If you are married or in a relationship, the term 'Relationship Banter' is not new to you. When a husband & wife, or a girlfriend & boyfriend, interact with each other, live with each other all the time, there is bound to be friction & difference of opinion. It is not only natural, but also very healthy. At SIT we explore the various different situations that go on in every household, and showcase that in a funny, slice-of-life kind of way! Does your wife nag you? Or at least that's what you feel when she expresses her opinion! Does your husband take you for a ride every now and then, or so you feel? SIT has been formed with the Intention of Producing Entertaining Content for a Global Audience. The idea is to be Unique, Funny, Witty and Humorous with the Content that we create. SUBSCRIBE here & follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates!

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  1. Pooja Agrawal

    Ryt yr

  2. Sunil Kapri

    truly smart Man... really

  3. Samruddhi Joshi

    Love u baby

  4. Aradhya Rai

    Kamla vimla and of course nirmla so old names

  5. Ankita Naik

    Guys you both pls come up with new episodes .. waiting for it very eagerly .

  6. Money Jain

    This is very bad...don't provoke the youth to do such things that really hurt their lovely wife..and they just enjoy it..

  7. vanshika Mondal

    Too funny

  8. Pradeep Dayaram Gupta


  9. Dk dhakad

    Rishi king of dumb

  10. Dk dhakad


  11. Gaurav Godbole

    Pracheen is best

  12. naved aafaque

    Actually some of my friend is working and she is newly married but her husband not doing nothing and treat her as a servat but she could not do nothing due to family soo plz plz give some advise

  13. anastasia AA

    Meera look so beautiful. Love her make up

  14. anupam jindal

    Hahaha Baby's cries kills

  15. anupam jindal

    Your Jodi is The Best

  16. anupam jindal

    You both are mind blowing

  17. Ahmed Associates

    I want you guys to highlight issue about parents interference in marriage

  18. Neha Sharma

    Rohini and Rishi live on 12th floor

  19. Poojabbbb

    Yes. Agree to the ending line. We ladies do it on purpose.

  20. shilpi agarwalxtg

    Love ur shows soooooo sooooooo much.........

  21. Anil Kumar A.

    @9:50----- Insaan ka bachcha h 2-4 awaaj to nikaalega hi.........

  22. Anil Kumar A.

    She is soo Dumb..........

  23. mahak jain

    An episode on obsessed partner in relationship

  24. Vikki Nivedita Sharma Sharma

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣maza aa gya

  25. #BANARASIA#007

    dena hi ni chahiye aise gareebo ko aise car...

  26. sushant tomar

    age difference ,, please use per bannao episode. mai bhi same relationship me hu , bht interesting banega episode.

  27. Deboshree Mukherjee

    After five years

  28. nisha Ansari

    Tumahre din bhar gae hy😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Nilanjan Singh

    Missing Pooja Gor. Just that I am so used to see u both as a couple that it seems a bit weird. But good episode nevertheless.

  30. Anil Kumar A.

    She is just awesome,.......

  31. Moubon


  32. Anil Kumar A.

    Ye banda bahut chalaak h aur bandi Badi cute n innocent!

  33. Aastha Mandhan

    Please bring back rishi

  34. Aastha Mandhan

    Nice episode

  35. Moubon


  36. lynnette scavo

    Kaamvaliya kisi ki sagi nahi hoti

  37. lynnette scavo

    Mein to is baby ko laat maar k nikaal du

  38. Leena Sawant

    SITis a best. I love the all episodes of chavi mithal & short films.

  39. Fatima Salman

    Comeback with urs cupidly part 2

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    I dnt like rohini chractr

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    Poor Rishi... Really felt bad for him😂

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    This series was like I am watching my own story 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Your videos are all the mind blowing, I swear I enjoy all of your videos like anything More than years I never missed any of your video 🥰🥰

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    Best part was last baby's dialogue delivery yar... just luv you sit

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    Ese bat karnese iss time pe jyada gali padta hai kya impractical dikha raha he....iss situation mee romance ka punch ulta padta he donot confuse us ok....

