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  1. Jake Siu

    There are incentives and opportunity costs for not paying of student loans immediately

  2. The Man With The Dash Cam

    Damnit I hate godaddy. They’ll make you think you’re getting a deal when you sign up and then a year later they’re like, oh hey we gonna $200+

  3. Lefei Shen

    Waiting for Graham to react to it.

  4. David Harvell

    They need to make these about people with realistic incomes. Less than 1% earn 145k

  5. V L

    this was such a wholesome episode

  6. Davis Dutko

    The woman in this video just said " I think overall [eating out] saves me money" Uhm... thats not good advice and you are most likely wrong.

  7. Jake Piper

    8.234 lol very specific but alright (X

  8. OCO

    She's doing a great job. Very inspirational

  9. Bitking Ross

    This so unfair to watch for many people. Keep bragging to the rest of your 1% no bodys

  10. Akhil Patel

    Is $145K before or after taxes? Also, $20k/month avg equals $240k in a year. And how come the monthly expenditure is $6777? Am I missing something? 🤔

  11. The Phelddagrif

    I want to see people who really messed up their finances. All we get now are people who are making good decisions.

  12. Maani Agarwal

    When you get you give, when you learn, you teach. Beautiful words! Love this lady. She has really turned around her life and worked hard. Has the right values to help others. BRAVO girl!


    Wait, pets can have life insurance? That made me pause for a second lol

  14. SD W

    Graham, we are patiently waiting your arrival.

  15. K Dilli

    Andrea if you're reading this... PAY OFF YOUR STUDENT LOANS ALREADY. You will feel so much better when you do.

  16. Chaitanya Prabuddha

    Where is GRAHAM STEPHAN? I know 80% of the viewer is from graham Stephens squad if you too like this comment, and if graham reads this please reply, its help...

  17. Mike Sudol

    Her job is to study happiness, what???

  18. Junior Yanez

    This is very disappointing as everyone else is saying to see profit precede the health of the individual (and even the health of a nation). I caught the last flight from Paris to Dallas in March when COVID-19 hit and that had more unintentional social distancing measures than these flights. Planes cannot be at full capacity and I will not be surprised there isn’t a class action lawsuit when an entire plane acquires the virus...

  19. Guy Zandler BSN, RN

    Wait for it...

  20. LaidbackLuc9

    Somebody making $145k/yr and hopes Bernie/AOC gets into office and bails out her student loans is the socialist equivalent of somebody making $18k/yr who votes for a libertarian.

  21. Josh Wynn

    $0 to $140k in 3-4 years. Man, these stories make me think that if these people can do it, why can’t I?

  22. Af deb

    why people are jealous Mr.Bill

  23. Piyush pr

    @graham steaphan where you at

  24. TeamWithERVING

    Amazing Video Shutout from our FOREX Channel #TeamwithERVING

  25. IAmJacques

    Pretty light on the "money" part of "Millenial Money"

  26. Steppawolf

    What kind of guitar is the blue one at 7:28?

  27. Vineet Avhad

    Is it just me or is she super wholesome. She seems to have such a great heart, appreciation and contentment.. Marriage material right here

    1. philtastic1

      Wholesome?!? I wouldn’t call a former drug addict tattooed woman wholesome.

  28. Pixie Living

    My partner and I make about 60k a year combined and bought a 3 bed 2 bath house in Florida. You do not need to make 6 figures to buy a good home. You need good credit and a great savings account. Just saying!

    1. L R

      Right there with yah

  29. R 100

    they should do a europe version, aka nothing is left over after paying taxes lmao

  30. jak p

    How do you get a 100-120% commission? They are loosing money on sales via commission payments.

  31. V. P

    shet, hide her from Graham before its too late.

  32. ninjali96

    Texas represent! But yeah she def could have done better to pay back the loans... But coming from Texas the eating out is a big part of life! At least from my family and friends. Eating out is cheaper in Texas than people think.

    1. patty wills

      Also y so many people in texas are fat

  33. Tania Martinez

    She makes a lot of money, she shouldn’t be splurging on anything until that student loan debt is paid. No one is going to “forgive” your student loans. Seriously people, that is stupid if you think that and doesn’t make you very smart 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I paid off $50k in student loans making 40% less than that a few years ago as a single woman with no one that helped me. Pay it off ASAP girl!

