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    First public hearing in impeachment inquiry into President Trump, record-breaking cold blast grips over 200 million across the country, and test reveals toxic content found in vapor from illicit THC cartridges.
    Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
    1:33 Key Witness Testify In First Public Impeachment Hearing
    2:34 Taylor: Trump Asked About 'Investigations' On Newly-Revealed Call
    3:10 Diplomats Tie Trump To Campaign To Pressure Ukraine
    5:38 Republicans Blast Impeachment Hearings And Defend Trump
    7:07 Impeachment Witnesses Deny Being 'Never Trumpers'
    7:22 Second Public Impeachment Hearings Set For Friday
    7:51 Trump Slams Impeachment Hearing As 'Joke' And 'Sham'
    9:06 Trump Welcomes Turkey's Leader For Controversial Visit
    9:26 White House Reacts To First Public Impeachment Hearing
    9:52 Key Witnesses Testify In First Public Impeachment Hearing
    11:15 Deep Freeze Across U.S. Blamed For At Least Nine Deaths
    12:37 Hero Firefighter Dies Trying To Save Baby From Inferno
    13:58 Venice's Worst Floods In 50 Years Prompt State Of Emergency
    14:35 Tests Show Black Market Marijuana Vapes Tainted By Toxins
    17:31 School Employees Charged In Death Of Student With Autism
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    Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - November 13th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 23 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. george park

      go Trump!

    2. Carpe Diem

      Witness- I over heard somebody say they overheard the president talking on the phone. Next witness.

    3. Ofa Fonua

      What a waste of Public tax's... grow up, do something useful for our country rather than wasting time and funds...

    4. New2day User

      Impeachment Showdown And the Tony Award goes to -----!!!

    5. Carl Maitland

      The innocence of the president will appear

    6. eblgraphics

      What you heard it dint happen lol... How many people are in jail today for planing a crime that was stopped before it happened.

    7. lcso81

      Global warming at it idiots...

    8. Christy Poos

      Fake news always puts a neg spin on the real true facts. Such BS. So where is the so called star eye whitnesses. All hear say, nothing first hand. 2nd or 3rd parties with no firm direct contact of phone calls, or ever meeting the President. Just another Russian hoax, shame, DemoCRAPS attemp of another Coup, looking like fools. Landslide Trump 2020.

    9. Henry Wu

      Republican v Democrat needs to end.

    10. Angel White

      This is classified and now it's unclassified country's move out troops so the rats come out of hideing didint some head of a terror group not just got kiiled by the hero dog .I'm not saying this is what happind in this case but when you get haters the democrate cult Makin lies talking bs then i need to say.....

    11. Brent Waterbury

      Under ANY circumstances these r not impeachable charges. So y r the Demo's allowed to go on with this charade?? Their subpoena's can b safely ignored as some have chosen to do. This is mud-slinging politics not worthy of our Nation and frankly I'm ashamed of the Demo's and the liberal media. New lows for all!

    12. Doug G

      Presidents have been using their weight to get leaders to do our bidding for years. So lame

    13. Derek Anderson

      I give up. See you guys in the late 2030s when the civil war is live.

    14. Derek Anderson

      Also love that this time they combined the puppy segment with the veterans segment. PUPPY VETERANS. NBC and the media are partially responsible for America's future collapse.

    15. Derek Anderson

      I also like how we just sit back and watch the climate change because we trashed it. Dumb f*cks every one of us.

    16. Derek Anderson

      What does that even mean? 'Are you a never Trumper?'... What? I wasn't a 'Never Obamaer' or a 'Never Busher', how is this relevant to the Presidents actions?

    17. Margie G

      I Am sorry to say that the light wil come out. Darkness stays while it can, but the truth will shine.

    18. Wasatch Range Railway

      Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups!!! if you didn't hear it from the horses mouth, you are just repeating someone who has made another bad assumption. For those of you who think they know everything---you are in for a terrible surprise!!! I'm the one that put the plan together to take the House Floor when the impeachment vote comes down. Read Marine Corps Manpower Order 990/15. This is a contingency order! Never has an order like this been written in the history of our country! Now is not the time to be supporting the Democrats!!!

