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  1. Tla Siva


  2. Sandhya Mohan


  3. Tla Siva


  4. ss

    serial paakkawe pudikkala, serial ah kondhu poha idhu illanna Vera topic eee illa pola......koodiya seekiram serial ah positive ah kondhu ponga plsss.....illanna naanga indha serial ah paakkawe maatm

  5. rajeesha rajina

    Roja voda 1'st lover santhoosh enka

  6. ss

    semma mokka serial,ewalo interest ah pathu vandhom,elm negative ah thn pohudhu,ivanunga enadekki unmaya kandhu pudichi,,, endakki roja thn Anu ndhu solla porangalo terila

  7. Santhi Ramalingam

    I have been reading comments first for the past two weeks, then only would decide whether to watch or not, useless script nowadays. Waste of time.Disgusting scripts.

  8. Thirumalai selvi

    Now a.days serial is giving to be worst. New writer romba cheap think pannuthanga she should listen old episode and should write story. Absolutely she unfit to this serial. She is damaging arjun character.first understand we r watching this serial only for sibbu bro. We doesn't have any interest to watch her stupid script.we want to arjun likes mass,romantic, action.this new writer didn't giving importance to our hero. Our hero is hardwork person . don't spoil arjun's hardwork . now a days we can't see this arjun character. We r feel very bad .this serial god gift sibbu only . totally she spoiled our hero. This serial highlight herovukku importance koduppanga in old episode. Script writer romba cheap think pannuthinga.no logic, no story in this serial.very good serial ean ippadi konduporinga.enough of damaging arjun's character bring back his criminal lawyer.arjun character ippadi kondu ponnal nanga yarum subscribe pannamattom. Our hero multi talent person new script writer eppadi kondupoganum theriyavillie. We want only old script writer otherwise story nalla konduponga.we r tolerance for our sibbu .

  9. Ahnaf Hunaif

    Epe paarthalum roja ku thana prblm vaare..? mokkeya yosikathinge, serial le konjam real aa eduke try pannunge da

  10. Naaji Kyna

    Pakkur maathiri pooidu irunthe serial roja mattum dhan but ippo pakkave pudikkale chi

  11. Anthanymary Anthanymary mary

    Romba pudichi erukku

  12. Param Prem

    One of the worst serial

  13. Kanthyraj Thilagam

    Shut up old woman and Chandra,you are not going through what Sabari is going through.

  14. Swathi Samarth

    Please change the WRITER PADMAVATHY. She says she a a motivational speaker but she motivates all the innocent women to do crimes with out getting caught and how a women should torture another women

  15. Swathi Samarth

    Padmavathy was script writer for valli and aranmanai kizhi. All her plots are hard to believe. If you see last 400 episodes of valli you will know what i mean. valli last 400 epi partha parthavan mental aayiduvaan, antha range ku madam padmavathy oda imagination. aranmanai kili athukkum mela. heroine will get bitten by a snake and a guruji will say she should come sacrifice herself to the god before poison spreads all her body. atha vachu 5 weeks episodes padmavathi write panninaanga. torture thaangama vijay tv changed the writer for that serial. now full time aa Roja la vanthu torture panraanga.

  16. Rathi Thevaraj

    Arjun so handsome

  17. Geeta Vijayraghavan

    Pl.why r u people torturing eithin ladies again &again Is there no script other than this. Please stop on this serial

  18. kathir vel

    Dai ena da idhu serialu mudiyala da ... Story ilana vittrunga romba kaduppa aagudhu...

  19. Prince Kirish


  20. Saranya Selvam

    Innum evavalvu naal ippadi illu illu elupingal

  21. Johanna Judi

    Yennna yelavuuuu da ithuuu

  22. Bhavani Nirmalaraja

    We need good positive story. Not to ruin people’s mind. So far it went well. Now it is full if negativity. If you have no idea please finish the drama in a positive note and start another one. There is nothing wrong with limited episodes dramas. Please consider. Thanks.

  23. Kumari Kunari

    Arjun love you 2

  24. Akshi World

    முதல் இந்த நாடகத்தை பார்த்த சந்தோஷமாக இருந்தது. இப்ப இதுவும் மற்ற நாடகம் மாதிரி ஆயிற்று.. பார்க்க பிடிக்கவில்லை

  25. Kuwait star

    இப்படி யும்.கோடு.கேட்ட.மனிதர்.அணூபெரிய.ராசச்சி

  26. GH Ty

    Super Arjun sir nallave pondatiya kappathuringa

  27. patrica KN

    Too much of drama after drama......stupid

  28. Revi Kutti

    Suntv thannilai ezhanthuduchu really seira serial anaithum negative thoughts thaan.villigal, villangal mttume jeikkira mathiri. Onnu serials ah band pannanum R tv channel ah band pannuga nu solravanga likes podunga friends

  29. Revi Kutti

    Arjun veliela pogumbothellam kalpanamata Roja va pathukka sollittu thaan poraru apram yepdi logic elliye nu solravanga likes podunga friends

  30. Revi Kutti

    Rojave oru kk ethula madam headset pottukittu thaan maadi padikattula eranguvangalaamaa nu kekkuravanga likes podunga friends

  31. Novak Djokovic

    Dei Arjun nee lam crimal lawyer nu soladha da nayae ..vetla irukara criminal ah kandupudika therila . bomb vechadhu kuda therila thuu

  32. Arul Anbu

    Arjun save to roja, arjun thambi kannadi class kutthiruchu .

