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  1. Brisa CH

    ALV es una casa y se vive en ella:v

  2. Modern daria

    Dont feel bad jef. People wayy to sensitive. Its fucking makeup and yall slay!! Love from Trinidad!! 🤍 hoping to get this soon!

  3. marlie Lewis

    2020????? lol I love watching you tubers first videos

  4. Nova_Noelle 123

    Where is the red bull pallette

  5. Angeline Hua

    That was so interesting

  6. Reuben D

    seeing Jeffree shirtless makes me feel all kinda things

  7. Sour L3mon

    16:08 When my teacher explains something to me in the whole class and I don't understand my I have to predented I do My brain: 16:09

  8. enrique sanchez

    Jeffree looks like La pelopony

  9. Jasmine Taylor

    When he touched the eyeshadow that was the mascara I use !!!!! And I was laughing so hard

  10. sunny D


  11. Jenny Whisler

    I NEED A RESTOCK 😭😭😭 I’ve never wanted a palette so bad before 💕

  12. Thurgesh Waran

    Can i know who was the lucky winners cause im jealous.

  13. Donna Flowers

    Omg!!! Im soo glad you have a good crew who has your back and keeps you safe. That could have been catastrophic!!

  14. Victoria Isabel

    8:20 that girl look like Charli

  15. Sara

    I love your notgivingafuckiness Jeffree, congratulations for all your hard worked success!

  16. T. E. Burgos

    Wait...this bitch doesn't know that there is shelf-stable milk? Those boxes of milk are just that! Are you telling me that Jefree has never seen milk that only has to be refigerated AFTER you open the package for the first time???

  17. Linda Hutchins

    When you from grand rapids and DIDINT know Jeffree was here

  18. Lena Semenko

    Jefree literally has Princess Celestia's hair

  19. Allie

    When you're lowkey hoping these two will collab again and announce that they're officially a couple... that's the kind of plot twist I needed this 2020

  20. Peggy Berge

    3 months ago, I broke up with someone I was with for 4.5 years. Well, we broke up mutually because we didn't want the same things. I can relate. X

  21. Amber Norris

    @JeffreeStar I finally have a job and some money... I NEED the mini Jawbreaker palette in my life!! I don’t know if I can continue to live without it honestly. I’ve been absolutely IN LOVE and dreaming about it since the day it was revealed!! Please help my dreams come true!!

  22. Gabriela joya villamizar

    3 años después y los sigo amando 🥺

  23. Blanca Reyes

    i need jawbreaker to come back in stock 😭

  24. StupidLuigi

    No Now you don’t need to watch the video

  25. Lotus Bomb


  26. Lotus Bomb


  27. Egyptian princess

    Love & respect thanks for your honesty and realness 💙💜🦋💜💙

  28. Marguerite Truckey

    this girl is the worst! no surprise her makeup is too. also, when you're "naturally funny" don't have to say it, sis.

  29. Sapphire Nightz

    Watching this in 2020 is sad ad

  30. Lucy Osborne

    Great makeup but I have yet to find ANY brand that can stand up to what happens to my face. It's a unique problem, although the same happens to my dear brother, Col. in the USMC. I'm very lucky in one way, I'm old and look 30 years younger, no doubt because of what happens to my face. Girl, it's bad. I start to move around in ANY way, my face, not the rest of me, just my face, turns a lovely shade of purple/rose, and I POUR sweat. It sure keeps my pores cleaned out and my skin silky soft but working among health professionals, I'm often stopped when I'm moving full tilt and told to sit down, and am I having a heart attack. I don't sweat anywhere else, just my face. To peeps who don't know me, they are ready to give me a ride to the ER. I have yet to meet a makeup that can stand up to it. I can't even wear eye makeup because the perspiration from my forehead drops on down and flushes it clean away. And it drips down my face, yes, lovely way to wear eye makeup. Eyebrow pencil for my anemic brows? Not unless I want to wear them on my chin. Mascara... ummm.. no. Lipstick, that's okay but I don't need it. My lips are already deep rose to the point that people ask what brand I use that stays in place like that. I've had to take people to the bathroom and scrub my face in front of them to show them there's no makeup. I had a facial at one point and the esthetician asked if I was wearing the "permanent kind", and I had no idea what she was talking about. "The lipstick" she said. Then it occurred to me that she had spent quite a long time rubbing my lips and I couldn't figure out why. No, no lipstick. I'm running out of product here. Why ? you might ask. Unless you know of a brand of makeup, short of tattoos, that will stay on my face, don't ask.

