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  1. diana figueroa

    Q S

  2. Snake Whitcher

    I think Escapula was a nod to the legendary Eskorbuto.

  3. VJR 22_6

    Oh good my fear of dying turned into a cute bright animated movie

  4. shadow shroom

    Fun fact about brave: it sucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. real _ saaim

    uhhhhh I don’t think kids should watch this bec what happen there do that like in real life..

  6. Lillian Towne

    I want to see this

  7. Sofia Acosta

    No al maltrato animal😢😢😢😢😢

  8. lili

    I wonder how long it took for them to make her hair!

  9. kokohai

    Imagine having beautiful character and environmental design, very realistic yet stylized animation, and then tossing that to look like every other mediocre children’s animated film.

  10. nia babia

    so this is just one huge college campus basically :P

  11. SilveryCold Toon

    I wonder how they are gonna implement Thunder McKing and Arlo(from some forgotten Pixar movie) here?

  12. Cami-chan Catre

    LajdjsejjzjZjsujj. Si😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😼😻😻😻❤️🧡💚💙💜🖤

  13. tear 124

    in English we watched this for an assignment and my friend started crying

  14. Jetsetgo

    Tiktok: colonised

  15. Chip95

    I Hate Brave

  16. Nickkhan

    Ill just wait till it goes on Disney plus

  17. Fikri Fadillah

    0:45 why the biker made it through the hole and not him?

  18. Ronald Gladson

    Watches a Pixar animation. Me: this seems good Swears Me: NANI!!

  19. aho baka

    My impression on this movie up til now, Awesome hair Merida!

  20. Restart Arts

    I am waiting for a new roku stick so I can get Disney+. Currently I only have like a 3/4 year old box and my parents don't want to get the Disney+ stuff on the computer right now.

  21. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

    god entered into my body, as a body, the same size, and god forced me to pixar

  22. The CertainTEA

    Disney can you stop


    Did you know This movie is absolutely terrible

  24. exoticpianoman

    I already look forward to this movie only by the theme + that Animation drawing of Ella Fitzgerald / Oscar Peterson / Nina Simone and Thelonious Monk! @00:29

  25. Kidschannel Peppa pig

    I love❤

  26. J B

    I would love to go on a look round the entire complex by myself at some point, I don’t know how as I know they don’t do public tours but somehow I would just like to think I will step into the studio and finally feel fulfilled with life

  27. InAnotherCastle The OTHER other account

    Thank you recommended tab very cool

  28. Alo _ZS

    Aayyy no es demasiado triste:((((

  29. Yank Chnk

    0:23 When your watching hentai but then you hear your mom coming up from the basement

  30. sr . trilulica presendente em 2022

    Eu tou em todos lugar kkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjjhhjkkkjkk

  31. Jazmin Valencia

    Thank god they had a happy ending

  32. Chris Is A Lad

    For next one do the Incredibles!!

  33. The Diamond Complex

    Me: I wonder if they have the original fantasia. You heard me the "Original"

  34. AllisonakaSakura

    Pixar first human princess didn't disappoint Pixar offical first was princess Atta from bug life

  35. Reamore

    Ironic how he turns blue like sadness in inside out because this is just sad

  36. Julia Perkins

    Just a few years late, all good.

  37. Tallboy teej

    I feel like turning him into a little booger was such a lazy move. I’d rather him retain his figure just maybe make him ghost like. Loved the beginning half but c’mon. Even coco had way more interesting after life character designs!

  38. The Diamond Complex

    I was excited for this movie! Until... The comments were freaking out because the black man turned blue.

  39. Robert Hunter

    First half, I loved, but then- That part... happened...

  40. Luis J.C.

    I'm loving such a content.

  41. Zach Johns

    I believe Bill Hader was the right person to be the voice of Fear. He sounds panicky, which is what Fear's voice sounds like.

  42. jonathan rodriguez

    Ya me puse triste :"v

  43. milagros alvarez


  44. Kayla Anderson

    To all the people saying that Soul is a copy of Inside Out, we do not know that. We have very little information about the movie so we do not know what it will be like. I am just saying that we need to see most of the movie before calling it a copy of Inside Out.

  45. q455frodomar

    Another fact: it's a Brother Bear ripoff. Just kidding.... hehe.

  46. Corey Messick

    If I had the chance to go to Scotland, I’d never leave.

  47. The Dark Interloper

    Did you know... ...the Witch from Brave is Boo from Monsters Inc.

  48. Salvafun

    Wow dis Is the best tin dat I see🤩😎😮

  49. Elizabeth Calderon

    Can you hire me to be a janitor there?

