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Amazon Prime Video India

Amazon Prime Video India

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    Amazon Prime Video presents Ponmagal Vandhal Official Trailer, a Jyotika & Suriya production, written & directed by JJ Fredrick, starring Jyotika, R. Parthiepan, world premiering on 29th May 2020 only on Amazon Prime Video
    ►World Premiere Date - 29th May 2020
    Movie Credits:
    Writer & director - JJ Fredrick
    Producer - Suriya
    Co-producer - Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian
    Production company - 2D Entertainment
    Cast - Jyotika, K. Bhagyaraj, Thiyagarajan, R. Pathiepan, Prathap Pothen, R. Pandiarajan
    Cinematography - Ramji
    Music - Govind Vasantha
    Editor - Ruben
    Art - Amaran
    Costume Designer - Poornima Ramasamy
    Lyricist - Vivek, Uma Devi
    Choreography - Brinda
    Action choreography - 'Rock' Prabhu
    Di - iGene
    Vfx - Knack Studios
    Sound Design - Sync Cinema
    Sound mix - Rajakrishnan M R
    Chief Production Controller - B. Senthil Kumar
    Pro - Yuvraj
    Stills - Sharavanan
    Promo Cuts - Nash
    Designs - Amal Jose
    Subtitles - Rekhs
    Music label - Sony Music

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      Not available trailer on Amazon prime removed today(28/5/20)

    2. Thariq Ahmed

      What time it is realseing in amzon prime can you tell please

    3. சூர்யா நாராயணன்

      Entha Jothika naai pathada Naaga ethuku Pakanum Tamilrocker erukan....athula tha pakunom... Amazon prime Surya Jothika vum Recharge pannividuvaga Namma Amazon prime pakalam...hahaha ... Amazon prime vara income ellam Hospital School Donate pannuvaga ninaikiran Namburan Amazon..

    4. B S Harithaa

      Movie is not seen in amazon prime. Even trailer is missing :(

    5. Praveen Reddy

      Tmr release in prime video on streaming..how to download movie


      Hindus should ignore These Movie we will show The power of Hindus 🚩

    7. Angelin Anirutha

      Tamil rockers:am I joke to u amazon prime

    8. SDM Kannan

      பொன்மகள் அல்ல, புறம**க்கு மகள் வந்தால்

      1. siva 10

        Ungeamma vanthal 😂

    9. Pushpa Latha

      I was so eager to watch it on prime..but they dint stream it today..why ?


      why cant we see the trailer in primevideo now????has it been removed or release date postponed on primevideo?????

    11. Deva Ravi

      I watched hindi movie section 375 yesterday...adhe madhiri story ah irukumo or is it an inspirational movie from that..??whatever it is..sounds promising..

    12. Deva Deva

      You think by just releasing this movie through Amazon we do justice to others who contributed behind the scene. There are hundreds of people involved in making movie, do they get back enough income by releasing thorough Amazon.. Pity directors.. Producers.. Theatre owners... This is the time to support each other...

    13. Sagash Vasu

      Releasing time?

    14. secure communications

      Item vanthal....

    15. Karthik Shankar

      Ponmagal vandhaal is sure shot after huge success of Nerkonda Paarvai... sila paeruku dhan andha Uniform porundhum...

    16. Uzama's Words

      Views of this video shows the love and support for Surya and Jyothika

    17. Premkumar Ganesh

      Jothika Acting super surya jothika fans like bro

    18. Jennifer

      Can't wait!!! So proud to see Jo's growth as an actor and individual.

    19. தாய்மதம் திரும்புவோம்

      vacate india and go else where ah.

