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  1. kulacbc 199

    I will play with water ...taking water in hand and throw to sky ..and wen it become like balls ...I ll break them

  2. vinishitha mattigunta

    Hii jannu actually I did all

  3. Madhav Dongur

    Very relatable👌👌😂😂👍👍👍

  4. Heena Afreen

    Lovely video after a long time 👌👌

  5. Jyothsna Joe

    Anni naku relative ayyayi

  6. Dad's cutie

    I am completely related to this.....I will do each and every thing.....tqsm janu you so much 🥰

  7. P.V. SATISH

    Akka why don't you make an video on online classes part 2 adhe online PTM

  8. satya prasad dasari

    grapes biscuit fingures


    7:50 Uggani is my emotion toooo Uggani bajji is our natives special item..

  10. lakshmi morla


  11. Pha gv

    Almost I did all -!!! 😍😀

  12. Lakshmi Prasanna

    Jahnavi akka fans like

  13. Mony's Kitchen Telugu

    As usual nice video 👏🏻👌

  14. madhukar143 Madhu

    All things Hey mahathalli 🤗😍 thopu dammunte Apu😂🤣😍🤗wow very very nicely finish I did all things 😂🤣🤣😝 Omg 🙌 4am avuthundhi 🤣🤣🤣tow times chusa jaanu akka

  15. Zak 4125

    Exactly like my principle Kuchipudi suneetha mam Same slang Same situations Same jokes Exactly copied

  16. Addada Surendhar

    Sai bro superb, I used to sing in front of cooler😝😝

  17. Kalyan Maitrai

    Ilanti thoughts ela vasthayo,,ela chestavo ,,emo akka 🤣🤣🤣💙💙😍😍💛🥳👌👌👌👌👌👌👌video bhale vundhi..


    Mahathalli lost weight , great

  19. sai praneeth

    Nice thighs 😉

  20. muktamaloo mukta

    Gautami is so me

  21. pn prasad

    Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  22. sukanya niranjan

    stone ni kick chestu nadavatam relates me ..

  23. Jidigam Swathi

    Hi Janu, you look lovely in saree and dress too.

  24. raja ambedkar

    Nen anni scenes ki relate ayya abba😍 but ilanti actions lo bloody satisfaction untadhi

  25. Tejasrujan Karanam

    Each and every situation

  26. Jhansi Lakshmi


  27. ashok gandi


  28. Rohit sai

    Biscuits ki connect aiyya

  29. AcetheSass

    that fan switch, playlist, biscuits eating and getting bored of scrolling insta and fb so so soooooooooo relatable

  30. shashank sai

    I don't think this is anywhere relatable and also I feel most of em lying in comments 😂

  31. Freedom New"s Channel

    Dunna laga balasthunavu thyroid check cheyinchkoo jaanu leykuntey no kids neku

  32. Vamsi Krishna

    Wish you include more of telugu language in your videos.. Every third word is English..

  33. Salve Sony

    Nenu kuda appudappudu chestu untanu

  34. NR Gundu Nikitha Rao

    Dii u r d best Especially videos wid bro and momm!

  35. NR Gundu Nikitha Rao

    Di ur new spectales r jusst amazinnggg!!


    Mahathalli ..mana Bujji thalli... Bujji bujjiga budavaram boldennani buddulu chupistundi...sushanth mahathalli u both make awesome couple😘

  37. Manthena Sri yashwanth varma

    Who love Arjun Anna

  38. Ginni Naveen Kumar

    Super madam nenaithe chala baga connect ayyanu annitiki main ga cooler daniki inka songs shuffle ki 👌 ippativaraku nenu okkadine Ila unnanemo anukunna kani andariki same thought ani ippude ardam ayyindi 😂

  39. lovely girl lahari

    All of that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Pujitha Murali

    I want part 2 also

  41. Venkateshwar Rao

    Haha I have done all the things which you have mentioned 😊👌👌👍

  42. Pujitha Murali

    All happens in my life

  43. Ramya Sree

    I recollected all my childhood memories ... Good one 🤩😃

  44. Abhijay Charan

    Hi akka !!!! My name is Abhijay and I am 13 years old ! Whenever I watch your videos , I get involved in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO Akka !!!! Can I get a like from janu akka please ? 🥺❤️

  45. Pujitha Murali

    Omg u r looking deep into life and making video tnq soooo much.

  46. Susana 007

    Eating biscuits and talking infrount of cooler checking my mob etc nice viedos jannuuuu

  47. Vyshnavi Pulumati

    Everything I do

  48. Anil Nama

    I wantched this video...because I am a big fan of you


    Neku matram lockdown ledu...jaanu Keep rocking on ur way We are always wlcoms u and waiting for ur videos...

  50. Vijay Sangem

    A biscuit tinnedhi edhi ayithey undho ...