    1. Mustafa Ali

      Her interest rates are probably so low so stfu

  34. Osean Verdi

    What about “living off of 50k”. Something more realistic for the rest of America. Thanks

    1. marcutio

      Yeah see the other millennial money videos 🙄🙄. There are plenty of those “50k” examples. As a single American who does make in the 100k range, I appreciate this video to see how others in my income category are saving and/or trying to get to financial independence

  35. michael njoroge

    So amazing to see someone's testimony of God's salvation in their life❤

  36. Henry

    I think I'm going to move to Austin.

  37. Rabia Ahmed

    She’s dumb. Needs someone to manage her money better.

  38. nihaokellar

    I really want to see people making $40k or $50k a year living in a big city. Someone relatable, someone like me. I'm available by the way if you see this, CNBC :D

  39. Trey Moore

    This millennial money episode, hits different. Christ can heal us all, you have to change as well in order to see change. She’s on the right track, just pay off the student loans. Students loans plagues a lot of people long term plans, but she’s makes $145000 so she can pay that off within a year.

  40. akmack2

    Am I missing something? She has a base salary and on top of that averages $20k/mo in commission? Just the commission would put her at $240k/yr

  41. Fleur

    amazing testimony

  42. Tracy Ragland

    Graham is gonna love this This is a great video Thanks CNBC 🖤

  43. DuckScienceVideo

    She makes way too much, hope little bitty gets some incurable disease money can't cure.

  44. alukardFE

    Wow she's bad with money :/ also has a weird vibe as a person. Nevertheless wish her all the best and progression.

  45. Alan Celi

    Graham Stephan

  46. ardnehsan

    The best thing about dogs is that they never care about the money you make or the toys they get.. just the socks they get to eat

  47. Chris Rawls

    Graham is lurking in the comments as we speak.

  48. Kay Juneman

    There is so much to love about this woman but please pay off your students loans. She can afford it.

  49. Raevin Ruiz

    I see myself in this women I’m going thru a lot with being sober and now I’m building up my money and moving on to better things with my spiritual life and with God ❤️

  50. Shawny Chantell

    All that money & can't cook smdh

  51. Φίλιππος Hoyle

    She's losing everything, especially considering that those students loans apparently aren't paid off yet.

  52. Roger Almeida

    "Instead of paying back $30,000 on my $145,000 salary, I'm hoping you taxpayers can pay it down for me :)"

    1. Rebel

      What ?

    2. Alan O

      Roger Almeida Right? Disgusting!

    3. ASMRKarl

      I mean, she's a taxpayer? lol

  53. Millennialist

    l love that at 31, she's single, living her life, and taking care of herself and is HAPPY.

  54. slaiyfershin

    I can tell CNBC is back at normal production again. Not too sure that's a good thing considering the premature reopening of the lockdown.

  55. JONES

    sales is unstable in the longterm. keep saving, investing, living below your means, AND PAY OFF YOUR DEBT.

  56. Macht Schnell

    Earning $145K a year and cannot even afford jeans without holes! Times are tough all over.

  57. Drew Conway

    Paying the minimum on student debt hoping someone is going to get elected and wipe it out is irresponsible. You took out those loans, you have the means to pay them back, and you should. That money did not fall out of the clear blue sky.

  58. Slick Videos

    Am I the only one who dont care about graham opinion, like his opinion isn’t the gold standard to financial freedom

  59. Manjari G

    It's hard battling an addiction! Good for her <3

  60. Teresiah Wangari

    kudos to her for changing her life and impacting the lives of those around her

  61. Manu datu

    omg, she is not paying her student loan off. thats crazy

  62. WealthAuthor

    Graham probably is cringing watching his waste of money. So, much money wasted

  63. Sam Holder

    pay off your student loans sis

  64. Manjari G


  65. Bluestone Metallic 7

    ....very Impressive in making that REAL pay check at that age....most of my friends and classmates are constantly making starving wages....as most of the firms/companies don’t wanna PAY that comfortable and/or livable wages. Just my $0.02 cents.

  66. justiceingeneral

    Cuzco is so cute!! God Bless😇.

  67. E W

    Sober sister! ❤️

  68. enlightenedapple

    I don’t see this lasting for her but good luck!

  69. Keenan Smith

    If you're making $145k a year, there's no reason why not to pay the student loan off immediately. Any useless debt should not be kept, there is no excuse for that.

