Two friends, one from Jordan and the other from India came together and said, "Hey... Lets make some videos". Hence the journey of Jordindian began.
If you smile, laugh and/or lose your mind, we're pretty much doing what we set out to do... Have fun and entertain.
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  1. Anant Rai

    You guys are soooooooo cool..

  2. Sandhya Anbazhagan

    Earth song

  3. Shelly Banerjee

    Jordindian you are literally famous in our school Literally and even the Teachers watch your vids congrats

  4. Samuel D’souza

    Nokia test subject to brake the ground. Nokia vs ground. Nokia wins

  5. Modern Gaming

    1:33 Hahaha

  6. gaming legend

    Niharika nm is farrr betterrr....😄😄

  7. Ekta Verma

    Jordindian is sunshine Another interesting 'locked up in the lockdown' story.

  8. Shailza Goel


  9. Mr X

    5:20 it's 2020 :/ Summer bod still not there 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Harshad Manu

    Iam the time keepr

  11. Payal Chabra

    End was unexpected.🤯 Great effort ☺

  12. Sumehr Singh Pasricha

    2:13, if it took such less time, why are they waiting since morning

  13. Manish Jadhav

    Why are you not making funny videos

  14. Parvathi Praveen

    Go to sleep my dolly... Angels are above you!!!!

  15. Tarun Hrishikesh

    Here Vineeth says he hates Hawkeye's powers, but they went on to meet him in real life. XDXD

  16. Raj Shekar

    3:44 is just bomb😁

  17. Meera Kolanji

    All the bts armies out there

  18. Vaibhav Shastri

    im flattered

  19. Sridhar Arrya

    See you guys are dam funny even’s just that ur so famous right now that ppl have a lot of expectations on just chill and rock the show....

  20. Fabian Immanuel

    What’s the name of the sicko mode remix at the end pls tell ty

  21. Andy gaming

    3:18 😂😂😂😂😂😂



  23. Anuj Malu

    Lyrics- ........Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown And ain't nothing going on Cause we're Locked up in the lockdown We're Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown Ain't nothing going on Loced up and it feels like Everyday is sunday No work, No schools No sign of Monday Not sure what's in store Or what the future brings But we gotta appreciate All the little things Countless hobbies to pursue With all this time So many seconds on the clock Yeah its time to shine Today I'll be a chef Go hard in the kitchen Share my flavours with the world Show them what they're missing Maybe work on some art Time to bring out them pencils Just as soon as i help mom With all them utensils It's the time to get fit Time to work on them abs Just as soon as I'm done watching Breaking bad Checking up on my barber Almost every day Hair looking like the Miggida miggida Mac daddy Got my headset on playing video games I'm a beast in that lobby Imma put you to shame Cus it's the lockdown It doesn't feel so good We in the lockdown Don't get misunderstood Cus it's the lockdown It feels like everyday We in the lockdown (ay) Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown And ain't nothing going on Locked in the house Surrounded by sanitizers Locked in the house Just so sick and tired Nothing much to do Yeah you know what we mean But we stuck on lockdown Cus of Covid-19 Locked in the house Surrounded by sanitizers Locked in the house Just so sick and tired But we all in this together Doing the best that we can Cus this is god's plan God's plan All our chores are done Just folding clothes for fun Cleaning the floor Wax on, wax off like daniel son Home never felt so good Putting us in the mood Zoom calling all our friends Yo what's up Mahmoud? (yalla) Locked down and I'm here Running out of hummus Social distance from my wives Yeah they give me no boose (kiss) No more riding on my camel Or Mercedes too Thinking about my friend from India Habibi Raju Yeah it's me raju Stuck at home with mummy Cannot able to complain Because food is very yummy Adipoli All day watching Ramayan With my patti Can't step outside Cus I don't want the lathi Cus it's the lockdown Its doesn't feel so good We in the lockdown Don't get misunderstood Cus it's the lockdown It feels like everyday We in the lockdown We in the lockdown Just take a second And relax your mind Think of possibilities With all this time Just take a deep breath And put your mind at ease Cus you don't want to go out And help spread that disease We gotta think about the people That don't got much People far from their families Who are out of touch Homeless people on the streets Who got nothing to eat Show compassion in these times Don't just take a back seat We gotta come through For all the people working hard Nurses and doctors risking lives We gotta play our part Stay at home and stay safe Is all we gotta do Wait for that day to come Where we can finally pull through Cause we're Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown And ain't nothing going on Cause we're Locked up in the lockdown We're Locked up in the lockdown Locked up in the lockdown Ain't nothing going on... Enjoy😉

  24. Jasim Mytheen

    3:40 epic moment this is attaa

  25. Jasim Mytheen

    #changeunderwear lol

    1. Jasim Mytheen

      Yeaaa lol

  26. Kamal Deep

    damn.....its catchy

  27. glitchinn

    1:44 song?

  28. Danush Kumar

    No one: Not even parents: Corona:here I come

    1. arsenal arenaa

      Its a pj

  29. dranzer1611

    Why the fuck do they have so less subscribers .. they have been producing quality content since years now !!! GUYS , it’s time we increase their subscribers !!!!

