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  1. Havok Dzs

    Fired but not charged

  2. Mohammed Akbar

    He broke the guidelines you can't even lie about this

  3. John Hadleigh


  4. Melissa Story

    It's going down. Go to their house if anyone in that area sees this

  5. Malcolm Sillick

    Political witch-hunt. Got nothing to do with a trip to Durham. Stick to your guns Boris!!

  6. T H

    Why don’t you get so enraged about pointless 2m distancing

  7. cobaltblueviolet

    If they were black they would have already been arrested and in jail with no bail. Get rid of Trump NOW!!!!!

  8. Tom Ball

    Listening to this bloke is like listening to an 8 year old who can't read

  9. Will McAlpine

    Stay at home 🏡 Easy

  10. generation stupid

    don’t mind me, just an intelligent person in a comment section full of delinquents

  11. цуке цукерман


  12. Leslie Haigh


  13. sayyestofairness

    Keep denying China's official numbers, they're still more transparent than Trump will ever be. And they handled the situation better than the US. Hell, even Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea contained their spreads.

  14. pete b

    What about the the LABOUR MP's who broke lockdown rules they didn't have any reason

  15. John Pro

    2016 all over again!

  16. jimbozini

    Real representative sample you chose here. Well done. What a pair is insufferable women.

  17. El Gilberto

    It's funny how armed protesters that were protesting the lockdown right outside a Government building weren't arrested. Yet these people who are peacefully protesting for black lives matter and the murder of an unarmed black man by the police are all silenced with tear gas.

  18. Veg D

    Well all happening in the land of the free and brave ! Disgusting piece of SHI...

  19. Gazza

    Oh dear dear using a pandemic as a political tool to bully a man who had corona, his wife also, his autistic child rushed to hospital in an ambulance while isolating from everyone. His uncle died of corona, he was a key worker who phoned number 10 to get approval to go back to work and broke no rules, all key workers were doing the same when they caught covid !

  20. Billy Enzen

    kill em all the less liberals there is the better the world

  21. pollys millions

    pair of harpies

  22. •32’s_my_favourite_number•

    I heard yey-a-yee

  23. mo khan

    Why do I get the feeling that he had an ear piece in his ear and someone (Dominic Cummings) was telling him what to say as he keeps on waffling!

  24. Garth

    Typical Guardian, showing a failed attempt to bully Boris by two rabid left wing socialists. Boris expresses it correctly, party political points scoring is going on.

  25. Elaine Reilly

    Stutter all you want LIAR 🤥

  26. lewisdean22

    Prince Charles traveled to his second home in Scotland and not one story about it.

  27. Blegh Bleghinson

    This is like the 2 minutes hate except its the 2 minutes love.

  28. Paul Clothier

    If you want a paedo neighbour vote Labour.

  29. Earl Robinson

    More "Karen's" shrieking like harridans. It's obvious these "Karen's" haven't had the opportunity get out into society to scream at men for the most minor issues that anyone with any common sense would ignore...!

  30. Curious Uranus

    Pinocchio and Billy Nomates are running this country - we are screwed.

  31. masterblackthorn

    Boris is living proof that a private education has nothing to do with common sense. Everytime he gets on that podium and defends Gollum the toxic advisor, he just destroys his crediblity with the public more and more. He undermines his Admins ability to govern, everytime he speaks.

  32. Matt


  33. Mx- P

    Murder for murder is not the answer

  34. Matt

    You don't hearing the truth

  35. Joseph Bingham

    At one time middle American respected the police. Now they only represent their oppressive paymasters who've taken away everyone's civil rights.

  36. Maverick Disco

    Yvette Muppet

  37. Terri TarantuaS.

    My heart is broken. This poor man was cuffed and not a threat. WTF is wrong with the police. George Floyd is a human being. I hope the charge those jerks.

  38. Knight 2000


  39. Red Alert

    Cummings should have "gone to Specsavers" if he wanted to be believed with his ridiculous excuse. Boris Johnson's incompetent government has only reassured us how untrustworthy it is. If Boris Johnson is not jailed for crimes against public health, eyebrows will be raised - and further, more exacting, tests will be arranged.

  40. Bcwolters

    love her!

  41. Martin Heath

    Dominic cummings has in effect done what he likes and believes he's above everyone else and if he thought anything of Boris johnson he would tender his resignation and also apologise to the British public who want this and deserve it at the least and then we can move on after this testing time.

