iPhone SE (2020) - One Month Later Review!



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    The iPhone SE looks like an appealing device at just $399 for a brand new iPhone. However, after one month of use how does it feel switching from a modern iPhone 11 Pro Max to the smaller budget oriented phone, and does the iPhone SE have any weaknesses that you should know about?
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    1. Janive Merritt

      I'm planning get me one I had IPhone 7 plus

    2. Nomads cheap-n-nerdy!

      gesture controls suck if it doesn't have a home button its not an iphone

    3. timsdoky

      him: tiny me: *5s*

    4. William Jefferson

      Finally a review from someone who actually knows no offense to the other reviewers

    5. Ronan Baron

      I recently received mine. It’s my first iPhone and so far so good, even after using a Note 10+. I noticed that your update downloaded but didn’t install yet. Did it eventually install? Even after several days mine hasn’t.

    6. Bruce S

      I got the $550 SE . I wish it had an sd card add-on option

    7. D1

      watching this on my SE!!

    8. Curtis J

      Man, that screen looks so dim, and by the way, the camera sensor in the SE is not the same as the 11

    9. Jason Garvey

      I’ve been using for two days now after using an iPhone X since it was launched and I’m definitely appreciating how light it is. I hadn’t felt that the X was particularly heavy but once you change, it’s pretty significant. There’s also one other factor that makes sense at having this at $399 with such a good processor - it’ll make other comparatively priced phones seem bad in comparison. The buyers that don’t care about processors won’t know why this is but it’ll make them second guess another phone afterwards and if they don’t, they might just regret the decision. That has the potential to be a great strategy long term.

    10. Christophe Ayres

      In regards to the battery life did you use it at full brightness? as i think if you put brightness to 50% you should get a whole days use out of it , plus it has wireless charging anyway so thats useful

    11. Christophe Ayres

      Its a great phone for the price but my current Android phone is working well on Android 9 and does all i need for now, i might get the SE in a year or 2 when the Android is outdated

    12. James Herrera

      Greg my son watching your video loved it and wants the new iPhone se 📱 I think it’s prefect for kids we both watch your videos, and enjoy u and Travis on gadgetcast 👍🏻

    13. Bhavdeep Rehal

      Awesome video Greg!! Thank you for this.

    14. steeleaquain

      It’s a great ph and another thing worth mentioning, the SE also fits and is compatible in the iphone 7 charge case.....

    15. ShivamKrishn Agrawal

      I saw a dream last night 👇🏻 "Hey what's going on Greg here" 👈🏻

    16. Halston Wirt

      Due to a deal from my carrier, that $449 price point actually nets me 256gb, so even better

    17. Juan2003

      I have a galaxy core prime and im thinking of geting the new se do you think that the new se has a better battery

    18. iwill 859

      The iphone Se isn’t even as good as the iphone X/Xs get those instead

      1. L-A M

        iwill 859 its better in performance so

    19. Lomar Yearwood

      I have 64 gigs on my iPhone x and only use 20 gigs. Do you really need 128 gigs

      1. YourJenni

        Some people make videos for a living, and some love taking photos and videos so more gigs would be helpful to them.

    20. jonah travisano

      Nice job... I got this phone because it is small and the cameras good and it has touch ID which I like better than face ID which I have on my iPad Pro 2018. I don’t play any games and I don’t watch videos all day on my so I never have a problem making it through the day on one charge. If You’re a person that uses it for texting email phone calls podcast listening music the occasional Google Maps / occasional video this phone will be fine with the battery.

    21. Avinash Shankar

      So call it vintage😁

    22. Christine Roy

      lol Lou 😆 326ppi Haters gonna hate. BTW on my XR trying out Neural Cam app for night mode. It's fun, probably not as good as built in, but it works!

    23. Cu bert

      This was an AMAZING review! Thank you, this was great.

    24. GiovanniRomano

      Bulbous and cumbersome in your jeans? Oh lord, thanks for the visual bro ;p

    25. Agustin Peraza

      Idky ppl complain about the battery, like don’t we charge our phones on a daily?? Like I have an iPhone 11 with a bigger battery 🔋 and I still charge my phone daily, so don’t get the big deal

    26. DJ DIGITAL

      I'm enjoying my new iPhone SE and iWatch 5 for under $1000😊 My first Apple 🍎 product.

