Former Ukraine Ambassador Applauded After Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | NBC News

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    Marie Yovanovitch receives a round of applause in the House committee room after giving hours of public testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on the second day of impeachment inquiry hearings.
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    Former Ukraine Ambassador Applauded After Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | NBC News

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 दिवसापूर्वी


    1. Charissa Shamley

      She deserves those applause!!

    2. Tatiana Serrano

      She reminds me of the kavanaugh’s accuser. She is doing the same Ohhh he intimidated me, oh I was scared, and the 😭. So fake. Is more evidence that she was in cahoot with the corruption of Ukrainian and Obama!

    3. Blake T

      President Obama fired all ambassadors liberals..get over your hypocritical comments.

    4. ASMR Ross

      Why was she applauded? When they asked if he had done anything illegal, wrong, impeachable she said NO to all. "He fired me :'''(" is not impeachable lmao

    5. Stephen Pennington

      Why that brow bone look so thick to me?

    6. Kim Page

      I wish she could run for president!!!!

    7. Saint Robert's

      Oh look, it's another ex employee Trump fired. There's a credible witness for you... Hahaha Laughable.

    8. Ms Solorio

      Looks like impeachment is getting closer and closer 👌🏼

      1. SGT. York

        @Ms Solorio, LoL What a Faakin joke!

    9. David Bordayo

      Democrats Star witnesses have Plundered with Inconsistent " Stories" ! President Donald Trump Thanks everyone for his Guarantee reelection for 2020 !🇺🇸

    10. Donna McDonald

      This woman been under gun fire in couples of country with bullet fly over her head and at the build that she was in and she could got hit or died from that shoot out and you got a 5 time draft dodger with a bone spur whp play golf every weekend at 72 ?.

      1. Eric Rivera

        He cheats at golf..

    11. Diego Luna

      Ambassador. You are an American Patriot, an example of everything that is exceptional about this country. Your sacrifice is one that those without service, without honor will never understand nor appreciate. From your opening statement to your final sentence, I am proud to be part of this great American Experiment. Our republic is being tested in these days. The very fabric of our nation is being torn apart because of unckecked perceived executive immunity and reckless disregard for the rule of law, which was NEVER intented by our founding fathers for ANY OF OUR COEQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. To you Ambassador, I say thank you. Thank you for your decades of service. Thank you for representing our great nation. But perhaps most of all, thank you for sacrificing so much in order to be that voice that said "No one is above the law. Not even the President of the United States". That ultimately EVERYONE who swears an oath of allegiance to protect and defend then Constitution of the United States is perhaps more importantly swearing an oath to the ultimate stakeholders in our republic, the American people. Your testimony demonstrated your oath was not simple words to be uttered but rather you understood the solemn promise you made to the American people. You delivered on your oath Ambassador.

    12. VY MaJoris

      Imagine, after watching this video, not bringing into question the lack of “fairness” of Republican representation in comparison to the Democrats...

    13. Jay Multiply

      Hollywood ending right there. Schiff with the mic drop.

      1. Mortal Clown

        Finally. Cockroaches skittering away in the light.

    14. sandra burke


    15. Hieronimus Bosch

      Whatever the outcome of these proceedings, whatever a person's personal political position my be, all Americans should be mighty proud to be citizens of the USA at the same time as Ms Marie Yonavovitch. If you don't want her, send her over here in time for her to become a United Kingdom citizen and get us out of the mess created by three incompetent Prime Ministers in a row, with the fourth link of that Chain of Doom already showing us all that he really can be as bad as his three immediate predecessors put together

    16. Steven Bueno

      Disparaging Remarks? Nothing but the Truth and Only the Truth!Trump is Guilty and Has Committed Many Crimes.

    17. Michael

      All of the abject failure in this charade and nbc, fake media, shows this clown being applauded. History judges.

    18. Mimi Stern

      I bet Dump had steam coming out of his ears when he saw and heard the applause. It wasn't enough that "he relieved her of her post"...he had to smeer her good reputation and character. He's just a pimple on her @$$.

      1. Mimi Stern

        @SGT. York Ha ha. You're hilarious.Maybe a future in stand up?

      2. SGT. York

        @Mimi Stern, I just puked after seeing your photo. Plastic bag yourself and suffocate!