  42. Beasts

    BORIS Johnson is defending Dominic Cummings so robustly because he is one of his illegitimate children, it has emerged. Downing Street insiders have revealed that the prime minister’s controversial special adviser is also his ‘special little man’. A source said: “Cummings is definitely one of Johnson’s sons. It’s why he hasn’t been sacked or sent to work with Michael Gove full-time. “Boris has kids all over the place. The not-too-bright ones get a job in government, but Dom is so weird and erratic Johnson made him a special adviser so he can keep an eye on him. “The paternal relationship is pretty obvious. Cummings is always pestering Johnson to play football with him and wakes him up in the middle of the night to ask for a glass of water. “And he calls him ‘dad’. That’s a bit of a giveaway.” However Johnson refused to confirm the relationship, claiming his prolific impregnating means he simply cannot remember who is his child anymore.

    1. Bravo Alley


  43. J Rose

    And they call it the greatest country on earth. Rubbish!!

  44. zed365

    Guaranteed they won’t be allowed back to ask questions again 😂

  45. Edgar Z. Gervacio

    And this is the land of the free allegedly. Minorities need to stick together now or never

  46. Renzo Lagomarsino Torres


  47. Samou Semana

    Many nasty comments!!!

  48. amanual

    He hasn't even apologised, why can't they see this undermines their own messaging on the lockdown. One rule for No. 10 and one rule for everyone else.

  49. Johnny Mauchline


  50. Roht Htike

    Such a tempting offer for kids like her who wants to do anything but actually study and be at a place where they can actually make changes without having to beg people for it. Friday strikes? Sure What’s next? Daily strikes?


    the amount of CRINGE gave me a stroke

  52. v dub

    This has the great potential to bring down Johnsons house of cards. His Evil mastermind behind Brexit is caught in a lie Johnson and cronies try to play coverup and fall into a famous Ditch and the digging begins , lie to cover up the first lie and the ditch gets deeper , MP's start to leave or defect , the public outcry gets louder especially from NHS workers and his cards start to play out . Cummings thinks Johnson will protect him but we all know Johnson will sell anyone out for personal gain , just ask his ex wife , his Sister & Brother , they know him hence one voted Liberal and the other quit his government . one Law for us another for those who feel entitled by position to do what the hell they want regardless of the cost to the national well being and then to lie ? by the way Mrs Cummings , did you enjoy your day out on YOUR BIRTHDAY in Barnard Castle ? did you cough on anyone up North or was it a miraculous cure ?

  53. Stehv Burgueno

    1:16 “ya le pegue a uno wey” Translation: I already hit one bro Proud to see my people there as well

  54. Clarissa Murillo

    This puts me in tears how cops were supposed to protect us but instead they hurt us

  55. The ill will

    What did that guy have on his chin?

  56. P51M

    how about attack all cops.

  57. Paula F Reynolds

    Boris you're a liar like you wrre in the skripol case, you need to resign and we need to get country opened up again, because you just keep lying and lying and lying and lying and lying

  58. dragonfly6908

    I feel sorry for Boris having to answer questions from these two turds.

  59. Imran Khan

    I was waiting for the brother to recite Al-zalzala

  60. N Soul

    An eye for an eye...this shouldn't be forgotten or swept under the carpet, that guy deserves the death sentence, no question about it.

  61. Zab Sánchez


  62. Marc Son

    You wanted power so bad and now you have it. What are you doing with it sweetie ? I am asking Dominic

  63. Beasts

    What's being challenged here is that a senior government official, paid by the taxpayer, has helped set the rules and laws the public must abide by and make great sacrifices to adhere to. Cummings broke those rules thrice, with different accounts by the PM and Cummings' wife. Other senior officials stepped down for less, so why is Cummings above the law? Of course there are other matters such as Cummings stating at his press conference to say he was also aware of Coronavirus last year (when it turns out official documents were amended just weeks ago). No wonder David Cameron calls this guy a career psychopath.

    1. Beasts

      @JonnyRed801 Trying to change the subject at hand because you don't have the mental capacity for it.

    2. JonnyRed801

      You'll be demanding Irish Premier Leo Varadkar stands down for ignoring lockdown rules and having a picnic with his mates? Yes?

