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  1. Jesstine

    This is extreme; very sad.

  2. AceJams

    I see nothing when I look at Schitts eyes... devoid of life

  3. papa pie

    He really does need to step down from ALL Royal public engagements. He has been accused of paedophilia which is a criminal act. I cannot imagine any member of a charitable organization willing to be on the same panel as him or share the stage with him or be photograhed sitting next to him. No Royal Patronage he currently represents would be proud to be associated with him right now. Best he relunquishes all Royal duties. He will be fine. He has all the money in the world to live a luxurious life.

  4. Mr T

    Run back to mommy and daddy.

  5. Don Dennison

    Adam Schiff is a joke!!!!

  6. Michele Jackson

    He was unlikable to begin with.

  7. William Kiene

    Get the Marxist out of the schools and eliminate the Teacher's Union........ASAP. Get rid of the corrupt Unions....... The stop voting for Democrats............. Trump could fix it if the Democrats would get out of the way.

  8. Amanda Ouellet

    Whoa that Psycho just caused some crazy PTSD. I can't imagine the poor mom is probably so devastated and afraid of what world she brought her baby into. Man, I'm sorry for some peoples behaviour. That lady was scandalous.

  9. a1 1

    U think u r better than Chinese. That is a problem. Arrogance is a problem.

  10. Mix Lennoxx

    Where is the discussion, the news is disgusting.

  11. Michele Jackson

    FREEDOM. We should hold marches of support for Hong Kong's Independence.

  12. Stacy Starnes

    I was wrong to do something against your beliefs even if it saved lives. Take a stand somewhere.......liar.

  13. Jay Fuller

    That was hard to watch.

  14. Mom T


  15. Mom T

    ADAM SCHIFF ❤️❤️❤️ dr BRUCE HENSEL they both love 9 yr old girls

  16. bill hanna

    Didnt Biden gloat on blackmailing these thugs

  17. David Giardina

    Dairy - no matter kind of "facility" it comes form - is repugnant and abhorrent. No sentient being deserves or desires to be used this way.

  18. Francisca Bonilla

    The way this woman was hitting this poor special needs student was brutal, and it looks like she has demons of anger inside. That is why she doesn't know how to control her anger.

  19. Mom T


  20. Dan Alan


  21. Doug Graves

    Reading off Trump's tweet directly to the witness during her testimony is illegally introducing evidence and badgers the witness. Recuse yourself.

  22. Stephen Mack

    The utter hypocrisy of Bloomberg! He didn't just advocate/practice Stop and Frisk, he had Judge Shira A. Scheindlin removed from the case, by stealth! No more Oligarchs!

  23. Mark Burle

    Trump is going to win in 2020. Democrats need another bogus story after this one fails

  24. Mom T


  25. Dan Alan


  26. johann rüstmann

    Please America learn to spell his name correctly , Say it like a song or when you spell Mississippi . It's Butt igieg, got it ?

  27. Mr_Rockito

    Maybe Baby Donnie could get Andrew to be his new Vice-President? You know the Evangelicals would love that...

  28. Patony Brooks

    It's kinda funny how after all these years you were out that you just came to the realization that you were wrong, Could it be because you are running for President and looking for black votes? Kinda sneaky of you sir, I hope also everyone will remember how you got your big friends to change the Term limits until after you got out, what will you change the term limits for the President if you win to ,A (20) years dictatorship? People be afraid, be very afraid.

  29. Staying Positive

    Wow this is a lot. 4 1/2 hours of sleep? We need safer housing and rent controls for hard working people so they don’t have to live so far from their jobs...I admire her she inspires me to do more as a mom.

  30. Mc 007

    The rise in gun sales went up doing the Obama administrations how do you people just lie to create news. Also, gun sales go up when a democrats is in office because of gun control. Smh

  31. mosesheffner

    Democrats have nothing but lies

  32. MrRRHHMM

    ... it seems like Michelle may have had a 2nd glass of wine...this speech is dumb enough to be a bbc programme.

  33. 100 Subcribers with No Videos You need a story? Here you go. Make this go national!

