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  1. Simahirachan Sima

    Kalapani is Napal. Sorry about this. Coronevirus made in China

  2. Jojo John

    I know the Indians do not deserve this person....


    Modi is the vaccine for Pappu!

  4. Big Boss

    U.S air chief shouldn't took the risk to fly this unreliable piece of scrap, or should have done comprehensive insurance before flying this shit of junk , so must be careful in future before taking such risk ..

  5. ThePresidentGuard

    When US official knew that he will be in tejas before he came to India he has double his life insurance premium as he was sure that he is not coming back in one piece

  6. ThePresidentGuard

    LoL, still not in operational.Even Indian airforce don’t even use this stainless steel toy

  7. Deepinder Singh

  8. dhiraj chaware

    Yeh hai Indian police....bc


    Instead of searching for possible child traffickers, killers n shit, you worried about a fake ass co v id. 🤦🏾‍♀️ There is no way I'd let my country submit to CHINESE TYRANNY!!! Nor would I sell my people out for enforce this bs. I'd tell everyone this HEIST of OUR FREEDOM IS OVER!!!

  10. Jp Vern

    rahul i belive u r not intelligent nor a politician and i feel u should wash Modi ji s feet and drink that water...sorry for being straight forward... I also feel u are depressed in ur life because of ur mum forcefully keeping u in politics....which might lead u to commit suicide... And please dont do this kind of interviews as one can feel u r no real ...u r fake and only intrested in looting India...go as far as u can from India

  11. yeeet yeet

    People arnt use to drones in the comments and it shows

  12. sabesh bala

    Irfaan is an amazing character..may his soul Rest In Peace ❤️

  13. Dreams and I

    Im a pediatrician, and trust me he is beyond us

  14. Dreams and I

    Haha pediatricians will wonder, why they didnt get this thought, and do a research, and come to conclusion what he said was right, and for now only pediatricians know is contents of breast milk, thats it

  15. Bhai Tera Boht Hard

    #CORONA #ZEEhaad

  16. suman sen

    Madhuri ma'am..a bundle of talent...legend ary..hat's off.



  18. Steven J

    Those Chinese made temperature guns aren't accurate, I know I bought one off Amazon.

  19. James Madison

    Great job! Congrats!

  20. Rx

    Nobody knows that this is a deep fake video.

  21. Aniket Negi

    Wow mam just wow❤❤

  22. sheik aamer

    Robot 2.0 me pakshi rajan ne iske bare me bataya tha.....

  23. Golden Nair

    India the biggest joke of the world how could anyone expect a good aircraft from a tea stall country hahahaha .

    1. Arvind Yadav

      Look who is saying Pakistani citizen whose country is the biggest begger in the world....kabhi UAE baap kabhi saudi kabhi china ab ab inka naya baap turkey aaya hai...par baap to ek hi hai 🇮🇳😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Dilini Hansika


  25. Sejan hussain Sayyed


  26. Rocking Jatt

    Rahul Gandhi is absolutely right lockdown is completely Failed and 20 lakh crore package is just a jumla 😍

  27. Anand Dictator

    Aacha huaa madharchod ke sath Esko muh me mut do hindu ke nam par kalak hai randi ke aaolad hai ha tu des darohi hai tu muslim ke aaolad hai

  28. Neha soni

    Rona as gya yar 😭😭

  29. Satyam Mutha

    Good gesture by Indian Government

  30. Hikmat Shah

    Fock you oli

  31. Vinay John

    They are not human they are demons in today socity

  32. curtis Long

    Shoot that thing down.

  33. Renu

    I love you mam

  34. Mukul Nainwal

    Is he flied jf17 😃😄

  35. Vidhant Bansal

    It's shame for us that highly educated economic experts like him and others including Dr. Manmohan Singh and Raghuram Rajan are unheard in India 🇮🇳

  36. S C

    KOr so d। Tu q ए ए। ए में,। ने नेbgxfhuui

  37. Chelsea Veronica

    Do not delay yourself. Repent yourself unto the lord and he will show mercy upon you. Believe in the lord & saviour Jesus Christ ✝️

  38. traditionalindia


  39. Syed Izhar

    It is pity that the government can’t distinguish between fiscal and monetary policies

  40. Syed Izhar

    None of the underlying issue have been addressed such as distribution of land among farmers and the downstream issues like storage and supply chain

  41. Syed Izhar

    Agriculture has been the step child of the government for a very long time

  42. mathe vanditha

    So Freddy is the top most cid officer 😂😂

  43. Angel Priya

    Bika hua hai sab

  44. MrSoulMonk

    Thank you to the journalist for the great work and the wonderful interview. Mr. Patterson deserves recognition no matter what his present state is. It is a pity that some greats have to deal with this on their own when they have contributed so much to the world by their talent. Wishing him all the best.

  45. Cruize X

    A disheartening situation govt should get back for them.

  46. sameer shaikh

    Real journalist

  47. Prashant Kamble

    India's response : "Aaji Lund mera"

  48. Vikas Singh

    Jai shree ram🙏🙏🙏

  49. Mohd. Faizan

    What about Delhi ???

