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    Amphan, the second super cyclone to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999 and "a double challenge" due to COVID-19, made landfall in West Bengal at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, 20 May, and continued to cause destruction in the form of high-velocity winds and heavy rains till about early in the morning on 21 May. The Quint's reporter from Bengal gives a first-hand account of the ferocious storm from her 41st-floor residence in Kolkata.
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    1. J K J

      Nice house

    2. Sulagna Dey

      Is this Urbana?

    3. Atanu Ghosh

      Nicely presented yet.......North chobbis parganas and south chobbis parganas..... Couldn't witness the devastation next morning but only voice over and anchoring.

    4. CBN ARMY

      Definitely you don’t live in one of the Lodha.... because you are more concerned about cyclone than your purchase decision of the plot..😂🤣😂🤣😂

    5. sunlight on my life

      Where is 41 floor in kolkata?


      Keep paitence

    7. Sayali Maharatha

      Blv me. U have seen..nthng..... We odia people have seen worse .. Fani..... Was much much much more severe den dis... May God be with you...🙏🏼

    8. Soumya

      is this em bypass ?


      The sound

    10. Krishan Meera

      God bless u all

    11. Sujata Srivastava


    12. Subhadip Karmakar

      She has no idea what happened outside.


      Oohhhh God, that sound oohhhhh nooooo

    14. Subrata Das

      I think her face was more scary than the aamphan cyclone

    15. Rahul Sharma

      stop taking then I can hear the sound of wind listen

    16. p CHOUDHURY

      It was a very frightening day,will never forget it my entire life😓😓

    17. Cina P

      Amazing video by amazing person

    18. Chguru venkat Chiguru venkat

      She is crying of her damaged window

    19. Jane Adagi

      Corona Viruse, locusts in East Africa and cyclone in India, great what next???

    20. Deepan Dev

      Now it’s time to think about so called underprivileged people who live in slums! Moral of the story.. be happy with what you have and be great full to everyone!

    21. kirpal kumar

      She got a home & she is safe, she's still crying like a baby, just think about homeless people suffering from it

    22. Aleena Paul

      She clearly states that she's privileged. Yes, she is in a better situation than most. But that doesn't mean she can't be scared.

    23. maths geek

    24. Tseten Dolkar

      I am shit scared to live in Apartments after an earthquake experience in Nepal Year 2015.More than ten thousand people lost their lives..And now this Virus..Thoughts and prayers to you all..I am worried and my biggest concern also goes to animals on streets especially dogs coz I am s big big dog lover person and have three female dogs at home whom I love so much..

    25. Shankar Majumder

    26. Venkatesh Laxmi Hari Naidu


    27. Venkatesh Laxmi Hari Naidu


    28. rajiv kakkar

      May God be kind to you... Nature is God's image and men has had enough of its ego .... enough of its stupidity .... The best will eventually act ... I pray for you to be safe 🙏

    29. motivated life

      Omg it's so horrible

    30. Sudharshan S

      Yeah It will be severe in the ground but the wind blowing speed will be reduced in the ground due to obstacles like towers houses and compounds. But at such a tall building, even without any cyclone wind flow will be higher bcoz of height. That's the reason probably

    31. Rabindra Thapa

      Goli maro salo ko

    32. Vineet Saha

      All the glasses in the east side of my house broke water poured in my 2nd floor of my a swimming pool.....she is crying over one window loss.

    33. peach&goma

    34. Alex Ami

      Pray for poor people Ya allah sabki hifazat Krna.

    35. Zak Lovr

      Beautifully captured short documentary . Beautiful area

    36. Somesh Parida

      The cyclone made landfall with a speed of 155 km per hour .. in comparison fani hit with 180 plus and phailin hit with a speed of 215 km per hour .. even in a age of 4g did u see any one making a scene out of that in their posh apartment with negligible loss. Plain and simple you good for nothing journo is trying to just sell the fake emotions to gather views .. such a pathetic click bait journalism .. shame on. You both quint and the journo who posted this shit

    37. Amit Munda

      Inhone kya bola...... Koi hindi m bta do.....mai india se walo ki bhasa nahi aati

    38. LONE MAN

      I just feel like the end is near and we all are gonna die with natural disasters if not with corona.

