iPhone SE (2020) Honest Thoughts...

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    iPhone SE costs $399 and just went on sale. I have many thoughts.
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    1. matthew mathis

      The phone is trash completely garbage dark camera glitchy videos poor screen lost alot of respect of this channel's review its clearly pro apple

    2. O'Neil Jakiri

      The iPhone SE is the only thing Apple has done right to us.

    3. Hsjsh Bsjsj

      One 12meg camera? 3gb? 64gb? 1821mah? What cpu does it use? For 399?Lmao apple trash recycle this crap from the junk? Realize people know they sell outdate crap for $1000+ when it only cost $400 to make

      1. Quantum Troll

        It actually uses a CPU that is better then anything on Android.

    4. mohan kumar

      Can you post hands on experience iphone SE2

    5. Dr. raghul B

      did he say 4.7 inch display in 2020.. 🤣🤣😂. still ther r some guys out there, wow a new iPhone . edit : its the best ever deal from all tech world/ crazy time to be alive - mb.

    6. MrRadzaboy

      Well garbage like all apple products.

    7. Peter Ng`aru

      SE (Sufferer's Edition) you know, broke people

    8. Wasay Ali Khalid

      Even in 2020, I don't have $399 to buy this iPhone.

    9. Tony Quintana

      so its bigger then the old SE... whomp whomp when will they bring back smaller phones :(

    10. Daniel Christian

      That's a very good video

    11. Howl

      I was watching this video when my sis came in to the room a pond and said..... “HEY ISN’T THAT MARQUESSE BROWNIE then I started dying

    12. Andreas Schelfhout

      400$ is NOT a budget phone, this is a mid-range. Real budget phones are in the 100-250$ ballpark, like the low-end Alcatel/Nokias or Motorolas.

    13. زياد الغفيلي

      am android user, if i want second phone I'll pick IPhone SE sec gen, i cant wait until they put it in the market

    14. Ronald Fan

      wtf single camera setup-12mp who needs a13 3 gb fucking ram ips lcd 60hz display with a resolution of my ass less than 70% screen to body ratio wtf is the hype about apple fans

    15. Andy Dufresne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> - No downside for 95% of people? Seriously? Sure most people don't care about top specs, but I can tell you that MOST people care about having an up to date screen and a cool looking phone. The front panel and the screen is the most important part of a phone. It's what you spend all of your time using and looking at. Bezels like 5 years ago? And you think 95% of people will be happy about this? What are you talking about?

    16. Harry Heck

      thank you Marques! Love your videos.

    17. Peter Kervin

      I can never defend this phone, no creativity, bad specs compared to others at the price. It is the largest phone company and they can't make something new with an actual good screen to body ratio

    18. Mike Jin

      Im literally watching this on my new iphone se 2 lmao

      1. Kameron Banks

        Mike Jin same lol

    19. da5idnz

      Down here in Kiwi land though, the iPhone SE costs (wait for it) NZ$799. I just don't see how, even with the exchange rate, that it can costs us Kiwis twice the price.

    20. David Martrano

      Tim 🍎, used parts from the iphone8 puts a V12motor in a smartcar? Good cameras, wireless, ip67. Well, what kinda sucks, a 5watt charger in the box. But it incorporates 18watt charging but you have to purchase separately? At 399.00 🍎 is going to sell ⛵ loads?

    21. WildeBob

      As someone who has an iPhone 8 and who doesn’t really like the newer iPhones, this is such a perfect phone for me to get when the time comes. And it’s budget!!!

    22. eshan indolia

      Hey you are saying that older age people doesn't care about screen to body ratio or Bazel less screen. okay. Then do u really think that they care about A 13 bionic chip ???

    23. Bat Man

      One of the very rare MKBHD videos where the title doesn’t end in an exclamation mark.

      1. ArdePiertje

        Bat Man true

      2. Rogith Kumar

        @Bat Man wht do u mean

      3. Bat Man

        Rogith Kumar bruh wydm?

      4. Rogith Kumar

        One of the very first Mkbhd top comment to have just 9 likes

      5. Ali Tawfiq

        One of the very rare MKBHD videos where the title doesn't end in an exclamation mark!* FTFY

    24. jason t

      I ain't buying the idea

    25. Alex S

      Of course apple fanboys will buy this up. Lazy as hell from Apple. I’m sticking to my iPhone 8 that I’ve had for years now.

    26. FBI’s Backup

      Can I just say to the Apple fanboys out there- a13 bionic is *ONE* spec - why can Apple not be honest and say it out loud that it’s an iPhone 7 with a new chip and an old screen? To the people thinking it’s a good phone it *is* it’s just the same phone with new specs. The iPhone 6,7 and 8 were all good phones but at least they were like upgrades not a *NEW* budget phone. Adding up the costs of making this would be around €150 ish less if you take into account that you can just use the iPhone 8 production line and a different cpu. It’s just a fake lazy and disappointing rip off.

