Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Rosie Giesl-Butler

    name idea: safly mauve logical

  2. zarifa ahmed

    14:02 *gets walk through history flashbacks*

  3. Iris eclipse

    Oh Yeah i love Dollightful Her videos are awesome.

  4. Eve M

    You look a title more goth then normal

  5. Keegan Garrett


  6. Makaila maru


  7. Alyssa Giggles

    they're opposites.

  8. Rijn

    “Oh yes, oh my god , it’s so soft oh I’m going to deep oh my god” Pour’n alright

  9. Annalise Rios

    James Charles pallet mixed together

  10. Sarah Leonhart

    Please like this Comment if you have subscribed to her

  11. melissa farley

    how about '' On the mauve''. I think that's a cute name

  12. kylee washkenney


  13. Nicole Woodward

    No one: Safiya: Baleohigahiaga

  14. Chris Xue

    Safiya you need to look up your rising sign lol. Seriously, then you will understand why people are so obsessed with zodiac signs. Sometimes I feel like I'm more like my rising sign than my sun sign.....

  15. Eric Garcia

    What about james charles

  16. Slimey Factory

    Hehe I live in Dallas! Who else does?

  17. anan15480


  18. Paw Printz

    I love the colour.

  19. Backwards Rainbow Detective

    Mauvie dick

  20. qutzie cat

    I like to muave it muave it I like to muave it ! Aka I like to move it! From magadagastar

  21. Gianna Narciso

    If I see hate comments I’m going to cry

  22. Linda Ayala

    Saf said shit👿

    1. Linda Ayala

      Take it back!!!

  23. cmdub97

    Hufflepuff/Thunderbird here!

  24. 114M45_4R3_PR377Y_C001

    I think they fit well together cuz they were all different shaded of the primary colors

  25. am 0822

    if not you should come to Cincinnati they have one it it taste amazing

  26. am 0822

    do you guys have a skyline chili

  27. Mandythebest Overstreet

    Try honey

  28. Benjamin Lees

    I prefer your look so much more in that 80s hair

  29. Benjamin Lees

    If I see you in that outfit... You can play my drums

  30. Aleiah Wooten

    You can mix perfume,lotion ,and soap

  31. Benjamin Lees

    The hair is what I loved the most (even tho I was born in 2005) No one cared about hair products

  32. Central Arkansas Judgment Recovery

    You are brave, hilarious, and beautiful! Thank you for this video! 😁😁

  33. Elizabeth Perna

    I vote d

  34. Hannah Montelius


  35. Emily StrodeP

    Am I the only one that thinks 2000s Saf looks like tori from Victorious?

  36. Avaclaire Scales

    It’s late next year so ummmm????

  37. Amy Frederickson

    mauve my wig ( weave)

  38. Bree Killscarebears

    You should make like an eyeshadow palette? I guess? Like mix the shimmers and a few different mattes and make like a whole eye look

  39. ClumsyKiwi

    Who else just died at 19:39

  40. ayako

    december 14th!?!?! i remember when this came out-

  41. Mya Robertson


  42. yuni yeni

    mauvelicious the perfect name !

  43. Ms Pineapple

    When she said I probably shouldn’t say that three times because she said Beetlejuice twice I wanted to scream

  44. Pineapple Queen

    Next thing to try high heeled Birkenstock’s 😂

  45. Ginny The Bunny

    I need Mauve of you

  46. Madelynn Turner

    I was at house of vintage not to long ago too

  47. Hi !

    Safily mauvelogical or mauve over frankenmakeup


    Mauvey duck

  49. Lana .I

    The only highlighters I have is pink and gold and I mix them all the time

  50. Camel Child

    Anyone else see the Karen behind Saf on the bus?

  51. Brooke Sweet

    I have flat feet too

  52. Ellis Love

    5:48 you copping simply nailogical ?

  53. jinxes 101

    Some of the outfits are from Fashion NO-va. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Juanita Duarte

    When she said “plastic tents” I really heard “plastic tits”

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  59. حوراء يروحي

    اكو عرب

  60. Kittycat1951

    Mauve bitch (Get out the way)

  61. Mamoona Ali

    3:45 Are u colourblind..... Are u Logan Paul 😂😂😂 Lolll😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Aimee Entwistle

    'Simply the mauve'🎉

  63. Nora Monahan

    Safiya: melts every lipstick from Sephora together Me and my $3: how on earth-

  64. MaddyE Anime lover

    Hello safiya I have a dare for you...where all your freankin makeup for one whole day lipstick nail polish all of it ^^

  65. Danipoo

    When I was little I used to be afraid of Abercrombie and Fitch because of the weird smell xdddd

  66. Carolina Beltran

    But hey,thats just a theory,a...a...shane theory?shirt?

  67. Nathalie Laffitte

    me and my mom have the same jacuzzi and its very good cualiti

  68. Mr Stuby legs

    This is how many times safiya said boobs ↓

  69. Aurora Anderson

    I was coloring and I look at my color of the colored pencil in it is MAHOGANY

  70. plutoleo

    We need a 2019/20 collab!!!!!

  71. Lightblue Sky2345

    Frankin baby

  72. Foggy Splash

    I mauve this color- My terrible naming process- :’3

  73. Laura

    I had the exact same colour normal crocs. They were vile looking back. I don't know what I was thinking

  74. Alexis Birnley

    Monster Mauve

  75. Hannah Shermak

    5:25 hmmmmm almost sounds like naming a child.

  76. Lily Summers

    1:03 LION King reference.

  77. Amelia Machanic

    The intro song from the MRsel ad video😂

  78. Jazmine Nolasco

    That’s when I was born!

  79. Benedikte Andersson

    Franken Mauve!

  80. tea bean!

    "simply mauvegaard" Probably doesn't make sense but y'all made it together 😂

  81. hI sIsTeRs

    Safiyaaaaaa I'm begging u plssss can u make a video mixing every hair dye in like the dollar store or something and dye Tyler's hair.

  82. jennifer loiselle

    i got the mauves

  83. Carolina Beltran

    24:41 she has a grifindor scarf I FOUND A FELLOW GRIFINDOR

  84. Margaret Bahr

    Apparently we sounds the sa.e because you activated my Google assistant (android siri) when you said good morning.

  85. Chloe Fenwick

    Mouve over should be da namee

  86. c_glezx 01

    oh mauve like oh babe

  87. Just Rachel

    7:02 was Oliver tree :} I love him so much 💗

  88. Elizabeth Ulven

    All dresses i buy from fashion nova are exactly the same as in the pics. Guess it depends on your body type mostly cause they definitely look good and fit good

  89. flyingvalcanomuffin

    suave muave

  90. Vanessa Frey

    "pas mauvais" ?🤔

  91. Sixties Haze

    Is this what it’s like to have money?

  92. Apple Slices Unite

    18:34 is a keeper.

  93. Sis C

    This is the most tingles I've EVER gotten from an ASMR video

  94. Shea Meyerson lye is so dangerous why would you put it in soap? You use that on your skin. Do the other ingredients even it out?

  95. nata zlata

    For all of you wathing now anybody saw cristines merch 12:09 😂😂😂

  96. Sophia Alvarez

    you should call the franken polish "the real peel porn" referring to Cristine's 90% of her videos

  97. Angelynn Neal

    This is the first and last time she says 6:00-7:00 pm was too late to film.

  98. LozzaHulk

    Call it "my psychotic self" BTW love your videos

  99. Genny Gelbhaar

    The frankin polish

  100. Hunter_ Gacha