  34. Ty Love

    0:35 Oh man, that dead silence...

  35. Virginia B. Britton

    Too bad all the Epstein clients are still protected by the cabal

  36. Lisa R

    2corrinthans 10 6 is at hand thru 2019

  37. szaow sz

    USA support freedom of expression, so please respect everyone including the gunman the same as usa respect freedom of expression by the Hongkong rioters

  38. Rhonda

    Bei Bei is not a Bear for goodness sake! He’s a Marsupial!

  39. 2 gender: male and female

    Pizza-gate, pizza-express you do the maths.

  40. Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s


  41. Casey Fowler

    Crazy that we're still celebrating inbred freaks in modern society. Sorry, "well bred."

  42. Salnsd

    and even back then the loony right wing nuts were , well loony right wing nuts ,

  43. E.G.

    CIVIL WAR the last time the DEMs tried to make their own rules we spanked em in a civil war, it's WAY past due for another. CIVIL WAR!!!! REMOVE THE HOUSE OF REPS REMOVE ADAM and NANCY remove them ALL. 3 yrs and they have NOTHING time to start a CIVIL WAR and END THIS!!!! Take our country BACK!!!

  44. Indiegirl007

    By the time I arrived to work, I would be ready to go back home. Lord. This is the story of a lot of moms. My mom drives an hour to work and an hour back. That's nowhere near to the six hour commute she has, but it's draining on her, nonetheless. Get up at 5, drive an hour to a job shehates, puts in that 8 hours to get peanuts, drives back home where she's too tired to even cook dinner. This is America.

  45. Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s


  46. Zenn

    John Ratcliffe Lost a WH job because he exaggerated his credentials. Eduation: University of Notre Dame (BA) Southern Methodist University (JD) Bill Taylor Previous office: Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine (2006-2009) Education: Harvard University, Mount Vernon High School, United States Military Academy.

  47. jerry giovengo

    So many dislikes.

  48. YoungPal LoL

    It was running for President. Good person tho

  49. Ksikkihkini

    Why can't he go to jail...oh yeah he's a Clinton ally, and Globalist degenerate. FU!

  50. CrimsonSpectre

    Hearsay and no evidence is now the way of the Democrat prosecutor. Ditch the party of the Democrats America, they're practically Soviets at this point.

  51. Moscow Mitch

    How long before Guliani get arrested. Any bets. ?????????????

  52. Christopher Bruehl

    Because you believed in stop and frisk, for that I would never vote for you Bloomberg

  53. TheCooledV

    Epic gamer moment, intruder got rekt

  54. Vicky Rus

    I can’t wait until these evil pedophiles are takin down. God has the last word!

  55. Gen Garcia

    If my daughter will do the same, not listening to the teacher and being stubborn, I will give that policeman 100% approval to slam & drag her out of the room! This is the problem in the society now. Discipline through nice talking are not every time effective, sometimes we parents must use the hand of steel for them to grow up knowing the meaning of authority if necessary.

  56. Steph Thompson

    That interview just showed their arrogance, and how stupid they think the people are.

  57. Satish Yadav

    I am always interested in these kind of videos because the comments under them are really entertaining. 😂

  58. Vicarious Johnson

    Please explain what impeachable offense she witnessed.

  59. Stormy CASH

    Not your mom not your milk!!! Grow some plants, and stop raping and torturing animals!

  60. joe mama

    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..."- 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Bloomberg will violate your rights, then say he's sorry. The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party knows no bounds.

  61. シGachaLefty

    i agree school sucks no one wants to be my friend but if i have plastic surgery they want to its stupid and i rather be a furry -_- i whould have lIke 100 friendss :D owo

  62. Y darb193

    Wow, classic from the 1600's, no audio. Gosh darn it.

  63. Jon Snow

    Thats Ashley from hardcore pawnshop lookalike

  64. Dennis Hassler

    Little Chucky Todd sold his soul to the devil long ago.

