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i lost

i lost

I'm out.

I'm out.


  1. orestas jis

    Evin the best

  2. Mohammad Ali Raja

    U man josie cheated again check his instaa.... Nah I'm jk

  3. yu otube

    name of Logan’s girlfriend?

  4. LOLA - I love SЕХ:* TAP ON MY PlC:*

    *No one:* Literally no one: Logan Paul: Makes everyone’s quarantine much better to handle.

  5. christos athans

    Logan how is it that you’re so mature and grown up and your brother is a complete and utter fucking buffoon where’s the disconnect Shout out mike

  6. Diego Montiel

    I would join but I don’t have money due to corona

  7. emiliana rojas

    your content have been better everyday and it feels good so keep up the good work

  8. DavidProvac 1

    Where are those 20sec

  9. Wrath King


  10. Paddy Jones

    I love these vlogs until jake enters the frame then I have to cringe watch instead

  11. Farhan Rafi

    Even nailed it in the end

  12. Facterino Commenterino

    Today's fact: Even though Froot Loops are different colors, they all have exactly the same flavor.

  13. Aleks Pantic


  14. Brenda m.


  15. Abdullah Rashid

    We’re did this WaMeN come from

  16. Aleks Pantic

    No one likes u

  17. rose Tap On My Pic !! I Have A Beautiful Video

    notice how Logan played “What you been on” from KSI. shows how much respect they have for each other. keep up the good work

  18. Keanu Buccella

    I watched Lana rhoades more than anyone

  19. Kenzie-morgan Oliver

    What was that bright thing in the sky I'm thinking it's a comet or shooting star

  20. Zeeshan Khan

    That's the most realistic hot dog I have ever seen in my life.

  21. Aleks Pantic

    Youre girl is butters

  22. Alex Czerniak

    wtf why is there a pig at 0:57 xdd

  23. Pippo King


  24. Enis Buzdic

    your gf is ugly no offence

  25. Albert Hofmann

    The vlog is not fun enough? Throw some shit into the pool, that'll do the cut

  26. Tropical 121

    your shit

  27. 2 7

    gotta love that 8:40

  28. pratieq

    I got clickbaited 😒

  29. kaiky


  30. Jason Hill

    Yo anyone know where logan got that hat?

  31. women on duty

    Does anyone know what's the name of the song???

  32. Pika Pang

    It is davids girlfriend isnt it

  33. Venkat Mangalampeta

    logan has the worst lookin gf. fr

  34. Corrales Racing

    Saludos de ESPAÑA like

  35. Anele Luvuno

    Umuhle wena

  36. driftyleon Japanboiz

    This is the quality content i waited for ❤

  37. Choco_CSGO

    The dog sound when he bit the hot-dog was jokes

  38. SharkPlayz

    hi logan love you

  39. Geek Long

    I really couldn’t help my to rub a speck on his sweat shirt but it was on his sweat shirt 😤

  40. Siptain Khan

    Marko is there ❤wow😍

  41. Eddie Ortiz

    like to bring Evan back into the vlogs

  42. Nothing Ever Matters

    Lol logan really u bought bots rip

  43. Ty St. Jacques

    Here in the 1st hour

  44. Kacper Markowicz

    Ok, new film but where is fucking hot16challange2 ?

  45. Gosia Furgał


  46. Pietro Giry

    Song is "This is our time" by Cassette Deck. You're welcome

  47. Tejoshmoy Dutta

    This Marco kid is goin up the charts

  48. Josiah Kliment

    Why tf is everything so expensive

  49. Tom Aatje

    Literally everyone in the comments: “Literally everyone in the comments: “I’m actually starting to like Logan Pauls content””

  50. faze_killer204

    Her feet

  51. Bryce Fernau

    Am I the only one who watches every vlog twice in a row?

  52. Rob Sturgess

    I’m a huge fan

  53. Gebaly07

    everyone in this comment section. ‘Logan has actually turned into a person that people could actually look up to.’ aight we get it

  54. Cam Cam

    Make a 10 minute vlog

  55. FaZe DRYAN09

    Make longer vlogs But I still like them Keep up the good work logan

  56. Moritz Neuböck

    does the maverick club work for austria?