  31. FatinaAzzurra 0661

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️, from Italy.

  32. Layana Salah

    Damn Nate never gave Jeffree the same energy back im sad:(

  33. John Lorenzo Serafica Ramirez

    Using dermacol for 2yrs..

  34. H o n e y

    Bruh idk if im the only pne but, who ships jeffree and james?

  35. Lucy Osborne

    Who ever heard of eyebrow wigs...??? Yup, crazy shit, but as your old friend the knitting nurse, I have female cancer patients who aren't so weirded out by hair loss, when their eyebrows also fall out, they are VERY upset. I have another tool in my arsenal for ego boosting and normality for hair loss, for whatever reason. Myself, I've never worn makeup, never needed it. People ask me what brand(s) I use and there have been times that I have had to go to a sink with whomever and demonstrate by washing/scrubbing my face that indeed, there is no makeup there. I am cursed however by turning an interesting shade of purple/pink when I do any exercise at ALL, plus, my face is the main way in which I perspire... you have it, I'm a purple sweaty mess. No makeup can stand up to it, all of it just drips right on down my face onto my blouse or uni top. My brother (Col in USMC) has the same problem. I have yet to find any makeup that stands up to this mug of mine when in full purple sweat mode.

  36. Kinsey Pippins

    Is it just me or like he should name a pallet misery and have a car stamps

  37. teenagexxassasin

    "Then I woke up this morning and said jeffree get the fuck over yourself, and so today we're gonna have a blood bath. Were gonna have a nice lovely feast for my emotions" lmao

  38. Joi Michelle

    When will orders be shipped out jeffreeeeeee I’m so excited to get my cremated palette and make up bag!!

  39. Kinsey Pippins

    Is it just me or like he should name a pallet Missouri and have a car stamps

  40. Mariana Torres

    Now I know where name idea “too faced” came from....btw that man’s sis is crazy like chill girl.

  41. Wolf98 0987

    Lmao I thought Nats arm was jeffrees

  42. Lana Storm’s ASMR

    Girl you are smack in while you eat That frosting girl like bitch who

  43. Star Crosdale

    it's sad how you guys always want to cancel other beauty gurus.. but when it comes to jeffree ya'll always find a way to save him. LAWD . Edit: If you guys wanna come for me im all here for it <3. Edit 2: And this isn't to hate on jeffree hes very talented but i just dont get it .

  44. marshamallow fluf

    Damn, no one can live up to Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The quality and care/attention put into every product is jaw-dropping. If I weren't broke, I would buy every product Jeffree has made. Sis slaps as usual.

  45. Anrie 25


  46. Laiken Branham

    When we are out of Qurentine 26:54

  47. Donna Flowers

    Omg I just found out today you did music too. OMFG BITCH WORK!!!!!! Im sooo falling in love with you today!!! I used to be a hater but now I love you!! You're ab fab love!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  48. Lily Haboush

    "where's off the property? olive garden?" 😂

  49. SimmerAddicted

    when the house warming gift costs more than the actual house lol

  50. Donna Flowers

    Who else instantly looked up the video with jeffree and nikki minaj

  51. kettie kettie

    Let's get it girls

  52. K S l

    aishtarak bialqanat wafael aljars

  53. Monique McCready

    Please make more full face/ first impression videos!! 💕💕 youtube is not the same without you

  54. Amelia Perez

    Don’t be shy unblur his face 😎

  55. Mariana Torres

    *I literally love Jeffries so much he is the best thing that has happened since corona came IMO, his past is inspiration for me to become a better person, I know he’s had like the drama before that but I think he has grown as a person so much, everything he does is actually good quality and he doesn’t lie about his pallets like others MRselrs do I just wanted to tell you Jeffrey you’re such an inspiration for me and I wish that one day I can meet you.*

  56. Aydan Mamunlu

    I’m just crying with you 💕🌸

  57. One Sunny Day

    The stress swallowing thing. I have had this since childhood. I remember being a very young child in a traumatic lifestyle & I would lie in bed just drowning in saliva because I could not swallow. Hope you find relief 😊

  58. Denki KaminariTM

    The title should bbe "Jeffree saying oh no honey and This is amazing for 27 minutes and 47 seconds"

  59. Serenity Mercer

    This collection was giving me Stark vibes and then he said, "Winter is here," so of course, I died

  60. Poh Yee

    Do anyone of you know what the brand for white body paint he wearing in this video??

