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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian and spiritual leader, an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Sri Sri has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. He has founded courses that provide techniques and tools to live a deeper, more joyous life and he has established nonprofit organizations that recognize a common human identity above the boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.
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  1. Shaparak S

    Dear Gurudev, there have been online meetings with YOU and celebs, business leaders, educational teams, artists from nearly every corner of the world. But there has been no interaction with the MIDDLE EAST.....Iran, Turkey, Arab countries, etc. Why is that? Love

  2. Meditation & Relaxation Area

    This is a message to myself and others. You are beautiful. You are loved. Don’t take life for granted, hold onto its beauty so your beauty can shine longer. Why should we focus on death when life is to beautiful to not be looking at? We all have a long time here on earth. We weren't created for nothing :) Enjoy your morning, day, afternoon, evening, and night everyone. I can now too :)

  3. Meditation & Relaxation Area

    You're beautiful You're amazing You're brave You're kind You're loyal You're sharing Have a nice day

  4. Loveena Chander

    Is this explanation available in English please🙏 Thank you so much

  5. Parbat Purohit

    Thank you gurudev ji🙏

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    Thanks guruji

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    Wonderful 👍👍

  9. hara cane chan

    Lovely voice and background music 🤗

  10. Rebeka Goldfild

    I am so gratefull, will pray for meditating with U always, God bless U! Pls meditate with us always!

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  12. pushp anjali

    જય શ્રી

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    tnq guruji

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    thank you GuruDev. Love n Peace to all.

  16. Amritha Sumithran

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  18. Uma Jain

    Thank you so much Grudev 🙏🙏🙏

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    प्रणाम गुरूदेव

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  24. Pretti shindde

    Peaceful meditation

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    🌿🌺🌿🚩DHANYAVAD🚩🌿🌺🌿 🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿

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    Very good work

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    thanku gurudev

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    Simply super

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    Blissful Meditation

  33. D C

    It was so relaxing :😀👍🙏

  34. Madan Lal Kumawat

    Great advice 👌🙏

  35. Nature lover live and let them live

    Dono bade wale hi

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  37. Lokesh Nikum

    Why my body vibrat or shivers while meditating 🤔

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    Thanku Gurudev

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    Thankyou Gurudev being there in my Life🙏❤

  42. Vanessa Albacete

    When I first listened to your voice I feel happiness and immediately I I'm fall in love for your words your work and I feel blessed thank you from Brasil 🇧🇷

  43. Rakesh Dhedhi

    Nice..This is what leaders do.. Wishing diomond industry will become stronger than before.

  44. maninder kaur

    When is the next live session please

  45. pratibha bansal

    JGD nice meditation. Thanks for keeping us energetic through meditation.

  46. Deepak Patel

    I am future lawyer i am best i got all india 5 rank NLSIU Bangalore university student success is certain for me😊😊🥰

  47. Deepak Patel

    I am nlsiu Bangalore university student success is certain for me i am best in the world i am nlsiu Bangalore university student success is certain for me😍😊🥰

  48. sruthi swiz

    Jaigurudev Guruji 👣🎅🏻🙏 I want Guruji delicious cooking food 🙏 I'm just like begger just beging 🤗 With widow AOL DEVOTEE 27.05.2020

