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  1. megan harris

    What do u do with all the phones you dont use tho 👀

  2. Bammidi Atchuta

    You can reach 5 million subscribers easily bro,your way of talking is so good, keep it up👍👍👍🔥

  3. Duck

    Samsung is kinda like the USA banning Huawei lol

  4. Hrushikesh Kulkarni

    Unbox Therapy is so much better than you. 😂😂 You are just good to those smartphone brands who give u phones to keep it to urself as long as u want😂😂😂... Unbox Therapy talks about the real thing. Watch his Xperia 1 mark ii video.. See how many likes it got in just 2 days compared to his other oneplus and apple videos 😂😂 then u ll come to know what value the brand SONY still has in every electronic Division👍😎

  5. Stan Boerboom

    Jeeeeez your young.

  6. Abdullah Abbasi

    That LOL for Oneplus color filter

  7. Musa Nsombo

    Hi. Have you ever done an episode on rugged phones? If so i would like a link

  8. Literary Landslide

    Thank you for talking about Sony! It needed to be heard, and I'm glad they're no. 1 lol. The weirdest thing is all the remaining Sony fans seem to be either some weird extreme fanboys or straight up bots, on every platform they keep reiterating "Sony is the best" "Sony is the greatest" "Nobody has better phones than Sony" ... I wanted to be loyal to Sony (since Sony Ericsson) coz I loved their design aesthetic, until years ago when I reaized they have some of the worst value on the market. I read some article about how Sony actually wanted to be the 'Apple' of Android, but took the most artificial approach - simply putting uncompromisingly high prices on their phones and relying on brand power to sell. More than that, I think the company is too big & just doesn't give enough of a shit for their mobile department. They seem to be fine leaving diff sections of their company to its own management & losing money on it. They used to be a B2B eperimental company like Samsung who will use their devices for market research then sell parts to other OEMs, but now they don't have enough of a userbase for market research & Samsung's leading the B2B part I think. Someone did say their latest phone seems to have a clear sense of direction & marketshare.

  9. Shubham Saraf

    Should've said Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this video That joke would've definitely killed it 😂😂

  10. Surya Diaries

    𝑺𝒖𝒃𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒃𝒆 𝒎𝒆 & 𝒊 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒔𝒖𝒃𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒃𝒆 𝒖 𝒃𝒂𝒄𝒌... 𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒔𝒖𝒃 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕 & 𝒍𝒆𝒕'𝒔 𝒈𝒓𝒐𝒘 𝒕𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓🤟🤟🤟🤟

  11. Hrushikesh Kulkarni

    You are talking about Sony bro... don't talk if u don't know what it is.. How sony smartphones and cameras just beat others in terms of performance and speed.. Compare it urself then utter a word just dont be negative only bcoz u dont get a phone from them. They don't need you to promote there phones like other new phone companies give u. 😂😂 😂 for the naming part what's wrong in it? Does POCO sound great to you? 😂😂 Or iphone 11 max pro pro max 2 pro se s pro max pro😂😂You neva talk about it😂 What did apple do with iphone 6,7,8 and 2020 SE with all the bezels😂 U didn't mention it. its xperia 1 mark ii not xperia 12😂😂 first read what it means then u ll come to know why they named it that way.

  12. Ornelas Sisters

    1 sub= 1 sub 🙂

  13. Learn 2 Earn - Tamil

    Hi Arun. Can you please make a video on rise and fall of htc.

  14. Zealous Pumpkin

    Taking the whole "Stealing user information" to a whole new level lol

  15. Ahmed Abdulsalam

    I wonder what happened to Huawei P40 pro+ review and camera comparison. It's like you abandoned the phone.

  16. Michel K

    Where is the iPhone 5c and the iPhone se

  17. creation3

    Thanks for Sony for sponsoring this video ..I didn't expect this line😂😂😂

  18. el Principito Gh

    Hey Arun....What about creating the skit with the Xperia as a series for smartphone fails, features or just reviews....🤣🤣🤣

  19. ChrisTuffur

    Imagine being me in 2014 explaining my phone is a OnePlus One 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Fantasy's Land

    It's not xperia 1 2 it's called Xperia 1 mark 2. Should have known this before saying it 1 2.

