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  1. Bernie Wallace

    It is not wise to follow the ignorant . Gutfeld lives with his parents.

  2. Mr Inbetween

    Juan Williams you are the biggest house ****** bowing down to your democratic masters

  3. A G

    Biden speaks for his democrats when he said Trump should not pardon our combat military.

  4. James Collinson

    Nancy Pelosi: "The president could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wanted if he wants to. If he wants to take the Oath of Office or he could do it in writing. He has every opportunity to present his case." Oath of Office? The president took the Oath of Office nearly 3 years ago on January 20, 2017. Does this sound like someone who is coherent? Does Nancy Pelosi know what she is saying most of the time?

  5. gladiator legs

    The revolution needs to begin soon. This socialist ideology goes against EVERYTHING that America was founded upon.

  6. Tony Pinto

    I'm just wondering why hillary Clinton murdered Seth Rich and Chris Stevens

  7. Ronald McQueen

    It takes more than Ohio buddy

  8. unapologetic truth

    Did anyone else hear his voice when he says "gates of hell"?

  9. John Gordon

    Doj is a complete waste they do nothing

  10. Chris Carter

    Put them all in jail TRUMP 2020

  11. Andrew Oliver

    Huge news! But don't kid yourselves.. The elites will prevail and nothing will happen..

  12. James Cline

    I hate the news so corrupt

  13. chris klein

    I’m a Trump supporter but Cavuto is pretty on the mark here. Vote Trump 2020.

  14. Shawn Raynor

    A squirt bottle third-rate politician put a cork in it

  15. ArrowJ Smith

    Jordan 2024 President

  16. Christopher

    Leftist TREASON, against the people and the United States of America.


    Pelosi looks like shes loves cocaine the way she always grinds her teeth...either that or her dentures are loose.

  18. Dave Martinez

    Who Cares? I no longer do.

  19. Zalam wa

    Trump will be impeached as the third president, New President in 2020,stupid Trump inappropriate be reelected in 2020, after Giuliani associates arrested could not stand shy be resigned before this December


    This Commentator should do stand up comedy. he's a joke.

  21. Rocket Man

    Should Trump be able to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden is one way to frame the question. How about “should Biden be able to cover up that he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to protect his son?” Or “is Trump guilty of bribery because he asked Ukraine to look into Biden’s bribery?”

  22. Anita Sanders

    So tired of Jauns face making on the 5. It looks to me like it's set up in advance of show time. He needs to move on! Getting tired of fox news

  23. Dian Planes

    Plrase bring Mr. Decote back to us his program was great and we enjoyed it so much. Thank you.

  24. Martin Coons

    Mike Pompeo..behind that winning smile, is a brilliant and soberly Judical patriot. He has his hands the point: His state department has the deepest part of the Swamp. I fully appreciate the nicorette 4mg. Gum he popped in his mouth on the way out. Ours prayers are with you Mr. Secretary

  25. Dodd Garger

    Wonder why you got 2k thumbs down ??? 70% who see this know its a LIE

  26. Johnny

    what did he do ? , i read he order his troop and shoot 3 people ?

  27. Rudy Ruton

    With obuma clone juan williams on your show no one can take you seriously. Roger Stone like Trump was framed with Demonacts crazy judge and obuma jury....the real criminals like hrc walk free.

  28. DansGone

    Its safe to 100% distrust the propaganda media. Trump 2020.

  29. Bill Wingfoot

    Take a base ball bat to the democrats head's, when that FISA declas is disclosed...

  30. Darrylx444

    Sadly, facts don't persuade "True Believers" any more than speed limit signs persuade reckless drivers. Trump, ever the consummate salesman, knows this weakness well.

  31. Michael Sanchez

    My man should have shouted "FREEEEDOOMM!" Welcome home Clint.

  32. Pierre Bernard

    Nancy really worst that Richard Nixon Show to us. Impostor. I am glad you won’t be here in 2021

  33. Eric Bursey

    Where does Biden get his 'bullsh*t ? He needs to wipe his mouth, please !

  34. Little Dove Corr


  35. this is me is!!! is that you???

    Gutfeld is AWSOME and HILLARIOUS i love his show and the five as well...

  36. Harry Cunningham

    The deplorable's are Trump's supporters in bringing to light the Deep State and the corrupt Deep Swamp and the lunacy of Schitt, Schumer, Nadler, Peloser!

  37. Simon Lai

    The democratic voters and all Democrats don't know it yet. President Trump is gonna be a really famous and fantastic president. Whatever did Obama do is going to be over shadow by President Trump. I now kinda feel bad for obama. What a big loser! Whenever I think about obama, all I see is him dropping phone on President Trump. He must feel so stupid for saying "at I AM a president " loser! All talk no action.

  38. Adjorie Lyles

    Nancy Pelosi is a clown

  39. Richard Kok

    I wanna go to church with Kanye

  40. W. McMaster

    free roger stone.


    Shut up. Go to hell, cachetón. Latinos for Trump!!!

  42. James Cline

    She only wants to here about trump not Biden

  43. Evangela Whitley

    You need to go work for CNN and all of the other fake news people!

  44. that wasn't.chicken

    My favorite is believing that college WRESTLERS need protection from an old perv!! LOL...these nuts need to see a shrink, fast!!

  45. Charlotte Nasise

    GOD BLESS President Trump for righting this wrong.

  46. Judy Giovannetti

    🚩Nice to hear there is investigation ongoing for 2016! Drain the swamps, President Trump!🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸🚩

  47. the family_ak

    What's funny about all this is I've have never met anyone my whole life who was happy with what ever sitting president that has been if office , all I've ever heard was complaining, it's the old saying the grass is not greener or better on the other side , cause no matter what nobody's gonna be happy until the end , if your offended by this comment it was not purposed , it is sayed out of love , thx

  48. insane world

    God bless America and God bless President Trump ! Trump 2020 !

  49. Team Cap

    If Iran wants a nuke so badly, I say we give them a few. Of course, they may not like our delivery method...

  50. just saying12

    What becuase Cavuto is on T.V. and reads from a teleprompter we are suppose to give "him" more credence? Um..Why? He belongs on CNN not FOX!!!

  51. Ronald McQueen

    Jordan the liar

  52. dafttool

    *Watch the Faux News hate spewers praise a war criminal. 🤔*

  53. Pieter Faber

    Zeldin would follow Trump into battle? Only if there were discounts at KFC.

  54. Debbie Portman

    Oh pelousy looks panic

  55. Dee K

    Unsubcribed and no longer watched. MORE Deep State payoffs or bribed MSM. FOX is going away.

  56. Teresa Ackors

    We The People see Bill Barr as the ONE who has come in as Our AG to save our Constitution n Our Vote for President Trump who we The People voted in.

  57. Cowboy Shane

    70% of Liberal Progressive Democrats believe that President Trump should be impeached. 86% of Actual Americans know that Progressive Democrat's are *_Full of Schiff,_* and know that the polls are, also. If, you continue to believe the cherry-picked polls after 2016, then you're an officially and certifiable mentally ill patient of the New Arkham.

  58. Janice Brocke


  59. Rose Marie Leonard

    She think the president is crazy. Nanny Pelosi forgot to take her DEMENTIA pills, again.

  60. Red Soxs

    Schiff has that face that would be great to slap before going to work. Get this lying loser out

  61. Dodd Garger

    FLAT OUT LIE ! They CLEARLY SAID they knew of NOTHING CRIMINAL done by the president Stop lying Cavuto and Wallace!

  62. Paul Csuhta

    Cavoto keep defended that hack. Go One American News


    Who remembers how gitty Neil was when he thought DJT called him “Mr. Elegant?” What a loser.

  64. Garry Bear 34

    How is she allowed to continue to serve.

  65. Tony Pinto

    Obama will go down in history as the worst president we ever had. Either he hated the country or was incredibly stupid. Maybe both

  66. Brady

    Trump 2020!

  67. Marco Polo

    Why is it that most trumpanzee comments include the word "Imagine".... imagine this..imagine that....I think they live in an imaginary word....

  68. paul Chionie

    Where is BILL BARR its time for pay back

  69. Hoss Farms

    America is misinformed, corrupt Democrat politicians and the Fake News are not telling the truth. LIARS

  70. The Wall

    This is what a kangaroo court looks like.

  71. chronic 321

    Dang, juan again, I'm out

  72. Tony Styles

    Hell yeah 😎... God bless Trump

  73. Flee Tyrrany

    Israel has tens of thousands of title deeds going back thousands of years. The land is theirs. So is Jordan palestinia lebbanon and syria. But hey they are only asking to keep 1/5 of what they legally paid for. Then there is God putting his name to seal the deal 😀👍

  74. David Cavanaugh

    Pelosi is perfect to keep. Her ability is perfect to keep Theyre all loosers. Which is perfect. One would be replaced by another, then another

  75. Al 2

    Maybe this is the key to the deep state.