  64. lipslike caravans

    They shouldn’t be fired they should be imprisoned for that

  65. LSD

    But it’s alright for the 4 Labour mps?

  66. Ryan Glo

    He should receive the death penalty for the full awareness of killing him whilst torturing him as well

  67. Miti Garcia

    I'll e to.

  68. therealG

    Michael gove is the male equivalent of Katie Hopkins.

    1. masterblackthorn

      More like Mary Hopkins but you need to be old to remember her lol

  69. Marc Son

    British comedy at its best !

  70. ersklordy

    Your little brexit coup not workin thought you lot would have learnt you lesson by now the public are not stupid , sack Kinnock son and the others and then we will talk till then f😘😘k off

  71. Man in the Middle

    Trump would have run for cover...😂😂😂

  72. Hiphophippopotamus `i`5c.

    Try not to fall into a trap.

  73. UK USA BOXING Live

    This meg women is so rude when she womensplains

  74. Hpv Speedmachine

    It is confirmed the 2021 World Congress of Ophthalmologis will be held in Barnard Castle, UK

  75. Cheryl Ng

    China wants back all its territories from the ancient times. Including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau (the 3 of 4 "Smaller Dragons") with the last one being Singapore (but luckily for Singapore, Singapore is independent nation). In the past Korea is also part of China, so once China got hold of these countries. China will want the nine dash line of the South China Sea to train up its naval and military forces so as to exert its influence over the whole of Southeast Asia and make the entire Southeast Asia allied to China. That leaves only Australia to get rid of. After this, China will build the next greatest empire before the 100 years of humiliation, to rival the US.

  76. { lemonade }

    and it’s manly always white cops 😬🖕🏽

  77. kernowarty

    With his scruffy fully head of hair here, Boris looks like a naughty, posh, public school boy

  78. PlaneHed

    also worst pm in world

  79. Jo Bloggs

    The Royal and Elite's interest first!

  80. Jackass Dick

    They got the wrong picture that’s Stephen Jackson former nba player haha

  81. Belt and Braces

    Did any of the radical activist's at the Guardian know of protesters being paid to heckle Mr. Cummings outside his home ?

  82. Frank Illuminati

    THey have a right to protest

  83. Gary Fox

    This government is just one big joke.

    1. SΔNDL

      no u

  84. Thomas Why u lying

    They are really trying their best to destroy the government so as to stay in the eu.

  85. virtious8

    This guy is apparently the cabinet's intellectual big beast!

  86. Jo Bloggs

    On 12 April Dominic Cummings was seen in Castle Barnard during lockdown. Two days later, GlaxoSmithKline of Barnard Castle signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine with Sanofi of France.

  87. Celtic Raven

    The choice of the British people? Majority of us want Cummings sacked. Look at Scotland, on of there MPs made a journey to a separate house during lockdown and was sacked within the week.

    1. turdrhinofiend

      She did it FOR FUN, he did it to look after his 4 year old kid (and his security concerns are far and above that lady as the majority of remoaners HATE Dominic Cummings) also this came out after the lockdown was at it's harshest, wheras she did it at the worst possible time, it was found out and she was front facing, and the scottish boss lady still thought she could keep her. Any reasonable person can see the difference in cases.

  88. Marc Son

    You have got some nerves !

  89. Hpv Speedmachine

    What a satirical joke this government is

  90. xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx

    Question dodgers. Bloody liars and self entitled.

  91. BottledBanana

    Option 1) arrest murderers Option 2) shoot tear gas at protestors Minneapolis Police Department:

  92. Kelly kelly

    Reminds me of a white mouse

  93. Münevver Bolat

    This is something the police did, now they should deal with it. Why they r even wondering

  94. Transformation Generation

    They never EVER riot or even complain when a white man dies at the hands of the police; which is far more often that you'll ever see on the legacy fk'um.

  95. The Neophyte Journal

    Boris doesnt like being questioned about his friends. he simply wants to "move on"

    1. dragonfly6908

      I wouldn't be surprised if Sky news are still covering this story at Christmas.

  96. Moise Canto


  97. Chris Upton

    Get this man out now... it’s an insult to the British public and every single life lost

  98. mac

    Just 2 more remoaners trying to get one over on the PM and DC , they just sound like two bitter women who didn't get a date to the PROM!