Is Whatsapp safe to use ? | Unnoticed #10 | Tamil | LMES

Let's Make Education Simple

Let's Make Education Simple

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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 8 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. Vigneshwar N

      Awesome concept brother...

    2. Sakthi Bala

      Receiver கிட்ட அவரோட private key தானே இருக்கும் , அப்போ receiver எப்படி தகவலை படிப்பாரு

    3. manoj prabakar

      Sema arvind

    4. M Venkatesan

      How about video calls? Is it video call safe or not? Please make one video for this..

    5. Aram Seiya Virumbu

      Thumbumbothu yen video 😁

    6. Swaminathan N

      Is media(photos etc.) sent over whatsapp encrypted?

    7. FFE- Free Fire Entertaining

      Enna bro romba naal aachi, Any problem?

    8. vinodh kumar

      Clarify zoom sir


      Bro video callingku what's app safea.....athulaium ithe maathiri end to end encryption iruka....yaarum hack panna mudiyatha

    10. Saravanan Arasan


    11. J Salman


    12. Bala Bharathi

      Why do we sneeze

    13. SaraN Vishwanathan

      🙄🙄then how police ,CBI & NIA hacks our watsapp??!!!!!!

    14. Mohamed Ali Misc

      Brother what about IMO ?

    15. Mugesh Mobile

      How decryption works in end to end encryption method in whatsapp?

    16. balaji krish

      What about photo and videos bro , ?

    17. Pluto Raj

      Aparm government or cyber crime watching our watsapp nu soluragahlaee athu epd....?

    18. Siva Avis ,it's possible????

    19. Rakul K

      Good explanation bro. But i was confusing with the end. How can unlock if it is locked with private key. Then only i got to know by referring internet.

    20. TAMIZHA LittleBöy

      ECE students erukeenga la?

    21. Raja Rajan

      In shared-key-concept, how other person will unlock the message without knowing private key of sending person

    22. reuban jaysingh

      Text messages OK but images and videos??

    23. Gowtham Raghunathan

      Truely, I'm studying basic ethical hacking course and the tutor who taught this to me confused me terribly. And you just amazingly explained the shared key and single key encryption man!

    24. Mahesh Karu

      Y sneezing sound is sounding H

    25. Nishanth Ps

      Next topic : Why do humans sneeze on exposure to moving dust particles

    26. Lathusa D.Lathusa


    27. Lathusa D.Lathusa

      மோட்டார் சைக்கிள் எப்படி இயங்குகிறது என்று விளக்கம் தாருங்கள் அண்ணா

    28. Jeba S

      why do we sneeze and cough

    29. madhu sudhanan

      Can u say in which shop do you brought this book please

    30. Dhinakp 1970

      Can you please explain about horse power

    31. Loganathan Chandran

      anna neega unnoticed videos continue va poduriga nanum continue va pathuirrukan ana yenakum oru doubt irruku na parachute coconut oil bottle apuram nivea talc powder bottle kela chinatha small bend or small depression irruku atha pathi therichikanum asaiya irruku but net la pota explaination illa ungaluku therija video mula ma solugana pls

    32. Vishnu R

      can we really build a small ac using (thermoelectric peltier module) if it is possible pls make a video for your subscribers. if it is working we all can make a small ac. pls guide us

    33. Mohan prasanth

      Nice video bro entha 60 digit prime number whatsup group la varala why bro?

    34. Thirumalai Raja

      Telegram is best

    35. Stalin Subbiah

      can you put videos explain current conducts in copper and aluminum wire/cable with respect to concept of electron, proton and neutron

    36. vanathu stephen

      How dust are produced or created. Is the next content?

      1. Happy ToLearn


    37. Kannan Moorthy

      Why sneezing makes you happy it is the next unnoticed topic

      1. Happy ToLearn



      Why we closing eyes while sneezing

      1. Happy ToLearn


    39. Gayathri jaiganesh

      What is dust?

