Nancy Pelosi: Impeachment Inquiry Testimony 'Corroborated Evidence Of Bribery' | NBC News

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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that the testimony from the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry "corroborated evidence of bribery."
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    Nancy Pelosi: Impeachment Inquiry Testimony 'Corroborated Evidence Of Bribery' | NBC News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 23 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Christina Marshall

      So "no one comes here to impeach a president... We come here to do the work of the American people" This line is an absolute insult. I cannot believe someone as educated as she is doesn't think the "American people" that she is doing the work of can see right thru lies when they are as blatant as hers. Perhaps she thinks we are a bunch of working-class idiots. Seriously, this woman has done nothing but try to create havoc for the president since he was sworn into office. The people of California should have been looking to impeach her months ago for not doing the job she was elected for, as she has spent 100% of her time trying to remove Trump. Regardless of what anyone thinks of this man, this was not what the people of California elected her to do. Her job was to work with the people that America voted into office as a whole, not digging up gossip (hearsay) like an immature teenage girl. But yet she seriously believes that this behavior is totally acceptable. Please, someone, tell me what I am missing? Surely she cannot be this arrogantly ignorant. Next, she doesn't believe her actions have been fueled by hatred, stating that because she is catholic that she cannot hate? Seriously, since when does any religion make you immune to any emotion. She is human, Even the Bible says for you to pray for your enemies, and to bless those who curse you. I have to ask, would it not be natural for someone to hate an enemy? So if the Bible talks of what to do when you hate someone, wouldn't it be possible for a catholic to hate? It is not "ironic" that this is happening at election time, for 4 years they didn't think he would be re-elected, after all, they can not believe he was elected in the first place. Now that they realize that is a real possibility, they are running scared, because they cannot control it. The American people elected Trump in the first place because they are sick and tired of empty promises made by politicians in the past, and are ready for a change. Our forefather fought and died to give the government to the people. They take a few statements of our forefathers and claim that they [forefathers] warned us about a government like that which they believe is like Trump. The truth is the American people voted him in office, and now 1 person has manipulated the democratic party into believing lies, and denying the American People of the right of a "government for the people, by the people"

    2. tn

      DEath to some Russian spy that stole US secrets about two-stage fusion boosted atomic weapons. UFOs are going to save the human race from self-destruction.

    3. oscar3eyes


    4. Deborah Less

      Wow Thanks to Pelosi's & Schiffs insane War on President Trump even my Democrat, 90 year old Mother In Law, who defended the Democrats until now, and hated Trump, now gets it! She was telling me yesterday how awful it was that the Bidens, the Kerry's, Schiff, our US Ambassador in Ukraine, and George Soros machine took over Ukraine, channeled billions into the DNC, The Anti Corruption Group, a George Soros Agency, and created Training Camps to train Revolutionaries to overthrow the Government there! She wants to see all of these people tried for Treason. And then there's the Biden corruption in China! I voted for Hillary, but have reregistered as Republican since I learned of Uranium One.

    5. Wendy Mann

      Is she drunk

    6. Hillary Clinton

      Dear Nancy Pelosi, if you claim you’d never want trump impeached, don’t come out and claim something else out of the blue when congress said there is no impeachable offenses. You are aiming America in the wrong direction and the American people hate to see their taxes being wasted on impeachment. You’ll probably be dead by the time he gets re-elected so your impeachment circus isn’t wanted

    7. Dhen Phu

      she actually shape-shifted today, on camera. The booze is getting too much for her.

    8. misty G


    9. Kelly Johnson

      I have been watching these proceedings. Not all of course, but specifically not watching media spin, but the actual testimonies. There has been zero actual evidence of her charge. It's not even funny. When the republicans flat out ask the democrats key "witnesses" if they know of any actual crime committed by the president. The answers are a simple one word "No".

    10. Bill None

      watch now the heavens with great intent for signs will come more rapidly be not distracted by what the evil one lays before you that glitters as gold look only to the father in heaven for his hand will fall mightily upon the earth his judgement true and just

    11. Bill None

      across the earth the 144000 are scattered soon they will awaken to whom they are for the end has began and Satan has taken the attention of man away from where it ought be with a day of wonders which blinds him that he may do his final works unseen let the wise see what is necessary for them to see for if you feel anger towards another is it not his will that you do? rather than your fathers in heaven?

    12. Debbie Portman

      Oooo I didn't know it was bull channel. Who told LYING Holt he was a journalist

    13. elperiquito quecanta

      Miss Nancy Pelosi would have to join politics with Mr. Bernie Sanders to overthrow President Donald Trump and start a new government and stop overthrowing governments throughout history and stop the monroe doctrines of wanting to take over everything they put in front of all the common countries of copper, gold, silver, oil, lithium, water well, and wanting to enslave humanity that wanted to make hitler and it cost very expensive to try the government of donald trump is being done to all countries above Because of his bad government he manages and that they stop using the CIA to promote the coup d'etats, it is time that they also change the story Miss Nancy Pelosi, together with Berniesanders, they can change the story to be a better country and a better neighbor of all countries

    14. HilarityBribo

      Pelosi won't even take care of her own people in San Fran and deepstate has her trying this coup against Trump and American Voters.

    15. tony blackmon

      its a shame that the speaker of the house has betrayed the american people yet again by supporting such an obvious hoax, and failing to uphold her oath of office. its about time to recall this drunken traitor.

    16. herbert hoover

      Is it not her job to prove that President Trump is guilty of something? He dose not have to prove he's innocent, the house is doing that for him.

    17. Denise Horn

      Lets also not forget, if they can do it to him, they can do it to you!! And, it happens all of the time. The more we accept it, the more outrageous it is going to get!!! This is our country; we pay the taxes that pay them! Referring to us as "little people", or anything else derogatory, proves that when one gets too much power and no one is looking, they bite the hand that feeds them until you don't have one anymore! No one should lay down for this!!!

