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i lost

i lost

I'm out.

I'm out.

rip kong

rip kong


  1. Mr brandonard

    Lol not my problem you lost

  2. Credința - Nădejdea si Dragostea

    Logan Dies "I dont feel like im dead"

  3. TRJgamesFin

    Logan bro if you wanna get your points back for illegal punches, give ksi his points for the knockdown and check the points again, be fare man

  4. Chantelle Robinson

    I'm British and I don't even like ksi much so im not saying this as his fan. You lost the fight so get over it. You deserved the deduction because you done wrong. Also ksi knocked you down twice so I don't even know why your hyping you knocked him. I think you done better in this fight then the last one but you LOST!!! move on! You got your money be happy

  5. Zircal

    At first I was thinking that Logan was actually gonna be mature and not make these types of videos like a loser but boiiiiii was I wrong

  6. F_Dswag

    KSI is the better than you


    How the hell did u lose. Just because they think he’s better than f off

  8. That One Arab

    Respect to both of u tbh

  9. Hectxr

    “most entertaining fight of the night” bro did you see the fight before yours. the knock of Logan and JJ was funnier and better

  10. Milk Carton


  11. Melissa Green

    Whose father are you?

  12. Robert Turner

    They just played you guys. (MRsel COMMUNITY)

  13. Rudy Sanchez

    Lmfao funny how he posts clips that only make him look good you lost ..take the L like a man and stfu

  14. Edgar Gasparian

    Please help this my second MRsel account Logan has me locked in a basement

  15. F_Dswag

    Haha lol noob

  16. Gg Gg

    I wanna rematch

  17. Eazu


  18. ッYT_Wasteful

    no shit bud.

  19. Elvin Bonilla

    Jake ñoser is a bich

  20. Nathaniel Ackman

    the lil roasting sesh at the start was the best

  21. Unholy

    You lost

  22. Stephen Kreuer

    okay I think Logan Paul win the fight I wanted I wanted Logan Paul to win the fight but if you think you lost the f****** fight why would you not go and swinging use your right arm and throw it throw it like you want to win be a man. And just f****** when throw your hands you didn't throw enough rights. You still could have one regardless of the outcome of the outcome

  23. Hadi Eltaief

    We know you lost... LETS GO KSI!!!!

  24. Blake carver

    Look you both kick ass and fought one hell of a fight. But the 2 point deduction was called for in my opinion. I respect you! But you bearly lost. Be proud of it

  25. User Name



    You bet u lost


    " I have made a severe and continuo-" Oh whoops, wrong video!

  28. RCZGamer


  29. Emile Vidrine

    hahahahah u lost u lost accept it lol fight me dude

  30. Steve Vasquez

    Lol loser

  31. MM Gaming

    Fun fact : The average person snezzes 3 times a days

  32. I make music in the UNDERGROUND


  33. Daft BTS


  34. Za Pilgrim

    This is a bruh moment in the highest regard

  35. Lucas Ferriolo

    You did not lose

  36. Emma Williamson

    we know

  37. Jake Smith-Bailey

    2019 anyone?

  38. Cesar Estrada


  39. Emanuel Correa


  40. 14,999,999 Views


  41. OGdoubleX

    Not to be a dick, the first point deduction was for striking while holding the opponent, the second was for striking a downed opponent, twice

  42. AnthonyNgoIsAsian

    9:07 "i have not seen any comments saying the two points counted" Me: THE TWO PINTS COUNT

  43. Madison Lily

    KSI sucks

  44. Cruz Bonneau

    I’m so sorry that you’re dog died I crying I love you and keep up the good work Kong is a savage just like you😀😃

  45. Andrew Baez

    Principal: Why were you late to school? Me: “I sneezed three times.”

  46. ZENO

    "I lost" *g o o d*

  47. wakeupandshutup

    Patty mayo is a poser he’s not a cop?

  48. iCLDYY


  49. lechuga madura


  50. SamXgamer 2015

    Is it weird that I respect you for losing even though before I couldn’t stand you

  51. Supp X

    Only when we thought that Logan is gonna man the fu*k up and take his lost like a man, he comes back with another d*ck move 😂🤦‍♂️

  52. SpazzingDaily

    Lol get fucked

  53. mohamed noor

    Are a pusssyyyyyyyyy🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  54. Siara Dougan

    Am I the ONLY person that heard “I don’t wanna be that kind of dad”?