  50. CGI Future

    I swear I thought this was a Disney movie

  51. Aj Playz

    I watched toy story 4 and there was too many toys!

  52. 3myr Ryamo

    One of the saddest movies in Pixar

  53. землеройчик геймс фнаф xD:

    So cute

  54. Anonimus2003 García

    Like Disney ☺️😉

  55. Luciano Castillo


  56. Bulletproof Doodles

    This movie is underrated! I love it, it's one of my all time favorite Pixar movies

  57. `` t h e - a l t e r - e g o s ``

    `` No Not The Foot.. ``

  58. strrangermike

    *only on Disney+* Me: welp

  59. Siddharth Roy

    that theme tho

  60. Killez Beats

    Cant wait to watch this 😍

  61. David Vicentico

    Que hermoso T_T

  62. Milkdromedis

    The first half of this trailer looks amazing, until it turns into another watered down uninspiring looking sequel

  63. Lucio Maiola


  64. King Cornelius

    Great movie.

  65. truetruebird nature

    Looks pretty good

  66. Bryan Mesala Rhodas Garcia


  67. Tanzim Ifas

    Budget: 100 million Box office: $0.00

  68. kiarafrederick

    AJR?! get outtttt yessssss

  69. joseph cajas

    Did you guys know brave is the worst Pixar movie made

  70. SuperJackster01

    I think Brave is the worst Pixar film

  71. Dan Rodriguez

    Feel the C R I N G E

  72. That sad Bish

    It looks really good But at the same time I’m like what.....

  73. Randall Stevens

    This whole script was on library of babel for maaany years already

  74. Ice Boy2121

    Next Year > Coming Soon

  75. AlexTDM & ChrisTDM

    De Wae

  76. Dumble man

    You had me in th first half not gonna lie

  77. The Blessed Kabir

    My one of Fav studio ever since I watched toy story 1, 2, 3 😍

  78. antoine villeneuve

    Hopefully the first part of the trailer represents the majority of the film.

  79. Kaio Hayashi

    Toy Story 3 and Brave are my favourite Pixar movies, but Brave is criminally underrated compared to the Toy Story franchise... Who else is still waiting for Brave 2?

    1. view new cool

      Incredible too

    2. view new cool

      Toy story series is all time favourite with monsters series too

  80. Sindi Cullhaj

    They had us in the first half I'm not gonna lie...

  81. Nam Vương Official

    I love pixal ❤

  82. Galaxiam

    Seeing the trailer i think theres going to be a good sountrack

  83. Jack Bashed

    Why’s everyone hating on the blue soul? It’s the basis of the movie? What would you want instead

  84. Gustavo Gplay

    The real fact I want to know: when is the sequel coming out?

  85. ScreamCheese

    Brave is one of the best movies ever made. It’s wonderful.

    1. pie pie

      I agree with you! Even when people say that they don't even like it

    2. Leonardo Martinez

      Those are some brave words to say. Most people don’t like it lol

  86. Kaio Hayashi

    Who’s ready for Brave 2?

    1. Denise Timana

      If it's epic like the first installment then I'm ready! If not I'll gladly wait for 14 more years for another masterpiece!

    2. Sweet Candie

      There will be a Brave 2??

  87. Brianna Lynn

    Love this movie!!! 💙💜💙💜💙

  88. Galaxiam

    I love this animating style

  89. Sabrina ASL

    So how much u think Disney/Pixar paid AJR to use overture for this trailer?

  90. Abi Cambo

    Love this movieeee, totally not cause im scottish tho... *haha*

  91. Avery the Cuban-American

    If I had the chance, I would visit Scotland. It’s beautiful with all the castles. Shame people don’t really give Pixar credit for this movie even though they made the movie and not Disney

  92. Galaxiam

    The film as the begining of the trailer with a good story could be interesting

  93. Katrin -ka

    I'm excited by this movie, it is very kind.

  94. Tiago Antônio

    I love this movie. Deserves to be called a Pixar movie.

  95. Miko Ojetnom

    *she's from another studio 😬😂

  96. haarish Mano

    ohhh...i think netflix will now think twice before they throw some content for us.......

  97. Chaizin

    Pixar still got it!

  98. Mahmood Shuvo

    Whoa ?!

  99. Luiz Felipe

    Hey pixar, next time add metrics as well, not all of us know/use imperial.

    1. lili

      Luiz Felipe / then learn them and stop complaining

    2. Cindy Espíndola

      Yes please!

  100. Ren

    11,700 just to get that curly fluffy hair 😂