    18. Denise Horn

      "Trump needs to prove his innocence?" Ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty?" There isn't even a charge!! What country is she living in mentally? Or is it DID??? (Disassociative Identity Disorder). He doesn't have to do anything of the kind!

    19. BothmaMarx

      Corroborated what??? Evidence??? There was no evidence given. It was hearsay. I'm confused on how the American legal principles work.

      1. tony blackmon

        i think you have a better handle on it than our congress does... they arent real big on proving anything, but they are tops in gossip....

    20. Ded Recon

      Trump did more to destroy the advance of democracy by undermining the State Dept in his first 11 months than the Russians were able to over the last 230 years. Putin has played him like the sock puppet he is. Has he gotten any of the Moscow videos back yet for his service? Yovanovitch is only one of the many, many, many examples of Trump carrying out Putin's desire to destroy the Deep State Dept. What is shocking is that no one finds it unusual or alarming that Trump has and continues to greatly weaken the State Dept and give hostile countries wide open opportunity to undermine our democracy and Constitution. What is alarming is seeing our lawmakers, people sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution, cheering Trump on in his efforts to weaken and destroy the main bastion of it's protection, the Deep State Dept. That in itself should constitute treason, quid pro quo or not.

    21. Teresa Saldana

      I am soooo over this fighting on Capital Hill....The “He said/She said” war...It’s ironic that ALL this is happening as the next election is warming up..Where did we as a country lose our way?

    22. Lester R. Ryan, M.D.

      What about CNBC 60 minutes providing unequivocal proof of Pelosi's criminal insider trading? Why was she not investigated? Is she above the law?

    23. B.T.

      Racist AOC and the ISIS-loving Squad confirmed it. This is just a political sham investigation. They want to destroy America from within! Only Trump can save us from the radicals’ hatred. Let’s give Trump 4 more years!

    24. yapyap66


    25. Anna Cabella

      Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached when you look at the condition her districts is in and she has done nothing since her hate fest started against Trump

    26. Daniel Krivens

      I think the bribery he committed is a plot against the democrats to make them focus on this investigation to preserve the integrity of our government instead of being able to spend time campaigning against him. Like, what's he doing while they are in congress.. He's out campaigning for himself and others in his team. He's so smart.

    27. Daniel Krivens

      Even if she was panicking or crying recently, or something blew up in her face, if anyone else but 45 had committed that bribery they would be fired. No big deal. It's just a fireable offense. 45 is amzaing, but anyone else would be fired and if he is fired it will be a beautiful firing because he will look great getting fired.

      1. Daniel Krivens

        spelled amazing wrong.. doh.

    28. Zeek M

      Nancy You're guilty of participation in the treasonous uranium 1 iran nuclear deal during the obama regime.

    29. Hona Wikeepa

      Russian Gate Collusion Ukraine Bribery Conspiracy theory. Nutty Nancy lying through her false fake teeth

    30. Ignacio Couce

      She is out of her mind. The only reason she's using the word "bribery," is because "quid pro quo" fell flat - too much Latin for the average person - then no one should figure out what was the "extortion," and so they moved to using bribery because it's in the Constitution. However, Taylor testified the Ukrainians didn't know until August 29th that the aid was held up. Moreover, we also have a statement from the Ukrainians saying Ambassador Sondland never linked aid to the initiation of any investigation into anyone!😜 Game's over, fool.

    31. xthatwhiteguyx

      Allegedly corroborative hearsay, she means... which is better than actual evidence in some cases.

    32. james wright

      Yes Nancy, I heard it from someone, who heard it from someone, who heard it from someone, That you are a piece of Sxxx that does not know what facts are as long as you can make believe.

    33. Frisky Bottomsuuater

      Hey kids! Be sure to watch todays impearment hearings. Marie Yovanovitch, might cry and squirt some tears for us! BTW, she was fired well before the phone call heard around the world!

    34. Eric Claey

      If I hear those dentures clank one more time, I'm going to join in with my cymbals. BTW... how did those 2 star "witnesses" do? Not very good, I heard.

      1. Frisky Bottomsuuater

        It was like a high school production of "Drag Net". It was contrived and painful to watch.

    35. Frisky Bottomsuuater

      This old kunt needs to be euthanized !

    36. Jim M

      jesus, it's like the national enquirer exploded and all the journalists landed on nbc and cnn. batboy 2.0

    37. Sea King

      This 80 year old tart Pelosi is a psychopathic liar! The Schiff has hit the fan! LOL

    38. sal been

      Nothing worse then an old woman who drinks too much.

    39. Rani Rich

      Pelosi doublespeak: President Trump bribed President Zelinsky 'BUT' we haven't decided if we're going to IMPEACH. WHAT? Why bypass first hand witnesses such as Bolton, Pelosi? If you have substantiated evidence, why are you avoiding the court? Could it be Constitutional Laws stand in the way of your #DemocratCoup ? We all know your 'Hearsay' witnesses would be tossed out in a court of law and your 'peach ment cocktale' just a empty glass to justify your painful hangover! Democrats, you have used and abused 'The Peoples House' and the duties of the awesome positions you've been elected to serve. You have disgraced yourselves, the voters who elected you and our country! You have displayed a hunger for power that goes well beyond Constitutional Branches of government and the duties within. We the People will be handing you our verdict and your discharge papers which is within our Constitutional Branch of Power. President Trump isn't the only one who will be draining the swamp!

    40. Seeker of Truth

      Lol.. quid pro quo? Gone? Couldn't prove it?? It's bribery now?? Wow... And Dems are cheering for it?? I guessed it.. I guess somehow they have to impeach orange man. Pathetic!!