  21. Edward James Bickels

    8:25 you forgot to mention how horrible of a build quality the phone was. All plastic and would snap and bend very easily

  22. Victor Daggerer

    18:56 lol indeed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Younes Layachi


  24. Ryan Harland

    You mention sonys phone naming and design? iPhone is pretty much the same design from the 3 and the naming? Iphone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 was there a 9?, X, then XS, XR, 11XYZ, 11PRO VWXYZ or whatever

  25. Deepak Sahu

    5g network test in Norway n it's almost killed all the birds in the park where they tested 5g is dangerous radiation

  26. Emilis Velišauskas

    can you do xiaomi mi 9t vs realme 6?

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  28. NightOrchid

    Stopped watching at 13.00 windows phone was not a failure.. They had the greatest UI and zeiss camera systems to trump any piece of crap on an Android or iphone at the time .. I owned every Windows phone from HTC to the 950xl.. They were awesome, but MS were lazy and we're too obsessed with xbox and even though Balmor tried, they just couldn't be bothered to get the app support off the ground

  29. Youssef Mohamed

    The windows phone actually had potential in my opinion if they supported it with apps. One of my first phones was a lumia 535 (Microsoft first Windows phone ever) and compering it to any android phone at the time in the same price range was a huge joke. The os was super fast and the battery life was superior for almost phones at double cost at the time. If just Microsoft supported the apps on this thing they could have done something great and stayed in the game for a longer time

  30. Victor biber

    I like Lenovo Hello Lenovo! 4 cameras! With selfie

  31. Seth Nsobundu

    This guy 😂😂. You should act a Netflix series 😂.

  32. iNerd

    Cool video!

  33. Jo Baz

    I love friends

  34. Lekker_ZA

    I think he forgot about the Note 7

  35. New Message

    Lol note 10 copy Samsung

  36. Aditya Santhanam

    It has been sad to see the decline of Sony. They used to make the best televisions, great audio devices, great cameras (they still make great cameras), good computers, and were experiments, with new ideas in audio and video, especially with new formats. You used to take pride in owning Sony devices, they even put stickers on their products proudly proclaiming "Its a Sony." Now, they are much smaller than before and are no longer the cutting-edge industry leader in the multiple fields that they once were. I still love Sony and hope to see them grow and improve as well as hopefully regain their past glory.

  37. Zheir Lancaster

    The phone I loved the most was my Nokia Lumia 925

  38. Nerd Central

    Hi Arun, So I'm a huge fan, and I have been watching your videos for years. I love all your videos and you are an inspiration to thousands of people. I hope you live a life full of joy. I don't wanna seem greedy or anything and I really don't want a shoutout or anything, but I was wondering if you could check out a tech review from my channel and give me and my freinds some suggestions. I wanna make Tech Content and you inspired me to make my channel, and I hope to make good content, just like you. There is a slim chance you are reading this cuz of the sheer amount of comments. Thanks so Much if you are reading this though.

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  40. Cyril Cmejrek

    I just hate this guy's voice and know-it-all attitude


    If my kids ask me for an apple implant I'm gonna punch them as hard as humanly possible. Nah but phones are like mini TV's

  42. Terry Thomas

    Can we just take a moment to reflect how hot the snapdragon 810 got esp in the Sony xperia z3 . Our Samsung Galaxy s10 and s10+ both have exinos and are fine .

  43. j u l i u s a t a y

    Luckily, I don't even have all of those budget phones 😔 But I still find your way of reviewing really informative👍

  44. raymond sculley

    Cool vid bro and that test part with red and blue... That's a worry I would say too close to human thinking only at the top level all the time..🤜🤛🤟👏

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  46. Matt Deanon

    the best voice to compete with Siri

  47. Ramon Khan

    It’s basically like a modern walkie talkie

  48. Radu Cristian Dumitrescu

    First truly 007 smartphone much needed camera.UNfortunately they could not brand it either way not infrigment human rights of some sort.


