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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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    1. DefinitelyNotaPervert

      Honestly, with the amount of shit that's happened in that school, I'm surprised it hasn't got shut down, or at least took a massive financial hit. No sensible parent would ever enroll their own child into that school with what's happened. 😐

    2. Daenz Gunne

      Somehow seems like it's gonna be a shitty season. But Iet's see for ourselves

    3. Alec Chaplin

      I've forgotten what Monty did lol?

    4. Ashley B.

      All these characters are going to grow up and homeschool their kids 🤣

    5. Crackie Hours

      I’m so excited aww

    6. Udita


    7. Ruchelle Ramirez

      I'm surprised they brought ani or that she even wanted to come back with all the she got/gets... she had to delete her Instagram account because of it

    8. Kayy

      the last thing people need is a final season they should of just left it alone after the 2nd season..

    9. GhouI

      Rip Bryce rip Monty rip Ani

    10. Harjobe Bedija

      The show could’ve ended on the first season with Justin being adopted

    11. kaja nu'u

      I feel like this season is gonna make me hate Winston

    12. Viggo Oldambt

      Season 31: who killed clay’s cat

    13. Janhavi Patil

      We want 'Who killed ANI achola?' in season 4

    14. Chasidee Larry

      That’s the day I graduate .... what a nice present

    15. Marie Lavalliere

      Season 1 and season 2 : Hi its Hannah, Hannah Baker Season 3 : Hi its Bryce, Bryce Walker Season 4 : Hi its Montgomery, Montgomery De La Cruz....

    16. Centurast

      they really releasing new seasons every year

    17. Salvin Thilak S

      can we all see Hanna for one last time.. I'm a big fan of her's

    18. Jaylen Shaw

      Or..... transfer schools 🙃

    19. June Vasqueez

      I can’t wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Sharpay Evans

      Clay did look great with the new haircut

    21. BlairNikayla

      this show was probably meant to be like this but still wanted to start conversation about certain topics. i dont think it meant to solve everything. pretty sure its supposed to be dramatic. honestly one of my favorite shows out there. cant beat Lucifer tho lol

    22. liv :0

      how is this show still going-

    23. Willcc19 -

      Oh God, there's more?

    24. justin

      Me watching the trailer: ✨👁👄👁 ✨Chile anyways

    25. Matthew Abanes

      13 Reasons Why? More like, another season, why?

      1. Willcc19 -

        13 reasons why is gamora

    26. Fatima Zahra

      iwa la man9rawch 7na 😢

    27. Garima Garg

      I don’t know why people like this show over dark

    28. Samir Bajaj

      saddest part of this is, it's the END.

    29. Chris XO

      Ani better not be in every goddamn episode again

    30. Hey what’s Fam

      Wait a minute..another one? Like I think they need to be done..

    31. Jonah Daniels

      This is getting ridiculous, Winston or whatever his name was literally had gay anal sex with Monty 1 time and he’s acting like he was the love of his life or some shit. What is wrong with the writing on this show bruh

    32. Jacob Thatcher

      I wounder if clay will die in this seoson and the cycle brakes

    33. Mad Man Webster

      There was literally no reason for this show to even get a second or third season. Straight up went from a show about suicide and rape to being bootleg Riverdale.

    34. Sydney Smith

      Unpopular opinion: I actually like the direction the show is going. I don’t think it works well related to Hannah but as a show about a high school it’s good. PS don’t hate on me it’s just an opinion

    35. Gerardo

      Looks interesting

    36. jaylyn johnson

      hopefully ani isn’t narrating this season lol

    37. jaylyn johnson

      hopefully ani isn’t narrating this season lol

    38. Jonathan WahChai


    39. Nickolas Darby

      Well all I can say is I been watching ever seen 2017 obviously all i can say is we can say goodbye to liberty high I want to see how this end this is my favorite show this season is more drama. Can't wait June 5😁

    40. Infrias II

      I’ll Never Forget When Clay Jensen Became A Full-Blown Necromancer In Season 2 😂


      where tf did marcus and sheri even go 😂😂

    42. Worst Nightmare

      13 reasons why I’m leaving this show. Edit: But seriously why did this turn into a horror show?