  65. Julissa Sarmiento

    She wants you to f her

  66. Khalil Shaid

    Panthers can take him

  67. Jay Budzy's Gaming Phuckery

    Lol hard to believe years of torture and slaughter is over 😆✌ Big dairy you're next 💯

  68. GiancarloFXBBTx.

    This is exactly how the end of the world starts.

  69. Blade Runner

    the evidence is too strong to simply and effectively deny.

  70. Carlo Thorne

    Why was it important for NBC News , to run The O.J trail last Friday during the time.out and.not The Rodney King beating or Trump bus bragging what he does to.women.

  71. Jack Jay

    I wish they can listen to their own interview. And see how pathetic they sound and look..

  72. Charles W Davis

    But those Devils always screaming they fear for they life but they following you around this is out of control. The world is given into the hands of the wicked you see on a daily basis who the wicked are just saying..

  73. Tone Test

    He just announced he is running and already apologizing? I cannot see this man as my President. Everyone of the canidonts would ruin the economy. TRUMP 2020

  74. Will Fer

    Black person * breaths * White person: *THATS ILLEGAL*

  75. taxxfreee smith

    You let him off low all his BS talking points propaganda first ever American propaganda

  76. Kevin Williams

    America, and the eraserheads with erasers on this medium, this one is for all of us. RUSSIA IS STILL TRYING TO MEDDLE WITH OUR ELECTIONS! Make no mistake about it. This Ukranian mess is to exonerate Russian influences on past, and the upcoming elections. We already know how this is going to end. How is it going to end America? Very tragically, because most of America is so polarized because of this Presidents malfeasant behavior. You hear it out of Republicans mouths. What the President said was INAPPROPRIATE. OR I DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT HE SAID. BUT I STILL SUPPORT HIM. REAL TALK, THE REPUBLICANS BLIND LOYALTIES BORDER ON LATENT RACIST BIGOTTED SENTIMENT; AND AN UNYIELDING HATRED OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. IF THIS WERE NOT TRUE, THESE REPUBLICANS, AND THIS PRESIDENT WOULD NOT SCAPEGOAT OBAMA INCESSANTLY LIKE THEY DO. THIS EVIL PRESIDENT WOULD NOT HAVE ERASED ALL THE BENEFICIAL PROGRAMS THE FORMER PRESIDENT LEFT IN PLACE FOR A BETTER AMERICA, AND A BETTER WORLD! Make no mistake, it really does not matter where the impeachment investigation takes us. Read the signs Republican evil doers, a blue wave of young, old, and awaken from their sleep Americans are outraged at this Presidents, Rudey Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney, and Leastly, Mike Pompeo's behavior in Regards to Miss Marie Yohanovich. And in conclusion and in check mate. Like Jim Jordan and his partners in deflection and evading the truth. THESE PEOPLE ARE RELYING ON SECONDHAND AND THIRDHAND INFORMATION. I WILL RESPOND LIKE THIS AMERICA. AFTER SONDLAND TESTIFIES TO A BRIBERY SCHEME. LET US SEE IF REPUBLICANS ASK TO HEAR OR DEMAND TO HEAR RUDY GIULIANI'S TESTIMONY OR MICK MULVANEY WEASEL HIS WAY OUT WHAT HE PUBLICLY SAID. OR LET US SEE IF WE CAN GET MIKE POMPEO TO OPEN HIS CLOSED WIDE SHUT MOUTH. THE TRUTH LIES WITH THESE EVIL MALFEASANT MEN. ONLY TIME WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH. AND AMERICA WE ARE OUT OF TIME!

  77. Jack Jay

    Everyone is tearing the country apart but this clown Trump has nothing to do with it and yet he is the leader of this country..