  30. The Pirates

    the teacher throws the chalk on nasers hand naser:(rubs his head) but maam.... LOL

  31. clonyii

    if ur a true fan u can hear little bit of smoke shisha play fifa at the start no cap its actually there

  32. aravindaksha Panicker

    All is well allis well 😘

  33. aravindaksha Panicker

    Master 😃

  34. Hisham

    thank you for not making video on tiktok vs youtubers .

  35. Kamal Nath


  36. Khadra Ibrahim

    The light of he is like me 😍😍

  37. amal Edathadan

    Lallettan fans neelam mukiko


    2pac love ✌️🙌

  39. Divya Elwin

    Pona podhune hindi kathukita vayilae vada sudran paru: Legend

  40. Mohammad Danish

    You guys killed it!!!! That was damn amazing and amazingly amazing!! Hats off to you guys🌷🌷🌹🌹

  41. diaz nack

    love this soo much feels like listening every time

  42. Maniam Muniandy

    Jordindian is the best channel that I ever see....

  43. Anne Anoop


  44. Imaan Ahmed

    He used to do prank calls

  45. Sabarish

    The way they are reminding the way to wash our hands is awsm :) You guys are awsm spreading positivity in this tough time :)

  46. Kiran Kumar

    Sir u guys r awesome

  47. Reeja Biju

    We want u to do a Q&A with us

  48. 13-John Joe

    who is md strikes again

  49. Akshay Sankarshana

    If you clearly observe at 4:07, Naser acts as if the chalk hit his forehead but it actually hit his hand. Gotcha!

  50. ADITYA DOSHI 2008

    3:58 that’s my cycle you bought it second hand

  51. shwetha ramesh

    Naser twerking just made my day! 💯

  52. Pranav Kulkarni

    Yo JORDINDIAN, could u pls make types of students/people during online classes pls

  53. Navin Rai

    Awesome loved it guys 😍👏👍

  54. sweta ranjan

    Big fan bro meet after lockdown I also live in banglore please answer

  55. sanskar talekar

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Stay home stay safe

  56. The first star

    “I got X” “Alphabet” Me: Maths ke exams mei English kaise aa gayi?

  57. Nandan C

    Hey please introduce Dinesh 🤣😂

  58. sudhakar Ramaraj

    Goundamani dialogue super

  59. Koushik Chatterjee

    No food is harmed for making of this video xd

  60. AnAmateurPianist- Covers

    Hello belted kids, You are safe here in the comments section. Trust me, belting is the most relatable for me.

  61. Satvik G

    This is the best jordindian song

  62. Sheetal Ullal

    We want the crying song

  63. Shareef Kumar


  64. Gnaneshwar Umapathy



    Nice video and concept Please do support our channel also 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    Did you actually step on food intentionally? That is an insult man!

  67. Arul Varman

    Time to make album guys.

  68. Poonam Bhanushali

    They asked peguin for tea and im laughing so badly at 6 in morning

  69. Young Lieutenant

    Summer never came

  70. LIT orange

    0:07 who else heard his teammate getting knocked :D

  71. Akram Raza

    That’s Dinesh

  72. Nilasish Kar Jio

    The song and the beat is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😬

  73. Melvyn Joseph

    It’s a snaike mayte 😂😂😂

  74. al saheen

    This will release when world war 3 gets over.

  75. Hemalatha Elango

    So fun!! My one year old loves this song. Your content is funny without having to be gross! You guys are so talented! Oh and those dance moves 🕺🏽

  76. Brunda Yadav P S

    Please make one on types of birthday wishes and types of birthday celebration

  77. Sameera Sardesai

    Now I'm hungry 😭😭😭

  78. Savitha aunty Salian


  79. Savitha aunty Salian


  80. abhishek gautam


  81. Sreeraj Nair

    മലയാളി പൊളിയല്ലേ ❤

  82. Dark Lord

    I like this song!

  83. Ayesha Omg

    You’ve have to try vburgers


    Ithu kanunna Malayalis undo🤔🤔🤔

  85. Krishna S.V

    It is the most funny thing I have seen in MRsel

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  87. Samraat Cheulkar

    Please can someone tell me his phone's ringtone

  88. Biki Gogoi

    Anyone notice here Big Daddy B

  89. ST elevation

    Loved the American taking the sneaky click

  90. NZSHK

    He kinda looks like one of the Simpsons ....


  92. mac gosh

    Their late 20s is more like late 30s

  93. Afeefa S moideen

    1:00 *Corona spotted*

  94. Manikandan Varma

    Your wife's hammus❤🙏

  95. Akshaja M

    This is what you call #QualityContent. Keep it up

  96. Samshah2010

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  97. Candy Land

    You are the funnest

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  99. Mohamed Noohu

    Ay nothing going on

    1. Mohamed Noohu

      Is so awesome

  100. Harita S

    Me: Humming, "Smoke Shisha Play FIFA" though, I don't play football and do not smoke..😂 Also me: Humming, "Fasting and furious, crazy delirious!" though I've never fasted..😂 The same me: Will be Humming, "Locked up in the Lockdown!" even after the lockdown is over! 😂 Loads of love for this composition! Jus loved it as usual❤🤘😎