    20. Sharnila 92

      The trailer reach 13M in 6days..👌

    21. Harish Kumar

      Upload Sonic the Hedgehog and knife out tamil dubbed visions

    22. Harish Kumar

      Upload Sonic the Hedgehog and knife out tamil dubbed visions

    23. Harish Kumar

      Upload Sonic the Hedgehog and knife out tamil dubbed visions

    24. Shilpa Manohar

      Lots of love

    25. Arumugam528 Arumugam

      இதிலே ஒன்னும் குறைச்சல் இல்லை

    26. Next Generation

      Release Time in Amazon Prime

    27. Shashanka

      It's good to tackle multiplexes mafia

    28. ananda raman

      Boring trailer. Jyothika better retire pls..

    29. Sachin Rawat

      Awesome 👍 mrsel.info/video/vhidio/poDFeYiml4iZkao.html

    30. love beats

      Tamil rocker la eppo release agum I'm eagerly waiting to watch this movie

    31. vinoraja vino

      Eduththu mudichcha kodeeswaran movieya release pannama vaichchirukkinga nallave irukka mattingada

    32. vinoraja vino

      Kodeeswaran movieyum amazonla release pannalaamthane

    33. Dev S

      I saw so many people commenting against the release of the movie in an ott platform. But just rethink. When do you expect for the film to be played in a theatre? Obviously it won't happen soon. Even if the theatres open, will you be risking your life for a movie? My answer is definitely a "no". To me my life is important than any entertainment. Nowadays, according to the current situation, this is the only way by which we are supposed to entertain and the producers may liberate themselves from a huge debt through these kind of online platforms. Think wise before you speak🙏 #spreadlove💖

    34. Fana fawazzz Aashi

      Jyotika mam ur Awesome...👍👍👍

    35. Murali Balan

      Porambokku vanthaal.....vesi padam

      1. prakash hema

        Apa nee vantha enna padam

      2. Vasan VG

        Ponmagal vandhal

    36. sri S

      Hit the like button who are all waiting to watch the movie at may 29 like me👍🏻

    37. Poongkodi Veerappan


    38. Ashfaaq Nazar

      A good political correctness movie.....☣️

    39. Sri saye Magesh

      Prime la release panalum seri theatre la release panalum tamil rockers irukara varaiku all film free dha pa..


      For those who are saying Agaram foundation is misused by Suriya to evade from taxes and Surya and his family are earning lot and spending less, You should realise do2me facts. Agram sponsored almost 4200 students who were economically backward. They helped them to achieve their dreams. Many of them completed their MBBS, Engineering and other degrees with the support of Agaram Foundation. They adopted 6 government schools in tamilnadu when govt failed to provide with good infrastructure. They spend nearly 47crores yearly to do all these. How many politicians do this??? How many actors in tamilnadu will spend this much of amount in charity and education? If they evade from taxes , it doesn't matter because most of the taxes we pay will goes to politicians family welfare fund, not for people's welfare..so it is better if they evade from taxes and use that money in charity.

    41. Saicom staff


    42. Saicom staff

      Super Singer Prithika sai Tried this song

    43. Calm


    44. truth seeker

      வந்தேறி தீவிர வியாதி இஸ்லாமிய துலக்க தப்லிக் ஜமாத் கரோனாவை வேகமாக பரப்பி விட்டது. தமிழர்கள் அதிகமாக வாழும் தாராவி (பம்பாயில்) பயங்கரமாக பரவியது குரோனா. அங்கும் முதல் குரோனா கேஸு வந்தேறி தப்லிக் ஜமாத் துலக்க பயல்கள் தான்.

    45. swastika namdeo

      love this jodi

    46. Love Everyone


    47. jeeva miruna

      jyo rocks......

