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  1. Priyanaka yadav

    Faknaz I hate her

  2. manisha karjee

    This story is like Death Note 🙄🙄🙄

  3. Silki Bhattacharya

    Waiting for s2😍

  4. RV Channel

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  5. harshatha s

    It was average....too much hype tho!

  6. Sahil Singh Shekhawat

    Series was good 👍👌 but end is just shit 😤 🥴

  7. amit Sharma

    Best web series till yet ❤❤❤

  8. priya aggarwal

    End ka kya seen tha smj ni aaya muje bina sir per ki lgi ye end to dhang ka dikha dete

  9. mazhar rana

    koi bta sakta hai kahan se download ho ga

  10. Khushboo Kamal

    Superb 👍#khushbookamalyoutbechannel

  11. Fir star

    Season 2 lao...

  12. sandesh diwate

    This is no. 1 web series of India way better than sacred games & mirzapur



  14. jj jj

    Its superb every girl should watch this

  15. Quayyum 2.0

    maybe in 6or7 episode conistable runs from sp and sp is such a chutiya he wont find him or kn y he stole vehicle, some episodes have no logic ..

  16. Bimla Rani

    Little did he know Rashmi's plans for him.. Chai phekna n all.. Poor soul.

  17. mariama taye


  18. mariama taye


  19. Crowd City

    Mujhe Series dekhne k liye suggest karo aur name reply karo please😇

  20. Komal Ruhal

    I watched this sers today...its a blast.... M just waiting for anothr season...

  21. Tanmay Jaiswal

    Voot bhai teri asur mujhe saari web series ki baap lagi.. Aag laga di asur ne.. Really me maa chodd di sab webseries ki.. Really fking hard appreciation 🙏 .. Asur is love..

  22. Alylah Cooper

    Just finished watching this. Another gripping series by Voot after Asur. Loved it! ❤

  23. Shruti Shukla

    Far more better than paatal lok. I don't really know why those web series are hyped up when it's not even 1% of asur. An absolute masterpiece.💙

  24. Archana Kadam

    ह्या सुरेखा ताई जास्तच बोलतात

  25. Lawleet

    Iska season 2 v released ho gay hai ya hone wala hai, any one old tell me

  26. Anuj Pahiwal

    Indian Masterpiece 👌

  27. Komal Kaur

    Overacting arti😏🙄

  28. Rahul Rughaniya

    Bhai ye to 46 min. Ki hi he voot pe to

  29. Darshil Shah

    don't waste your time in useless series

  30. Nikita Banjare

    Dono dramebaaz😂😂

  31. Garima Malik

    Must Watch 👍👍👍

  32. Heena Tomar

    Loved the series ♥️ No bad scenes, Totally engaging. Waiting for part 2.

  33. Shalini Pal


  34. Shalini Pal


  35. Ankit Gautam

    Lund series mat dekhna time wasting

  36. Zuberr Khan

    Most chutiya series I watched in 2020. Total waste,

  37. Angam Haokip

    If he really love her he has 2 leave the show and follow her

  38. Saba Khatoon

    Can anyone suggest me link of this episode?

  39. seechurn ishika

    When will season 2 come out?

  40. mister manthra

    One man show The best enemy 🔥🔥 Best thriller 👌👌

  41. Saurabh Purkar

    Bakwaas! Except Piyush Mishra!

  42. Sunny Bhardwaj

    Finally this woman is getting some content. Beautiful and talented. She's been underrated for way too long.

  43. Maya Mahato

    Himanshi is so cute

  44. Kharbanda Electronics

    Sana best 💖

  45. Vivek Dubey

    Voot has not promoted this web series in correct way otherwise this web series will break so many records.

  46. Hemant G

    Watch Patallok...

  47. Sameer Pagare

    Just finished it. 3/5

  48. Shailendra Pal

    voot app verry bad app more add is produce

  49. Atul Dhankhar

    Sab shehnaz ko fake bolte the but fake to ye hain.

  50. Atul Dhankhar

    Kitni fake h ye ladki

  51. Ritul kandpal

    OMG 😍😍completed watching this last night... This is spectacular... Guys don't think anything go and straight away watch this 😍😍😍😍

    1. Chaman Lal

      Ritul kandpal can We Download It Offline Mode?