    19. Jim Russell

      Yesterday the way more respected and competent lone brave patriotic American woman Ambassador clearly laid out an attempted cowardly false smear and intimidation campaign against her by several of Don the Con's NY wanabe wise guys as an excuse to get her out of the way of a Treacherous Trump self-serving illegal election help extortion plot of holding up desperately needed arms and money for Ukraine defense against Trump's buddy's and last election supporters, Putin and Russia, that they knew she wouldn't go along with. But then again as dumb as Trumpsters are it was probably too complicated a dumb plot for them to understand or not despicably unpatriotic enough, like for Republicans, to care. Then last night people that heard live 1st hand Trump convict himself by cell phone testified UNDER OATH, game over blindfold the orange traitor and put him against the wall.

    20. Stephen Kelly

      The look on wee jim jordan's face was priceless were all really laughing out loud here watching this we have replayed it a few times thanks wee jim.

      1. Stephen Kelly

        @ASMR Ross You really are not much of an american just another probably poor person poorly educated who worships a conman a thief and an abuser of your constitution and an abuser of women. At least jim and the rest of them are afraid and getting paid to spout nonsense. So those decent men and women of your own foreign will never change your mind so keep on believing nothing to me i don't have to listen to your nonsense up close.

      2. ASMR Ross

        Why was she applauded? When they asked if he had done anything illegal, wrong, impeachable she said NO to all. "He fired me :'''(" is not impeachable lmao.

    21. Men Safari

      What people don't understand STILL is that we elected Mr. Trump to disrupt the system, the swamp and people like this who feel entitled to their privileged ambassador jobs. Who else in the REAL world has a guaranteed job other than tenured faculty at colleges? She wasn't carrying out the boss's policies and he had a duty to let her go. Of course the establishment state department is going to get upset that their 'professionals' are being ignored but that is precisely why many of us voted for Trump. Enough of the ruling elite's telling us what we should think, say or do. It's not illegal to pursue a different course in diplomacy than the status quo. Also, why does Adam Shift get the last word and gavel down others who wish to speak. This is exactly what I object to.. And of course the swamp is going to applaud the swamp creature - would you expect anything different?

      1. Eric Rivera

        No we didn't we didn't elect him i didn't vote for that fat orange clown..

    22. Sarah Pedro

      Marie is a stone cold badass.

    23. Alfred E. Neuman

      What a bunch of tools!!!

    24. Brett Cornelius

      I've got one of the biggest kisses of all time, coming up here. It's another one of those artillery-of-love offenses. There will be flashes and fanfare, then a goodbye to the true losers. "Bye Jennifer & Co, nice not knowing you, hope you had a great time with the mob instead of me. Don't call me, don't be me, and don't summon my spirit if you are a Mob Girl. Bye, congrats on such a great career. Bye."

    25. Roderick Rodriguez

      I don't know why everyone applauded she said there was no crime she made United States seem like the impeachment was a joke the world's laughing at us

    26. Gerald Dodd

      Ambassador Yovanovitch testified that in preparation for her confirmation hearings, the Obama - Biden State Department supplied her with a book with potential questions and answers that could come up, some of which centered upon Hunter Biden's role on the Bursima board of directors. She said that her answer to most of those questions was to refer them to the Vice President's office. But recall that just last week Joe Biden told the American people that while he was Vice President he didn't know that his son, Hunter was on the Bursima board. Why did you lie to The American People Joe? What are you hiding?

    27. Afri Media

      Those Republicans, all of them , grandchildren of slave owners! Nasty bunch of people, to the last one of them !!

      1. ReelGuyTv

        It was Democrats that fought to uphold lynchings and protected the rights of slave owners. Not to mention they created Jim Crow Laws, the KKK AND put Japanese people into internment camps during WW2. You should really learn a thing or two before taking a position.

      2. nutin butruth

        The republicans freed the slaves.You know who abe lincoln is? This shows the stupidity of liberals.

    28. Carolyn Rivergem

      0:27 Jim Jordan's face says it all! Impeach, Remove, Convict, and Imprison Conmander in Thief tRump!

    29. Dr Phil


      1. Travis Hartman

        Nothing burger is a stupid term for stupid people.

