BJP-Shivsena में जंग जारी है ! देखिए Top 25 News I Nov 8, 2019

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    BJP-Shivsena में जंग जारी है ! देखिए Top 25 News I Nov 8, 2019
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    आज तक भारत का सर्वश्रेष्ठ हिंदी न्‍यूज चैनल है । आज तक न्‍यूज चैनल राजनीति, मनोरंजन, बॉलीवुड, व्यापार और खेल में नवीनतम समाचारों को शामिल करता है। आज तक न्‍यूज चैनल की लाइव खबरें एवं ब्रेकिंग न्यूज के लिए बने रहें ।
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    रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 दिवसांपूर्वी


    1. [AoD] GamingZone

      Shivsena Janata Ko Pagal samajhti Hai Kya

    2. [AoD] GamingZone

      Aap BJP Ko Chhod Kar Shivsena Ne Apna mukhymantri banana chahie aur apni Sarkar banana chahie Shan kar rahi hai Ab To Rashtrapati shasan hi lagega

    3. Nandlal Shah

      * To Control on Air quality pollution's in Delhi, it has been strongly recommended Every SDM or Dy collector may PL be Send on Visit to Every dist of UP, HARYANA, Punjab 4 Very GOOD communicated them REGARDING stop Burning Stubble's / PATUSH in Thr argicultural Land's. ( If needs Immediately monitory helps to these Farmers ) . PLZ Remember Ground zero reports can bring more transparency regarding give assistance to Farmers of UP, HARYANA, Punjab by Providing Machineries or assistance by Money, So that, these States farmers Never Brun to Stubble's or POTUSH in the Farming Land's. Thank you & WARM Regards. BHARAT MATA Ki JAI JAIHIND.

    4. Ashok Gupta


    5. Rajiv Mangrulkar

      Uddhavaa ajaba tujhe sarkaar formation -rout imminent in voter public -political blunder-sanjay rout appears conspiraing for shiv sena adhyakha post usurping by replaing the thackerys forever from shivsena -uddhav, aditya thackery ji for greed of cm post with 50/150 one third seats only. Aditya thackery political future is nipped in the bud at the starting stage itself due to sanjay rout…… + swargeeya sri bala saheb thakery ji ideology is put to shame in public voters and his relentless hard work for mee-marathi voters sevaa compromised for power mongering for cm,ministers posts. voter share of shiv sena compromised to ncp,kangres,aimim, aghadi ambedkar parties???? maharastra is not dushyant chautala but daasi manthara of ramayan ( kaan-phusii-biting ears) for power mongering greed of khangress high command and ncp veteran leader sharad pawar ji, contaminating thackerys, rout minds towards imminent ruins in public voters. shiv sena showing signs of becoming MNS raj thackery party sooner. voters of maharastra will reject and throw out sanjay rout and udhay,aditya thackerys from political akhada, malkhamb polls battle field of maharastra soil forever. swargiyaa bal saheb thackery atmaa will be ashanti and furious over deceit and ditching developments of rout and uddhav thackery. Shiv sena can see with its own eyes the pre and post bala sahib thackery number of seats win of bjp and shiv sena in polls and vote share. Shiv sena losing voter share and base in maharastra to ncp,khangress, aimim, ambedkar akhada heavily… Shiva sena is sure to be shown doors by voter public as cec/ec could order re-poll for treachery of sanjay rout-udhav thacreys insulting voter mandate for pre poll ally of BJP-shivsena???? sanjay routs samaana cannot make samnaa of public wrath and rage for deceit of voters forever. late sri.Bal thackery cinema producing for success is wasted.-facing troubled political waters?