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  1. NM

    mmhsliminipimpindibich. igohfofihgloccsenenineindibich.

  2. TheLifeOfAngel

    This hella underrated🔥🐐

  3. Mr, Harold Duhon Jr


  4. Da30 Burner

    posted wid dat mp5 0:30

  5. Jimmy Simon

    is that stunna in the vid or am i wrong

  6. Louis Spinelli

    No worries... Satan will be by to collect your soul soon

  7. BGG clutch god

    Who here in 2020

  8. Rachael Fountain


  9. Ayla Andrews

    :camera man I just got over coronavirus :D :nbs pointing gubs and stuff at camera : camera man god I wish I had coronavirus know help me lord

  10. jasmine watts

    yb plz fuk me 😍😍😍

  11. Avaunt ortiz

    This the first time I heard this I always listen to until death call my name and never saw this song 🌝

  12. Derpybandit 711

    Honestly I like nba I mean he's a good man but his music isint the same

  13. Offwhite 100

    ohh shit he spit.💯

  14. Chris Ogle

    More like 2025

  15. Dumb Shit

    *Yo youngboy predicted the downfall of the human race* 🤯🥶🥵 The suicide part could happen in the future who knows... 😮

  16. Trendzy

    Nobody: Not even Logan Paul’s forest video: Youngboy summing Lucifer: 0:11

  17. Comp Gc

    Dissapointed but still hard

  18. Offwhite 100

    damm i left u in the cold fam im sorry😔

  19. Brandon Lee

    i love nba

  20. Dezz Epson41

    NiCe video.

  21. Alfred Donley

    I like this music go 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥allday long......keep going NBA youngboy Jennifer white on me

  22. fhs


  23. fhs


  24. fhs

    hij nboplk,zo;i uhgs tyq

  25. fhs

    000 jhfo

  26. Aniya Frazier

    one of the best yb songs🙇🏽‍♀️ .

  27. Malik Spearman

    2020 🔥

  28. Certified Yungeen

    Who still listens to this in 2020

  29. Pickle Man

    Roblox robangers be like

  30. 2swc sdd

    Youngboy: I ain't going outside today Government:This Mf Spittin

  31. im_g0ldenn.kardasia _


  32. Jacktown Dee


  33. Bonafide Tha Don Official

  34. Zi Mack


  35. Ievin West

    NBA. Young boy

  36. TheKid

    Still bumming 2020 YO

  37. Gronko Morales

    that pitbull at the end look scared af

  38. Gronko Morales

    oh shit he changed back to youngboy never broke again

  39. Hayleigh Hawkins

    20 for to spin a nigga Shiite OKAYY

  40. West Coast Music

    Who here 2020 riots? BLACK AND BROWN LIFES MATTER

  41. Hayleigh Hawkins

    Be with the love you I think he can treat you better

  42. TAYTAYGAMEING12 abston

    20 for to slit a nigga shit ok scary ass nigga broke ass nigga no way

    1. TAYTAYGAMEING12 abston

      Nbayoungboy been the goat outchah free ddawg RIP big dump keep going u up there fick the hater big goat

  43. Rex 有

    “the realist had da hardest way of living” i felt dat 😭

  44. Darrion Logan

    This shit hits different Everytime 💯

  45. Diana Bernal

    This shit slaps 🔥🔥

  46. Bryson Bennett


  47. Gronko Morales

    1:13 best part

  48. jay gaming

    who listening to this during quarantine

  49. Gaming Fn

    If I see youngboy in real life on my mommy I ca sing this whole song without messing up

  50. Denae Dearing

    He said I watched my grandpa SAVE PENIS

  51. Travis Freeman

    Is it me or yb voice sound deeper🤔

  52. Twitch Liquify

    April 2020 anyone? 🙏🏾🏆

  53. Tdrwe Ya

    Producer: how much auto tune? Young boy: yes


    put dat on god mane dese niggas dont want no smoke. dat baton rouge effect slime

  55. Said 101

    funny how y’all be comparing youngboy to nle choppa 😂 youngboy hella overrated ain’t no way y’all really think he’s better than nle 💀💀

