant Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to destroy a 16th century mosque in Ayodhya said to have been built by Babar, the first Mughal Emperor of India. The VHP claim the mosque was built at the birthsite of the Hindu god Ram after Babar razed an existing Ram temple. They are determined to build a new temple to Ram on the same site. This controversial issue which successive governments have refused to resolve has led to religious riots which have cost thousands their lives, culminating in the mosque’s destruction by the Hindus in December of 1992.
    Filmed prior to the mosque’s demolition, IN THE NAME OF GOD examines the motivations which would ultimately lead to the drastic actions of the Hindu militants, as well as the efforts of secular Indians of all creeds to combat the religious intolerance and hatred that seized India in the name of God.

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    1. Kunal Kamra

      We are not uploading this documentary to hurt your sentiments, but if your sentiments can be hurt so easily with facts, I'd like to advise you to work on your sentiments.

      1. Vishesh Nagar

        @kunal kamra - mrsel.info/video/vhidio/oH-kiYZ2fYW0pZ4.html

      2. Nasrul Hassan

        Muslims never broke any ones religious place. My soul says that, My faith always tells me. Let the Devils Propagate falsehood, deceitfulness. Let the devil plan, Allah also plans & Allah is the best planner. No Doubt..

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      4. Hammad Ullah

        Love you Kunal bhai Bhut himmat hai aap mai dch bolne aur dikhaane ki

      5. tarun singh

        Tu bhai accept kar Le ki Teri maa kutiya hai 😂😂

    2. Felix Kjellberg

      We've gone back from 2019 to 1991.

    3. Nivedita Halder

      I've seen this at my film school 7 years back. every Indian should watch this documentary by Patwardhane ji!!

    4. Scott Tiger

      This documentary shall be in everyone's recommended videos in present time.

    5. Zak M

      Congratulations Mr. LK Advani. You have got what you desired.....unfortunately you never became the PM. You did everything for the PM seat...you got the result but shamelessly got sidelined like the pig you are by your own home bred dog. Shame on you for dividing my beloved country and my Indian family. The world will witness your horrible death for the murder of thousands and spreading of hate for your selfish power desires. How alone you must be feeling and nobody to even bother if you are alive or dead......bloody filthy pig....

    6. Shourya Arya

      Eye opening documentary for me.

    7. hritik pawar

      11:15 same now

    8. Aniruddh Yadav

      Ye 1991 ki documentary h.... Wahi dikha rahe h jo congress ki iccha thi... Bol rahe h ki british ne jhooth failaya ki mandir tod k maszid banayi... Lekin ab ASI ki report se ye sabit ho gaya h

    9. Waseem Pasha

      This documentary is amazing But I love/Laughed the way people spoke in this video from 19:11 to 24:00 :D

    10. Azim AJ

      While watching this I realised how foolish we humans can be..

    11. Gagan Sandhu


    12. 007

      I am waiting for your new video bro, उत्तिष्ठ बंधु ll

    13. ravi jatav

      Bro mandir banane vala hai. bro. Gand to nhi Fathi teri bro 🖕😀

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    15. कह दो अल्लाह मादरचोद है

      Koi nahi rok sakta mandir nirman ko because muslim aatankwadi hota hai apne soch se aur mai khud muslim tha but ab aur nahi

    16. tushar p

      Bhai stand up ka wait karre hai sab..... Thoda jaldi upload kar le

    17. Danish Gupta

      20.00 min bunch of illiterate people.... India is heading towards new Syria.... Hindu will be new ISIS.... today I am very sorry to be a Hindu....

    18. Rishabh Yadav

      Hindu militants really..... 1992 bomb blast 2002 parliament attack Sabarmati attack Akshardham mandir attack Amarnath yatra attack Mansarovar attack Pulwama Uri Pathankoat 9/11 US Paris attack 2019 Sri lanka bomb blasten En sab me. Kewal ek hi perpetrators the " Racial Islamic terrorist" matlab musalman....lekin wo to tere maa ke yaar hai na...unke bare me teri aukat hi nahi hogi bolne ko.....behan ke lund

      1. future owner of youtube

        Ek galat dusre galat ko sahi saabit nhi kr sakta

    19. Rishabh Yadav

      Jali na teri jali na......... Kunal kamra...teri gand se dhuan nikal rha hai bhosdk....you need to work on your burning ass

    20. rajnish anand

      Bhai mandir toh bangya yar...aur wahi bna h...kya bolta h

    21. Jasdeep singh

      touching moment when police helped tha old guy 1:02:30

    22. Jasdeep singh

      Same thing happening till today!

    23. sankalp vyawahare

      This should be on Netflix.... .

    24. Sikendar soren

      One request plz call modi ji ✌🏻😎 in shut up Kunal

    25. Anuj Raj

      Ram ne kabhi kisi ke liye kuch ni kiya

    26. Lokesh Choudhary

      great documentary Eye opener

    27. Purvesh Kore

      Make it treading please. a real eyeopener . how politics never changed over years.

    28. Chayan Das

      I am feeling insecure to share this, that is the condition of today in India

    29. Sheejal Shah

      All i could see is how powerful politics is.