  48. Samodh Chaudhary

    Plz change your ad of the Amazon it is very annoying to see the same ad every time .thk

  49. Vikramjit Singh

    I really like abhimanyu's episodes but nows its going off track..

  50. Rimpa Basak

    Very nice

  51. Sabrina Haque

    The way Rishi falls asleep.... lol 😂😂

  52. Swati arora

    Nice one

  53. danish shakil

    Why is baby over here

  54. sanchari dasgupta

    I know she's acting... but i have a friend who puts her boyfriend through the same shit.. it sucks

  55. Anurag

    How come husband is like homeless person in the relationship always!? If he cheats then throw him from his house and if wife mistrust him unnecessarily then still he will be thrown. Where is his rights!? Doesn't he have rights on his own home? This is so fucked up, this society is fucked up.

  56. Subhash Semwal

    Phle phle sahi lagta tha lekin ab tou bot irritating lagta hai ye shalini ka character......... Mukka marne ka mann krta hai

  57. Hope Hunt

    Pehle ke episode acche the like pyar ka punch.....But ab ke episode s me mja nhi aata....

  58. Heena Bhamba

    5 years

  59. Shreyashi Tripathi

    plzz make an episode on this matter if a husband shares everything to his mother what is happening between husband and wife. n i really love your all episode

  60. Diya Hirani

    Rohini and Rishi will go Leh Ladakh after 20 years

  61. dr. shikha Aggarwal

    Rishi is king of dumb

  62. Ruhi Sharma

    Rishi is amazing guys

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    Pls make a haunted video rohini,rishi,meera and abhi

  64. Charlotte Facho

    these adds are the only times i wipe my tears away

  65. Harini Mehta


  66. Yashas Druva

    Wow.. Awesome Defination of BOREDOM👍

  67. Piyush Agrawal

    Not worth watching

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    Awesome episode

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    Hey when ll there be another next Episode

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    I didn’t like this new men

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    Who are here to just scroll and see different names

  73. Drasti chaudhari

    Such a cute concept!!

  74. Drasti chaudhari

    That's like my mom making my time table for studying!! Moms are the best!!

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    I like it

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    So mean shalini

  77. Harshali Rane


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    Abhi 2 meera 4 ring

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    In long distance relationship which singh shows that your partner is loyal to you and marry you???

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    Chutiya episode

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    You guys are amazing...loved the episode

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    Agar husband wife ki respect na kare, nahi importance de aur na uski koe baat mane aur expect kare ki wife vo hi kare jo uska husband chahta he. Plz ispe video banaiye with solution. Thank you

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    Plz upload next vedio

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    The actor seems very talented. Looking forward to see him in more videos.

  85. Vaibhav Raj

    Marital rape

  86. piyali maity

    I love ur content.. but relationship counseling is actually a profession. It's like saying I know a few medicines n I call myself a doctor. Sorry.. that's te only thing I disliked in the video. Call urself guide.. friend etc. But not counselor

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    Where the laughter has gone from pkp Past few episodes are totally pathetic

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    Make more videos on Baby, Rohini, rishi, meera, Abhimanyu... Only these 5 are best.. Others are not good...

  94. Garima Arora

    Nice episode. Abhi and Meera wonderful guys. I liked kunal's advise to both that never say no to any client because 1 client brings 10 other clents. Waiting for Tuesday's episode also. Love to sit team😍😍😍

  95. Yashas Druva

    Meera is really beautiful❤️ May all good souls get wife like Meera😉 including me😘😍

  96. Priya Verma

    I wish to have my partner like abhi. ❤️❤️😍 it’s difficult to get the perfect partner in life. Fortunate peoples get the perfect one. 😒 i hope some people could understand something from abhi. Meera and abhi are best couple ✌🏻and i love 💕 you both. ❤️❤️❤️

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