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  1. the little rawknee gamer 0.9

    2019 ma kon kon dekh rha h

  2. Jitendra Jogiya


  3. Sandeep Kumar

    A Dream which come true To See Bohemia Sir without black topii and goggles . Awesome Song love paji

  4. Munna Bhai

    Atif Aslam is truly a legend

  5. dizen bhowmik

    lovely song😍

  6. Bhim Khadka



    Nice song

  8. منوعات فخامة

    Oao hrithik

  9. Roshani Maurya


  10. khodijah khaer

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 19November2019

  11. love emotionality

    भारत माता की जय, मेरा भारत महान

  12. Pravar Sah

    Yash raj films saale chor....madhchod... Copy right stick he maarte raaho bas tum.... Gaand mara lo apne bhen ke lado

  13. Dinar Juravlyov

    I love you Bollywood. From Bukhara.

  14. Suryanarayan Behera

    Nice songs

  15. Suryanarayan Behera

    Nice songs

  16. Suryanarayan Behera

    Nice songs

  17. Aliza Jahanzeb Sheep

    that's my Favorite Song because Shahrukh Khan is my favorite !!

  18. Iqra Malik

    Nice song ❤❤❤❤Ab aise song kyon nahi bante

    1. Rowdy Rathore

      Iska remake zaroor banayenge

  19. Ume Laila


  20. Bio Accumulation

    Rani is Mardani & no lady singam No need to masculinize her bravery with commercial fake cop who is just hypothetical & we rarely can find such honest & dignified cops atleast in real life

  21. Ume Laila

    I am form 2019 lei honi

  22. Ika Queen


  23. Ika Queen


  24. Ika Queen

    About love..❤

  25. Ika Queen


  26. Ika Queen

    Looks so sweet..❤❤

  27. Chaudhari Jignesh


  28. Joselyn Elayne Chipana Salinas

    Good music!

    1. Joselyn Elayne Chipana Salinas

      Sharuk khan is muy favorite love!

  29. danni wang

    It is sooo strange. I don’t understand the lyrics but I can’t stop watching!!

  30. Pauline Gaultier

    The legit ʏᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ ᴠɪᴇᴡ has truly only $1.61 1000 ᴠɪᴇᴡ iz - *RAZORVIEWS.* *COM*


    Nice song

  32. himanshu karnwal

    Hun prem game jivein saada kuch same nai

  33. Ali Khan

    Who is watching this because Vikram Singh Chauhan like or comments ❤️❤️

  34. Amir Alami

    الي راه يسمعليها 2019 يحط لايك 😛🥰😭😭😭

  35. Swagat Dutta

    Wanted one glimpse of that villain .. "dum hain to rokle ja "

  36. Uncommon Boy Abdul

    2020 mein kon sun raha haiike kar do...

  37. Agam Cody

    Ab isse kehte hain sequel 🤩🤩

  38. Mariam

    I felt like this choreography wasn't the best they could have come up with; especially for such a talented dancer like Katrina

  39. Tanvi Posture

    💙💙💙💙who says Katrina doesn't knows acting!!..... I love dimple so much.... She's damn.... And kush.... Too cute!!... I love this movie so much.....anytime entertaining movie!! 💙💙💙💙 and scene is one of my favorite😍💕

  40. Wawan Hadi

    Beriman lah kepada Allah dan Rasulnya qs Al Hadi 57:7

  41. Fakenology

    who is listening today?

  42. Zoha Ali

    Kon kon is song ko roz sunta ha

  43. Suniu Tata

    Raghav Mathur Miss you bowy..come back with Angel eyes thing..what happend to you..Ishq shava was good

  44. Free Crypto Earnings

    Bohemi raja King is always King

  45. They call me KT

    next holi me sabse jada bajne wala song yhi hai.

  46. Mihul Prakash

    Areee bhosdke pehle ek movie nikaal le n ..q Ajay ke Dekha Dekhi krr rha ...avii Delhi dur hiii ...avii sirf Tanaji chleega🔥🔥🔥🔥500 cr 🔥😎

  47. arym hansie

    Bosco-Caesar-let's not forget to acknowledge the choreographers-standing ovation.

  48. Baby supernatural

    احلا كوبل

  49. arym hansie

    Can't imagine the number of Gays who must have lusted after Hrithik after this dance.


    i know for sure hritik really enjoy filming this dance scene. hes really having his moment there.

  51. M Rehman

    Feeling sad for this girl vaani Kapoor😓😓😓😓 as everybody here is praising Hrithik Roshan

  52. arym hansie

    I just wish Vaani had worn a better outfit that could have shown her dance skills better-especially when doing the hook step.

  53. ima edit that out

    This is exactly what our culture is to me

  54. Feruza Сахалинская Змея.

    I miss you my pagaal

  55. Ahtesham Khan

    Kon kon November 2019 me ye song sun rha hai?

  56. Ali Akber


  57. kamoi chapman

    Was bores wanted something new search for indian pop somehow ended here 👌👌👌

  58. Arjun Soumithran

    What a lyrics what a song


    Lovely song Hrithik sir

  60. Bharat Main Jo Deshdrohi Hai Unki Maa Ka Bhosra

    7k rapist spotted...

  61. chandraguptawillruletheworld xx

    kumar sanu = most romantic voice

  62. Mahar Asif Ali Mahar Asif Ali


  63. ali sms

    Congratulations for 100 millon plus views 💪💪💪❤ Love you sidhu veere

  64. Praneet Singh

    This film should be a blockbuster But pheraps our Indian audience wants melodrama & chat masala Hence this movie also won’t survive more than a week in theatres 😓

  65. Zia Khan

    Oh fine song.

  66. Artemis

    I am not Indian but admire your Holi holiday. I don't know why make me happy. I wish I could attend one day.💜💙💚💛❤️♥️ God bless you ✝️🙏

  67. Abhijeet Biswas

    Asli sultan kon hai

  68. farhan sadat

    Crime patrol kaafi h..

  69. MR X

    Sick movie India gross

  70. Rohan Bhatia

    Gand jalti hai yrf ki jab koi doosra youtuber inke khilaf kuch bole. And they copy strike those videos. Pathetic !!

  71. Ghouse Qadri

    *It's the best thing the makers have did by not revealing the villan* 👍🏻

  72. Mouhssi Kadri

    أكو عرب

  73. Татьяна Лаврененко

    Кто кого убил?

  74. عاشق بلا حبيبه العراقي

    عمار الجنابي

  75. Unknown 80

    This song need not be just dedicated to couples every parent can say this to their child

  76. Kunal Keshav

    This comment is for the YRF productions, take away the copyright strike from other low level MRsel channels, who are producing way better content than your entire production house, this big Titan small kid game is not cool.

  77. Unknown 80

    Really a pleasure to watch these beautiful songs

  78. Bilal Rather

    Who is best Bohemia paji thoko Or Sidu ...cmnt thoko...