  49. sruthi swiz

    JaigurudevGURUJI 👣🎅🏻🙏 I'm Sruthiswiz 🦋 Kerala India I'm Widow 23 age 2014 I begging bless me & emotional weak family stories 🤐🙏 My third sister MBA..... doing she don't like elder widow me & my second sister That third enemy is tortured 12 years my mom two hand very sick That third sis warning my whole family Third sis is the main issues to my second sis married tamilnadu I'm the Elder Daughter in my home ... I'm Widow 23 age 2014 year Third sister very arrogant ...I know she is watch this msg also I'm not worried bothered .... .she is very( third sister) rude to me & my parents & my caredsecond sis She want some selfish reasons She is very poosivencess Third sis don't like Two elder Sisters ohmg 😭 I hate my life , I can't go lonely stay anyhome ...bcz I'm beg& stay & eat food bcz this earth can't stay any girl lonely life ,bcz. Some strangers mens tortured with Ladies secure life No one secondly marry me I don't know why ? But my god is always with me I believe spiritual leaders all religions authors Talk knowledge I have no kids Lots of unknown strangers & My Relatives & some Charity People s also barking warning tortured irratated talk to my face & Ohmg 😭 my Big heart prayers to this universal poor unhealthy abandoned sexual tortured ladies, Orphanage kids & Lonely problematic misunderstanding Relationship Families 🙏 only .... I completed my Airlines & graduation IT courses also one English grammar paper supplementary I'm jobless lifeless Yes , I know I'm dangerous zone Lots of people hurting harrasment alot 🙏 I'm open book I'm open mind I openly truly told my life & My family Matters ...Alot . My Relatives wanted only money minded My neighbours lots of rumours talk " My lonely losted life times I remember my God is in Guruji 👣🎅🏻🙏" Never ignore this devotee 🤗 With STRANGER AOL Devotee 2004-2020 26.May.2020 Jaigurudev Guruji 👣🎅🏻🙏 Jaigurudev Guruji 👣🎅🏻🙏 Why block my MRsel comments 😭🙏 Ok I quit Aol Family I know AOL family don't like me Thanks ignore avoid me My parents Aol Family 2004-2020 Also Hey some AOL members are u happy 😒😢Yours Guruji Will gifted lots of blessings I'm 23 age Widow 2014 year I believe Guruji Knowledge 2004-2020 Ok 2021 I convert any buddism or any other spiritual paths I will never irratated Guruji channel I have lots emotional trajedy I'm just openly talk share Legends channel 🙏Hey art of living don't avoiding & blocked my ID MRsel id Ohmg I followed my KERALA Guruvayoor appan 😢😢😢😢😢🙏 Hey AOL FAMILY once day knows true devotee values - prayers My last breathe I will never forget Legend Famous favourite spiritual knowledge Guruji 👣🎅🏻🙏 By stranger AOL students 27.05.2020 Jaigurudev GURUJI 🎅🏻👣🙏 Namaste 🙏 👣🙏 💯% Very Truth Tremendous Talk knowledge 😢🙏 I'm always thinking my past life trajedy mourning story I'm 23age Widow 2014 It's Trapped & kidnapped wedding not love & Arranged wedding He is blood cancer & bioplar disorders patient Rip 1.11.2014 No kids 🙏Lots of second wedding proposal 2015-2020 no one like me they think I'm puppet but I'm human being 🙏lots of intw attend So many harrasment unknown strangers warning alot 🙏 now I'm stay my home my parents careing me alot 🙏 My third sis don't lyk me she is very rude she is doing MBA 😒she is always hurting me my home lots of problematic misunderstanding My best friends don't know my valuable support & My neighbors always flirting & laughing Rumours to me My Relatives wanted money minded some unknown strangers bullying Barking Misbehaving character Then I'm stayed I'm beg with my parents they are very kind & Loving they give me food , education,I belongs & im thankful my parents Mata pita Guru God .but I believe God is great , I know lots of orphanage kids & abandoned lonely Families suffering 🙏I respect all religions god & Spiritual leaders knowledge 🙏Don't hate me unknown strangers don't negative feedback my comments 🙏 I commented this legends Channel 🙏 I'm just opened minded person .but lots of emotional weak My life story 🙏🍂I'm weak eng communication 🙏I'm passed airlines & bsc physics graduation but one English grammar failed IT courses passed also 🙏I don't want money ,I don't want Famous 🙏my big prayers This universal poor , Orphanage kids, Abandoned ladies dying Rooms 🙏&all With divine devotee sister 🤗 Little hobby singing 🤗 Smule 💜 Sruthiswiz 26.May.2020 27.05.2020 I'm HEARTly Thankful Tremendous Meditation & Knowledge To me Im Remember every day minutes second Hours . 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  50. Meditation & Relaxation Area

    If you are reading this, I wish you the very best of luck in life.

  51. Meditation & Relaxation Area

    You're beautiful You're amazing You're brave You're kind You're loyal You're sharing Have a nice day

  52. Matthew Galter

    I have some knowledge to share: "corona" was never isolated- I am very wise lol

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    Really helpful ty

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    Thanks guruji lots of love

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    Thanks guruji for helping us in this period

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    Gurudev such a great 🌹🙏

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    Thank u guruji for ür bleësing

  60. Sangeetha Tamilselvan

    Hope so you will vanish our karma

    1. amneet chawla

      In which field your husband is looking for job?

  61. Sangeetha Tamilselvan

    Bless my husband to get good job, pls I can't bare when he is suffering

    1. Gogikar Balveer

      May your husband get a officers post

  62. Sangeetha Tamilselvan

    Some unknown fear continuly is there, pls bless us to over come from that

  63. Sangeetha Tamilselvan

    Gurujii pls pls pls bless us

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    Love you Gurudev

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    Charan Vandana Guru Dev 💐💐💐! Thank you 🙏🏽

  67. Rebeka Goldfild

    God bless U, thank U, Gurudev!

  68. Deepti Kumar

    Hi jgd nice. Meditation.. feeling very good !! Gurudev jii

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    What is the name of the background music?

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    Value of feeling 🙏

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    lets be buddies bro 1Jue

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  80. Eternal Om

    AFTER SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHING ART OF LIVINGS APPS( different) its time to launch ART OF LIVING TV as in west we have Ekhart Tolle Tv

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  82. Tanisha Jagya

    Sir my brother has gone mad due to meditation he is addicted to it now and some gurus are saying after his 1st chakra his 4th chakra has opend and he is unable to deal with great energy from it help me find the solution please sir

  83. Suvasini Rao

    Thankfully yours guruji

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    Very true. Gurujii we were just running. Nature has given a chance nd to rejuvenate herself

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