  78. Cheef Smokealot

    My 100 year old grandma Yetta, May God bless her soul, has a message for everyone she taught me when I was a kid. She had a cousin Matilda who survived the Auschwitz death camps. Matilda grew up in Austria. She watched the German Nazis take over her country without firing a shot. Soon after the Nazi takeover, the government made everyone register their guns. “For their own protection.” Soon after registering most all guns, the government said guns are too dangerous for civilians to own, even though people owned guns for hundreds of years. Everyone must turn in their guns. “For their own protection.” The Nazis actually came knocking at their front door. Asked nicely to, “please turn in their guns.” After most all the guns were confiscated by the government, the Nazis never knocked again. Soon after all the guns were given up, the government came back with force of arms. The government kicked the doors in with guns pointed at the innocent civilians. At gun point, every Jewish person they found had to follow them to the train station, and then on to the death camps. I remember old Matilda pointing a crooked arthritic finger at us kids and telling us, “never give up your guns!” We laughed at her, because none of us had any guns. Laughing at her made her mad. Matilda yelled at us, “You don’t understand. Once you give up your guns, you’re helpless.” “Once you give up your guns, the government death camps soon will follow.” Her words sent chills down our spines. We became serious because we knew that all of her 12 brothers and sisters and both her parents were all murdered in the death camps. She was the only survivor. We told her we would remember her words for the rest of our lives. “NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!” “Buy more guns, and stock up on ammo.” “Guns and lots of ammo are the only thing that will protect you from government death camps.” I remember my cousin Matilda and her sage advise. Every time the libretards idiots talk about gun control, I buy another Ar or Ak. I also buy cases of ammo every time. I will never be led to the government death camps, like my cousins did 80 years ago in Europe. I remember your wise words Grandma Yetta and cousin Matilda. I know you’re looking down on me from heaven with an approving smile, as I buy another beautiful Sig rifle in 556. and another couple of cases of ammo. Guns=Freedom. Guns=Liberty Guns=Less Crime Guns=Life. MAGA!! 🇺🇸

  79. Noah Fox

    Heyyyyy we made it, November 18th, 2019 - clear day

  80. Bjarke Stemann

    A decent guy - thank you!

  81. Koumba Toure

    Idk who told them is okay to dig those things up 😐watch y’all be cursed now

  82. TheFifth Estate

    TRUMP 2020

  83. TheFifth Estate


  84. N STAR

    WOWW! 51.3% TO 48.7 Big deal!!! Little peak because of the 1000000% MSM impeachment hoax! The people are starting to see through this now! Trump 2020!

  85. taxxfreee smith

    Why are you not holding him to answer the questions that you ask you have no spine Chuck Todd

  86. David Kelly

    Adam Schiff is full of Nothing but lies. He is scary to look at his eyes says it all. LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  87. Conservative Copwatch

    Trump stated his opinion, a Constitutional right. Schiff informed a witness of events outside of the hearing, to create an emotional response. Schiff committed witness tampering.

  88. Stiles C

    This guy brings more drama than my 17-year-old girlfriend I had back in high school

  89. I LoveAfrican Food

    This girl was obviously trying to get dicked down

  90. the shimmys

    The best way to judge most things is how beneficial a “party” is financially... Right now, Big pharma will jump on the MJ bandwagon...they have to, just like how all “media” HAD TO jump onto the Internet bandwagon. It’s a threat they won’t be able to control...but they can cover their future losses by getting which, I’m sure they are doing as we type. ;)

  91. Kevin Willis

    The very fact that the Administration Republicans want to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower is a federal crime. Punishment and scorn from us, the public, is the only thing that they have earned. Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  92. roz tornatore

    please ron johnson don't talk anymore. you are using inflammatory language that divides our country, by using words like 'coup' , 'tormenting' trump and continuing to paint clinton as some criminal that the base loves to hate. you, sir, need to be home and sit quietly by that fire place in your house.

  93. Wild Times

    Sad for la. People good luck

  94. J.C. Michaels

    Sen. Ron Johnson is the kind of person that would tell his daughter to "keep it in the family" when she tells him that Uncle Mike molested her.

  95. Mr Forbes

    What an outstanding speech it's a pity somebody like isn't in power YET 👍

  96. BS1

    No you're The Joke Mr Trump

  97. Shiloh Duran Perry

    i love how much she emphasizes that she is taking her dog out

  98. Wolfie!

    I Love that penguin

  99. Tracy Martin

    Uughmmm No thanks!

  100. Dave Stock

    This woman has an extreme mental problem.