    43. bri v

      literally about to CRYYYY

    44. Angie Juliana

      If Hannah never move Bryce would have never been dead and no one would be a killer😠

    45. Ck Raxz

      This show is so shit it’s not even funny

    46. Santiago Martinez

      I kind of feel bad for Monty since he was also kind of a victim from his father that would beat him, which was probably the reason he was like that

    47. Apex Predetor

      at some point dont u think enough is enough? me: hell yeah

    48. Crazy Creations

      Holdddd uppppp I thought there wasn’t gonna be no more seasons

    49. tamara mekoba

      off topic but monty is so fine 🙈😻🥰😘💕

    50. Woody Films

      It now has Literally nothing to do with Hannah baker it’s just a crime show at this point

    51. Gerson

      And it all started from Hannah ...damn

    52. The Joker

      When the two antagonist from season 1 get murder and the final antagonist wants revenge for them

    53. amber fallon

      This looks shit but probably still gonna watch it lmaooo

    54. S S

      I can give 13 reasons why to *not* watch this show....

    55. Sebastian Vera


    56. doommood

      *_52 Reasons Why_*

    57. Na 21000

      Who cares about Montgomery being framed?!? He’s a fricken DEMON!

    58. Bread Burrito

      nEver hAd tHis mUch dRama In hiGH SChool

    59. xiiao hao

      Season one was okay, but Season Two? You guys murdered the characters. You guys changed them so much, then what's the point of season one? I don't even want to talk about season three.

    60. Alexa Martiz

      Ok Im confused, where is this even going now?

    61. Minh Luu

      Should have ended in season 1

    62. Jack Robinson

      Warning Spoilers: Ani is actually an hallucination. Clay went crazy last season on the down low. He started putting himself through painstaking and self deprecating acts such as becoming his arch enemy Bryces house maid (as a part time job to help the family ofc.) This eventually leads to personality splitting, cross dressing, seduction and finally some super awkward voyeurist / exibitionist swimming session followed by some super awkward (borderline rapey) gay sex with Bryce in his "Clayette Ani" persona. It kinda explains away how Ani could just stroll in and interrogate everyone, it was Clay so they all just kinda play along cos hes honestly a bit of a scary dude when he gets like that. Plus interrogating his friends is totally Clay's prerogative, it totally makes sense.

    63. Jack Robinson

      I think the bullet in the brain damaged Alex's amygdala, or more so the connections between the frontal cortex and the limbic system, the cyngulate gyri. Basically the emotion centre of the brain. He might be a self engineered psychopath imo especially after looking at the change in his affect the last couple of seasons.

    64. Exol Foreverrr

      Season 1 is way better

    65. Dilay Bacaksız

      what is the name of the music playing here ???

    66. Scooter_b0yy Hernandez

      Imagine going to school where EVERYONE is toxic

    67. Erika Blanco

      After Hannah I stopped watching

    68. Noorahs Galaxy

      this show is so dumb

    69. Sparta The Manxy Maine Coon

      I don’t know what I’m going to do without Bryce. Loved to hate him.

    70. Djayy banzz


    71. Kayla G

      Ok but the new guy is hawwwwwwwwt

    72. Kayla G

      Hold up what happened

    73. Lady J

      Pls what is the story line of this season???

    74. Melkar 123

      I expect a sacrifice play from Zach🤔

    75. Epiphany Jamz

      Tbh..they should of left this show around season 2-3, it doesn’t match the original storyline anymore

    76. cruel cruel

      All yall can go to jail fr... all this trouble n drama isn't worth some months or years in jail CHILEE

    77. Kyler McKenna

      gonna need to borrow someone's login since i don't have netflix and only ever used a friend's to watch season one and two >.< damn tho i wanna watch the other two and finish this series cause i love it

    78. Benjamin Swolo

      How tf they squeezed 4 seasons outta this damn

    79. Bigbeefybiscuit *im very beefy*

      Oh baby this gon be good

    80. Juan Jose

      I didnt watch season 3 so im just skip season 3 and watch 4 🤷🏻‍♂️