    1. PostConsolePeasant

      @Trayan Tsonev right, you'd get more money investing that in an etf or in your 401k than paying student loans

    2. Trayan Tsonev

      If it's a low interest loan it's much better to invest the money she'd otherwise use to pay it off.

  70. enlightenedapple

    Why doesn’t she pay her school debt off. Stupid.

  71. Jeffrey Phamigo

    I respect every student in the US trying to pay off debt or is about to study an expensive major. Paid education is illegal in my country.

  72. 4everInTheClouds

    I think Coronavirus has shown that there is a definite correlation between money and happiness.

  73. csec

    kudos to turning her life around! We love to see someone coming out on top. 😘

  74. Matthew Ortiz

    These videos are very inspiring, and informative. I am currently paying off a lot of debt, and want to share my story in the future

  75. Of Mice And Mandrakes 100

    30k in student loans and the dog is wearing Gucci 😬

  76. Slim BenRomdhane

    I didn’t get something, how come her typical monthly spendings are almost 7k ? Where is the rest of the money ?

    1. Fernanda Horvath

      At Uncle Sam

  77. Douglas Lee

    I've lost it all and came back too. It was HARD. Its great to see her recover and thrive in a short period of time. Also inspiring to see her turn her life around. I'm not here to criticize how she spends her money. She made it, she gets to spend it how she wants. As long as they are within budget, then its all good.

  78. Hannah L.

    anyone else notice how 0:38 is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill aka definitely not UC riverside

  79. csec

    I just died a little inside when I heard “i think eating out saves me money cos I have leftovers for later”.. Btw, enough of Graham react videos.... we know you have strong opinions.. don’t worry we share them too! :)

  80. Trent T

    350k houses make poor investments. Youll never meet the 1% rule with that, it wont rent for 3500/month, probably would even rent for 2200/month.

    1. Marco Antonio Islas

      Austin is an up and coming tech city with an Apple campus and plans for Tesla to start a factory. My bet is that housing prices will continue to rise drastically

  81. steven teoh

    Social media advisors? What?

  82. Cesar Torres

    Waiting for someone to diminish the student debt loan? LMFAO. These payasos need to get out of Texas. Don't California my Texas.

  83. Jdlc

    Us looks great you can get a $145k.you cant make that kind of money elsewhere easily

  84. Ahson Yousef

    No tax break for ROTH IRA if your workplace offers a 401k...

  85. Trent T

    Puttin 20k down on a 350k house on a 145k income is weak sauce.

  86. Jdlc

    Im 31 and scrape by one welfare

  87. Shaun Diz

    How come her spending is around $7k a month? That's $84k a year, does that mean she pays over 40% to taxes?

  88. Colorful Codes

    I love how her story isn't cookie cutter. Sometimes life happens or we make mistakes but most of us can still pull through and accomplish our goals. Wish her the best but my only critique is that she shouldn't wait on the government to forgive her loans. It's never certain that they will or that her income would be as high in 10+ years. Glad she found her way. 🙏🏾❤

  89. Iw Wanly

    One of the best episodes of millennial money ever, good for her she deserves this, I'm really blessed to hear this story, she is a very good person and helps her family I wish her the best

  90. B Wright

    The most honest and realest episode I’ve seen so far. Kudos to her👍🏽❤️

  91. CalabarSweetii

    I love how the commenters always know so much about how to pay off debt, but don’t know how to secure a $145,000 salary.

  92. Giedrius M

    One thing I don't get it- $300/month food budget while not cooking at home. I did the same and after tips it was at least double or even triple that.

  93. Jeffry De Leon

    "I think overall it saves me money when I go out to eat..." 😂😂😂

  94. Luis Cedillo

    Yoo u know Dave Ramsey would pull all his hair out if he knew what she said about the student loans lmao

  95. NonchalanceInvasion

    I loved that!

  96. Shaivi Shah

    Graham, you gotta do it 😂

  97. Barnaby K

    I can hear Graham’s screaming already after she just admitted to making minimum payment on her salary for her loans.

  98. heytiger26

    Proud of your journey Andrea! God bless!!

  99. Keenan Smith

    Congratulations to her on finding a job she likes. I absolutely hate sales lol but I love digital marketing!

  100. TOM CRUZ