    30. Mayur Sable

      Advani sachme ch**tya tha he

    31. Mayur Sable

      Pujari logo ki Gand maro bas

    32. व्यापारी सबसे हटके

      Jai shree ram

    33. Sam Kaifi

      Itne sare berozgar logo k liye ye mandir vhi banayenge ek rozgar tha

    34. felix felicis

      I bet even this wont open the eyes of Andhbhakts. I think rss bjp has bought their bhakts eyes as well. Ram ji kisike lash ke upar kadam nai rakhenge, kitne v mandir banalo.

    35. Edward Edwar

      Our culture must be preserved But without any kind of violence and hatred

    36. sudhanshu shekhar Chaubey

      Lol... Court has cleared all these now. And it's time to remove such videos.

    37. Raddicle Indian

      Ab mandir wahi banega 😁✌. Now no need to bark 🤣🤣 Jai Shri Ram 🙏

    38. Devanshu Parmar

      Chip bhosadike

    39. Shubham

      Again a biased documentary where hindus shown as monsters. Even archaeologists concluded that there was a structure there before the babri masjid and it built by destroying old structure. Asking quistion like when Ram was born is litrally a foolishness. It's like i am fighting to save the earth and somesone asked me "when earth is born?" "What is the radius of earth?" If i don't know this, then i dont deserve to fight to save the earth. Great Indian secularism! They shown many monstrous speeches by hindus, but never shown any speeches by muslims. Yes i want peace. I love muslims. But i want my rights. I will not hesitate to die for it.

    40. Gogo Coco

      Even if ppl want to vote against modi, they LL be alarmed not to do so because of snakes like Kunal kamra,Varun Grover,Aib,anurag kashyap and hundreds of others ..Congress,aam admi party shud disown these snakes otherwise noone vl ever vote for them..

    41. Vidya Bhushan

      Hame education nahi chahiye, naukari nahi chahiye, pradushan se mukti nahi chahiye. Bas Mandir chahiye BJP Bhakt

    42. Sahil Khadayate

      Thank you very much sir for working day and night for the Ram Mandir.

    43. Arpit Yadav


    44. Shubhi Mittal

      Who’s giving the speech 35:20 ?


        Vishnu Sadashiv..

    45. Mohit Bisht

      There is no proof of NAMAZ Adaaaaa 🤣 By Supreme Court

    46. Mohit Bisht

      Mandir to bn gya 🤣


      Aag ek ne lagayi,lekin haath sabhi ne senke......

    48. Adnan Shoaib

      Now bjp has more than 300 seats and lk advani got thrown away from party and country is still under devlop we need to realise re think There's no single Muslim in this whole documentry is ready to fight except this bloody rant of VHP and RSS and the real terrorist group for me now is VHP and BJP


      Thanks for this video bro... Now i understand the mentality of religious people and i hate it that's for sure.... Can't believe thousands of people died for this s**t

    50. Being Indian

      Dear Kunal please watch this video based on JNU protest.mrsel.info/video/vhidio/q7LNmYxzZavQuqI.html

    51. Mohit

      villagers are talking sensibly and Advani is like "mandir vhi bnayege". BJP hasn't changed in these many years. This documentary should reach to every Blind devotee. Hat's off to the media coverage

    52. Sufi Singh

      Matlab tumlog sb tez ho? Hae? Abey baklol gawar sab apne bubble se bahar aao...this is still a biased documentary...waha supreme court and archeologist gadha baitha hai...and also you guys are saying that some people in this doc are tolerant...we all are...its just we (I am an atheist but a hindu) now realised that they(bhai humhare) are not so tolerant and agar mauka mila so sab hi tabah kr denge...the way you believe that "unke bhagwan jaise humare bhagwan hai" ask them to say the same they wont bcz "unhi" ke bhagwan hai humare baki sab mazak hai...kaha tumlog sb hawa men rehte ho...apne aap ko intellectual samajhte ho...I was also like you guys but now I am saved from this narcissistic delusion of morality...instead of watching this DOCUMENTARY of something which you already know go talk to the other side (which you label them as bhakts without discussing any issue for solid 15mins)

    53. Nitish kumar

      Hello Kunal Bhai ...pls upload a video regarding the current issue in JNU showing how govt. is actually privatising education. This is a national concern, this biased media is not reporting the matter correctly. By the way nice documentary ,it seems that except for politician and zee news fans everyone in India is sensible, good to know there is still hope in INDIA.

    54. PANKAj Meena

      Fuckin bjp politicians were ruined this country's brotherhood just because of political power and money ..but karma will do with L.K advani ..ab wo Buddha Beth ke soch rha hoga ki..Kyu agg lgai iss desh ki asmita per..ye ram ji ke adarash nhi hai .. ye ravan ke adrash hai..ram bhagwan in janwaro ko buri saza Dena...Jai Hind 🇮🇳💓

    55. Prince Sharma

      Thank you for uploading.


      The reason u.p bihari and all shit states lack in development Look at south India

    57. Shayari with Al Hasan

      Speech by leader in patna is fabulous

    58. beard boy Monty

      Aadwani ne jo kai uska fayda koi or le lia ab...karma is a beach...

    59. Black Listed

      😞 Thanks For Uploading This Video.....Now I Can See The Whole History 😞

    60. Black Listed

      45.58 Suno Most Important