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  1. Kindredsouls

    This animation made me cry :(

  2. Alkon Punk

    YAY HAPPY END!!!!!! :,,,,,D

  3. Alkon Punk

    AAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,D

  4. Blow your mind Scientist

    Plz make this an actual game.

  5. pineapple cat

    aaaww I almost cried it was so sad and the main characters were so cute! But it eneded happily! I loved it! Pls make more

  6. Thallys s.g

    i love😁

  7. Angel._. Gacha

    Since when did Pixar swear and make dirty jokes?😂

  8. Me and My pencil

    It makes me sad that some were there is an animal that needs love and no one is there to love it. Lots of animals don’t even end up getting love in the end. If i could i would find all of them and find perfect homes for them all






    Love pets:dog an cat

  12. Sarah Rao


  13. Fiona Joy

    I Love Cats and Dogs

  14. Jack Traveller

    this was one of the biggest bait and switch movies of all time. if you have a 5yo kid or so, do not let them watch this movie...

  15. CAT

    nice short film

  16. naman joshi

    Beautiful film <3

  17. Kim Keller

    I like Bill Hader.

  18. Olivia Muchow

    Wait I think I figured out why the dog was hurt! It sounded loud in the building when the door was opened and I thought I heard other dogs barking, so maybe it’s dog fighting?

  19. MTYT Gacha

    I cried sad and happy tears, like if you did too

  20. SKY_ E.W

    I miss all of them and I miss when Andy play with them 😔... The ending of Toy Story 3 had brought me a tear but Toy Story 4 make me cry...Hope there is Toy Story 5

  21. Aye Peter


  22. ImagineFandoms

    I was honestly sobbing all throughout this. I have a very close connection with bull type breeds of dog as my family own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and we love her to bits. It's such a shame that bull breeds are always portrayed as aggressive and monstrous in the media when that couldn't be further from the truth! They are big babies and all they need is lot's of love and a good home ❤️

  23. flat_foot

    I feel like Disney gathered such a big female audience over the recent years, that it is probably larger than the male audience now. Could be a reason why they didn't make back their money with Onward. Other than all the faults the writing had Also did the guy just throw away the rope? that's very out of character -_- 3:32 there's no rope in the next shot 3:40 Is there a reason why they didn't render the rope again

  24. Finlay The virushog

    * r a y m a n i n t e n s i f i e s*


    Let’s goooo OMEGA HOWL RULES!!!!!!!

  26. Juan Daniel Calvo Llano

    If you supers have any legal problem, better call Saul!

  27. Jack Li

    Mater thinks the wasabi is an pistachio ice cream.

  28. Adrian Anoma

  29. jf k

    It is sweet that Merida still enjoys the Mor'du story despite her dad telling it so many times. It really shows their close relationship and how much she admires him.

  30. Alina Sprounse

    song name ?

  31. Neetu Sodae

    Nice drawing

  32. Игор Шелухин

    Love Cet 🐾 🐱 💞

  33. Brener Silva

    Só eu que me arrepiei?

  34. Dezan Fahreza

    Spoiler eh?

  35. Valentin Palombo

    Cars is like the overfed child of Pixar


    Thanks Pixar

  37. ßraułıøxđ10》 məđınå》

    Alguien de México

  38. cHiCkEn NuGgEt check me out

    awe i love the ending!

  39. cHiCkEn NuGgEt check me out

    i still feel bad even though its a animation... ;c

  40. -`,*《Katty The Føx •ω•》


  41. Smart Phone

    I Love Toy Story (THIS IS MY FAVORITE)

  42. Ева Ставицкая

    Жалко собаку😭

  43. Deysi Arias


  44. MILES

    I'm sitting in quarantine remembering how people are freaking out about him crashing

  45. gaminglucky

    When im depri i always watch dis movie, i luv it so much

  46. doggo lover

    I love how the cat jumps on the dog so cute the car almost remids me of courage the courldly dog

  47. Gaming Channel Shadow

    Awww that cute cat has a house its a box with an elephant and pink carpet awwwww

  48. Hari-Maku

    I watched Coco with my parents. We all cried at this scene.

