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  1. Zuhaib Khan

    Inqilaab zindabad

  2. truth seeker

    Communism gave corona. Islamic Pakistan is sending the locust.

  3. Gemma Love

    What about the special trains meant for Northeast India, they’ve been attacked and threatened by the people of Bihar and it’s police? Where is that news?????

  4. fuzzystarlight

    if m not wrong, this is the same woman who extracted viruses from bats and engineered it into the wuhan corona virus that we are battling today

  5. styles 5

    shame on muslims

  6. Igor Fomenko

    Cocktail becomes dark in a few hours

  7. Nilanjan Dutta

    The entire video was useless due to that red label that was put at the bottom.. everything got hidden due to that


    They are either from gorkha Kumaon or gadhwal ...

  9. Fakereddine Abdelhafid

    باللغة العربية شه شه ........شه😷♨

  10. Dawood Sulaiman

    Every comments in here taking this video as fun as these soldiers can't be serious otherwise they will be imprisoned. Half of the budget ie: tax payers money goes to the military that is unaccounted and yet these soldiers suffer due to the negligence coming from the top. And then everyone expect them to protect us from Pakistan and China. I think time has passed to do an enquiry by an external agency into the corruption happening inside the military.

  11. Subscribe me for no reason

    According to the Bible. This is the sign of second coming of Jesus. so pray and ask God forgiveness

    1. Lijo John

      Very true

  12. Vasundhra Mishra

    🙏🇮🇳Modi ji

  13. Ebu Tayeng

    Jai hind 🇮🇳.. Feku sab ko utakeh fekoh

  14. bunny asmali

    🙏end is near , no doubt n happy karma realy hapens ❤️we humen r worst

  15. Elyssa Taylor

    Kaapaan movie????

  16. nahid hussain


  17. Jintu Tamuli

    Isse se yahi sabit hota he ki earth ko khatam hone me zadya time nahi lagega😓

  18. leechin lepcha

    bible me ye ghatna hain yeshu prabhu ke naam me parmeswar pita se prathna kare amen

  19. k r

    How cruel 2020 is? 😨 Corona virus Vizag gas leak , Andra Pradesh Amphan cyclone, west Bengal Forest fire, uttarkhand Now locust attack 🙏🙏🙏🤕still 218 days are left in 2020....

  20. Aditya kaushik

    Greatest Pm of all time.Our modiji.jai hind.🇮🇳❤️

  21. Shiva the super labrador

    First comment 😍 so will there be lockdown 5.0 ?? I do expect it

  22. Abhijeet Morey

    Seniors ke gaand mein masti aayee toh aisa Karna bahoot Sahi hai.

  23. Md Mahtab

    Rajeev Gandhi Ne Jo Bharat Desh Ke Liye Kiya Hai, Woh Koi Aur BJP Ka Neta Nahi Kar Sakta, Jai Hind Jai Bharat Mera Bharat Mahaan.

  24. The GreyJedi2112

    You showed nothing

  25. Anil purohit

    Ise sirf apni lagi rahti hai

  26. A Google User

    Proud of the Indian Army! Jai Hind!

  27. Nina Nikam

    Why not burn them all..??

  28. Ursala

    loved it


    Super all friend

  30. Nending getsang

    Hahaha love u army log

  31. Kuntesh Maisuria

    Apke liye koi sabd hi nahi hai... salute my indian army

  32. Abhinav *

    Khana pani band ho jayega inki aukaat nhi hai 🤣 china k kilaf bolde



  34. I'm pro noob

    Why my MRsel feed showing it now

  35. Sibani Singh

    Very awww cute cobra . Just like a dog .


    Gurkha he sayad

  37. sofiya sofiya

    What is this i am no understand

  38. Md Naseem


  39. Sudeep

    If there were chinese they were very happy...

  40. shivam kashyap

    Selute to indian army

  41. Tenzing wow


  42. Dulal khan music

    O mere khuda tu rahem farma

  43. Raheel Hussain

    Different people and dufferent way to perceive .... lets dont attach it to religion though ... but clearly what he did was wrong .. no excuse for him. The other side, people like him will exploit this video to malign whole muslim world .... that too will be wrong ... and that has been exactly happenning for long long time ...

  44. Suhani Sharma

    Any chance of them next coming to punjab or Haryana(These states are agriculture states)

  45. Param Khurana

    Love and Respect for all our soldiers employed at borders and at difficult terrains like these🙏🙏Waheguru Meher kare🇮🇳🇮🇳

  46. shiv

    Im feeling proud chennai is like my second home

  47. Prince Kumar

    That's awesome.. the disciplined way they pay homage is sight to see

  48. Nilakantha Satapathy

    Very good initiative 👌 👌👌

  49. Suhani Sharma

    Bhagwan Kalki has come.

  50. Alejandro rubion

    Locust attack = reducing magnetic field

  51. Riordan Plows


  52. Riordan Plows


  53. jesica Krishnan

    But what's the use of plate and wooden rod😒

  54. Simon Jones

    You just replayed the same few seconds over and over.