    1 Subscriber here🖐 subscribe to my channel then it will notify me, i'll subscribe you back! For real😍

  50. MegaAziz

    Enjoyed this episode so much. So well presented & fun to watch. Always eager to see your next videos.

  51. Kieran Martin

    I’ve never owned one, but I really like Sony’s phones

  52. Karl Behramfram

    I have a Windows Phone. Still use it as my back up. It was lovely and how i wished with all my being that they would have continued them. I will forever be loyal to them for the small amount of time they existed in this technological realm, it was pure bliss.

  53. Dakshit Singh

    Google maps?

  54. Dennis Koranteng

    I died at the Netflix part😂😂

  55. Aaron MacPhail

    I've only just found your channel today and have subscribed. I really like how you convey what your opinions are and appreciate the reviews. Keep up the good work.

  56. John Sinclair

    I had a Windows phone once. This was 6 years ago and I will never buy another one.

  57. esshtd

    All the complaining in comment sections is not gonna help. The only language these corporations understand is when customers switch to another brand and they start recognizing the losses related to that same issue... So just let your next phone be anything but Samsung.

  58. Md Zohir Raihan Md Zohir Raihan

    Please give me a phone.

  59. abdulwasiu aliyu

    Thanks to whaaat? 😶

  60. Prince Kumar

    One percent of this mobile is equal to full charge of latest iPhone se.😂

  61. YO Man

    Arun should rename this to roasting phone brands

  62. Abutalha Hasan

    There was going to be a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion & now i hate Arun for reminding me that it got cancelled😤

  63. Soham Pardeshi

    Hey where is micromax???😂😂😂

  64. As Yuki

    10 years in and I broke 2 samsung phones and a blackberry yet I still use my Xperia S as a backup for the in between, it still works. If their new release is anything as good as that I might just go back to sony.


    16:54 even he had to add random laughter in the background . . . . . . . . if you know what I mean

  66. lunjahao sitlhou

    Nice video ...... You have lots of iphone sand me one of your iphone

  67. James Allen

    Chinese propoganda

  68. Paul Tasker

    I usually get mine refurbished. Most have been great value and lasted well. Some even have a guarantee. Not all are perfect. The worse was my HTC one with a camera that took purple images, but I've had an LG with a battery that lasted minutes, a Sony with a broken speaker and a HTC desire that won't connect to any networks! A Huawei P20 pro had a poorly performing camera due to a scratched lens (now fixed but still not perfect). My current LG V30 came on android 7 and battery dropped rapidly after only a short time using. I had to manually update it using PC as missed 8.0 so phone didn't find update. Seems it wasn't used for a while! But the next day after a full discharge and recharge battery was superb. And now it's got no faults at all. Lovely camera and I'm lucky. The oled got bad press on this but mines glorious. Best screen I've had on a phone. 165 pounds. I'd struggle to get close to anything this good new for that price.

  69. Jun Yong

    18:55 nice

  70. Gabriella C

    20:54 i would legit DIE


    Watching after the release of OnePlus 8 😂😂

  72. mrowczak

    Biggest mistake with nokia was abandoning their flagships almost immediately after release. Not in terms of marketing but in matter of software support. Some versions of Symbian, used by Nokia were super more advanced than iOS, but. There was no real support for software devs, and there were no real updates, while even apple provided both at the time. Nobody wanted to use phones software issues, which manufacturer does not want to fix. Nobody wants to use phone without popular apps. When they waked up, there was to late. There was similiar story with Samsung Bada OS.

  73. Malicious Malware

    Lg g7 thinq is les then 200 on ebay

  74. Mohamed Hassan

    Redmi note 9s review ?? Plz ?? Anyone ??

  75. B P

    Ngage was a massive fail

  76. Lee Pollard

    You made the right decision 👍

  77. kapil busawah

    SONY's build quality was ahead of the competition until they stopped and the competition and flying past. SONY also doesn't at all market their phones

  78. Abhinav

    I'm not really sure how much privacy concern it causes. The "see through" aspect is fairly low from the pictures I've seen. Don't get me wrong though it is just a needless gimmick which just makes the phone more costly

  79. javed khan

    What's about black berry ?