  52. Tamal Chel

    Voot pe extra dose nahi mil raha hai 11 season ka

  53. Manav Gupta

    What a much hyped web series... Director did no research at all. 7 days old body and totally normal ?. So many directorial mistakes .. I m forensic expert .. Totally unrealistic..After seeing Paatal lok..It is looking like kids work

  54. Shahmeer Shahzad

    Yar ye season MRsel pr upload karo please please please please


    Abhi to Ertugrul Ghazi chal rha hai

  56. Crick Lover

    Patal lok is shit asur is great

  57. papanasam payasam

    And who the fuck are you to judge who's entitled and who's not... sound like a sissy milquetoast pansy bitch.. easy babe.... you're entitled a shove too 🥒🍆🤔🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  58. kiran

    like and comment on this video to increase engagements of this video and it reaches more people


    mrsel.info/video/vhidio/i3CTjXd1e4i4mJo.html Share & Subscribe guys

  60. Ankitha Ravindranath

    Awesome deepika dass

  61. making tube

    Voot produced such powerful content...from Asur to The Raiker Case so far | New Trailer Justice League Snyder Cut (2021) #makingtubesnydercuttrailer

  62. Apache 111

    Wow i didn't know bhau..was also... on big boss

  63. nitant sharma

    Feminist movie ...

  64. Ritupurna Das

    Want season 2❤️❤️

  65. Sitanshu Hariramani

    Fuckall show. Absolutely disgusting

  66. mangesh kudtarkar

    Nice web series,first time Neha Sharma got a role where she can show her acting talent instead of just being a glam doll.

  67. Sandeep Parke

    Total wastage of time.

  68. Ankeeta Khanal

    Why this couldn't be uploaded in youtube guys?

  69. i_sh_n

    Is there season 2?

  70. i_sh_n

    Intro music👌👌👌👌 love it🖤🖤🖤

  71. Durgesh Kumar Verma

    भाऊ जय हिंद यह दीपक को टपा टप दो ना

  72. Tanvi A.D

    Waiting for season 2

  73. Harshul Jain

    Go fun yourself is a copyright of 9 Gag, please get thoda orignal

  74. Epic Omair

    I will watch this just because of Piyush Mishra!!!🔥

  75. deep desai

    This is World's number one detective suspense series ever

  76. अंकित विश्वकर्मा

    Kya chuptiya banate ho be. Bhosdi ke kuchh achchhi kahani likh. Bs sale tum log sex, sexual abuse banate raho. Vkil khud chud rahi hai. Kabhi tu kuchh dang ka banaya kro. Don't see such web series.

  77. Sameer Pagare

    Season II kab?

  78. Subhon Sanyal

    Uff bhau was a nice entertainer. But bhau became very partial towards his friends and blindly supported them and at a time he got totally manipulated against sid and sana because according to him sana provoked and supported sid. It was due to a comment which sid made that asim to abhi bas himanshi ke pairo mein para rehta hai. Himanshi gained sympathy by this and bhau got totally against sid. Basically from a strong contestant bhau became a weak contestant. He was not a bad person but he was unable to play the game

  79. radolf p

    Can anyone tell me the name of the guy who kidnaps nikhil and keeps him in a abandoned building? Like the real name.. he acted well added he had the best voice that's required to recite all the shlokas and verses..apart from kesar Bhardwaj he had awessom oratory skills


    Sid love you bro

  81. Anisha

    purchased voot only to get the same abismal video quality

  82. Sandeep Yadav

    Waiting for Season 2 Please please please soon

  83. uchiha_ neeraj

    Comments me Sab Jane Bahut tareef Kr Rhe Ho, Samj Nhi A Rha Dekhu Ya Nhi !

  84. vimple dhakan

    Sana does bhangra so well. I just love her. She is the best person I have ever known. She is a super blockbuster star. 👑❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💟👌💫⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟🌟🌠

  85. Carry`N Soul

    Bhailog mere channel ko sub krlo

  86. deepak deepak

    Guys plz avoid this piece of crap .. no acting no dialogue nothing to watch for.

    1. deepak deepak

      Manuj Madan don’t need your advice. So don’t bark just

    2. Manuj Madan

      Tu dabaang dhek

  87. Mahesh Kumar

    Yar I just love it😍

  88. Bishan Singh Panwar

    Best Indian web series so far Truly a masterpiece

  89. Juena Akter

    Plz upload kyy season3 all episode on ur u tube channel.plz...................

  90. Juena Akter

    Can u plzzzz tell me that how can I watch Kyy season3 on youtube.Plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me.Here voot is not available

  91. Sanjay Yadav

    This is far better than Patallok, Sacred Games. They should have promoted in better way, more dialogues from Puarana

  92. Saniya Tabassum

    Love you mishaan