    48. Mani Kumar


    49. Amutha Priya

      Super trailer👌👌👌

    50. Bharath Kumar

      V movie upload

    51. Alex Alex

      Yeppa indha maari naraya pathaachi ivanga vadhaadi mudikira varaikum yevanum okandhe paka mudiyadhe jothikavike azhaga unga veetla purushanike samiche potine irikilamla yen savadikire 😬


      Mass Jyothika akka.🔥🔥🔥🔥 Waiting... This movie... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘

    53. Anand

      கொரோன, வேலையிழப்பு, நிதிநெருக்கடி னு இவளோ பிரெச்சனை இறுக்கப்ப படம் நமக்கு முக்கியமா, படத்துக்கு செலவு பண்ற காச சாப்பாடு இல்லாம கஷ்ட படுறவங்களுக்கு vegetables வாங்கி கொடுங்க. கோவில் பத்தி இவ சொன்னப்ப, இவள கேள்வி கெட்டவங்க மட்டும் என்ன கமெண்ட் பண்ணிக்கங்க.

    54. Anand

      இந்த படம் பாக்கிற காசுக்கு ஸ்கூல் படிக்கிற பசங்களுக்கு நம்மளே புத்தகம் வாங்கி கொடுக்கலாம். பாவம் நம்ம இவங்களுக்கு கொடுத்து அப்பறம் அவங்க அத வாங்கி கொடுத்து ஏன் அவங்களுக்கு கஷ்டம். ஓசி சோறு கூட்டம் போய் பாத்து அவங்க சம்பாரிச்சுகட்டும்.

    55. Mohamed Nihal

      Dislikes are from sangi and bjp Ganges 😤😤😤

    56. Saai Kumar

      Use the profit of the movie to build hospital instead of buying costly car!

      1. Natha Priya

        They doing allot....

    57. balaji bala

      Will it be available in tamilrockers on the same day??

    58. Meenakshi Sriganesh

      Poor fellow Suriya u r very good actor. U may have many fans. But I feel very pitty for you. Bcaz, u r tkg films all with that muttai muzhi Jothika only, since she doesn't not hv any market value by other Directors bcaz of her over acting & also of her attitude that all films to hv her as a central character. Kair, age is also an yet another thing. But baprebap this much o er acting is not good for her health. Tell her to hv pitty on us, as we can't stand her anymore even then & ofcourse now too..

    59. Invincible Man

      Indha pundamaval padam paakavekoodathu

      1. Vasan VG


    60. வினோத் குமார்

      I think dislikers are Indian

      1. Vasan VG

        Anti indian

    61. Trending

      mrsel.info/video/vhidio/k3q3f4ynhIbOpms.html cinema stars arthi and ganesh crying on arari raro song by mentally disabled boy please watch

    62. Ramesh Rangasamy

      Good try

    63. whatsapp Atrocities

      I m waiting...😎😎😎

    64. Niko Niko

      Will this movie release only on Amazon Prime India or on Amazon in other countries also?

    65. MANJAKOLI1

      ஒரு flop படம் amazonஆல் காப்பாற்றபட்டது.

      1. Vasan VG


    66. Vasan VG


    67. Azhil Priya

      Amazon prime la join panlama🤔Surya sir will b so happy if this movie is a hit🔥Theatre karanga enna aatam😏

    68. P.R.Senthil Raja

      good trailer,we missed to see in theatres.........

    69. Hashim Shahad

      All credits goes to suriya👀

    70. Gayathryy sehar

      *but I could not find this film in amazon prime* why?

      1. Star Ebishan

        Waiting for release- May 29th direct release in prime

    71. ka sa sa


      1. prakash hema

        What is latest link

    72. UnNamed

      Please release hindi dubbed too

    73. MANU JOSE

      ജോ ഉയിർ

    74. lakshmi sundar

      Bitter truth...SP teaser vida nethu vandha PM teaser views pichikitu poiduchu 😔😔

      1. Vasan VG

        @lakshmi sundar Sooraraipottru teasera vida reach adhigam ponmagal vandhal movieku

      2. lakshmi sundar

        4 months 11 M 5 days 13 M

    75. sunil mishra


    76. TSK media

      May 29 th

    77. Shanti29 Kanni

      Semma movie

    78. Sree Priya

      Eagerly waiting for 29th may

    79. Manikandan K Pillai


    80. vignesh waran

      For ticket money u subscribe to amazon instead