  51. sudha Madhuri foods

    Blasting covers

  52. sudha Madhuri foods

    Kicking stone

  53. sudha Madhuri foods

    That biscuits scene also but I do with hide and seek

  54. Sangee Tha

    Antha ok..Kani Sushanth ki Oskar ivvali... he is acting extremely well..every episode ki improvisation and timings supe..😆😆👌👌👌👌

  55. sudha Madhuri foods

    Nikhil scene changing music minute to minute ismy hobby

  56. leela rani

    Xlnt, First of all the topic itself is innovative. One needs to be vv good at observation of human traits, not brush them aside, catch the points, analyse them, Of course in today's topic analysis is not required, we do them like reflex actions, note them, present them well, that too relatably. S all the events r relatable. The biscuits eating one is too good. The cell watching additive trait was so applicable. I thought only I keep switching to the next song till I get the most fav song even in the collection of fav songs, b even with shuffle mode. Hammayya, after seeing it in this episode I got clarity n feel relieved that it is a common n normal human psychology. Thanks for such a different topic.

  57. Supritha MG

    I literally do each n everything 😂😂🤩👌

  58. Sai Sravani

    I could relate to every situation shown in the video🤣

  59. sudha Madhuri foods

    Tiles really superb

  60. sudha Madhuri foods

    That tiles


    1.Normal People be like : "Oh ! I used to do this in my childhood" 2. Me be like: "I do all this things even now LOL !!!!" 😂

  62. Sruthi Thallapally

    I was related to all the things same i do them still now 😂😂

  63. keerthi vysyaraju

    Yeahhhhh!! Totally connected Love your stuff akkaa❤️ And ee video highlight “oo Mara manishi “ song in front of a cooler..super ! So funny..GO GO MAHATALLI❤️❤️❤️

  64. Dinesh Nalam

    That click pens actually helps me think

  65. sudha Madhuri foods

    Do a viedio womens problems on lockdown

  66. manikanta sama

    With cooler I do

  67. Lakshmi bondu

    I relate much to playing with the stone on roads.......most of the funniest thing 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Rachan M

    Not atleast five I have related to all of the scenes 😂

  69. Kuppili Venkata Jagadeesh

    Sai highlight "o mara manishi'

  70. Jyothsna Gurajada

    ammaa baboi e topic idea ravatame great and daniki suitable situation intha baga choose cheyatam inkaa great... very nice and anni situation ki oka smile na face meeda vachesindi. thnks for the best video


    Dis-Likers are like psycho people who doesn't have Fun and Happiness in their Lives, who else agree with me, hit a Like !!!!!

  72. Firdous Jahan Nalband

    Done everything in my life

  73. Srujana Natta

    Cooler scene of sai was hilarious 🤣

  74. p.ganesh babu Babu

    Really maatallo meru awe some

  75. Saipallavi J

    Best episode in recent times sushanths stone scene is best 😂😂

  76. Bhargav Gaming yt

    LOL 😁 l connected to every scene 😀😀😀😀😀

  77. Bhavishya Vardhineni

    I could literally relate to all the situations😂. Really an excellent video

  78. manikanta sama

    Uraksy aravakandi

  79. Reddiboina Madhavi

    I like the cooler concept most

  80. TheSri93

    Remembered my childhood... could relate to everything every every single thing

  81. Vigneswari G

    All r relatable 😂💯

  82. Pawan Kalyan

    #Me jaanu❤

  83. Shaik Ahamad hussain

    Super janu akka love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  84. abhi yadav

    Janu is completely back with her creativity and i related to the every thing

  85. Manaswini L

    Everything is soo relatable lol....

  86. lucky lucky

    Dheenine Telugu lo dhuula antaaru😁😁

  87. D R ABHISHEK Dara

    Good vedios

  88. Kiran Vudatha

    I related to all of them If same hit like

  89. Anshuman Guda

    I do the Biscuit one

  90. Swetha Reddy

    Sushanth was soooo cute saying bye to the stone😄😄😂😂

  91. Bindhu bhavana Konathalapalli

    Super janu garu. I am most related to this video 😂😂😂


    superbbb all things r quite relatable...keep making videos like this janu akka

  93. Chandana chandu relatable 😅😅😍

  94. Himaja Babbu

    Phone and biscuit eating..😍


    dislikes ichina vallandharu roju online classes ki attend ayyevallu emo..chaduvu biddalemo

  96. Malepati Naga Raju

    Akka nuv keka...

  97. sowmya elmete

    Yup..🥰✋..there are many which I can relate to. I just really laughed loud at the scene.. saying "eliminate cheseyandi Nagarjuna gaaru"..too funny and nice. And singing at Cooler fan ..😉👏


    hahahahhaaaa...ippati dhaaaka nenaithe okka online class ki kooda attend kaala teachers ithe phone lu meedha phone lu naaku..dhaaniki oka stiry ready ga kooda pettukoni unna adhe chepdhamani andharnii..but nenu ma frnds ni aduguthunta ela jaruguthayy ani same ilaane frns kooda question adigithe video off chesestaru...mute lo pettestharu..but mee video ithe sooper akka

  99. Sathyanarayana Vemula

    Aa cap pettunna athanevaro kani @ video lo lekunda chusukondi....interesting ga video chusthunte sudden ga athanu meda interest pothundi....😫

  100. Anusha Kataru

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