If you are married or in a relationship, the term 'Relationship Banter' is not new to you. When a husband & wife, or a girlfriend & boyfriend, interact with each other, live with each other all the time, there is bound to be friction & difference of opinion. It is not only natural, but also very healthy. At SIT we explore the various different situations that go on in every household, and showcase that in a funny, slice-of-life kind of way! Does your wife nag you? Or at least that's what you feel when she expresses her opinion! Does your husband take you for a ride every now and then, or so you feel? SIT has been formed with the Intention of Producing Entertaining Content for a Global Audience. The idea is to be Unique, Funny, Witty and Humorous with the Content that we create. SUBSCRIBE here & follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates!

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  1. comady drama


  2. drishya raj

    Oh God...he's is so smart. Just wondering who brings up these ideas.

  3. Jyoti Parija

    Where is Rishi today

  4. Jyoti Parija

    Superb. Rishi so nice seeing u on this epis9de

  5. Nainar konar

    We love your Moral of the video and the contents. Thanks you

  6. Ahmed Shahid

    I love this short film

  7. Majid Jamal


  8. Ramkumar Shastri’

    Can you make some video about lgbt I love baby acting thanks

  9. Madhusnata Banerjee

    Best episode of SIT👌👌

  10. kona banaya ya vedyo camera ma ko nah a Karki

    Bayi good

  11. Rohan Chopra

    Please bring them back! They are so adorable with great comic timing. We need more variety in actors. Also get back Ashwin.

  12. Dreamzone Internationalschool

    osm episode guys,, dona’s acting superb and she looks pretty n cool. Chhavi u r too gud,, u know very well, how to refine anyone’s talent. Ur crew members r vry cute.. keep going . Love u

  13. Anirudha Pathak

    sometimes changing for the betterment of the relationship is hard and we might not speak up about it but the feelings are right there when people get pushed around enough to exhibit signs to show that something is not quite right.

  14. Shishir Namjoshi


  15. Naima Nagaria

    *if "what's app jokes" was a video*

  16. Anuj Sharma

    Awesome video I wish all big brothers are be like somesh 🤗🤗

  17. Adi Bengani

    WoW.. this was the longest episode of SIT .. But nice 👍🏼

  18. Muneeb Ahmed

    Good one!

  19. Mukta Randhe

    There were total 18 names Hope I win 😊🤗🤗

  20. Ping Pong

    Khubsurati bus meh....duniya kadamon mein.

  21. pratima pandey


  22. Mehreen Ali

    Love your every episode lots of love from Pakistan ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Amandeep Kaur

    7 rings

  24. Jigar Shah

    only 2 questions: how could it be SINHA for both if the girl is married and that too with some random guy from online? and why would a girl book room with her pre-marriage surname?

  25. Khyati Parikh

    She could have just stayed in a hotel and chilled for a week.


    Best One 😍

  27. yuvaan burakia

    Everyone is so cute

  28. Maliha Ikhlass Wardally

    Rushing is dumb dumb dumb husband....

  29. Sonia Rani

    Mrs kapoor and mrs gupta

  30. Reema Agarwal

    Contest answer 7

  31. j aq

    Hot in black 🔥😘,

  32. Anushita sharma

    love u guys i like this show so much .

  33. Amit Tomar

    Baby is so sweet...😄😄😄

  34. Limasangla Tunyi

    The best part was ' toh kya hua mein bhi bhaap bannei wala hong'😂👌

  35. nitin karole


  36. Parvathy P

    This is my most favorite web series.. lots of love❣️

  37. Anjali Sharma

    Best video

  38. Archanavery nice Aradhya


  39. mantasi0

    This is an old video... watched year ago may be... anyway awesome one

  40. khowaja zubair

    Great thanks best drama

  41. Michelle Solanki

    It was really savage and couldn't stop laughing 😂😆

  42. Deep Gandhi

    Really amazing. Best episode so far by sit

  43. Amal pp

    Very cute

  44. Stuti Puri Kulshrestha

    Ashwin bichara shalini ke bojh ka mara 😄🤣

  45. Samruddha Barai

    Why r u not wearing masks?🙄

  46. Ruchi Shukla

    Really very annoying shalini... How her husband can tolerate her..

  47. Sadaf Rizvi

    Thats my link

  48. Sadaf Rizvi


  49. Sadaf Rizvi


  50. Sadaf Rizvi


  51. Sadaf Rizvi


    1. Sadaf Rizvi



    superb episode i like it .....so much fun with lovely story cast.