    19. D G

      Yeah but when their buddies were in office they got away with murder. Screw the Democratic Party

    20. TheFuzzyPenguin

      Sadly, Trump will lie for the rest of his life. Narcissist's never see anything wrong with lying, boasting about themselves, calling people names, making fun of disabled people or old people, pretending they didn't do something or say something, and all while laughing at the toxic stress and mess they created.

    21. Lisa R

      I hope this is the end of the day for those who use that statement .

    22. Lisa R


    23. Lisa R

      Your a country divided against itself and cannot stand

    24. Lisa R

      The full armor of God upon our President and his family in Christ Jesus Holy name

    25. Lisa R

      Women in this country are not to be listened to

    26. argusone

      "This is all secondhand!" You've blocked first hand testimony. "But the money was sent!" Less than 24 hrs after the extortion went public. Next excuse?

    27. Lisa R


    28. Bernard Ringuette jr

      Finally get a president with some balls and all these cry babies want him out Democrats liars with no balls ever I hope he runs again. private security contractor's contractor's for hire.

    29. AbsentWithoutLeaving

      Uh-oh. Trump is bored. Clown cars and pants-dropping reality TV tropes to follow.

    30. Dirk Diggler

      The orange buffoon is classic American entertainment

    31. Benjie B

      So trump again stabs the Kurds in the back by having the Turkish President at the whitehouse. Waiminute, did you people forget those same Kurds are now helping the US protect oil fields in Iraq??????

    32. Benjie B

      So if you rob a bank and then put the money back before they know it, you are not guilty of robbing a bank? With that thought process there should be an exodus of non guilty people imprisoned in the United States.

    33. David Inchcliff

      This is fake news. This is a soap opera. Stop watching it.

    34. Rico Castañon

      I NOT RECALL.......👈🤡👈trump....😁

    35. Rae Mini Hopa

      Trumpism is becoming a mass mental illness, Republicans are increasingly out of Touch with reality

    36. David Stone

      🌐 Breaking real news: Just an election reminder to all liberal bias fake news morons in bed with corrupt democrats at NBC/MSNBC Fake News. President 🇺🇸Trump has delivered on what he promised if elected back in 2016. 1. Booming US economy again, now the best in the world now. 2. Lowest US unemployment in 51 years. 3. Brought back jobs and business to the US. 4. Rebuild our US military that Obama and the Democrats depleted. 5. Seal the US border and build more walls. 6. He Lowered my Federal Taxes in 2018 too. 7. Booming US stock market. All my investments are up 35 to 45% since Trump took office and new record highs monthly. 8. Trump promised to bring our troops home from 19 year endless wars in Middle East and is now doing it. If some democrats and republicans want continued wars let them send their sons and daughters to fight and die most Americans had enough. We spent $9 Trillion in taxpayers money in those wars. 9. President Trump & our Brave Military took out another Top ISIS terrorist Al Baghdadi. 10. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020. MAGA 🇺🇸 Bias Fake News folks now please tell me what have democrats done since President Trump was elected? Lie and conduct one witchhunt after another trying to divide the country and impeach our duly elected president. Sorry sore loser fake news folks and democrat snowflakes if the truth hurts. 😔

    37. Renaud Dupuis

      I wish MRsel would stop suggesting comedy stations like this one to me. NBC News is not news. NBC News is an opinion network that has nothing to do with people. All NBC News does is push the agenda of a few select people of influence who want to globalize this planet. MRsel, please stop suggesting children programing to me. I am a serious adult wanting to view and listen to real news. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!

    38. James Konzek

      Trump is a victim!!

    39. Patricia Gregory

      What is a never tumper? He thinks he is above the Law!!! It took the Democrats long enough to do this!!!!! I have a ? For u all? With all the dirt he has done since becoming the president why is he still in office?

    40. Cerone 747

      The Office of President of the United States at its Lowest, Ever!