    27. Akul __

      The phone is honestly disgusting. I'm okay with everything else but such thick bezels and a HD IPS LCD display? Samsung A50 at a lesser price offers a notch SAMOLED Full HD display which is so much better. I don't think I can ever use a LCD display phone after using an AMOLED display phone the difference is huge.

      1. Daniel Šuman

        Splish splahs ur opinion is trash

    28. Richard Odgers

      This is apples most disgusting ever sell out to the poor people and those who like small phones. A old Se with a $10 chip in it and a place to dump all the spares left on the shelf gathering dust . You could have put a full screen on it in a heartbeat Apple and blown the competition out of the water with phone of the year but you couldn’t risk your high end models suffering could you so you get sell outs like this guy who must be choking trying to tell you it’s awesome

    29. Richard Odgers

      You forget the people who don’t want all the fancy tech and big screens or want to pay for it still have it and they got it for nothing because we gave it to them lol 😂. Here you are mum a iPhone 7 or 8 coz we went big screen and they love them and it replaced the se or 4 we gave them in the first place

    30. MD Nazmul Ahsan

      I was highly waiting for this phone se2020 but I am worried about battery life..with this 1800mh using internet and other functions maximum phone can run 6 hours.again I have to carry power bank.☹️

    31. Soka Is Exhaused Memes

      Well, I hate my a20 I wanna upgrade to iphone se .

    32. 2wheelphoto

      Why don’t they start allowing micro sd cards on iPhones?

      1. 2WIREG

        Because apple makes more money that way.

    33. E H

      Marques, based on your access, please ask them for a small variant size.

    34. Alex Ungureanu

      Nice phone, but outside of US... it's not a 400 bucks, more like 570 bucks to be honest for the cheapest version. Where I'm from it's kinda a lot of money and for that price, you do have better options.

    35. Renovatio

      Stop the bullshit!!! How amazing you appreciated it, considering you're a tech enthusiast. This phone is an embarrassment, this is an insult and a slap on the face of all apple loyal customers. Common Apple where's the inspiration? Same tech last 4 years ago and you bringing it back in 2020??? This is a real bullshit!!! If Apple fans continued to patronise and use this phone they voted themselves to be locked-in and trap in apple universe. There are so many people are trapped in apple universe that they are so blind and don't know what going on outside apple. If they exercise their flexibility and try something new, there are a lot of new exciting things going on, on a mobile device but definitely not on the new iPhone SE.

    36. aman tekani

      You really think people dont think about new design, better battery life, bezel less design, fast charging, better refresh rates, IP rating or face unlock at $399 ? Well surprise surprise, we DO take all of that too into consideration. But, if SE trend goes on, we could see the next iteration competing Android phones at a budget level and not just at flagship levels

    37. Kicked in the Biscuits

      $399... Budget phone.... What?

      1. FBI’s Backup

        Kicked in the Biscuits €125 pixel 3a budget phone What???

    38. adrian guixiang

      front face is bullshit

    39. naveed khan

      i didn't love the body shape it should be same like old SE

    40. emir danial

      Marques!! I want the iphone 11 from you

    41. Nice Nightcore

      Apple was waiting for the time till android manufacturers thrive at the bottom end and when they completely start focusing on budget phones, Apple’s gonna release the SE (2nd Generation) And disinfect the thriving germs on the bottom.

    42. SuperM

      iPhone SE looks like a bad joke, you can get Samsung A51 cheaper, and it has full screen, 3 cameras, etc.

    43. Wilfred balmores

      Wow, never thought id hear budget and new iphone in 1 sentence 😂

    44. SOHAIL islamic status

      Very good👍👍👍👍

    45. Roger Skagerström

      Are people really cross shopping Android and Apple though?

    46. Elon Musk

      Can’t wait!

    47. oleg babkin

      Pretty much everybody says buy an iphone XR instead cos they cost almost the same and the battery and screen is better on xr. For my part i,d rather buy an android phone alltogether in that pricerange it will obviously destroy iphone SE. But then again ppl dont really buy apple products for value or features do they.

      1. Ádám Szilvási

        I buy for the system. I used to be an android guy until I tried and bought an iPad 5 years ago. Never looked back.

      2. Eyoel Girma

        @Alex S Ok Woke wolf

      3. Eyoel Girma

        No buddy you need to use one first. They buy for value not for features.

      4. Alex S

        oleg babkin no they really don’t. People buy them cause they are sheep and it’s a “status symbol”

    48. ShockinglyBleh

      This new Iphone SE would be better than the previous generation, except it has no headphone jack.

      1. bouytt guyt

        I love how he strugles to point good features of an 2020 Iphone 8

    49. Chris Mundiath

      So Marques' other videos aren't honest then? Quarantine thoughts!