  33. Rafiq Zulfy

    எந்த மூதேவி யாவது கண்ணும் தெரியாம காதுல headphone மாட்டி படிக்கட்டுல இறங்குமா. இந்த அறிவு ஜீவி script எழுதினா மட்டும் தான் முடியும்

  34. jennifer anu

    Endha serial adukura director a kanma munala vandha serupala adipa da thoo neenga ala serial adukulanu yaru aludha

  35. velavan b

    Pongada neengalum unga serialum ... 😈thuuuuuu

  36. Harshini Agilan

    Super Sabari and Chandra. Divorce this Lekha and live a happy life with Saryana and make her jealous.

  37. Pookodi Flower

    Inniku arjun like ❤pannunga nu sonnathala nan like kudukuren pa🙂🙂

  38. Christy Doll

    Now days serial going to be worst

  39. Nijas Moni

    இவ்வளவு அனியாயம் நடக்குது அர்ஜுனுக்கு வீட்டில் CCTV வைக்க சொல்லுங்க டைரக்டர் சார்.சார் உங்களுக்கு இவ்வளவு தான் மரியாதை

  40. mani gandan

    Roja akka Arjun sir Romba Romba Pavam..😭😭😭

  41. jerinisha jacobraj

    As usual todays episode also skipped 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  42. Santhira R

    what nonsense going on in such a wonderful serial. Who asked for new writer anyone asked. Then why changed writer . This writer Padmavathy just want to spoil the serial. She is damaging every character on the serial. Old writter S.Sekizhar he made this serial popular and because of his unique script this serial got huge fan base. That fan base and his unique script changed this serial from afternoon to prime slot. Now you're getting amazing TRP for Roja serial just because of this fan base but this fan base made by writer S.Sekizhar not this new writer Padmavathy. first understand that. Now all are watching serial only for Sibbu and Priyanka Otherwise they doesn't have any interest to watch her stupid script. This new writter Padmavathy totally copycat script from other serial. Please we want our old Roja writer. we want our old Roja serial. we want RoJun more . We want our mass hero Arjun back. We want our criminal lawyer Arjun back. we want positivity and entertainment back. for this all we need old writter S.Sekizhar back.

  43. sunitha m

    What happened to pooja and ashwin. Why r they not there to help arjun and roja???????

  44. Subarthana Mani

    I'm watching only for my rojun .. Especially arjun kaga tha

  45. Lakshmi Gopal

    Love the roja Arjun

  46. Usha Rengarajan

    Not right. You don’t have a story anymore

  47. Usha Rengarajan

    You make a joke of blindness. Not liking it

  48. Mahadevan Sankar

    Chandra is spoiling Sabaris life .What business has Chandra to come to the court.?

  49. Mahadevan Sankar

    The moment I see Sabaris mother I go mad.Sabaris misery is because of her.

  50. July July

    Arivu ketta roja ku headset ipa avasiyama

  51. Baskar Perumal

    Stupid story

  52. Johnbasco Nesan

    There is no reayality in glass pieces scean all dobhakor script.

  53. Rajesh Kanna

    Pooja ashwin enga ponanga avankala maranthuttingala dir sir poojava rojavukku help pandra mathiri screen play ezhuthunga yen ipudi engala koldringa

  54. SiYam Music

    Over Buildup aaa Poguthu Serial

  55. a nahoor

    அர்ஜுன் சார் உங்க வாய்ஸ் சூப்பரா இருக்கு உங்க கேரளா வாய்ஸ் எனக்கு ரொம்ப புடிச்சிருக்கு

  56. maha sweety

    Arjun original voice 😬😬

  57. Enoch Shimron

    Episode 486 promo please

  58. Enoch Shimron

    Naliku ulla episode da promo va indaika upload pannuga naliku upload pannathiga

  59. fathima hasna

    Roja serial virumbi partha ealloraum romba muttal aakuranga......

