Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
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  1. Chotu Kumar

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  3. Chotu Kumar

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  4. niki yesh

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  5. Muhammad Abdullah

    Music seee Sari video ki maan bhen ik kar di haaa janabb....

  6. Tripti Gupta

    Need some more detailed and deep explanation Please bcoz some more detailed and deep explanation is very very very very important for my personal life

  7. Tripti Gupta

    Really Thanks a lot for your motivational video Your videos really motivated me a lot in my personal life and professional life

  8. Sumanth

    Sir, I like your videos a lot. They motivate me. I am suffering from depression and have been using medication and practicing yoga. Actually my problem is I don't want to live. Your videos may help cure those who want to live and enjoy life but I don't want to live. I hate all so I just want to die so that I will neither win or lose. I am living just for my parents sake or else I would have committed suicide long ago. But many a times still I want to die. What's the solution? Is it electrocompulsive therapy or anything. I just want to forget everything or die or be blind.

  9. Mohammed Azhar Ali

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  10. Zonnie Sheeba

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  11. dhruv parnami

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  14. Shahid Balti

    Big fan from Pakistan

  15. Komal Bansal

    First time thanks genuinely I want to meet u one day

  16. Aryan Bodele

    Sir , I have done a mistake in my life 'what I always do' . But I don't know if I have done it or it just happened . There is a friend (actually was) who is a very good person , very much different , and I respect him a lot . Once he called me and I answered him giving few bad words because in that situation my mood was kinda off he was not answering my calls when I called him . And when he called me back after a few minutes , main uspe toot pada . Unknowingly I said him few words and from that time he is not talking with me . I know that I made a mistake but also it was not my intention . I respect him as I said before, maine usse gaali di but main uske baare main Aisa soch bhi nahi sakta . Now what should I do ?

  17. Pravesh saroj

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  18. Fajar Waseem

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  23. vijay jangra

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  24. Chatting zone

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  25. Chatting zone

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  31. Human Health

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  32. Ranbir Syeeff

    Sir,. life is changing Day By Day... thank you Sir... respect from Bangladesh

  33. Cloud

    How do we stop day dreaming ???

  34. UnBelievable Scenes

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  39. Atish Mhatre

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    Hi , Sandeep , plz don't take it otherwise, you are not a qualied person to discuss this topic. You have great achievement in the other fields and better you should guide your followers in that only.


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  43. brijesh Kumar

    Nice video

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  46. Aman Verma

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  47. amit masram

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  48. Bharat Gupta

    Bhut vadia samaj gya sir, Mind ko open krkr soche 1 step front rakho or next level enhance kro step step by goal strategy make kro or analysis se vha tk phuch jao jo plan kia th


    Kisi ladki ke samne saram aati hai

  50. Himanshu Gupta

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  51. Samdani Basha

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  52. Aniruddha Patra

    As you are saying in love you can allow her to go away but how can you discover ownself more in her when she is not with you?

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    Very nice IIM LUCKNOW Must watch

    1. saurav chaurasiya

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  55. saurav chaurasiya

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    sir, next topic: importance of the true friendship in life

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  94. Simple Gardening with archimage effect

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