      1. bouytt guyt

        my friend told me this iPhone usually called as iPhone 'Stupid Edition'

    50. El Patron

      My thoughts is that you on drugs .

    51. AE Supreme

      I’m on a Se from 2020

    52. Frank Vera

      Need to convince our hospital to get these phones for all employees !

    53. Suraj Kp

      I was your fan untill you said this new iphone SE (which is actually my iphone 6) is a great deal LOL.. makes me feel like you are paid by this fruit company bro... not a lot of sincere youtubers nowardays like @geekyranjit

    54. Stephen1R2

      The downside will be the battery. I am quite attracted by the ~5 years of updates coming from an LG v20 that has gotten 2-ish years. Not that it's trash, and I'm keeping it as my go to portable music/video machine, but it will be less and less secure over time.

    55. Peter Arnold

      If it's a "parts-bin" phone, would that make it a Franken-phone?

    56. Mathew Omolo

      Apple will still find it hard to compete if they are not bringing innovation in that price range, true iPhone fans know the phones they want. Android fans, on the other hand, appreciate value.

    57. Mitchell Coad

      Damn weird flex but ok

      1. dcoog anml

        Screen is important bitches needs less chin and forehead and bigger screen

    58. Edis Delgado

      The glaring problem with this phone is that it is TOO SMALL

      1. dcoog anml

        after watching unbox therapy pointing that out made me a bit disappointed in marques on this review.

    59. Edis Delgado

      3a FTW

    60. Topu

      I'm planning to buy the iPhone SE 2020 ;)

    61. Ingolf Bernschtein

      Let's call it a step in the right direction.

    62. Ahmad Siddique

      Apple is just making a fool of their fans

    63. yuiseto wap

      the ugliest phone of 2020.same price samsung gives a70. triple camera, wide angle, portrait and 32 MP front and back. 6.7 inch super amoled full hd display. 128gb storage with sd card and dual sim. 6gb ram. 80% screen to body ratio. USB C fast charging, fast charger included in the box. 3.5 audio jack.

      1. oleg babkin

        I bought a70 for 3900 nok. Cheapest SE with 64gb costs 5500 nok so not quite same price :-) The only edge SE has is that a13 bionic chip,but due to a 1800mAh battery you wont really see how..em energy efficient it is :)

    64. seeni gzty

      my friend told me this iPhone usually called as iPhone 'Stupid Edition'

    65. luka možina

      I love how he strugles to point good features of an 2020 Iphone 8

    66. abhishek mishra

      Is it a joke just for A13 bionic and ecosystem will everyone be buying this phone in 2020. Then show some of your love for this phone like how you are appreciating it and use it for the whole year as your primary phone . If you have the guts and you really mean what you are saying or you are just an another revier who wants apple review units just after the launch . It's a challenge and let's how you can manage your whole year with just 1800mah battery .

    67. Ruben Ganeshaan

      When you know MKBHD actually has the phone on hand right when he was making this video.......

    68. Leo Mei

      Littery inboxes the iPhone se

    69. kiko gamer

      This thing isn't for me im more of a big battery guy

    70. The Mythical Ace

      Everyone is talking about the best camera in a budget phone, but nobody is talking about the LG V40 which can be purchased for half the price of an iPhone SE. The manual mode on that camera allows you to take pictures of even the stars in the night sky. I'd like to see any iPhone come close to that. Until Apple adds a manual mode for their iPhone cameras, they won't have the best camera in a smartphone period.

    71. Google user Axel

      You forgot the taxes in the thumbnail. Lmao

    72. Nicholas Ewald

      “As soon as you want it to go lower than $500 there was no option” Original iPhone SE: Am I a joke to you?

    73. Ctesiphon

      for the first i don't agree , this is just pathetic of apple to pretty much sell the same 3 or 4 year old phone again to customers. Apple could make a new phone with lower specs but still have a newer design but no they give a old phone again and sad people will buy into that garbage. i rather buy a pixel phone any day over that old same busted phone. after watching unbox therapy pointing that out made me a bit disappointed in marques on this review.

    74. Carnage Gaming

      Screen is important bitches needs less chin and forehead and bigger screen

    75. Carlo Gigante

      My Moto g6 has a 1080 screen double camera fast charging type c the battery lasts more than a day 32gb and up to 256gb sd memory headphone jack. And it costs 100€. Shipped. 400$ budget?

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    77. Elsan Andres

      It's not a deal. It's basically buying an older phone which wasn't a deal in the first place. Cheaper prices doesn't mean budget deals.

    78. Tarun Soni

      Any giveaway available...?Please!!!

    79. yayotg jvj

      Mkbhd a sell out for Apple

    80. 100RHK

      $399 for a 4 years old refurnished iPhone 8, what a ripe off! I feel sorry for those apple fanboys. $399 can buy a decent full screen and well built Android phone nowadays.