  55. Denvers Ineus

    Hey Logan Paul, Are you still sneezing?

  56. Orgasmatron 93

    You're that guy that went to some forest right ?

  57. it really be like that doe

    Lol logone pool lost omegalul baaaaad

  58. seekal walid


  59. Cheryl Tillery

    Everyone like this comment so I can change it in a month to Hi and the people who see it are gonna be confused. (Not begging for likes)

  60. BrokenConsoleGaming HD

    Dude you lost get over it

  61. Ultra-GREGULAR

    Why didn't Logan Paul high five ricegum? Because he likes to leave Asians hanging

  62. generic person


  63. Socky Kazuto

    Tbh logan should've been disqualified

  64. koi 19

    No shit

  65. Stephen Kreuer

    Complete and utter bull. KSI and his head band lost period. mr. Headband knows he did not win that fight everyone knows he did not win that fight that's not a way to win a fight your a b**** mad you're not a man and I hate you

  66. wouter vanhecke

    Let me be the one comment to tell you the two point deduction was the correct call. You actually did lose the fight.

  67. Austin Vidz

    I agree, the 2 point reduction was not necessary

  68. red disc

    LOL you lost to Ksi both times

  69. Rita


  70. Brenden Estes

    Props that opening bit was hilarious

  71. Shadey Speedster 2345

    A friend of mine said Logan shouldn't lose those 2 points cause honesty how he lost it was the same way other boxers done but that's up for debate for UK & US Ksi & Logan fans to argue

  72. That Gamer Desi

    ok. I'm just glad that they FINALLY did it. we've all been waiting for like a year. lol

  73. October Quinn

    Logan paul, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me!

  74. 1211 Wolf

    You Lost. Yeah you did. You lost in LA. It’s where you live. You love it. And YOU LOST THERE.

  75. Lone wolf

    fuck you Logan Paul and Ricegum

  76. Elyece Swift

    It’s ok Logan I love you so much it don’t matter if you lost it only matters if you tried F ksi at least you have a real name.

  77. Stupid Shit

    Honestly thought he would be gay about this situation but he handled it well probably due to the fact that he sneezed 4 times today

  78. Forged From Freedom

    Stop with the excuses. Take the loss gracefully and just say “The better man on the night won”. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. He won. The referee’s decision must be respected. Move on.

  79. SpectralVoidGaming


  80. Uh Pootis

    Damn KSI actually has more subs than Logan lmao 😂

  81. Banana Pills

    I support it we support it

  82. Adam Septian


  83. Jocelyn Fernandez

    I miss kong

  84. 12fu

    gf bro

  85. Badrsky -

    F*ck you b*tch thats what you earned

  86. STR Blur

    Ksi: wins Logan:I dont think that I lost

  87. DeepF1ASH

    Yeah I’m a ksi fan, and I think 2 points was a bit much. I think it should have been a 1 point deduction or a warning. But with that ksi should have scorn the knockdown on you

  88. Reuben tc

    Logan: i won because i lost Reffere:😕no ksi won

  89. Devin Szajner


  90. All Ments

    i see how he didn’t mention the knockdown JJ got that wasn’t counted..that’s kinda funny😂

  91. Odsonne Edouard Ballon d’Or

    Truth is both of you are awful boxers, and there was zero improvement from the first fight, as I expected.

  92. Rissyxo


  93. colen Unuareokpa

    Logan you are shit

  94. raptoracer

    Babatunde is free

  95. Cameron Beeson

    Logan I'm a fan since the beginning but please just take the L. your a good fighter but he beat you

  96. fcking weeb

    Haha loser head poopy man

  97. Ximen Feng

    No shit sherlock....

  98. Silas McNoodles

    Logan Paul: *I lost* Me: oh really?

  99. CaFa Faber

    Am I the only one who likes Logan Paul?

  100. Gabriel Juntilla

    The thumbnail looks like he’s about to start every apology video ever