On Democratic Re-Election In Louisiana: Trump Is 'Not Good For Republican Party' | Meet The Press

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    Washington Post columnist, Eugene Robinson, weighs in on the Democratic re-election in Louisiana.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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    On Democratic Re-Election In Louisiana: Trump Is 'Not Good For Republican Party' | Meet The Press

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Omar Sabrie


    2. Omar Sabrie


    3. tina Haynes

      Listen to this begging fool

    4. Máire Walton

      🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷😬... Imbecilic parasite!

    5. Relaxation Station


    6. Hound19745

      Tide is starting to turn. When republicans sense that Trump no longer has the support he once had, they'll drop him like a soiled diaper.

    7. Larry Rowe

      The republicans brag about being the party of Lincoln. How they will be forever more as the party of trump.

    8. MyCommentOn StupidPeople

      Just heard that Trump went for a health check - My worry is that he might die - and therefore avoid being convicted and sent to jail - I so want to see him in an orange suit surrounded by a big beautiful wall and with all the best people as his playmates .....

    9. gary noland

      Way too many welfare crackhead fools in la.-i reckon.

    10. Walt Schmidt

      The city scum outnumber the good country folk. This is nothing new. The city scum are destroying New York State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Virginia...America is DOOMED to civil war/ revolution...

    11. Champagne Hour

      It was the teacher pay raises, funding infrastructure projects and higher ed. and Rispone's ties to unpopular former governor Bobby Jindal that got JBE reelected. If Trump had knew anything about this, he would have kept a safe distance from this race and saved himself these headlines. He's so lost without Steve Bannon.

    12. Red Neckle

      There goesTodd handing out $5.00 Bills for votes again down at the local Walmart again😂

    13. Autumn Ly

      Great news for traitor trumpanzee and GOP candidates

    14. Jarid Gaming

      Trumps bad for America. Only Racist and the uneducated support Trump.

    15. Veracity North

      I would have ever guessed a democrat would show his love for Trump. We live in a crazy world.

    16. Kay Bee

      You had me at “he is poison.”

    17. Sarah McCoy

      Smart Republican candidates would distance themselves from Trump and ask him not to come and campaign for them. When Trump comes to an in-state rally, he fires up all the people who cannot stand Trump. Bless his heart!

    18. Denis Bailey

      Trump maybe the last replublican president

    19. Joe Lev

      The people of Louisiana have never been known for their intelligence,

    20. M B

      lol "God Bless His heart " lol so classic 😎🤘👍

    21. Moscow Mitch

      How long before Guliani get arrested. Any bets. ?????????????

    22. N STAR

      WOWW! 51.3% TO 48.7 Big deal!!! Little peak because of the 1000000% MSM impeachment hoax! The people are starting to see through this now! Trump 2020!


        Yes , we see through your bs. Yes, yes we do

    23. Wild Times

      Sad for la. People good luck

    24. Señor Hilter

      The man's pro gun, and anti abortion HES NOT A DEMOCRAT EVERYONE HES A LIAR

    25. Boss Ny

      In Second Day of Impeachment Hearings, Ambassador Yovanovitch Describes Trump’s Brutal Smear Campaign Before She Was Fired Without Cause; Giuliani and Sondland Worked with Parnas and Fruman to Slander Her; Witness Intimidation by Tweet; Republicans Mount No Defense; House to Vote on Bribery by Dec. 20? American Anti-Trump Forces Are Now Vanguard of World Revolution Against Fascist-Populist Demagogues; Ouster of Trump Will Electrify Opponents of Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, BoJo, and Other Oppressors; New Birth of Freedom in U.S. Can Give Hope to the World in Age of Despots!

    26. Eric Burton

      Trump is not good for the Republican Party, not good for the Presidency, not good for politics, not good for his youngest son and not a good person period!

    27. 311 Man

      Trump gives republicans a bad reputation

    28. Talk Blocked

      The sell-outs sold out for literally _nothing._

    29. Robert Rodgers

      As Southerners my friends and I very happily cheer: Treasonous Trump and ALL of his enablers for PRISON! Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!

    30. Maria Cheung

      Do you know who is worst than Trump? Deep State and corporate media!

      1. Maria Cheung

        THE BIG BAD WOLF 😆media is funded by whom? Media serves people who pays them. Is this a conspiracy theory? Deep state are all bureaucrats (apparatchiks) . Don't throw at me cliche words used by corporate media.


        Worse than that is you believe in a conspiracy theory.

    31. Let’s grow

      Wow the republicans got slaughtered. I guess Americans really are tired of trump.

    32. GodSon

      Joining 45 is like selling you soul to the Devil. 45 is not good for Anything. He should be going to jail for treason. He works for Russia. All the people wearing the I rather be with Russia T Shirts. We will get a plane together for you and your family to go there and please never return to the USA.

    33. Jeff Long

      Do people go to PRISON for ATTEMPTED Murder - YES THEY DO

    34. Metal Jimmy

      2006; everybody ran and voted democrat because bush was president. 2010; everybody ran and voted republican because obama was president, 2014; everybody runs and votes repub because obama was prez 2018; everybody runs to vote dem because trump is pres,..... and this is all thats happening here folks; AMERICA IS BRAINDEAD COUNTRY ; GETTING NOWHERE,.

    35. Elvia Yribe

      That is great news Trump needs to be out of the life of all Americans . He's self-centered narcissistic and doesn't give a crap about our country only himself.

    36. Reg Jones

      Even the stupid are starting to wise up!

    37. Blink Once on Sunday!

      Trump is great for helping Democrats win!

    38. M G

      Let the CASTRATI PARTY continue being a shameless, toothless, gutless and nutless hypocrites... We will have a nice result in 2020

    39. J J

      The Republicans can't help themselves. 😂 They will give up the damming evidence for the name of a law abiding fully protected whistleblower. Doesn't anybody else see that bribe? It's extortion. It's currupt. If that isn't quid pro quo, this for that, something for something. They are holding back valuable evidence for the identity of a lawfully protected whistleblower. Ask the republicans for all the testimony, notes, and information. When they are asked to hand these things over they ask for the identity of the whistleblower. This for that, something for something, quid pro quo.

    40. Luther Henry

      these want to be politician going to learn Donald Trump is sinking the ship.The 2020 elections will be just like the rest of Trump history making... it's toxic anything he put his hand on..