      1. UnforsakenAssassin

        What do you think of the battery life after using it? I'm considering it and it'll also be my first apple product

    27. F Meng

      Nah, I’m still using SE1, waiting for the 5.4” iPhone 12

      1. Konrad Kowalski

        Yeah, the iPhone 12 will be great in terms of size and probably a lot better with the battery compared to the SE but the price.... it hurts ;(

    28. helenHTID

      You can actually teach face ID to unlock with a mask on! There's a full tutorial here - www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/iphone/use-unlock-iphone-wearing-mask-3787588/ (This link is Macworld UK but I'm sure you can view in other regions)

    29. G M

      Thanks Greg. Just placed an order! Upgrading from a 7 year old 5c is gonna be great!

    30. Mike B.

      The audio is off

    31. Brian Abdallah

      A well done review of the pros and cons. Thank you.

    32. Ronald Hudson

      I picked up the iPhone on Walmart.com 199 for 64 gig , 249 for 128 gig . I got the 128. Plus 30 dollar activation with att. Then paid off the 249. Bam 280 total for 228 gig iPhone se 2020

    33. John Farel

      It took me about a week to 10 days to adjust to the smaller screen. But it’s fine once you get used to it again. I’m coming from a 5.7 inch android moto g6. Watching video, oddly enough hasn’t bothered me at all. It was just more getting used to reading the smaller text.

    34. MisterKorres

      I am sick of seeing comments like *Oh, i see this on my SE or something else phone that is reviewed on the video*

    35. Kellz xo

      im watching this on my iphone 7 right after my mom told me she bought the se for me and i havent even looked at it

    36. Hal Howell

      Just saw your review and couldn’t agree more. I switched from my Gold Xs,which I’m keeping, to a Black 64GB SE. The smaller size and A13 are the reason. It’s just easier to handle and fit (with a case) into a tech pocket or front pocket. As for the lack of Night Mode, don’t go spend hundreds for the 11, spend $4 on NeuralCam. It gives you Night Mode that actually works. If I could ask for anything from Apple on the SE, it would be a Stainless Steel frame and the telephoto lens that could do regular Wide Angle to 2x zoom in place of the Wide Angle. 64GB is more than enough for me since I use iCloud Drive and stream music and store photos. I keep my apps to a reasonable number and have 42GB of space left over. Save the $50! As for the price, I'm saving there as well. I will pay $199 to AT&T, they pay the rest! That makes this an even greater bargain! As for my Xs, it now serves as a great iPod! The large screen is great for videos or games and still takes great photos! If I want a larger screen, my iPad Mini 5 does the trick. Using either of them allows for my SE to use its battery for,,,phone calls or checking on my health or finances as needed. TouchID works great as always. Was it a good switch, YES! Glad I did it!

      1. Jay Carroll

        What is neuralcam?

    37. Bardia Ahmadi

      I had a pixel 3a which I still kept it. And I have the SE now and I've been using it for the past few weeks. I did not switch back to my 3a. SE is definitely better. I get a seizure when tech youtubers talk about the battery. It's really overstated. It works just fine. I didn't notice the difference in daily usage. And the 13.5 update made it better. At least it's better than the pixel 4😂 and that thing is a flagship this is a cheap $400 phone. It does the job. A great $1000+ shouldn't be so impressive. You spend good money and get a good phone. But SE is a whole different story.

    38. Crepspinboss

      I have a iPhone 5

    39. TJ Joy

      Bruh where i live iphone se for 64 gb cost 599$ ._.

    40. pczarn

      Excellent review - Thank you.

    41. Joseph Hernandez

      I am pretty sure that is a Uniqlo shirt. Love it.

    42. Siggi

      Greg.. excellent video.. .. the only drawback I can see is the battery endurance.. for an average user .the battery would be able to cover a day for a period of 18 months and then starts to deteriorate up to point requires 3 times charge a day... what is your comment..

    43. Soumav

      I am getting exceptional low light pics with the neural cam! i don't mind spending 3-4 dollars extra for that! 😅

    44. iAM3xiT

      #GregsGoons 👍🏻

    45. Evan Wu

      There is a way to get night mode on the SE 2020. It's called an app called NeuralCam and costs $2.99 in the app store. There are a couple of free options as well, but NeuralCam is the highest-rated. Here is a test done by another MRselr so you can see the results for yourself before deciding: mrsel.info/video/vhidio/hY_TrpWEhauytow.html Hope this helps.

    46. Danny K

      Do you notice like a leading edge of the rear glass has a little gap meeting the metal sides? My fingers keep rubbing my right side of the phone and I can feel some sort of manufactured defect .