    39. Rozsa Szamosfalvi

      oh omy gosh girl your brave as anything i was scared for you watching eeeeeeeee if you get scared cry out to most powerful name in universe Jesus of nazareth

    40. Shashikant Yadav

      may god help everyone.

    41. Noshin Baloch

      It's horrible and scary 😱

    42. axiom service

      I respect and appreciate ur courage. Zeenu chungom east alpy dist Kerala state

    43. axiom service

      41st floor..terrible.

    44. Madhavi Joshi

      Really scary....full size long windows, french windows r in fashion today and every high rise is having only glass windows now a days. But we need to rethink about it now. It's so risky... however glass is tough it can not stand against such calamity.

    45. Dalia Mukherjee

      Different exp u hv shared with us. My client's are stay there. Wind sound is horrible at the corridors.

    46. ashish srivastva

      Really Horrible.God bless you all

    47. Fairlymon dkhar

      Pls be safe take cre

    48. Muskan Shaw

      We feel that it was very horrible night 20th May 😰😰😰😭😭😭😭

    49. real kolkata

      Who told u to buy flat on 41 floor

    50. Олеся Рибчинчук


    51. Uzma Begum

      kabhi nahi jaowgi main aisey main kiya faida aisey aleyshan ghar se apan nichey ground main rehna Allah apko sabar dey sister


      The sound n speed of the winds r scary as fuck......

    53. Lalnuntluangi Tochhawng

      Very clear commentary that starkly conveys the frightening situation.

    54. Bani

      Its so scary.

    55. Akhilesh Murlidhar

      We go through this almost twice a month in the Philippines.. super typhoon Yolanda.. please watch the way it wiped off leyte..


      the sound seems like im going into a haunting bldng n the sound is comng

    57. Liza Bell

      Eye makeup look weird though..prayer to brother and sister out there

    58. Lost Into Music

      Does this sound like a 🎺Trumpet?

    59. Akhilesh Jadhav

      Why the fck are you crying Finish your crying then speak

    60. SUDI

      Gosh! It looks so scary...and that noise!!

    61. Satya Subhash

      Thanks for showings us how the poor have been suffering in calamities... Modi should take full responsibility... Thank you quint...

    62. coffin man

      This is a Bengal emergency . this is not a drill ,I repeat it is not a drill it is an emergency (siren starts).a cyclone has hit Bengal all citizens are advised to get in the house immediately not moving in will result in cases 1 death from tree falling 2 death from thunder lighting The electricity is out and we are working on it and all are advised to carry food for a week "static"

    63. vaibhav uchil

      Cyclone Amphan was still slower(@185kmph) than Super cyclone of Orissa (@260kmph).

    64. Deep Talks

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> it was like a haunted movie sean

    65. Fames Contai

      It was a funny to you I think.Go to the slum areas during that period to imagine what a cyclone really is.

    66. Asra Faheem


    67. LSP

      Thanks God u r alive .. I'm happy..

    68. RF Ajay Kumar

      Me chahta hu ek or cyclone aaye or vo India me hi landfall kare or amphan se jyada strong ho.... I just want...

    69. Upasana Srivastava

      This is soooo scary

    70. Vikas Mandal

      stunt mat karo mAdam

    71. Sara Ahmad

      If this region has had devastating cyclones then why aren’t the building built accordingly? Makes no sense for people to live in these nice apartments and just end up getting hurt

    72. singh vijaya

      She is brave..its not about poor or rich if our life is in danger it is just for life...the sound of cyclone was so scary..but she is able to shoot n convey her masg through... atleast better than me

    73. Roseleena Gomes

      Seriously people those who are staying on road or in slum area are horrible days for them.

    74. Roseleena Gomes

      Because of these kind of natural disasters govt. should restrictions for making above 3 floors and also one married couple only have one property this is my thoughts.

    75. Kumar Vanitha

      U pray to god no harm will comes to u

    76. Kumar Vanitha

      Lord jesus plz save them u r the god protect the earth jesus help them amen

    77. Gariki venkateswara rao Rao

      Hellow like this situation must go down first r every one please...

    78. Amit Rakshe

      U opened window I felt gush of air coming

    79. mukesh ram

      Are you crying

    80. San'orita Gonzales

      Be safe. God bless you🙏🙏🙏