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  2. Nathan Billson

    This is the first video I've seen from her , I was a very young naughty hoe and that's where I started to like gays with big asses because she didn't have boobs and I didn't mind that , I found I'm bisexual then pansexual after that

  3. E Vidz

    Who's Better? Like: *Fancy (Iggy Azalea)* Comment: *Fancy (TWICE)*

  4. Trashy Minty

    Sally is watching from heaven and wondering "why are they dancing 💃. I'm dead" * cough* *cough* bhad bhabie

  5. Billy Woodruff

    Who forgot this was her song

  6. Bee Marley

    Charlie james

  7. micah mayoralgo

    this is mad nostalgicc

  8. Potickles

    I forgot this song existed lmao

  9. KippurCatArts

    Trash the target, steal the $300 tv

  10. KippurCatArts

    Trash the target, steal the $300 tv...

  11. sick boy

    6th grade me is quacking

  12. Jani Ra

    I cant help but love her songs 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😍

  13. Danny Sandy

    I'm back I'm Danny ilove old school also new but you can't beat old school

  14. moon saga

    watching this mv but my head *fancyyyyy youuuuu*

  15. JoKky


  16. little tiger

    I just watched your kream vid and when I saw this I was like omg I didn't know she made this

  17. TTV_GhostJT Ya

    Why did this pop up in my recommendations 1 year later

  18. Nao Lu

    omg 2020 I still addicted to this song, I love Iggy

  19. Redrick Nelson

    Ok woman

  20. Ivory Vaughn

    Iggy do be Cher💯😳👀

  21. Ivory Vaughn

    This my stuff right here this song unlocked memories I didn’t know I had.

  22. daniel vicite

    I am the the lady iggy talks with in a few years

  23. Grunge aesthetic


  24. Mithun B

    Bella Hadid homie could get it

  25. Kawan Oliveira

    Nem vai ter clipe afs

  26. Sanjay Singh

    This was awesome

  27. itsyagirlamiah

    This was my favorite song when I was 5-6

  28. Saba Shaikh

    when i was younger i used to think iggy and demi were the same person... anyways

  29. Renata Gomes

    Quem veio por causa do tikktok,deixa o like heheh

  30. Kasen Firestine

    yes Nikita fucking dragun

  31. Lady Kelly

    I can't handle how much she looks like Demi Lovato

  32. thecraigpaul paul

    This is ICONIC

  33. Thomas Rosales

    She is hot, but those are SO obviously T.I> lyrics!

  34. Nayely Garcia

    I love you iggy😘

  35. Tarquino Llori

    Tik tok?

  36. Uniqua Beckford-Darby

    Who here in may to june 2020


    The Coffin dancers are there!

  38. Raphael Kaiston


  39. Морган Гуинн

    I love that it was like clueless

  40. Destany Carter

    Is anybody going to talk about how they saw Nikita dragun

  41. Maria Godinez

    *respect the drip karen*

  42. Maisa Dielma


  43. Elita

    Why doesn’t this have 1.b views??

  44. amina__ 1

    2014 was such a different year. Idk how to explain it but the vibe was just so different

  45. Angel Gabriel


  46. Fe4RBoii

    #tiktok gang

  47. Ronja von Post

    This is the energy I want to live by

  48. Ouahib toubali

    Love you Iggy Azalea

  49. Partho samrat

    I'm old!😣

  50. 7w7 UwUツŤĄŤŹÛKŸ-KÛŃツ

    Me traume ;w;

  51. Logan.Galaxy1234

    Big "WANDA"s and Black Widow. Marvel. Sorry, I'm just a big fan.

  52. Rose Marie

    I remember I listened to this like 24/7 everyday, when I was 12

  53. La Diva Del Jazz

    Alice Chater Two of us 2020 yasss queen

    1. La Diva Del Jazz


    2. La Diva Del Jazz


    3. La Diva Del Jazz


    4. La Diva Del Jazz



    *Change your life during 2020 Coronavirus World Tour*

  55. sofiyarini ambarwati

    this song is gonna be my personal problem 😍 coz i kant stop listzeninggg

  56. Zen d’msp ღ

    Who will remove the history before your parents see it? i'm french ;)

  57. Jordanrian Anderson

    She 🥵

  58. Alexsander Marques

    Metade das visualizações são por causa da gkay kkkkk

  59. Aaron Maldini

    Charl is almost as dope as Liz

  60. Kaila F

    The best thing is her clean voice omg

  61. that_kiddo. airi

    I don't even like iggy but this when and still is hard

  62. Marquita B

    Believe ugly I was a lousy lousy regular house ugly

  63. Yee Yee Chicken Strips Chicken

    Pov: you are scrolling threw the comments while listening to the song and watching the music video and moving your booty to the music

  64. James& Nikki White

    Shes so pretty

  65. James& Nikki White

    Isn't that her real husband ?

  66. Hiba Ahmed

    I'm surprised I know all the words after all this time man!!!

  67. Jordan Williams

    claim your here before 1billion views

  68. ruby Garcia Gonzalez

    wyAtt Smith lol,,🙏🙏🌸🌸😔😔😔

  69. Gerald Lume

    I'm drowning in her 0:18.

  70. Gerald Lume

    I wish my face was behind 1:37-1:39.

  71. Mari em

    Sally walker walked so coffin dance could run 1:12

  72. Cameron Barnett

    So cringy.. Very stupid.

  73. oyuncu kralı

    very bad

  74. Alesha Paul

    This reminds me of the movie romy and Michelle's high school reunion

  75. Alisa Cat

    CoFfIn DanCe, ThEh Be liKe CoFfIn DanCe, CoFfiN dAncE

  76. guest

    Pledge allegiance

  77. Büşra Temel

    Türk var mıı

  78. Michelle Morganite

    Baddest white bxtch in the game!!! 😩😍🙌🏽

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  82. Spiderman Spiderman

    Okay she looks Angel in this attire

  83. travis jones

    Ill be back in 10 ly to the 12th power

  84. Rosa Wharerau

    If you don’t understand this concept your to young

  85. tallulaheatsleaves

    Damn I didn’t know this song was so deep

  86. aaas migo

    Wu tang

  87. Riouze

    Anyone else think the 2010s went to quick? I litterally feel as if we’ve had a time glitch

  88. Sarhang bastasteni

    took me back to 5years ago SO cool

  89. Gemma Louise

    waittt this was like my favvv song in 2014/15 and I’ve finally rediscovered it hahah

  90. kuro's life ^.^

    I will always Stan iggy

  91. Gilmore Twin

    Amazing song ever this is really dope❤️

  92. Ivy Rose

    I love Iggys body 😍 Look how her booty move.

  93. Sara Caetano - 2 ano integral 4

    Fofa ela ne, fala mal do Brasil todo e dps vem gravar com a pabllo


    💞💞💞ahhh someday

  95. Abdulrahmaan Roman

    whos listening to this 2020 while corona

  96. K’s World

    2020 gangg wya?


    People got alot to say with a ticket on that plane ive been up all night make the whole game twice

  98. MegaYohji


  99. Jabali Reseni

    Can someone tell me what this whole video is about

  100. Pieter Lenk Year 7

    Lol why is everyone using swords it’s 2020 not flipping 1500 use guns XD