  56. Said 101

    ngl youngboy overrated af

  57. CheifJay

    ngl im just realizing that trippie was in the video lol

  58. Latanya Bowens

    make no sense 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌷🌷🔥 that my baby 🔥🔥🔥🌷🔥🔥🔥

  59. Unreal49

    Not racismo

  60. Dominick Riggins

    1.25 speed is good tho

  61. Latanya Bowens

    that my nab youngboy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



  63. Mr. Ivaki

    Imagine how cool it feels that your own mother is a rapper

  64. life with Yonce

    The realest ones had the hardest way of living

  65. zamya hamilton

    I love videos. NBA youngboy

  66. Carlos Dillard

    "i need help because my life been real hard"💔😩

  67. Carlos Dillard

    He talks about like three girls in this song.

  68. It'z Ray

    We say 23 sucks kodak black a snitch

  69. Carlos Dillard

    "I got ice burned where my heart at" 💔

  70. It'z Ray

    I like the NBA krew

  71. Your Local Chemist

    Still by far one of Youngboys best songs

  72. It'z Ray

    I drop a diss on jadayoungin

  73. pacsoul Pavon

    Idk how his music don’t go viral , his flow is 🔥 big gat , I got all this money in my pants talking big stacks !

  74. Rose Miller

    Quando part hard too

  75. Pludg Killerstar

    Lil top mmmm lil top type frankdagaot

  76. Dyni

    I remember listen to this in 2nd grade and everyone thought I wasn’t cool then I start singin this and now my popularity in school is like high

  77. Pludg Killerstar


  78. Devante Eaglin

    Fuck that boi i zip his ass & i go sit my ass in trial🔥🤞

  79. M J

    We still need that lonely child video 🙏

  80. xConnfidxnt

    2020 2021 anyone ??

  81. Letlovehavethelastword

    Why are yall these niggas buyin hoes rollies? Go invest that bread 500,000 to a girl who a girl who gonna break u ? Ah nah lol I been listening this song for a min, just clicked in like these dudes really tricking. 😭🤷🏿‍♂️

  82. Elmer Guzman


  83. Kaedan J.

    0:23 When You Try To run from leatherface in the texas chainsaw massacre

  84. Meleite Zego

    Am i the only one who thinks the kid doesnt need dna test to know who is his father

  85. IvForbiddenvI

    Checkout 6lack spar Kodak talks about How they only got 2 more years of slavery to do harm to us the song was released in 2018 and look at the world BLM vs the racists the war is starting and young boy talks about in 2020 we all will die. They knew...

  86. Maison Morales



    I edited this 🔥🔥🔥📈

  88. Kennedey Minter

    🐍 slime 🔥🔥

  89. TeeJay2x

    Aye why this not on Apple Music

  90. Ambrielle Jones

    I’m not sure I

  91. Devon Walker

    NBA YOUNGBOY needa drop “be safe unreleased”🩸‼️

  92. Damien Fuentes

    I don't fw his soft sheesh

  93. FADE_Deathcaller360

    Too many problems YEAA

  94. Dana Boston-Rice


  95. Joshua Phillips

    who banging this 2020

  96. CashKing Cole

    I dont listen to this dude but this song hard. I heard my barber playing it the other day

  97. Kenya Gray

    I'll never forget this song😥 this song came out 3 days before my lil brother was released from The Parish jail in Tallulah, LA . 3 days after he was released a pussy ass nigga took my brother life bc his pussy was scared to go with the hands. I wasn't fuckin with NBA Youngboy music before my Lil bro was cheated out of life but it was NBA Youngboy music that got me through it all💯💯💯 and to this day I still bump NBA Youngboy music in memories of my brother💯💯... Only if my nigga could see how far our favorite rapper came since 2017💯💯💯 from ya bro De Bowman... Rip Lil Rod (real blood brother) ..... Riding around Tallulah, LA will never be the same,,,, I love you to da death of me💯💯💯

  98. Meme Boi

    what roblox gangsters think there doing

  99. rikki lone

    This makes me wanna tell my mom she's adopted

  100. batman legs

    Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop