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  1. michael zimmer

    Call your brother CHRIS he will pump you up tonight on CNN and bash everyone who says your a moron !!!

  2. John Powers

    Shut the Hell up, you low life, Why do they give you air time, all he is BS....

  3. Rudi Engel

    Tracing is politics.

  4. schmarotzer85

    jewish devils

  5. D.R. Kolarski

    Congratulations America ! - 100,000+ Innocent Deaths. 40,000,000+ Unemployed. MASA - Make America Stupid Again - Vote for the Orange Grim Reaper in November !

  6. Gilbert FLORES

    God bless America 🇺🇸 A true Patriot to his nation's America my Hero Donald Trump. Is there anywhere I can get a ride on that boat I'd like to go and donate money to a cause and Take a ride on that boat#!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Scott Boler

    HUGS !!! McCarthy God Bless ,Be Well , Live Life

  8. wworth12

    Funny the only statewide vote-by-mail fraud was perpetrated by Republicans in NC in 2018!!

  9. The HypeBeast Skater

    Anybody else think that he is Kanye West's twin?


    Trump 2020 God bless America 🇺🇸

  11. Enid feliciano

    why you are always talking about our good people like president obama and nancy pelosi. they care a lot about about our safety and best interest of our country . mucch more than TRUMP because he refused to wear a face mask and all he care about is himself and his family best interest thats about it .He dont give a penny about no one else if they died or not or even if they are suffering hunger or lack of work or even if they are getting their unemployment checks or not. all REpublicans are the same they care more about big bussiness than anyone else . just few republicans are supporting Nancy pelosi because they have a better heart and understanding of our nation crisis that everyone continue suffering with and loosing many people day by day and all they care is about freaking voting issues. do your stupid job and stop complaining and talking so much trash about our president obama and pelosi. grow up people and do something good and productive other than talkiing about elections and how in the world to vote. who cares?? i care more about our own safety , unemployment money that we are not receiving since march14 last day of work for my husband and money still sitting at DEO acct of florida and we need to eat and pay for our bills, rent and more. why they are holding this payments?? iam about to call a reporter from national news to see if something is done by u all.

  12. vsaluki R

    Eric Trump joined Parler today. I'm fairly certain that this is the first step to the family leaving Twitter.

  13. r**l O

    Fact check left wing media.

  14. Richard Militello

    More hack journalist

  15. Danell Fuck Fascism

    Fascism is finished

  16. D.R. Kolarski

    Congratulations America ! - 100,000+ Innocent Deaths. 40,000,000+ Unemployed. MASA - Make America Stupid Again - Vote for the Orange Grim Reaper in November !

  17. Luis Garza

    Wow Cuomo: “Blame Trump Blame Europe Blame Everyone except me!” The hypocrisy. He needs a permanent vacation when someone else replaces him as governor.

  18. Tim Noyes

    Oh oh, here comes Cuntyanne.

  19. IM4NRA

    Using Twitter's School of thought, there'd be no need for a School of thought!

  20. Tim Dore

    Don't make us take up arms!

  21. Helen Leclaire


  22. Tracy Spose

    “His own advisors” Fauci, Birx, Redfield, Bolton, Barr...a few of Trump’s horrible choices.

  23. Rob P’Gallo

    Trumpers are Terrified of Cuomo

  24. Christopher Browne

    That American Indian never served in the military either. Another false point pushed by the corrupt media.

  25. Russell Brown

    Scumbag reporter and his crew.

  26. Justin Koo

    Seek help from Belt n road initiatives CCP

  27. Denise Tinsley

    Each city take responsibility for paper ticket voting like before electronics. It may take longer but it would be close to correct. One to count and another to count and check to see accuracy in tally. Yes sue Pelosi for wasted tax payers money.

  28. Sonny N.

    Trump called this guy a Snake. He’s not wrong.

  29. D.R. Kolarski

    Congratulations America ! - 100,000+ Innocent Deaths. 40,000,000+ Unemployed. MASA - Make America Stupid Again - Vote for the Orange Grim Reaper in November !

  30. Tim Benson

    How in the F does this spoiled BRAT have a single supporter?😀 HOW?

  31. st prch

    Notice Twitter didn't give a strike too tht SNL trans actor who regularly is racist towards white people, or the democrat responsibile for "hunt republicans thread" calling for literal violence against people strike.

  32. David Motyka

    I hope the Republicans win this suit.

  33. Tim Goeb

    Same way he love the old people dead old people

  34. Mat Frampton

    Real virus, (albeit far less lethal than we were told) FAKE dem-panic... I mean pandemic - is going its own way regardless of man's intervention. Oh yeah... Tucker, Shapiro, and Hannity have all changed their tune from what they were saying a month ago. I want to trust Trump but we need to hold him responsible for upholding his oath to the constitution just as we would anyone. Do not give up your rights. You have a choice.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. Blue Star

    He’s a Guinea Pig Thug

  36. Rattle Kat

    This guy is a part of the problem. What everyday person gives a fuk about what he has to say? Trash

  37. Ouroboros Null

    Fox is finished.

  38. Charles Rhodes

    I'm getting sleepy 😌

  39. Betsy Donis

    MORRIS INVEST on MRsel, also always attacking Mitch McConnell.😬

  40. vsaluki R

    Eric Trump joined Parler today. I'm fairly certain that this is the first step to the family leaving Twitter.

  41. William Smardo

    Which states waste money...Blue States!

  42. Irene B

    How did he do this wonderful thing?

  43. D.R. Kolarski

    Congratulations America ! - 100,000+ Innocent Deaths. 40,000,000+ Unemployed. MASA - Make America Stupid Again - Vote for the Orange Grim Reaper in November !

  44. John Smith

    TDS he wants them to pass bills with Democrat wish lists of billions of dollars in it, sickmoron

  45. Terry Cotterman

    Pelosi's is a Circus Act! But no one can attend the Circus due to the Virus! Oh well, Shows OVER...

  46. Tim Goeb


  47. B*C S.C.

    New Yorkers art to be embarrassed and sick by this narcissists leader

  48. Randal Saunders

    It's about time to stop unlawful behavior by the house Democrats

  49. Bernadette Burick

    China issued the DNA sequence very early January and that is how Johnson and Johnson started working on a cure or a vaccine so early. Lindsey Graham cannot seriously blame China after they did release the sequence early. if United States pays for intelligence then why aren’t they more intelligent than Johnson and Johnson?

  50. D.R. Kolarski

    Congratulations America ! - 100,000+ Innocent Deaths. 40,000,000+ Unemployed. MASA - Make America Stupid Again - Vote for the Orange Grim Reaper in November !

  51. Tim Benson

    EVERY SINGLE DAY Trump behaves like a spoiled BRAT all grown up.😀

  52. Deniese Henson

    Man made crisis. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.

  53. Helen Ostashevsky

    Cuomo transformed his Coronavirus updates into a political war meeting and propaganda. He keeps telling "it's not about politics", but these conferences ARE about politics now. He keeps blaming Republicans! What a liar (like all Democrats) and a hypocrite!! He is responsible for the huge number of deaths in nursing homes and for the explosion of corona infections in NYC. He and De Blasio!

  54. Justin Koo

    Washington environment is not toxic for the majority of the state , may be to your state . You failed NY.

  55. Doomspud Roflcopter

    1946. Athens, Tennessee. A county wide revolution took place because the corrupt government in place was committing election fraud. The war veterans coming home found themselves unable to speak out against the Athens mayor and his cronies in the sheriff's department, lest they face arrest. When the sheriff and his goons stole the ballot boxes to "officially count" the ballots at the county jail out of public view, the people of Athens opened the national guard armory- which they had access to because they WERE the national guard!- and opened fire on the police station, blew open the wall with dynamite, and took back the ballot boxes to count in public view in accordance with Tennessee law.

  56. Josephine Chandler

    She is a evil person burn her alive the witch of California. figure of speech.

  57. Elvis Knot

    Just a foul piece of crap..

  58. Gila Dahan

    תיצאו הם משקרים את כול העולם ממשלות מדומות.

  59. Zoltan Gremsperger

    I could listen the public opinions 24/7. it just shows the American spirit. this is what the liberal left wanna sweep under the rug. IMO they are the biggest enemy of the US.

  60. 1agentflick

    Twitter police are the most politically correvt bunch of arseholes who love the lefttie snowflakes and sleeper cells

  61. duanecrump crump

    Don't forget to take Obama's title of President. He was a traitor.

  62. Sky Dragon

    Poor people of New York, another worthless liberal Democrat playing the blame game.

  63. Bruconic Inferno N4NO CLAN

    Elections are our moral judgement of Officials ethics we select to repesent us. Republicans choose chaos and negative morals.

  64. Michael Esquivel

    Trump 2020

  65. VetteMan David

    They need to stop this Miss Plummer’s Crack 1947 from getting away with her evil deeds! 🙏

  66. Linda Johnson

    Whine whine whine. ...Does this man ever stop thinking of Himself and be positive ??? President John Kennedy once said “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY” YOU RAN YOUR state into property yet you want us to pay you more ...gth

  67. Sonny N.

    If you hate china put 👎

  68. William Brennan

    The countries that require ID have a national ID system which provides an ID with taxpayer money to all citizens. Implement a system like that and we'd be fine with it. It's the fees that have to be paid to get one that are an unconstitutional poll tax.

  69. C Hall

    Cuomo killed people in nursing homes. Cuomo belongs in prison

  70. Jeannette Hannigan

    Sue Governor Sisilak for Nevada. They have approval for mail in votes not just the primary , the November election too!

  71. P38FORK


  72. Paul Clancy

    He has good point , states going need money

  73. John Milton


  74. MP WARD

    There shouldn't be an election because of the virus .When Dems feel safe enough to vote in person ..maybe then

  75. Rob P’Gallo

    Cuomo 2020🇺🇸

  76. chet ubetcha

    China committed an act of war by releasing a biological weapon . The US should begin a total economic embargo to break the back of that filthy Communist country .

  77. hh23 hh23

    Fox diesnt like trump today so that means his supporters dont!

  78. ya boi

    LOL. “They fact checked him for his OPINION!!” Well that opinion was wrong, and he shouldn’t be misleading the public. This isn’t communist China, where the government tells you what to believe.

  79. Crystal and Bruce Parsons

    Fucky you at MRsel

  80. Tim Benson

    What kind of IMMORAL MONSTER would exacerbate the widower’s pain by continuing to tweet about his dead wife?🤮

  81. Derek Finch

    I have no doubt whatsoever that censorship thousands hundreds and thousands of people with Conservatives views being taken off of Twitter off of Facebook and offer Facebook any other comments being removed many the people find him once they have been removed from these Media groups so they can't get back on there and when they appeal nothing comes of it perhaps it's because they have a conservative view that the people who run these organisations being socialist and fascist don't appreciate the freedom of speech or the liberty of the Citizens they make out that they represent

  82. SoxsammyX0x

    Stop begging, you’ll never get another penny.

  83. Randall B Drew

    She is a nut job she should legit stay with her part time job of tasting ice cream !!

  84. Xin Jing Tang

    No evidence really Have you not heard of the black plaque or the 1918 flu?

  85. Dreaming790

    And again.... this is excellent view points - thank you for not censoring this opinion!!!

  86. Cassie Foster

    Man he bitches like a woman

  87. raul sanchez

    100,000 amrican lives, and growing. This is the real issue mr. trump wants to distract everyone....

  88. Crystal and Bruce Parsons

    A MRsel now we know you're a liberal station You should change your name to liberal tube

  89. Monwell Chassion

    Another white liberal

  90. Steve Anderson

    This guy has mismanaged his economy. So now wants the rest of the country to bail out his Democrat hand out our money to everybody policies.

  91. Smiling Skull

    Trump has been muzzled thank God

  92. 1motomanic

    I'm about ready to start a go fund me page to rent a steam roller and have this wretched twat flatten out.

  93. Nanny Deb

    "The Widderer" (the widower), wow our white house press can not even speak properly, yet we get news from them... That's Scary!

  94. Tim Goeb

    Maybe he needs to talk to Nancy

  95. hh23 hh23

    Trump falling down!!!!

  96. DA7545

    It's funny how promoting anti-racism end being racist.

  97. Rachel Brown

    because of trans backers gone off them,no trans in the army etc,and that man opposite carlson is a bigot

  98. TELLEMENT2000

    OF COURSE THE DEMS ARE SCARED OF SUCCESS. They build their entire existence on other people's failure.

  99. hh23 hh23

    At this point a potatoe could run against trump and id vote dem!!

  100. Rob

    Cuomo never listened to Trump until this one time. Just this once. Sure.... Meanwhile DeBlasio is asking for a bailout. Go figure a Socialist needs help. No money to any sanctuary cities.