  49. Kake

    This needs to be a full movie

  50. adam khan

    Pixar can you make a rimix of cars 3 it will look like in a classic game in the 80's thanks pixar your the best!

  51. M. MIN

    I love dog and cat cute ❤️

  52. marina

    This cat loks like caton cat

  53. Yassen Kiwan

    Poor dog just wants to be friends not enimy

  54. Maywenn Carité

    Lot of memories 🥺

  55. u k zzz? Rankin

    This might have been the most cute thing I have ever seen besides the abuse

  56. thebendylover 2

    Make more, I love these type of videos!

  57. mimi Silva


  58. mimi Silva


    1. mimi Silva


  59. Jamius Iman

    Kisian. Betul

  60. Mr. Lou Buford

    0:24 BAR! NAR!

  61. One Piece vlog vlog


  62. Lacial Animations

    I cried bc it’s so wholesome at the end and so sad at the start

  63. Vania Amara

    I'm so happy that finally they get adopted❤

  64. Andrew Weatherburn

    Poor doggy

  65. Mirna Muhariah


  66. The Lucario

    The people do disliked this are heartless

  67. Vinizia A.J

    Please make more of these animal animations Is very cute and it makes me smile because I love cats and dogs 🐱 🐶

  68. Doggie Eilish xO

    Yeah, Boo’s a killing machine She’s so adorable it’s killing me! 💜 😭

  69. Dalia Flores

    Someone else loves when barley says "Oh, but did you?"

  70. GalaxyOrbs91

    i had to re watched the trailer because the first time i was just focusing on Overture by AJR playing in the background XD

  71. fiki_roblox

    im crying

  72. Anthony Escobar

    So sad poor dog

  73. Donna Moy

    Gets me in tears everytime...

  74. Doggie Eilish xO

    She’s so cute 🍭🧡

  75. Kevin Lee

    God, I love this movie.

  76. Chloe YU

    Where you going ASAP?Better come back ASAP

  77. Tuấn Vương Anh


  78. Beboy Went

    Cool film

  79. Luna Star

    Best short film ever

  80. Stop ruining our childhood Adio

    My theory is that we’re going to look at his past memories as he’s in the afterlife

  81. Dràgöñ ÀJ

    This film made me cry...💜💙💚💛

  82. Enzo Rosa Munhoz


    1. Enzo Rosa Munhoz

      Marcus Cheng Im in it

    2. Marcus Cheng

      Man is nothing without God and God callc everyone to Him. Come to Him.

    3. Marcus Cheng

      Everyone, boycott this sacrilegious film Soul for religious blasphemy, religious insensitivity and misleading God's people! Pete Docter is a disgrace to all Christians worldwide for teaching the very forbidden concept of reincarnation.

  83. mariela gomez

    Hermoso 😍😍🤩🤩

  84. Nancy lucia Nava silva

    LOVE 🐈

  85. Dominick Dave Sambat

    i dont like that

  86. oscar gallegos

    like why

  87. oscar gallegos

    whean the ball turn to a man he like act weird

  88. Luq

    I'm not crying you're crying (said myself)

  89. La folle Kawaïgacha

    Im crying😭😭😭

  90. Teag Brohman

    you heard it from here folks, Combat Carl has offered more useful advice than, sadly, The President.

  91. zykhi lewis

    This is a amazing animation.This happens everyday around the world,animals should be treated better.

  92. Joseph Brown

    I like is this movie

  93. Nico Fan

    who else loves Baby Jack Jack

  94. Dumbo trilogy

    I wish he could crossover with Dumbo.

  95. GABRIEL MESQUITA97 gjtjt


  96. Ellesandra Haro

    These 2 are adorable 😍 together Pit bull 🐕name in my opinion is Snowy ❄️ 4 the kitty 🐱 lucky 🍀

  97. Casablancas MG Bayani

    That's a sad 😢story man

  98. 슈링 슈니

    6.46고양이 넘 귀엽

  99. PeytonThe1st

    I cried so much!