  76. Matt H

    Hey tranfart sniffer you ever think that sometimes he says fake news just to get under your skin. I think it worked.

  77. Truth Seeker

    Baier 💩 and steirdolt ??? Waste of space and oxygen

  78. 06 smokes

    I still dont know what the hell he did that is so bad!

  79. Michael Blakney Sr.

    I don't see how talk of impeachment is tearing the country apart! You either believe Trump abused the office of the presidency or you don't. I'm on the side of the rule of law where all the evidence shows that Trump tried to extort an public statement from Ukraine for an fake investigating the Biden's with no proof of wrong doing. Now with that said everybody on the 5 or any other talking bobbleheads on Fox gets paid to be biased. it's their bread and butter. If you get caught get telling the truth like Sheppard Smith of sometimes Mike Wallace, you get thrown under a bus so what the point of calling Fox a news agency.

  80. Michael Blakney Sr.

    I don't see how talk of impeachment is tearing the country apart! You either believe Trump abused the office of the presidency or you don't. I'm on the side of the rule of law where all the evidence shows that Trump tried to extort an public statement from Ukraine for an fake investigating the Biden's with no proof of wrong doing. Now with that said everybody on the 5 or any other talking bobbleheads on Fox gets paid to be biased. it's their bread and butter. If you get caught get telling the truth like Sheppard Smith of sometimes Mike Wallace, you get thrown under a bus so what the point of calling Fox a news agency.

  81. Anne P

    it is really hard to believe this is actually a news program. These people belong on info wars, screaming themselves silly along with insane alex jones. Jeanine pirro needs to permanently put a sock in her mouth, the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. the group assembled here is emblematic of the fox news braintrust..... minor at best

  82. Normal American Dude

    About F’n time Drain The Swamp!!!!

  83. Edward J

    This is great but unfortunately it will not result in any politicians going to prison there is a definitive multi-tiered justice system in the United States... so like the Democrats and there fake narratives this really doesn't matter much either

  84. Armando Sanchez

    Fox doesnt care about this but this is all they talk about

  85. Dp Patton


  86. WTF Again?

    The IG Report will be a nothing Berder. They’ll make some noise as a distraction from impeachment but nothing will be done.

  87. Tony Nakamura

    Tulsi should be the best candidate.

  88. Paul Gagnon

    Sorry don't like to say this but can't stand Juan stupidity

  89. GD Blackthorn

    That poll is trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one with 1/10000 of a brain would believe what this poll says!!! Garbage!!! Fox; why would you push this stinking mess! You know it isn't a good poll!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs down Fox!

  90. Stacy Gagnon

    This is when I lost respect and admiration for Johnny Depp! Even had a crush on him going back to the 80's. This was incredibly dangerous. People HATE Trump already and Depp is talking to stranger's who he doesn't know!! Feeding the HATE and saying "assination" and "President" should be equally punishable as saying "bomb" on a plane!

  91. Ken Wells

    The freedom of speech is not the freedom to force others to listen.

  92. becauseihadto

    He wouldn't oust a pedophile, what makes you think he'd oust a traitor?

  93. Jace Tomorrow

    Nancy and Adam schiff got a big payday of hunter Biden And all she ever does is insult President Trump ever since he cancelled her flight with the plane full of alcohol and cigarettes just look at the district it is a mess as long as she is making money and her kids I’ll get money for nothing it’s just all crazy full things is a circus 🎪 she no’s trump 2020 and she is devastated that’s why they make so much lies like Adam shift reading that statement when he had written ithimself

  94. Trump Jr

    And they called our President crazy, when he said he was being spied on. Forget the fake polls, Our President will get elected again.

  95. charles rushing

    siting abc polls??????????????

  96. NotImportantJoshHarris*


  97. John S. Greene

    Free speech yes. Hate speech no.

  98. Interstellar Travel

    Real Republicans will take Party Back from Trump delusional supporters Republicans have honor and respect and are real patriotic like John McCain 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  99. Stephen Bellomo

    Wow. For a guy who is in a position way over his head he is doing great work. Can you imagine if Congress would have negotiated with him what could have been accomplished. And??? What the he'll have these professional politicians been doing all these years?

  100. Eric Bursey

    Patriots stands-by ready to hear from The President, Commander-in-chief, whenever he speaks.