    This was an Entertaining video by the forces. Ha ha V all love them. Cool dudes in cool places. Though ppl survive tough places. Respect

  56. Nayan Kalapgar Vlogs

    The end is near Watch Exodus God's and Kings He told this Era this Come

  57. Nayan Kalapgar Vlogs

    I wish I had Fire Gun I could kill Locust like in Zombie Movie

  58. Ayush G

    I'd vote for him

  59. WeberJ Lifestyle

    Be safe and God blessed

  60. ravi আহোম

    So now a days, everyone need a flamethrower

  61. Im

    When people become arrogant and violent doing Injustice on Land to each other and Hates one other, God sends like thia Punishments on earth. (Quran 7:133). We need to behave ourself over Nature and Humanity with Love and pray to Lord of Universe to overcome such Crisis.

  62. Jasoda Mina

    Wah pappu fuaz jahilo ki fauz congi pappu inko vot dene vale sab bewde papu gandi

  63. Harshita Kurmala

    Oh! What is this yaar

  64. prakash b

    2020 me corona, 2020 me locust, 2020 me Amphan cyclone, 2020 me 20 lakh karod ke package, aur kya baki hai bhagwan.

  65. Rituraj Kundu

    Very good,why worried,its natural balance method,human is excessive, their number shud come down

  66. Shifana Jahabardeen

    Signs of the world end...Fear Allah 😢

    1. you know sann

      I don't afraid of god. I love god

    2. SATHISH T

      Why your God want to kill humans

  67. Razz G

    Good work by BJP, keep up your hard work. Plz dont fight HINDU AND MUSLIMS Game. Nitin Gadkari good man.👍

  68. Nazmul Hasan

    Manobota ki khilaf jo bi kadam uthaiga manob banane wala sence rehne nehi dega

  69. vishal abuj

    1st time on you tube real police did prank on public.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Prateek Upadhyay

    Idiots will say it's the Bible's God but actually it's because of climate change.

  71. Maitreya Kocharekar

    0:10 That guy coming into the class: Aaj sharma ne zyada maal de diya [sharma(s) are present everywhere]

  72. Kecy Augustin

    Jesus is the way, the life and the truth! He never leave us astray that why it's important to get into the word Bible to know these things. It's crazy how history repeats itself but God has the plan to bring it to a final end. What he starts he will also finish!

  73. Ravan 007

    Dnt blame religion this person is guilty he should be punished

  74. Man in Black

    Trap them and export to China.

  75. Yovan John

    Bible said vetukili

  76. King Khan

    Indians tumhari government tumhen Khana ni deti sabko pata ha👎👎

  77. ThinkAware

    Send them to china

  78. Mr salman khan

    Njioi/,week I'm Yn jjbb. N. Hmm I'm in in Un-mnkopppg Rc. ,

  79. Martin Flora

    Modi curse all over India...

  80. Narayan.r Narayan.r

    I love u my tha I love you my Tata Abdul Kalam he s my god.

  81. Zorq Torq

    Aur jhagde karne waalo Hindu Muslim karne waalo ab to [email protected]*do sudhar jao kitna kahar baras raha kam se kam ab to unity banalo b*diwaalo

  82. mdeep Singh Rehal

    Hats off to u BETA!!!Really proud of u

  83. خآن گروف بدمعاش

    Amezeang ansaniat nice

  84. Mamta Bisht

    Oh God .

  85. sanjay kumardogra

    What kind of rights modi g talking about for j&k?😂😂😂😂 not given anything only taken

  86. Sujeet Kumar

    भ्टे पर बाले कैसे जाएंगे घर जाने वाले को २१दिन कयो रखा जाता है उसके घर में सादी रहेगी तो कैसे कर पाएंगे और इसके पास बकत कम हैं जो तो इन लोग क्या करे इन लोगो के लिऐ कुछ

  87. Mahesh Mittal

    Murkho ki khadan he pak

  88. Rahul Patel

    Modiji hai tou sab kuch mumkin hai

  89. Tahalka Tech

    kya afganistan ke muslman kalma nahi padhte ??? ye propganda chhoro aur apne mulk ki taraki par dhayan do


    sabko pranam..... jai hind

  91. Pratik kar

    Modi also should say sometimes that father should take care of their girl child .. always targetting a boy's motjer is not fair

  92. Abdullah Khan

    Qur'an 28:4 Indeed, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and made its people into factions, oppressing a sector among them, slaughtering their [newborn] sons and keeping their females alive. Indeed, he was of the corrupters. 7:130 And We certainly seized the people of Pharaoh with years of famine and a deficiency in fruits that perhaps they would be reminded. 7:133 So We sent upon them Tufaan and locusts and lice and frogs and blood as distinct signs, but they were arrogant and were a criminal people. . . . 7:137 So We took retribution from them, and We drowned them in the sea because they denied Our signs and were heedless of them.

  93. Sharuk Khan


  94. Harshiya Vempalli

    Long ago this was held in Egypt Country

  95. Ashish Maley

    Ye kaha ka vedio nd kis date ka Kyuki abhi ek hafte Pehle hi ye h madhya-pradesh ke khargone district ke badwaha tehsil me ai hui thi

  96. jesus is love and saviour

    Or mobile choloo networks chaiya fast wala mar gaye sare birds ab kon khayega inhe

  97. Monie Baby

    Hamara Bible mein likha hai

  98. Jinx

    The swarms are moving towards Dausa, Karauli and Dholpur," said Dr K L Gurjar, Deputy Director of the Locust Warning Organization (LWO).

  99. Abhishek Chaurasiya

    ham bhe kaam karege ye kaam kaha hota hai please

  100. Pity Rabha