      1. Danny K

        Anyone else notice this issue? Please let me know ocd buddies!?

    47. Marc Christian Pasco

      Please donate the iPhone SE to me.

    48. tdrawup

      They should bring swipe up to close the app gesture to older phones

    49. matthewya2

      When is 326 PPI depressing lol this guy sucks at reviews

    50. Neil Desperandum

      I ordered the 128Gb iPhone SE yesterday for delivery today. I chose black and am now wishing I’d ordered red, but that’s not a big deal as it’s going to spend its life in a (red) case anyway. I’m still using my old iPhone 6 so hopefully will be pleased with the new purchase. It would be nice to have a sensible battery life, but I’m guessing it will be around the same as the 6 was when it was young. Battery degradation and the fact that it’s become quite slow recently prompted the change (not sure that I can call it an upgrade) to the new SE. I’m actually quite excited and looking forward to it. A new toy to play with - just like the old toy.

    51. chibon chibon

      what's the fps game name?

      1. BeastMaster64

        It's Cod Mobile

    52. defango

      Apple Dropped iOS 13.5 and it has stuff for face ID with a Mask.

    53. Louis Do

      So quick comment on face ID vs. touch ID. Touch ID is useful for people like me who are blind and have trouble staring straight at the screen. Next time when you have a strong opinion about abolishing something altogether, please think about if it can benefit others even though it doesn't benefit you. Agree that a combo face and touch ID system would be sweet.

    54. NYRfan4ever

      Couldn't agree more with you Greg. The average consumer might not care or even know what processing power is, but they sure as hell want the thing to work well for a few years. My neighbor had the 6 for like 5 years and only switched recently b/c it started to slow down. They're def not a techie, just an average consumer/user. Something for everyone I believe. For me though I need longer battery, def spoiled by the 11Pro I've gotten 3 days of moderate use often at times. Thanks again for the great content! Looking forward to GC on Sunday as always, part of the weekend routine now...

    55. dnizus

      Get the iPhone 📱 7/8/se smart battery 🔋 case.

    56. Lisa Sheridan

      Watching this on my Se. I absolutely love it!

      1. UnforsakenAssassin

        What do you think about the battery life after using it?

      2. Christophe Ayres

        Congratulations you have made it in life, not being sarcastic but the Apple phone is a status symbol in 2020

    57. Lance W

      Is it future proof?

      1. HuGo

        In terms of physical design, no, but it can compete with performance.

    58. Karl Unabia

      This will be my first iphone 😍

    59. talkdatrue

      That’s an iPhone 8 basically lmao

      1. L-A M

        Still faster than all androids

      2. HuGo

        With iPhone 11 specs

    60. Jen Harper

      This is my first Apple. I’ve has a Samsung since the s3. I downsized from the note 8 as now I have ms and the weight and size of the note is just too hard to manage now. My 2 biggest complaints are the auto correct. It’s annoyingly different from what I’m used to and I’m a bit picky about errors. And... I’m really annoyed I held onto a Samsung so long. Seriously I’m in love with this phone. I’ve had it for what, 3 weeks now and I now want everything Apple. Everything is so much easier and streamlined over here. Plus there’s a bazillion cases and I’m obsessed with cases. 🤷‍♀️

      1. Staci Taylor

        Jen Harper You’re last sentence sold me...

    61. INFRNL1

      I got the SE for $200, so it was a no brainier. I haven't really used it though as my son took it. Theres not a better device for the price and I'm an Android guy. My son says the battery is actually really good. I currently use the 11 pro max which has the best battery life 13-14 hrs SOT on WiFi... However out on the road i think Android is the same if not slightly better. Iphone is most efficient on wifi from my experience. I have gotten just over 9hrs SOT on my OnePlus 7 pro was the best I've gotten from an Android just hated the stupid waterfall screen and bi- annual releases. I think the 5.4" 12 or 6.1" 12 pro is where it'll be at this yr. I wish apple didn't go to 6.7" on the pro max, 11 pro max is already pushing it's size limit for my tastes

    62. Laura wood

      I’ve had this phone few weeks now can’t moan at all great size been brilliant so far and battery is really good 2 if you playing too many games obviously it’s gonna drain quickly I don’t play games and the battery lasts the whole day 👍🏻

    63. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 14 you Could Answer Questions from MRsel or Twitter or FaceBook a and Reddit and even Instagram from the Close Screen When the iPhone or iPad Not open. Work. In killer idea.