  53. Dreamzone Internationalschool

    Donna luks osm and superb acting

  54. Baxri Vlogs

    I locked out my self on the new year's night here in Finland. My phone was inside and whole building was empty I knocked every door but no one opened. It was snowing outside. Then an idea came in my mind. I went to the elevator and ringed the emergency service of the elevator. They have 24/7 operator available to help.The lady on the other side of the phone was very nice. She told me to go to the notice board and give her the security number. I took the number and call her back from the elevator. She called the security and told them that I am locked out. After 30 minutes the security guys were at the same building. They unlocked the door of my apartment, checked my ID and then charged me 30 euros for opening the door!!! :D after that I have never locked my self out!! :D

  55. ina gupta

    This is an old video. Not new.but it's really great

  56. Lahama Kar

    Best one !! So flawless acting !!

  57. Dilpreet Lamba

    4 falshback


    Best episode

  59. Anushita sharma

    she mispronounced Vertigo ko batter-go and viper ko bhaiper

  60. Manoj Nahata

    Nice #ImproveYourImmuneSystem

  61. Shadman Kalam

    Such a nice amazing lovely video

  62. Shadman Kalam

    Nice video

  63. Shadman Kalam

    Wow that’s awesome good to see

  64. Shadman Kalam

    Good to watching

  65. Shadman Kalam

    Nice 👍

  66. Shadman Kalam

    Nice amazing lovely video

  67. Shadman Kalam

    Nice amazing lovely video

  68. Shadman Kalam

    Wow that’s awesome

  69. Shadman Kalam

    Good to see

  70. Shadman Kalam

    Nice video

  71. Tanghring Onesoul

    Watching the episode for the 3rd time.. cute and innocent Rishi like a kid

  72. Shadman Kalam

    Such a nice lovely video

  73. Prajakta khurdal

    This is the best episode I have ever watched on sit..loved it..😘

  74. Mahek Bhimani

    I am really impressed

  75. Reema Agarwal

    Word bandra was used 9 times

  76. pallavi shaw

    Wow 👌I love the episode specially bin bulaye mehmaan

  77. chetana kachhava

    4 flashbacks: 1st in the morning 2nd one is party and 3rd one is about small window and 4th one is magnet seen

  78. child centre

    U videos always refreshing

  79. रवि

    Best episode

  80. Sindhu Arun

    Lovely Love from Sindhu

  81. Garima Joshi

    Love dis episode 👏👏👏

  82. Shahid Azam

    This actress is awesome

  83. Sindhu Arun

    Actually Manasi's role was well played ....she is an excellent actress.... her character in a tamil film "leelai" with shiv Pandit would be good....and a melody song "oru kili oru kili" will be mind blowing ❤

  84. Akanksha Bhatnagar

    Omg.... 43 minutes ka episode... Just loveddddd ittt... Pls pls pls upload more....

  85. Pranasmita Majhi

    I couldn’t stop my laughter 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  86. rahila khan


  87. Monali Ghosh

    After so longgg... SIT u r missed badly !! 😘

  88. supriya2091

    This is same as Dice Media episode. Same story. Only with different cast.

    1. supriya2091

      Dice Media : What the Folks

  89. Sarfraj Sayyad

    I like it... Maine phele b dekha h... Pr ek sat me sab episode dekhne ka mja hi kuch aur hai... Thank u.... Sit❤

  90. Shailza Chandel

    Fabulous cpls .... I want to see on nxt video

  91. Nabanita Sen

    Just one word I can say about this episode.. Awesome.. looking forward to watch more episodes like this.. thank you for making this.. keep it up.. good work..

  92. deepika saini

    Best episode. Bhai was so nice otherwise mehman chepu hote hai

  93. Sharon Kennedy

    Already watched this but still amazing.

  94. Umesh Sharma

    I have been working non stop during this pandemic and I love watching SIT during my breaks.love em

  95. Hamza Umer Malik

    one of the best episode i have watched from shitty ideas trending, keep going and waiting for season 3. from Pakistan

  96. manisha raheja

    Idea is good, but Rohini I don't like your hairstyle in this video, it is so irritating that I was listening to the video instead of watching

  97. Mamta Jain Jain

    Plz make more videos on this topic Very nice❤❤❤