      2. grodhagen

        You have ears, but do not hear or understand.

    30. Azzagard

      Free Assange and jail Biden.

      1. Travis Hartman

        Free a convicted criminal and jail someone who did nothing? Silly

    31. Frank Jones

      The level of corruption from this administration is unprecedented.

      1. Aaron Weiser

        Yea he knows the Obama administration was so corrupt, the VP, having the UKRANIAN prosecutor fired, James Comey being told by the AG ot to treat the Hillary Clinton's crimes as criminal, bit rather as a matter, all the fisa warrant system abused by John brennan, wait to the IG report comes out, its gonna name alot of Democrats.

      2. Ab Cd

        Frank, are you referring to Obama?

      3. Aaron Weiser

        She didn't testify to anything ILLIGAL by this administration

    32. B S

      I'm sure ready to vote for Trump in 2020 for President of the United States :)

      1. Aaron Weiser

        TRUMP and GOP 2020!!!!!!

    33. Chasing Sunshine

      Ambassador Yovanovitch is an incredibly brave patriot, someone we should all look up to and admire.

      1. Mark bodman

        Ambassador brave patriot, put on pedastal. Bet when Ambassador was murdered in Libya you said nothing of the same.

      2. Chasing Sunshine

        hillock10 honey, you are clearly ignorant. But it's ok. Maybe if you actually listened to the testimony, read the released depositions, and took off your MAGAt hat, you wouldn't spit on her career of service. Buhbye

      3. ASMR Ross

        Why was she applauded? When they asked if he had done anything illegal, wrong, impeachable she said NO to all. "He fired me :'''(" is not impeachable lmao

      4. Mortal Clown

        @hillock10 Slight medication adjustment in order.

      5. Mortal Clown

        @Men Safari Yes, Somalia and the Ukraine define glamour. 🤦

    34. billytheweasel

      Thank you for your service my fellow American. All civil service members are 1,000x more ethical than any Republican now.

    35. Jack Crow

      Because they treat men and women the same.....not. The ONLY reason she is there is to illicit sympathy. Trump like a moron played into that narrative.

    36. BS1

      The Republicans in this one will go down in History as the quest of Power instead of the quest for justice. Mass Respect to the Ambassador Thank You 🌷

      1. BS1

        @Aaron Weiser No so says American History... see you're going to be in the same bubble as everyone else that voted for Nixon back in the day..trying to out talk that crap why you voted for that ignorant demagogue. For you it will be easier because all the crap Trump said was out in public and it will be repeated like a scratch on a vinyl record. So you won't have to wait years to get to hear a tape of Nixon and Reagan calling black people monkeys... No no no you're ignorant demagogue tweeted everything he did out loud tweeted it all like a record of stupidity.... History don't lie just the men who want to rewrite history do. I'm not a Democrat I'm an the way.. My heart my mind my soul belongs to me not by any party.

      2. Aaron Weiser

        So says the Democrats

    37. Ricky Bobby

      She looked so scared. And never seen a woman sweating bullets like

      1. Peggy Franzen

        Funny, you should mention that; Michael Cohen's statements. had him sweating pretty badly during his testimony .

    38. Silver Eagle

      This is so sad,the world is watching!were better than this!

      1. Norma Broussard

        Punctuation seems to be a problem also.

      2. nutin butruth

        @Norma Broussard Why don"t you worry about you"re own grammar,this is not a spelling contest.

      3. matt hart

        Nobody is watching.

      4. Norma Broussard

        correct your grammar

    39. BeelowHeightStudio

      How sad is this whole thing?

      1. Peggy Franzen

        To your reply: Bad.Our government must work harder, and, as servants of the people of this country should observe the constitution, and keep it.

    40. Howard Roark

      She never heard the call, she didn't even work there when the call was made ... She worked in Ukraine during the most corrupt years of that countries existence. Ukraine's new president said she needed to go BECAUSE she was corrupt as well.

      1. Howard Roark

        @Norm calman So ... she was listening to Whitehouse phone calls AFTER she was fired ? The transcripts show president Zelensky saying exactly what I said.

      2. Norm calman

        Howard Roark not true ! Not any of it ! Shame on you for posting some that blindly partisan . You do America wrong