Fact-Checking Yovanovitch’s Public Impeachment Hearing | NBC News Now

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    President Trump claims the use of freedom of speech in his attacks on Ambassador Yovanovitch. NBC News’ Jane Timm fact-checks his claim and others made on day two of the public hearings.
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    Fact-Checking Yovanovitch’s Public Impeachment Hearing | NBC News Now

    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 दिवसापूर्वी


    1. Ranger Don

      I'm still looking for the the crimes Nancy polusi and Adam Schiff claim president Trump has commented. Nothing offered but weak pitiful gossip. In my view this has been a effort to have the president bullied. Yet he still does the job he promised to do. Trump has been very effective in getting things done for the betterment of America. The Democrats just waste tax dollars and Time. Effectively destroying our country from within. Best thing I could do is never vote Democrat again.

    2. Herbert Miller

      Everything not sworn to under oath is hearsay. There are many many exceptions to admitting hearsay as evidence. So simply saying it's hearsay is an attempt to confuse the issue.

    3. Janet

      Is the transcript the first hand information?! Why the president put his people into Dems hand to abuse as the Dems has been doing?!

    4. Gregory Graves

      POTUS has the right to choose his public foreign policy. If you morons would accept the results of the election we could all move forward with the needs of our country. This lady is a partisan hack

    5. J Cassel

      Just like Hillary committed the greatest Crime,and Got away with it,what about that,board washed clean.

    6. J Cassel

      I think this has gone on long enough,the hypercritical hysteria of this whole thing,started when Hillary and Trump bashed each other,ongoing lies over and over and over in the Demacrats people coming out and telling half truths about out President and yes his family.This has been a true Fiasco of lies apocrisy and blaming our president,when he was just trying to do his job.When is Hoopla fiasco lies going to Stop!,the American people are fed up and tired of it all,it needs to end now.


      Somebody issue a subpoena to that news lady's hairdo

    8. Joshua Martin

      That is not a hairdo, it's a hair don't

    9. Bar BS12

      Republicans need to take their fingers out of their ears is stop going la la la la la

    10. Scott Bros

      Fake News again. Did you miss out on the witness statement NO crimes witnessed.?? Of course you missed that fact again and again.... My question for the ambassador. Did you communicate to Obama that Joe Biden'$ $on was on the payroll of a company that was being investigated then stopped by Joe Biden getting the prosecutor fired and the investigation stopped??????? Deplorable

    11. Vammek Opinion

      W.House blocked witness,memo's, papers and any 1st hand knowledge of extortion.

    12. Tohiera Ismail

      Good point....if he is innocent, why block people from testifying, and why nor release documents..... It is time republicans admit that the orange man is guilty, and stop following him blindly.. how many people must still go to jail for him......

      1. Gyrene_asea

        This channel is getting only the "B-list" trolls. This Admin bot is weak, doesn't even know what the Federal Whistle-blower Protections are. Especially blowing that whistle from inside the Intelligence Community. 'Need Better Bots -Need Better Bots!"

      2. Admin Fenzexpo

        That's what the dems are doing, hiding things, there is no whistleblower worthy of showing

    13. Brk Brk

      smh you are liars and you making up stuff blame adam.. why is your news lop sided your reporting half the news

    14. .period

      “I love your hair!”-another bird

    15. Emma Yanson

      Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president. The president also sets the policy he wants and not vice versa . If you can’t deliver the President ‘s policy he will remove you or you resign .Removing you from your post is his constitutional right, not an impeachable act. If your unhappy. of your firing , go to HR , not to the impeachment inquiry board .

      1. duff beer

        He could fire her but why did he slander the character of the American Servicewomen for no reason?

    16. Stephen Short

      President does not want to cooperate with a witchhunt. Also, why no mention of the do not prosecute list from Obama? Still denying that Ukraine did not interfere with 2016 election? Fake news!

    17. Rob Donaldson

      Another FACT.. #TRUMP2020 still #winning he flips another U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals into a conservative majority. Attorney Steven Menashi to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    18. sandra burke


    19. sandra burke


    20. sandra burke

      13 million Viewers watched the First Day of Impeachment Inquiry.

      1. julio madiaga

        @Admin Fenzexpo it's not secret because the republicans attend and participate in the close door depositions. i guess you didn't catch devin nunes say during the testimony of amb yovanovitch where he said that after her testimony they, the committee, will go downstairs to depose a witness and he's not sure how many hours it will take. re DOJ saying no crime was committed, congress is exercising its powers of check and balance. and finally, if 13m viewers watched the hearing, would that characterise the impeachment process a charade?

      2. James Hutchins

        Admin Fenzexpo the process is following the one the GOP voted in place in 2015. So, now they and their minions are claiming foul for following that process. Now, that the facts are coming out for everyone to see what is the GOP screaming about!? Their following our designed process...how unfair!