  60. ROSE Baby

    Today my arjun darling rocking sema

  61. Safi 486217aj

    Pls director sir if you continue with this lady writer she spoil the story first . Then all the fans & subscribers soon 1 million subscribers a onnum illadha zero subscriber a maathiduvaanga and even remove from your channel &unsubscribe your channel. We are giving comment for sake of ArjunRoja pair. Pls we want out AR pair back with bang. Pls arrest Priya , yesho & balu. We feel very sad for Arjun hands got injured & blood coming out of his hand . First give him first aid. Ivlo naal roja va kan illama kashtapaduthininga and now Arjun ku blood vara maadhiri ezhudhirukkanga. And another side chandrakantha mam got injured. Injured person should mingle with each other win the case this time definitely. As Arjun promised roja he will definitely bring out shanthamoorthy & open the ashram. Pls do something in tomorrow's episode & promo. Pls don't hurt us anymore.

  62. Vidyalakshmi RV

    ரோஜா கறுப்பு நிற சேலையில் அழகாக இருந்தார். அவருக்கும் சரி, அர்ஜுனுக்கும் சரி எல்லா நிறங்களும் அழகாக, பொருத்தமாக இருக்கின்றன. ♥️😍😊💐🌹🏹🌹🏹🌹🏹🌹🏹 அதுவம் பஃப் கை ரவிக்கையில், காதில் ஹெட்ஃபோனுடன் கண்ணாடி அணிந்து கொண்டு படிகளில் இறங்கும் போது மிகவும் அழகாக இருக்கிறார்.♥️🎉🎈✨🎊💕💘🌹🏹🌹🏹🌹🏹 அர்ஜுனுக்கு ஓரிரு நிமிடங்களே. அர்ஜுன் வீட்டிற்குள் நுழையும் போது ரோஜாவைப் பார்த்து ரசித்து புன்னகை பூத்துக்கொண்டே வந்தது மிகவும் அழகு. 💕🌹🏹🌹🏹♥️ ரோஜாவைக் காப்பாற்ற கண்ணாடி துண்டுகள் மேல் தன் கை வைத்து தடுத்தது மனதை தொட்டது... பல முறை பல திரைப்படங்களில் பார்த்த காட்சி தான்.. இன்று ரோஜார்ஜூன் இருவருக்காகவும் பார்க்கும் போது மனம் வலித்தது....😪

  63. kumar ravi

    Vara Vara kevalama iruku serial

  64. Najeema Sara

    அடபாவிங்கலா ஒங்க கொடுமைக்கு ஒரு அலவே இல்லையா பாவம் ரோஜா அர்ஜுன் சீக்கிரம் கண்பார்வைய கொண்டு வாங்க அர்ஜுன் வீட்டுக்குல்லையே சதி நடக்குது அத மொதல்ல கணட்டுபுடிச்சி அதுங்க மூனையும் வெலிய வெரட்டு கல்பனா அம்மா தான் சரியா பதிலடி கொடுக்கனும்

  65. Faizal Jamal

    Kalpana Balu bathauden onkey oru arai vidalum athugum millai Arjun Roja koppiran Roja yaru kekkikra kathai writer sari illai Vera elutha sollunga illaina serilai finish pannu ore boring I like Roja serial but now no good

  66. sreenidhi M

    Arjun sema geath ah kamikama ipadi dummy ah kamikaringa hero heroin a dummy panitinga very bad hero acting romba brave a super a irukum. avara ipho la romba ala vekaringa. Poi than jeikum nu kamikiringa. pls arjun ah palya padi geath a kaminga. very good serial en ipo ipadi pogudhu.

  67. Durga sekar

    Roja is the only serial which is being watched by me. I'm having taughts to stop watching these serial. Don't be silly always

  68. Vana roja

    Story nallave illa.....pesama close pannunga......chei

  69. Viji Prem

    Yebbaa.. Kannuilla.. kadula headphones rombha mukiyam Padilla irundhu varum bodhu..

  70. Priyanka Kn Priya

    Arjun anna ur the best

  71. Durga sekar

    I didn't watch today episode. I just came here to give my feedback. Don't make episode with too much of negative and logic less scenes.why you didn't make scenes related with bomb blast investigation

  72. mani viji

    Romba arukku parkavay istam Illa

  73. Sajee Anu sathya

    Priyanaka acting superb Very lively 💞💞💞

  74. Fasmiya Ahamed

    love you arjun sir super

  75. Shuganya Desing

    என்னங்கடா கதை எடுகுறிங்க பாக்குறவங்கள கடுபெத்திடு மூடிட்டு போ டா............ Tension panranunga......

  76. Vidyalakshmi RV

    Balu couldn't go to job for earning. He has not done his job well today. Instead of sprinkling glass pieces in 2,3 steps if he had spread the glass pieces thickly and closely in single step, it would've torn Roja's foot in first step itself as thought by these devils. She didn't touch them twice and for the third time Arjun came and save her. Senseless and idiotic Balu...

  77. Basajaan Basha

    In the video pidithal chanderawai sarupalai chanderawai adikawum..

