MAMANGAM Official Trailer (Hindi) | Mammootty | M Padmakumar | Venu Kunnappilly



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    #MamangamTrailer, #Mammootty, #MamangamHindiMovieTrailer
    Presenting you #Mamangam Hindi Official Trailer. Directed By M Padmakumar.
    Directed By : M Padmakumar
    Produced By : Venu Kunnappilly
    Music : M Jayachandran
    Lyrics : Rafeeq Ahmed, Ajay Gopal
    Adapted Screenplay & Dialogues : Shankar Ramakrishnan
    DOP : Manoj Pillai
    Action : Sham Kaushal
    VFX : RC Kamalakannan
    Background Score : Sanchit Balhara & Ankit Balhara
    Editor : Raja Mohammed
    Production Designer : Mohandas
    Sound Design : PM Satheesh, Manoj M Goswami
    Executive Producers : Vivek Ramadevan, Ayjo Antony
    Costume : SB Satheesan
    Makeup : Roshan NG
    Line Producer : Meera Thalakottur
    Production Controller : Dixon Poduthas
    Cast: Mammootty, Unni Mukundan, Prachi Tehlan, Siddique, Achuthan, Anusitara, Iniya, Kaniha, Tarun Arora, Suresh krishna, Manikuttan, Sudev nair, Manikandan
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    1. Make sense

      You gotta hear it in Mamooka's voice.

    2. Meghanadh Surendran

      MARTIAL ARTS 😍😍😍😍

    3. MOVIE HUB Mammootty legendary full movie - 0RU VADAKKEN VEERAGADHA For more movies - Subscribe * Daily uploads

    4. mohammed azharudhin

      A high voltage magnum opus is loading 😍😍😍 on Dec 12 😍😍😍

    5. Muhammed Shafeek

      Awesome... good attempt.. Mollywood 👍👍👍

    6. Najeeb Kk

      Superb ......

    7. asda althuruq

      Best wishes 👍

    8. Amen Tin

      Kera movie

    9. prasan p

      Bollywood lack on creativity....

    10. prasan p

      This may be a visual treat of Kerala's martial arts KALARI PAYATTU.......

    11. prasan p

      Excellent trailer

    12. Muhabil Mono


    13. Bollywood 2 Hollywood हार्ट टचिंग सॉन्ग

    14. Aswin Aswin

      Kidu makking

    15. phoenix _media

      Mamangam Malayalam Movie Full Cast & Crew MRsel LINK: Please LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE

    16. hmmer

      Why this is not in Kannada?

    17. MTV - MoviesTechViral

      Mamangam on T-Series not even 1m views Avane Srimmanarayana with a small channel 5M views This is power of Kannada cinema KGF + ASN 🔥🔥

    18. Vysakh R

      This movie budget is only 50 crore. . Some bollywood actor salary. . So you people now understood na why bollywood historical movies not get much success. .

    19. Muhammed Althaf


    20. Raj

      #Mammootty's #Mamangam Release on 12.12.2019 all over India, GCC, US, Canada, UK, Europe, Ukraine, Malaysia, China & many more 💥☈🔥

    21. Muhammed Sinan


    22. Shreyesh Chaudhary

      Awesome logo, can't wait to watch this film 👍

    23. K.E. Studios


    24. Sukhwinder Singh

      Malayalam movies are always classic !! The way they make it is different kind of making not we used to see in Bollywood , more about acting, big dialogues and screenplay is totally epic can’t see anywhere else !!

    25. srikanth sinmoglar

      What a bgm and cinematography great👌🏻 love from Karnataka and the other thing why they have not released in kannada i'm so disappointed

      1. John Cena

        srikanth sinmoglar this movie started shooting 2 years back and it was not allowed at that time in karanataka to release Kannada dubbed

      2. srikanth sinmoglar

        @Classic Movies I was expecting release in my language kannada so disappointed because syeraa narasimha reddy released in 5 language i saw in kannada language so bro

      3. Classic Movies

        Keep support 🙏 #mamangamfromdec12 🤩 Broo can't worry realise in Bangalore also Available telugu, Tamil,malayalam with subtitles 🥰🥰👍👍

    26. Raj

      Amitabhji💖🔥 #MAMMOOTTY💝🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪 SRK💚🔥 Salman💙🔥 Akshay Kumar❤🔥 Sanjay Dath💜🔥

    27. Syed Tousif

      Cartoon movie, it’s like Chandrakanth TV serial camera work is very poor

      1. Na veen

        And bollywood movie are like video games 🤣🤣

    28. fayyas mohamed

    29. Vivek Pb

      Puli murugan. Hindi dubbed 57m aayii utube views

      1. yahiya junaid

        @Vivek Pb ഇവിടെ പറയാനുള്ള കാര്യം?

      2. Vivek Pb

        @yahiya junaid nthaaanu

      3. yahiya junaid


    30. Black Lion


    31. Md Quddos

      Upload hinde dubbed

      1. future owner of youtube

        Go 2 theatre

    32. Samiul Islam

      Replace the main character with a young/ mid age actor and movie will run better. These actors should do roles like the hero's father or uncle but not the main character.

      1. David Kumar

        He is playing an old Character..and it's a malayalam movie here only content wins

      2. aJ media

        You don't know much about the Hero Mammooty, I think so

      3. Lukhman Koppam

        This movie major character is a small boy 01:27

    33. Dhiraj Kumar

      Mmooty rocks

    34. Vinu Thomas Kunnath

      Waiting for December 12🔥

    35. Rakesh R kollam


      1. aJ media

        Have u seen the movie?? Da malamyre kalikkunnenki aanungale pole kalikku thayoli

    36. manish paliwal

      Mamangam like Tanhaji comment

    37. Rohit Sharma

      Thanks for hindi trailer....south movies are more awesome than Bollywood

      1. Jerin Joseph

        Watch it in theatre

    38. Rider Kp

      The Face of Indian cinema - Mammootty

    39. Msk World

      #Mamangam December 12

    40. Jijo Mathew

      Mamangam is the story of betrayal. If a man comes to mamangam for fighting leaving his village and wife, there is no chance he will go back to his hometown alive. He will be betrayed and killed in kalaripayattu martial arts challenge. Plot of the movie is whether MAMMOOTTY a great kalaripayattu warrior will come back dead or alive from mamangam.