Pence To Victims Of The Santa Clarita Shooting: 'Our Prayers Are With You' | NBC News

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    Vice President Mike Pence offered his support to the victims and families of the school shooting in Santa Clarita, Calif. "The hearts of every American are with you today," he said.
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    Pence To Victims Of The Santa Clarita Shooting: 'Our Prayers Are With You' | NBC News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Farmer Bob

      *It takes a strong man to stand up to Corruption & Evil and a weak man to a be a servant of it.* *Republicans ARE the Weak and Mike Pence is a disgrace to the honoured position of VP!* *He knew exactly what was going on with Ukraine and activity took part in it like the selfish, self serving Republican he is! 😤* *#FarmersAgainstTrump2020** and his **#ComplicitGOP** 🇺🇸🥳*

    2. Abel Gonzalez

      When he said “our prayers are with you” that was literally the prayers.

    3. Richard B

      Pence is dirty and dangerous

    4. Miss Amazon

      Blah, blah, blah!! Its just a "cut & paste" emotion......from the last massacre.....and for the next bloodbath!! 😫😭😢

    5. Debbie Sharon

      He's a liar... you can tell by his body language and specifically which words he emphasizes. Trump wants gun control. Trump just a puppet like all the rest 😉. Wake up America

    6. Peter Johnson

      Oh marvellous, here come the prayers. That'll fix the problem. Pathetic.

    7. its Me

      Maybe the democrats are right in the case troughs and prayer are decadent, a relic of the past. we should give up archaic and obsolescent belief in religion. Instead we should embrace the ideological of the state. The state is all seeing. The state is all knowing. The state should supersede your mother and your father and as they nothing more but symbols of the past, and not be confuse with the wisdom of the state. All hale the state.

    8. zacktam

      why were there no headlines about this one:

    9. cherry bomb

      this is the first time ive ever seen pence say something

    10. Jose Flores

      In the event of a catastrophe which is eminent and only a matter of time its going to be a free for all and the only ones who will survive are those who are united and armed why do you think the nra exists they know thats not the problem the problem is that they cant control every person

    11. Samantha W

      These empty words becomes more irrelevant as it happens near weekly in America. Words wont fix this, it will take a cultural shift in thinking.

    12. Herman Hernandez

      Eat your stupid prayers.

    13. west Chavez

      Pence thank u for this 🙌


      Fake shooting

    15. Serixous Hexsim

      What a sicko. He keeps praying while we keep dying.

      1. Serixous Hexsim

        @C Maria I expect him to do his job. Which he isn't doing.

      2. C Maria

        Serisoux Hexim, What ever your strange name here is! What are you expecting him to do to have stopped this !!! OBAMA DIDN'T STOP SHOOTINGS !!!

    16. nerdaterp

      More worthless prayers. Get Trump and McConnell off their complacent fannies and address the bills the House passed in the beginning of the year. Tell Trump to stop kissing up to the NRA and do something. Your thoughts and prayers won't bring back the kids that died yesterday. They won't bring back the kids from Sandy Hook, Newton, the victims in Las Vegas, El Paso, Dayton, or the many other victims murdered with assault rifles. Actions speak louder than words. Act! One day it might be your kids, your spouse, you, your niece or nephew, or someone you love that will be murdered. I pray it doesn't happen. You'd wish you took up the bills and signed one of them into law. I'm heartbroken and disgusted.

    17. MyEyesBled

      Hey Pence... you and your boss are full of sh*t....

    18. Marius Thefaker

      Q. Why did Pence do this and not Trump? A. Because Trump don't give a f*ck!

    19. Dandy Chiggins

      Prayers are not working, folks. The only possible solution I've come up with is assembling a council of behavioral health professionals to give us answers and preventive measures. I e-mailed that to President Trump almost 2 years ago and never got a reply.

    20. Louis Thomas

      Welcome to the New World Order . Enjoy your stay welcome to the Atheist prophecy. These Jesuits arent even human look at this guy. A pure breed demon

      1. Louis Thomas

        your not a real atheist these guys are . you want to try to be something your not

      2. Ver Coda

        Louis Thomas What on earth are you gibbering about, man? What have we atheists got to do with mass shootings? And Jesuits?! Look. Are you just trying to troll, badly, or are you just the mentally ill nut - lobbing in some cheap, tacky bigotry - that your poorly written words suggest you are?