  78. Sajee Anu sathya

    Perbu deva oda "ullam kolai pogudhey"movie scene ah serial epi ah kondu vandhutinga paa😃😃😃

  79. srmani

    Kannu theriyalana pothikittu irukka mudiyatha ROJA, bledy script.....

  80. Sahana Kasiviswanathan

    Arjun pours fatherly affection on Malar & Kaushik & Roja pours motherly affection. I feel it would be better if Arjun was their dad and Roja their mum. They take way better care of the kids than that Good for nothing Yasho & Balu. As it is, Arjun feeds Yasho & Balu and also pays the children’s school fees with his own money/income. So he’s like a father n Roja like a mother 😍Even the kids love Rojun more than Yasho and Balu

  81. Los Santos

    Stupid script writer.

  82. Vidyalakshmi RV

    பாலுவிற்கு வேலைக்கு போய் சம்பாதிக்க முடியவில்லை. ஆனால் ஒரு வேலை கூட உருப்படியாக செய்ய முடியாதா? இரண்டு மூன்று படிகளில் கோலம் போடுவது போல் இறைத்ததற்கு பதில் ஒரே படியில் அடர்த்தியாக போட்டிருந்தால் முதல் முறையிலேயே ரோஜா காலில் குத்தியிருக்கும். இப்போது கண்ணாடி துண்டுகள் இறைத்த இரண்டு படிகளில் கால் வைத்தும் ரோஜாவின் கால்களில் குத்தவில்லை. மூன்றாவது படியில் கால்வைக்க வரும் போது அர்ஜுன் காப்பாற்றுகிறார். அறிவே இல்லை பாலுவுக்கு....


    Old sakshi a mathunge plz...plz sir intha serial sakhshi ukkaga daan naan pakiren..and old voice kudunge plz change old sakshi.plz like pudunge

  84. Anandha lakshmi

    I love you so much arjun

  85. Anandha lakshmi

    பாலு உன்ன 👠👠👠ஆடிக்க

  86. Tarun Sakthi

    What a surprise arjun you speak in tamil anyway very nice meet you i like your attitude and language i like crore times in roja serial ok

  87. Vidyalakshmi RV

    Thumbnail really feel sad to see. If Kalpanamma slapped Balu it would've been better. As usual Kalpanamma-Roja conversation emotional and heart touching. Roja looked very beautiful in that black saree and puff-hand blouse. And that black coolers.. awesome... While she stepped down with headphones and coolers she looked very beautiful and cute and lovely. Arjun too very handsome when he came in admiring Roja coming down with headphones and coolers with a CUTE and LOVELY smile. But in the end heart-touching he got injured while preventing Roja from glass pieces.. Hope those devils are caught by Arjun tomorrow..♥️😍😊💐🌹🏹

  88. CS PADMA

    Story is getting worse dragging like an elastic becoming too boring

  89. Balu Press

    டிரைக்டர் சார் ரோஜா மேம் சீக்கிரம் கண் பார்வை குடுங்க pls pls pls. சார் கண் பார்வை கிடைச்சதும் 3 பேருக்கும் ஒரு பாடம் புகட்டனும் அனு யசோ பாலு உதவி செய்யலனாலும் பரவாயில்லை உபத்திரம் பன்னாதிங்க

  90. Balaji C Balajione and only roja

    Arjun roja Chandrakanta pavam 😂😂

  91. Anandha lakshmi

    நல்ல மனிதர்களை கஷ்டபடுத்திக இயக்குநர் சார் pls pls

  92. drshady316

    Padma 'waste' vathy please get lost from this serial, you are absolutely unfit to this serial....

  93. Sansim88 Simsan

    Omg...this serial same story from alagu serial...all same story ...batter change story

  94. Anu Bama

    சந்துர. சுயநலம் காரி 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤...........

  95. jaya thala

    பாலு புண்ணாக்க என்ன செய்யலாம் இருக்கிறத வேட்டினால் நல்லா இருக்கும் போல

  96. chandra nallathampi


  97. pooja raj

    The 3 stoogeswill never stop their nonsense....

  98. Vasantha Kumari

    Why director sir you are keeping inspector chandrakantha in serious condition. Arjun sir by saving roja stepping on glass pieces. Anu Yeshoda balu giving troucher to roja. I think at this suitation again arjun sir and inspector chandrakantha will meet in hospital and discuss about baiya ganesh case matter & santana murthy. If both arjun sir Roja and chandrakantha become one group it will be super and strength strong to find out victor and baiya ganesh matter. Really a husband like Arjun sir care taking person can't imagine but roja is lucky.

  99. R Valli

    anu romba mosam...

  100. seyed sSazZ

    Lastta subscribe sollum pothu.. Arjun Tamil.. and slang.. semma cuteee