  61. Ashley Haw Makeup


  62. christopherhaynes5

    "Come on, bag. Let's go." Hahahahaha! Love me some Jeffree

  63. Aidyn MacKenzie

    What if Gucci made Jeffree dog food

  64. Arasely L

    I can’t believe 4 items cost him 3,500 dollars 😳

  65. Powder Blue

    Karma did its job, LOL. Who's a predator now huh???? What's up with your buddy Dahvie and YOU WITNESSING HIM ABUSING CHILDREN? Fuck you, Jeffree, you are a predator and a danger to society.

  66. Donna Flowers

    I used to not like you and I judged you. Now I feel like a complete asshole because youre fucking amazing!! Im sorry if I was ever a bitch to you. Ex hater became a new fan. Much love

  67. Misty Lynn

    I want this pallet so so so bad!!!!!

  68. Regina Rendon

    Those face masks hit different in 2020!

  69. Lorena Rodriguez

    I always be driven by this shop I didn't know it was that bad

  70. Santana Moreno

    hey ik that’s it a little off topic but what’s with your first attempt at a makeup brand?? wasn’t it called lipsticknazi?!? please explain jeffree

  71. Hella

    I am living for that hair on him omgggggg

  72. Baileyboomer 8


  73. Background Style

    It's sad when i realize that all of the other youtubers break up videos are with their ex's and jeffree is filming their break up video alone :(

  74. Donna Flowers

    The lady in the video throwing shade was hilarious tho

  75. Lailaf Hebo

    I just miss this

  76. Donna Flowers

    This was life!!! I miss my gma. My mom and gma used to do their make up like this. You look really pretty btw

  77. lucysblox

    literally the only duo I stan

  78. Kaylin Schei

    vote jeffree star for president 2020

  79. kyowt potato

    i find it cute when jefreestar gets distracted because of his dogs

  80. evilmaddie

    Waiting for the weed themed palette with shade “Enabler”

  81. Em

    Why didnt he try the lashes

  82. Lia Lynn

    no offence though i still love him so much he's basically my idol

  83. Rebel Alien

    I love you Jeffree, haters gonna hate and sometimes they do it so randomly. The palette is AMAZING 💙

  84. HaleyMadison

    Yassssssss queeeeeeennnnnnnnn

  85. Adrianna Mos

    Why cant I just smoke a blunt with jeffree og

  86. Riley Becker

    Honestly having a Jeffree Star robe would be iconic. 💖

  87. Michaela Jurčová

    Nice collection 💝Jeffree will land you💖Good Luck with Your Cisneros and in Life... I'M YOUR FANIC... YOUR COSMETICS ARE BEAUTIFUL

  88. Lisa Marie

    What happens to all of the make up?

  89. cait4190 vlogs

    Jeffree is such a girl 😂

  90. Kate Lipanovic


  91. CJ Dewitt

    I love that you take time for your fans.

  92. Merfgan Perfery

    I didn't realize all I needed during quarantine was Jeffree playing with puppies

  93. Vianey Bonilla

    Jeffreestar make up always looks great

  94. Powder Blue

    You only showed us your real ugly inside, Jeffree. You have never changed as you claimed, you are just a bag of lies. You are a hypocrite. I used to be your fan, but this situation opened my eyes. I HAVE PROOF I HAVE PROOF, omg when you know there's no way out you start apologizing. PURE BS!!! You feel threatened by James and his growing fanbase. You can't be trusted!!! Anybody around Jeffree and considering him your friend, remember this - JEFFREE CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

  95. Michelle Vill

    The broke up tik tok was f-ing hilarious. It might be too soon to joke but it was cute and her song choice.

  96. Dr.Sura Maher

    Nathan was right when he said that Jeff is an alien lol

  97. Rosemary DeSantis

    I honestly like Ulta because that have all of the brands I trust. They also have some of the brands Jeffery trust and I really trust his judgment. I like Morphe and Ulta and that is what I trust. They are high quality and just all around awesome.

  98. Caludia Kerr

    Ppl just wanna to make drama and like the attention they get if they hate on ppl

  99. Ingeborg Hensen


  100. Gretchen Dessin

    Imagine losing something in the house. “Well I walked from the spa to the hair salon. So not that far”. This would be so funnny for someone to lose their wallet.