  57. Ian Bae

    ahh we love Marko and Logan together:)

  58. Lavon W

    Hey, we’re root and we can save you 50% on your car insurance rate. Download the app and take root for a ride today

  59. CHARLEY evans

    bro i miss evan in vlogs#

  60. MD Sabbir

    Oh my god.. logan and josie both look cute as fuck.. I’m loving this vlogg❤️❤️

  61. Cian Jeffers

    Mike and his sister look like that time Adam Sandler played a boy and girl twin

  62. Shitty Miles

    Literally everyone in the comments "literally everyone in the comments: "I'm actually starting to like logan pauls content" "

  63. mOcKiNg sPoNgEbOb

    _Me When I See Logan Paul Video In My Recommended:_ 2018: *uhhh get out of here* 2020: *Click.. I like this guy*

  64. Matthew Khamo

    Who’s watching this before Flight in June

  65. Giacomo

    Sei il mio dio logan Yessss 🥰❤️

  66. Ahmad Ayed Abu Ajamieh

    I got retainers too and got in trouble because of teachers they think it's some type of tobacco

  67. Drip Viper

    If you wish he made his vlogs longer leave a like ->

  68. Jolo7t

    3:30 slaps roof of *zebra*

  69. Osvaldo Perez

    We miss evan in the vlogs

  70. cindy v

    mike and his sister are T W I N S

  71. Ric Coder

    Who loves logan

  72. XdominicX_yt

    Logan now is a good person I think his beard is the magic 🤣

  73. Marley Jones

    dose no one care about his health i am about to lose my mom from smoking and i don"t need to lose him to.

  74. Daniel Rodriguez

    That was on your highness 😂

  75. bGormo

    *Why is no one talking about Marko being in the Vlog?!*

  76. Yvann Sineus

    Wait u got a gf wow 😳



  78. Jugger Four


  79. Carlos Villatoro

    i bought all your merch logan plzzz shout me out

  80. Aaron Gill

    Please contact me please

  81. Magnus Mølmer Pedersen

    Thank you, for making the Video.

  82. Jay Shiv

    Love you ❤️😂

  83. MɾBᴇɑst Giveaway

    Im actually starting to like your content

  84. Windelle JC Vlogs

    no-one: everyone in the comments: "im actually starting to like logan pauls content"

  85. Doo Doo

    your gf is ugly af

  86. Santiago Campos

    I feel like abby flirts too much with ligan

  87. awais nawaz

    As soon as he starts to become relevant again he shoves his merch down our throats

  88. ghost seeker owens

    Dose she love you Logan 😈😈😈 the price for fame is never to have love Another words anyone you get into a relationship with only has a 20% chance in finding true love Normally celebs and famouse people only get the ones who pretend to care LMFAO Just proving facts Logan Thank me later😈😈😈 And your welcome about the MRsel thing that happened years ago Remember the Japanese incident MRselrs are not the ones who saved you I am Because of my comment that I did for you during that incadent MRsel decided to give you another chance BECAUSE OF ME I saved you and your career hehe Be thankful

  89. Mexican Nachos

    Does someone know what happened with ginger

  90. Tarun Dinesh

    Wait...when did u get urself a girlfriend

  91. Tik tok Time

    Logan I’m early

  92. Erion Gashi

    Ur vid rn are top natch

  93. Valentina Andrea Larrondo Bello

    Hey Logan and the tree house that you said you were going to do? By the way, greetings from 🇨🇱 A and I also saw all your videos in 1 week hey logang from the heart

  94. Alcatraz Maniaç

    Is ginger okay?

  95. Enrique Orozco

    Marko, my guy!!!!!!

  96. Michael Cantrell

    Does anyone know where to get the khaki hat Logan is always wearing?


    Logan Paul: Maverick clothing is the most high quality cloths in the world Gucci: am I a joke to you Maverick clothing: yes you are

  98. Mr. Kalafior

    When is your hot16chalange2

  99. CP Patterson

    That was a Flippin crackhead

  100. Trickshots TV