    21. Corinne B

      Is Trump afraid to show up? He might have to hear everyone yelling boo again? Yeah, he would be if there are any of the public there. I am surprised the reporters could do their jobs. I want to puke. My daughter is a high school teacher. I want to beg her to change careers. Two of my grandchildren would be in that high school in Santa Clarita. They moved a few years ago, “but for the grace of God, there go I”. We all still live in CA, but this happening so often. We need a president that doesn’t have NRA in their pocket. We need smarter gun laws. If these mass shooting can’t be called a national emergency- I don’t know what could be. Trump called his wall a National Emergency so he could misappropriate funds from other branches of government- why can’t he put some of the military funds he took for his wall to start an effective plan. Take some cash out of that silly space force he created and find a way to keep our children, teachers, those who go to clubs, churches, Synagogues, Mosques and even outdoor concerts. In other words - anywhere. We are potential victims of violent Mass Shootings. Fix that and you will win elections. I’m sick of this, USA is losing (or giving away) our status as leader of the world. Other countries are laughing at us, praying for us and some are gearing up to voting for us.

    22. Jeffrey Nguyen

      What a moron... & hypocrit. Heard him before.. no f.cking action

    23. Mr_Rockito

      'Our Prayers Are With You' from a lying, hypocritical, mindless Evangelical like Pence? The only thing more ueseless than him is the current Moron-in-Chief, Baby Donnie...

      1. LIZARD GUY 4

        Mr_Rockito at least trump isn’t as capable as pence because the second pence becomes president is the second we step back 50 years in terms of progress for the lgbt community

    24. Michael Harris

      This man don't mean nothing he said just another speech same old thing just need to pass criminal background check. blue wave coming goodbye trump and the Republicans party. It's time for America to stand together and fight the white house and the law makers UNTIL they ban those types of guns and put laws in place for people that going help all Americans

      1. LIZARD GUY 4

        Michael Harris the gun wasn’t the kind of gun I think you want to ban I’m with you that we should ban certain guns but this wasn’t a full auto weapon or an ar15 just a pistol

    25. Jennifer Enriquez

      Where is trump?

    26. Blade Runner

      it will soon become apparent to everyone, if it isn't already, that 'comforting words' without action are an insult, and not welcome.

    27. Kiet Ngo

      Ahhhhhh good old thoughts and prayers

    28. Tyson Konken

      Let's continue to do nothing about it! SMH

      1. smidy719

        Let’s have more Gun free zones just like where this shooter picked his target So he knew nobody would shoot him back let’s keep doing that

    29. Alex Santana

      Pance fuckyou and tromp do somting

    30. David J

      Pence: " Our prayers are with you...but not really, because I just got a HUGE campaign donation from the NRA, the National Russian Association. WOO HOO!!! Sorry for your loss though. WOO HOO!!!" Trump and republicans aren't going to do anything about mass shootings and gun violence for one very simple reason, there is no money to be made in doing something. There's no money to be made in actually doing the right thing for the country. Doing nothing is where all the the money is at, so nothing is what they shall continue to do.

      1. Josh Gorman

        Pebric Nope not at all...not unless social conservatives stop believing in the imaginary Jesus that they created to justify their beliefs....a Jesus that is the exact opposite of the actual Jesus that was written about in the we agree 100%...I don't think much will change with our damaged social fabric with stricter gun laws (that the actual Jesus would support)...Just the number of deaths from shootings, like it has in every civilized society on earth besides ours, which would be a good start towards a better society... In my opinion, actually trying to live like the actual Jesus in the Bible would go a long way towards the change we seek.