  80. Fan of music

    Sony is a decent company I believe, with very good quality products. Regarding their smartphones, I kind of agree with Arun, but the reason behind their failure into introducing something new, is because they had until a year ago or so, one department for every thing (for example, one for the camera, one for the sound etc.) It was not until a year ago that they combined these departments into one so they would make a smartphone with their own quality products. After some fails they improved A LOT, and as a result they made the Sony Xperia 1 II, which carries a lot of unique features and technology from Sony, plus it has a headphone jack (yes, a flagship by Sony in 2020 has the long "lost" headphone jack). My point here is that Sony is trying to reach the top, and the Xperia 1 II may be a serious competitor, from the looks to the features, of other Android flagships, so I would say perhaps they deserve a chance?

  81. coolrockskingen Random

    8:17 why is there a dog

  82. liquidalloy

    One of your best so far

  83. coolrockskingen Random

    You need to charge the AirPods first and then click the button.

  84. SirStamford27

    Great video. I had a Nokia Windows phone. It was a shame, cause it was a great operating system, and some of the cameras on those phones were years ahead of their time, but it just wasn't to be.

  85. coot s

    The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best battery. Test it again with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.And why do you think it makes sense that Apple is 60 frames and Samsung is 120 frames?

  86. Siddhesh Gadewar

    What's the secret of getting so many phones how do you get them.Can I become like you.But how????

  87. Arun yogeshwaran

    A Big LoL for "From a Finnish company to Finished company" 😂

  88. Guilherme Calegari

    Boycott Huawei

  89. djeire06

    Hi there new viewer and instant fan love the channel also you're pleasing to the eye 😉 Would you review Sony phones I'd love to hear your review of the new 10ii and 1ii? Thanks Éire

  90. Muhammed Patel

    Is there another tech video that makes you laugh like this one? :-)

  91. Haitham AlMusallami

    Do more videos like this I really enjoyed ❤️

  92. Angroid-69

    I have worked in the mobile industry for the last 21 years and your comments about Sony's naming of the phones, I've been complaining about for a few years. For someone who works selling phones, I need to know pretty much everything about new phones coming out, features and specification etc. Samsung have been fantastic with their naming and as soon as they released a phone you kind of knew what to expect, whether that be with the S range, A range or the old J range. You knew which was low, middle and high as far as spec was concerned. And the numbering, A3 A5 A6 A8, you knew exactly what was happening. Sony ever since the Z it has been an absolute disaster to the point where if a customer enquired about a Sony, I wouldn't have a clue where to start but it was like having 15 phones all the same with similar sounding names. Nothing stood out at all. When I saw your video a few months ago about the naming of smartphones I was really pleased but it was something I had been saying for years as well. What makes it worse for Sony is it seems they have never picked up on this at all, they just carried on releasing phones that weren't selling and seemed oblivious to know why. Crazy.

  93. ToonJotaro18

    My dad works for Pepsi, why didn't he get me a Pepsi phone? I would have been the coolest kid on the block

  94. shane Underwood

    Can you do a review of the Samsung Galaxy z flip

  95. TheFuture

    "People still bought it because it's an iphone" the reason why all you see is apple products is because apple can make anything and people will buy them. This needs to change.

  96. mariacelinabels

    Thank you for the tips, new youtuber here! 1k subs is enough for me. I'll be the happiest person if i get 1k subs haha. Keepsafe 😊

  97. bigboystechtoys

    Nice! Enjoying this content :)

  98. Kevin quoteZ

    I am a huge Sony fan. In fact, I currently use an Xperia. But I completely agree with Arun. They just keep missing the plot. I honestly don't get how they kept missing it, hey. They're like the Argentina of the smartphone world. You got Messi (who Barcelona uses very well) but you yourself have nothing to show for it. It's baffling!

  99. Steven Mendez

    The Xperia 1 II does look good though

  100. ZOHAIB ALI Shaheen

    Love your videos and keep up the hard work. And why did you say today is 2018 at 5:14. am i mistaken or did he say it. nonetheless i still watch his videos and is one of the best gadget youtubers