    40. Gayathri jaiganesh

      Why do we sneeze? Is that the next

    41. Balaji Rajan

      Finally back🤩🙌🔥🔥

      1. Happy ToLearn


    42. Shanthini Akbar

      Next content- why do we sneeze?

    43. Azeem Abiyas

      Why do we sneeze when there is dust

      1. Happy ToLearn


    44. Amoze Hussey 48

      GVM padam maari iruku

    45. Adithya J

      What are the difference between normal sneeze and corona sneeze. Is my guess correct????

      1. Happy ToLearn


    46. Ananthakrishnan K

      Why do you sneeze when dirt is flying around next video

      1. Happy ToLearn


    47. sudharsan raj

      Do photos and videos that we send .. will be encrypted ??

    48. Divya Dharshan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="439">7:19</a> nice book aravind anna👌😂😀

      1. Happy ToLearn


    49. Hari Lakshana

      your phone, redmi note 6 pro right.

    50. Varun Raj

      Next content is how we sneeze

      1. Happy ToLearn


    51. Happiness Day Tamil

      Next video will Anything about dust😋🤗🙂

    52. gaming stars

      Next content :why do we sneeze due to dust

    53. Madhana Pandyan

      ungalea Education ministry lea podanum...

    54. Gokul Knightz

      Good video bro.

    55. Mangalam S

      Boss neenga songa simple example is encoding not encryption.

    56. Geetha 1982

      Next topic why we sneez when dust particles enter

    57. anantharaman mani

      அதெல்லாம் இருக்கட்டும்..... வாட்சப்ப் safe அஹ்ஹ் இல்லியா......

    58. Professor M

      Are Indians safe to live under present Govt?

    59. Logeshwari Sankar

      How firefly insect poduce light?



    61. Gowtham mech

      Hello ji naan diploma mechanical mudichurukka aana enakku oru spur gear design panna theriyathu naan MRsel la search panni patha fulla english la mattum thaa varuthu so namma channela athu epdi design panrathunu solringala pls..

    62. vasanth subramanian

      episode tec pathiyea poduinga brooo

    63. big wig

      do this for telegram also

    64. Prashanth Sivarajan

      I love your content...but....the last part about locking using private key is will Nisi unlock the lock put by Aravind's private key? do you mean the message is 'signed' by Aravind's private key and then encrypted using Nisi's public key?

    65. Ashwith M

      Ithu vera level....sema super

    66. info with taru

      First time watching this channel I like it

    67. sumi iqbal

      Next video topic: how dust is formed?

    68. government exams

      Vera level explanation bro

    69. Pojesh 10

      Why we take few seconds breathe in before sneezing ? Why do u sneeze when dust enters nose ?


      Aravind Bro last la Ungaloda Private key and nissy oda public key vachi lock panninga athu epdi nissy bro mobile la ungalooda private key lock ka Unlock panna mudiyum.🤔

    71. I'M THE BEST

      While Sneezing why we can't speak😀😀

    72. ARC Ministries

      Y do we sneeze in presents of dust

    73. mani kandan

      Neega asus zenfone max pro M1 thana use pandringa

    74. praveen karthik

      Carbon monoxide poisoning ??????

    75. SaRburash Abu

      Ena rompa nala oru dowt...Malai peirathuku munadi semaya kaathadikumla apa patha maram lam aadum avlo periya marame antha kathuku aaduthe ana nama poi veliya ninna study ya nikalam athu apdi nama matum aadama maram matu aaduthu ithanaikum maram nama vida weight epdiiiii solungooo ila vid potalum ok tha ana poda matinga moka content ah iruke

    76. Vishal Kannan

      why we close our eyes while sneezing

    77. Vj Durairaj

      Good one, but for the shared key encryption scenario you didnt mention about the decryption part..🤪.. how your friend will decrypt without your pvt key??


      இந்தியாவும் , இறப்பு விகிதமும் கண்டிப்பாக பார்க்கவும்

    79. Rachana Kothandaraman

      Bro any idea about banglore boom sound ????

    80. Lone Wolf

      Bro next epidsode why do we sneeze due to small dust particles