  50. Asher Rafi

    Apni posta tbha kr k nam pak da la dende o

  51. Vishal Shah

    Some of these people have genuinely difficult situations... One person I know has his wife in US who is due this week and has a 2 yo child all stuck in US, but he is stuck in India since his mom's not well. I know many such other cases. Hoping that these people are able to get their stamping done and go back to their loved ones.. being stranded on the other side of world away from your loved ones is something nobody should have to see

  52. sathnidu athauda

    Wow seems like a wonderful humble being... So sad to see

  53. srivijaya infocom


  54. shubham choudhari


  55. Prashantkiran Shetty


  56. Rhonda Clark

    We’re in revelations ask forgiveness for every sin and repent amen 🙏. This is happening in many nations read your bible ✝️

  57. Azam King Khan

    Ghar pe jane do sab ko

  58. Hrishikesh Kolhe

    And that day I decided to switch my newspaper to Indian Express 🙏🏻

  59. Niraj Chetry

    Najeeb ka bhoot uttar de ise.

  60. Im

    When people become arrogant and violent doing Injustice on Land to each other and Hates one other, God sends like thia Punishments on earth. (Quran 7:133). We need to behave ourself over Nature and Humanity with Love and pray to Lord of Universe to overcome such Crisis.

  61. ann elizabeth prasad

    Why 1 dislike in this video. What is the problem? Jealousy 😖 or something else

  62. Basu Suman

    Ek Bihari sab pe bhari. Zaroor Hindu Muslim nai Kiya Hoga aur TV Nahi Dekha hoga

    1. ann elizabeth prasad


  63. Abhi Bhai


  64. Harun bandar10 Bandar10

    Aparat negara macam apa...? Hoee

  65. aguynextdoor

    Science leke engineering karega...

  66. Sahil Malik khan

    bhai apka adress kya hai mujhe 3 silicon mask banwana hai

  67. binhilabi

    What currency was that ?

  68. Upanishadik Liberal


  69. Karishma Nehar

    If me and sister travel through different flight, can we get quarantined in same quarantine center

  70. Karan Raj

    You are right sir .

  71. Kumar Swamy

    This should have been discussed at the very begin to understand why the current strategy is required. Discussion has not statistical data which is a drawback

  72. Danel Dayanand

    It is written in Bible .Joel chapter 1:4 says, That Which the plamerworm hath time Locusts eaten ; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten ; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpillar eaten.

  73. Someone Pathak

    Can anyone tell what they are doing at 0:04 ?

  74. Christopher Farley


  75. Tom Jerry

    अन्ततः, हमने उनपर तूफ़ान टिड्डी दल, जुयें, मेढक और खून की बारिश भेजी। अलग-अलग निशानियाँ; फिर भी उन्होंने घमंड किया और वे थी ही अपराधी लोग। अल क़ुरआन चैप्टर 7 आयात 133

  76. Rogue Samurai

    So Nepal government shouldnt check their citizen , India should?

    1. Nandanhang Rai

      @Manish Erande so why now nepal is asking Territory which is part of India since long ago

    2. Manish Erande

      yes India should as India is protector of Nepal

  77. Anshuman Singh

    Why no clock?

  78. swapnil rajkhowa

    You are doing a great job mr Gandhi, India is proud of you...

  79. Sandesh Magar

    Mugi randi ko ban

  80. kiran rana

    Too good Very very happy Jai shree ram

  81. Radha Bhajan

  82. Rebati Sinam

    2020.... Why why??

  83. SRBs universe

    And in my state odisha people licking this fucking language Hindi

  84. DUNDI veeresh

    Gud job keep it up, when i startvearning mineyvi alsobdo dis. Insoiration to society.

  85. Brahma Kumaris Tamil Meditation Classes

    Great share. Om Shanti.

  86. Asiania

    Your map says Doklam is Tibet- China, so why India is fishing on trouble water?

  87. Vinay Mishra

    Gand tuti padi hai bhdve ki 😂😂

  88. The Great Saiyaman

    Such an amazing journalist . I admire her work a lot . She connects well with the stars and the audience. Kudos to Priyanka .

  89. Lamlang Langstang

    Use buttetfly net ti catch the locust

  90. Sagar Deshmukh

    Police walo ki maa ka bhosda

  91. Bake with Rinu

    delicious recipe 😋

  92. Renjith ks

    Khadam khadam

  93. Bevin Henderson

    In India law is different for government people business mens film stars. Only we normal people have to follow it. Hats of to you sir that the right thing you have done.

  94. Ian M

    The world is behind you as you defend India from imperialist, dictatorial, humanity destroying communism and the cancer of global terror. Stay strong, India. You have many friends.

  95. dayana23ist

    I love the meaning of the song and her beautiful voice 🥰🕯

  96. kareem khan

    May Allah help this people

  97. kareem khan

    India wants to become global power 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭

  98. Christopher Farley


  99. PrinceGamer 557

    Abhijeet is not finding perfect names

  100. NASA limbu

    But on 1=lot 1=pig lot