      2. Pebric

        @Josh Gorman Nope, people are the problem in my opinion, I don't think anyone who commits crimes/murders with a gun like gangbangers, cartels, school shooters, thiefs could care less about what the NRA says or does. Do you honestly believe things will change with even more stricter gun laws or perhaps banning them? We as a country, we can't even get along nor stop the war on drugs yet many believe we have to make changes to stop the killings? Sadly I don't ever see it that way. My last comment, because we can go on and on and in the end nothing gets solved. Later.

      3. Josh Gorman

        Pebric the NRA is the problem. And the NRA owns the Republican Party. Both are criminal organizations.

      4. Pebric

        Your acting as if school shootings have recently started during Trump Presidency. I don't know, maybe you're just blinded by your hate that you don't realize that this has been going on since the late 90s. Where was your anger than? Anyways what change do you want? California has one of the strictest gun laws yet tragedy happens. Ban all firearms? Sure, but that isn't going to stop those that can get there hands on an illegal one or use other objects to take someones life away. We can't even stop drugs coming in, what makes you think we can stop guns? People need to stop acting like guns are self aware. It's the sick minded people, not the firearm.

      5. Josh Gorman

        That would be an improvement. The Russians are better than the NRA

    31. Pohaku Mana

      is this a LOOP video, just edited for location?

    32. TheMeanLiberal

      Why is THIS shooting getting THIS kind of attention? 🤨

      1. TheMeanLiberal

        @Ver Coda 🙄 It's lost on you. 😆😆😆

      2. Ver Coda

        Oh, sorry Michael - didn’t know that the murder of children was somehow interfering with your day. Poor you, having to be told what human beings are doing - how selfish of The World to impose on Michael Bramlett. We’re all so, So sorry... that You exist.

      3. Tamara Savage-White

        All shootings get this kind of attention, Google it.

    33. Luis Alejandro

      the NRA has bough-corrupt your politicians. this show-cartoon of president needs to stop. its time to take this seriously and let the adults run this country with respect to what is best for this democracy. BYE BYE TRUMP. this guy is making money out ratings in fox, making money with his hotels. giving jobs to his own family, and supporting the worst allies out there in the international forum. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT. bribery is the must generous charge that the house ELEGANTLY and with CLASS and PROFESSIONALISM wants to get over this embarrassment . BYE BYE TRUMP CORRUPT !

      1. smidy719

        Trump 2020...❄️s

    34. Andrew Bui

      Such empty words from an empty soul, and this is coming from a Catholic. I say enough is enough. Time to take thoughts and prayers off the table and do something about this growing crisis.

      1. Dullbert Dough

        @Pohaku Mana 💩

      2. Pohaku Mana


    35. Dvora Reeve

      Same old tired refrain...and do nothing...sickening

      1. C Maria

        All you haters are sick and depraved, to be writing about him what you are here. I'm for much stronger gun control. I am TOTALLY Anti-Hunting. There is NOTHING a Dem Pres can do in an admin to stop what happened here! Obama did NOT stop it. What, logically, are you proposing that could have stopped this? NOTHING !!! BTW, I'm not even a Republican !!!

    36. JC #1

      look at these evil ignorant comments , you should all be ashamed off yourselves. what if it was your child that git killed? by the looks of your comments , you prob had no discipline and learned no respect from your own parents and prob raise your own kids carelessly the same way and wondwr why they go out on shooting sprees because they dont know or understand the word LOVE, time to grow up folks give your kids hugs , assure them they are loved and needed and replace evil things for good things in their lives . amen

    37. Joshua Theriault

      Prayers what a load of garbage your prayers do nothing vice President POS the earth would not be the way it is and you and Trump would be in federal prison for the rest of your lives

    38. Michael Metzger

      I wouldn't want his prayers! I don't need satan getting the idea that I want his blessing through his loyal servant, both this awful vice president and the other one he serves, Trump!

      1. The Cuban Revolutionist

        Michael Metzger he is a devout Christian your the democrat

    39. aotbwhiteknight

      Thank you hero pence for your warmth of words. NOT! For a second there I really thought he was gonna say something about passing stricter laws for gun control but instead he said his prayers are with us. Nah, you can keep your prayers. What we need is our kids to be protected from school shootings. Is that too much to ask?

    40. OleeoleeOO

      Phoney POS.