    64. bluemoon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> a depressing 326 ppi me, with my iphone 6 :(

      1. Staci Taylor

        bluemoon Don’t be sad, my white/rose gold 6s was my most favorite ever...

      2. Przeciętny Cud

        he was just throwing shade at Unbox Therapy

      3. Zorlan

        I have the iPad 4 with 264 ppi but since it is big it gets 1080p

      4. dogRLBX_stuff

        I upgraded from 7 to se 2 but my first was a 6

      5. Harnek Singh


    65. Timothy Moore

      Only thing i don’t like about my se is battery life it sucks

      1. L-A M

        Francis Rudolph Tolentino why are you using WhatsApp? FaceTime and iMessage

      2. Timothy Moore

        Jesus Christ just way worse than the iPhone 8plus i traded in

      3. Francis Rudolph Tolentino

        Heavy WhatsApp work use for this SE, will last for 8hrs average. I mean calls, WhatsApp pms here and there, for 8 hrs. Fair enough. But honestly, light usage will keep you at least 12 or even more hours, a good ol day relatively speaking.

      4. Jesus Christ

        How bad

    66. Digital Slang

      Great video bro.. I’ve always loved Touch ID. Hopefully Apple will bring it back with an in-display fingerprint. Maybe the iPhone 13

      1. Christian Yesbeck

        I think they’re going to have that on the iPhone 12? If they do I’ll buy it and that’s the reason why I got the iPhone SE and none of the modern phones. Touch ID is the best👍🏼

    67. James Herrera

      It's a good phone for kids or older people for a small simple phone.

    68. Timothy Moore

      It comes in white not silver like you said

    69. Rufus R. Freight Train Jones

      Still getting iOS 12 security updates on my iPhone 6, so Apple has earned my return business. Will upgrade to iPhone 12 this year after having gotten 6 years of use.

      1. Matthew Hetzler


    70. Budgie Bird

      Apple just thinks different

    71. Christoph Hazy

      So which iPhone is your daily driver until the new ones come out? Still the 11 Pro Max?

    72. kcmo208

      Hi Greg - I actually have a question about bands if you don’t mind as I saw you recently picked up the Pride band. Do you only wear the Apple official sport band, Nike band, and sport loop......or have you tried third party replicas? Maybe just a waste of money?

    73. Hillson Gaming

      I think it's a great phone definitely my type is small and fast even the camera is great want phone to replace my samsung j7prime 😋

      1. Adnan Chowdhury

        Good desicion

    74. DE M

      So, Greg, do you prefer the smaller form factor (iPhone SE2) to the newer, bigger devices?

    75. Jules

      I’ve always switched between iPhone and android, but with the high end phones getting so expensive I couldn’t justify paying so much money, so I bought the se and I’m more than happy with it for the price, like you said the battery is not great but I can live with that. Anyway top video cheers 😊

      1. Christian Yesbeck

        I still have my iPhone 7, so that when my iPhone SE is low on power I charge it and continue what I was doing on my iPhone SE with my 7 while my SE is charging😁

    76. K Y

      Just a friendly reminder, you have been wearing your face mask upside down! The metal bar should be on top.

      1. Peter J

        @K Y it's called no common sense

      2. K Y

        Peter J But somehow he is still wearing his mask wrongly

      3. Peter J

        I think everyone knows that

    77. Asado Maou

      Imagine buying a new iPhone SE over a used iPhone XR

      1. L-A M

        iwill 859 iPhone x is 3 Years old. And so is the chip so in a year or two it will be alot slower than an SE

      2. iwill 859

        Peter J price difference? I bought a brand new iphone X never used with apple care for a year included for $450

      3. Peter J

        @iwill 859 imagine not seeing a price difference or actually liking the stupid gestures.

      4. iwill 859

        Asado maybe screen size but it’s not as good quality and it doesn’t have 3D touch, also battery life is trivial my 5.8 inch X gets me thru the whole day(100% battery capacity)

      5. Asado Maou

        iwill 859 I guess XR has the battery and screen size advantage

    78. A-dutch-Z

      That Apple chip makes it such a good value. But I do not like the form factor. It ought to be smaller. Would've been ideal: 4 inches but with a 4.7-inch screen. I would pay the same amount as the iPhone 11 for that.

    79. Alex

      Love my 256gb Product Red SE ❤️

    80. Simon Zawistowski

      I switch I love it