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    Today we share a new collection of car life hacks that will change your life! Usually, we spend a lot of time in cars and we need some life hacks that will help to solve small problems. In this video, you will find a lot of brilliant ideas on how to solve most of the annoying problems. You will learn how to remove dents, how to avoid scratches, how to quickly clean vents, how to get rid of pet hair and a lot more! Watch our video and you will find how to open a bottle using a seatbelt. You will be surprised but you can remove minor scratches using nail polish!
    Check out how to make a DIY smartphone holder for your car that you can make in one minute using only rubber bands. Attach rubber bands to a vent in your car. Wrap the rubber bands around the handle and attach the phone. Enjoy! We know a perfect trick if you don’t have parking sensors and your parking skills are not so good. Attach squeaky chickens to your front bumper! Chickens will let you know if you have got too close to the vehicle in front of you. Isn’t it a cool idea? Toothpaste is an awesome tool to polish cloudy car headlights. Clean headlights using toothpaste and a piece of cloth.
    The next collection of ideas is incredible! You can create a masterpiece using your car. We will show you incredible ideas on how to create various artworks in one minute. Choose acrylic paint of the colors you like and enjoy our easy tutorials!
    00:09 Brilliant car hacks
    01:18 Cool gadgets for your car
    04:20 DIY Phone holder
    04:47 Parking trick
    05:37 How to remove scratches
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    22. Kitquest Cake

      35 simple yet useful hacks to ruin your car

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      Life hack: get a brain

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    25. EZIC Let us in.

      5:13 the dopest idea I’ve ever seen...

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      At 4:32 there is a product called phone holder for cars

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