      3. gizdonk

        Lucie Nelson hahaha democratic, you guys are so funny

      4. Admin Fenzexpo

        @julio madiaga If there's a crime but the DoJ said there wasn't, dems are holding a secret proceeding, very unconstitutional so it's just a charade

    21. Linda Quinn

      Excuse me Trump can fire his ambassadors. He doesn't need a reason. Obama fired all of Bush's ambassadors

      1. Wes Pal

        Did Obama smear ambassadors too?

    22. Gilbert Perea

      Donald Trump, President of the United States of America....and you liberals, well you are all the losers, get used to it.

    23. Trudy Derksen

      Chicken talks

    24. Simpsons36

      Where in the world did NBC get this freak show host? They must be competing for the coveted FAKE NEWS award for 'Most WOKE News Host'.

    25. William Bailey

      So we heard hours of her testimony which was basicly a breakdown of her resume, when asked about direct knowledge of crimes or wrongdoing by trump she says no, the crowd claps and cheers, the end. What a freakin waist of time and money.

    26. Sid Nelson

      Ever going to do some real journalism? Maybe explain your cover up on the whole Epstein pedophilia thing. Get away fromthis kangaroo court crap and report something actually newsworthy for once. No cares about the feelings. We want the facts.

      1. Mike Nunyabizness

        I am SS'ing your posts and reporting you to the FBI and House security council as a troll posting propaganda for a foreign power trying to subvert our Constitution and election. Google isn't anonymous, dumbfuck.

    27. James Wallace

      I have a question, what facts did these people check? I mean first you state facts and then how you verified the facts, or why the facts you checked are wrong. Maybe I missed something here, like fact-checking.

      1. Mike Nunyabizness

        I am SS'ing your posts and reporting you to the FBI and House security council as a troll posting propaganda for a foreign power trying to subvert our Constitution and election. Google isn't anonymous, dumbfuck.

    28. Pohaku Mana

      Russia doesn't 'meddle' like america meddles in south american countries, the middle east or like israhell buys american politicians. cia was made for meddling, seriously?

      1. Mike Nunyabizness

        I am SS'ing your posts and reporting you to the FBI and House security council as a troll posting propaganda for a foreign power trying to subvert our Constitution and election. Google isn't anonymous, dumbfuck.

    29. D'Arcy Wickham

      lets hear from Rudi,Mulvaney,Pompeo...surely they will prove that this is all a scam!!

    30. Sonny Bluff

      This is “fact checking”?! This was absolutely a personnel issue. She wasn’t voted in ffs!

      1. Nevyn of OZ 1973

        @Sonny Bluff The tweet mid deposition is a threat and attempt to pervert the course of justice via witnesses intimidation but you dont care as long s little brown girls are put in cages to be auctioned off by Devos' company.

      2. Stephen Short

        @Michael Holthaus you're brainwashed

      3. Michael Holthaus

        Sunny Bluff,the absolute fact is that the friend of your cult leader, Vladimir Putin's government picked your leader, because he's an asset not for America but for Russia, you f-----g moron.

    31. Frans van Mook

      By the way: Is Trump still a value to Putin???

    32. Frans van Mook

      Rudi lost his value to Trump. All his actions are now more or less in the open. It did not work. Trump has to throw someone under the bus. Will it be Rudi or Mick? Just wait one week and we all will know.

      1. Soo Kim

        Frans van Mook Both!

    33. AuPtAg 48

      Horrible delivery of news stories. It sounds like gobeldegook.

      1. ruth depew

        @Mike Nunyabizness Actually, it was a horrible presentation. which is a shame, because the points they were trying to make were worth making. CNN needs to up their vetting process.

      2. Mike Nunyabizness

        Horrible post, looks like troll tears.

    34. Alfred E. Neuman

      Dummercrats are imploding !!!

    35. Bradley Short

      Anyone issued a subpoena and didn’t show up need to be held accountable just like any other American would be they ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW JAIL THEM ALL!!!!

      1. Chadillac

        Does that apply to Hillary's cronies as well?

      2. Mike Nunyabizness

        Hmm A Short family member that isn't an inbred right-wing tool. Weird.

    36. henmich

      Everybody agrees Russia interfered with the 2016 election???? What?!?! Lol... What do you mean, everyone on your Facebook account? Another echo chamber...

    37. Moe Jaime

      These girls are trying to hard they need to be more relayed , you can tell the peanut gallery from a mile away ! We NEED MORE MADDOW !!!


      reciprocal subscription👇🏻

    39. Bradley Rock

      She and those around her knew Ukraine was not favorable to Trump. How many times did she share that info with her boss? Not once. Of course she was fired.

      1. Mike Nunyabizness

        I am SS'ing your posts and reporting you to the FBI and House security council as a troll posting propaganda for a foreign power trying to subvert our Constitution and election. Google isn't anonymous, dumbfuck.

    40. Edward Terry

      The President can fire any ambassador, for any reason. It doesn't matter what "pattern" it's a part of. He's their boss, they serve at his pleasure. Get over it.