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  1. Rochester Williams

    Hay get all four of them and lock the bad caps and people will come back to normal boath know each other from the night club girl are the problem or get in a aragment at the club but just buck up at the wrong time


    I know art. No expert. It looks like Leonardo to me. Nice restoration job, real nice!

  3. Sloane DeRothschild

    Its an awesome book that i feel every black person should read. Andres career was passionate and extraordinary. It was his faith, thoughtful education and great style that really carried him thru a industry he should’ve have never succeeded in. Today you see many young people who find these qualities irrelevant. As for Gayle, Andre should do a make over on her. Doesn’t she always look like she’s on her way to Target.

  4. User Truck

    And the mom got blue contacts 🙄🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


    They should spray em down with fire hoses like they used to but use pepper spray, to the looters & opportunists that is.

  6. emmanuel coffy

    I’m glad he got that money but damn they could have killed him .. now a days all a white lady has to say is “ a black man or African American ...” and the cops are on their horses in less than 3 min

  7. Nancy

    Brick guy?

  8. ron gutierrez

    busted, they all lieing. an they got the video an steel lieing. dam shame. there killer with a badge.

  9. DWJ Bryant

    Stop strangling the doggo we need doggo memes still

  10. DWJ Bryant

    Strangling the doggo

  11. Boyd Derilo

    Playing of the National Anthem in my country is for paying respect to my flag, NOT FOR PROTEST. I dunno in your country.

  12. Thorsten Wasserman

    Racial profiling

  13. Stan

    He probably get promoted and put in charge of the pentagon. That’s normal everyday business in the Navy.

  14. Looking To Trigger

    Did They Forget These Crooked Lying Cops Are Now Trying To Deflect The Blame By Saying Things We Want To Hear. What's Gotten Into You People !? Have You Forgotten George Floyd ? These Mf Cops Are The Enemy Right Now.

  15. KC Myers Voorhees

    I can't believe this, this is not right. Why'd this have to happen? He didn't do anything wrong, and they killed him. They killed a family man. A coach. I can't believe that the police did this. They should pay for what they've done!!!! I'm so mad,right now! The police are supposed to be the good guys saving the city,not killing people. They're gonna pay for what they've done.😥😥😥😥😣😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Axlerod Horowitz

    Tiny hands bunker boy sez wut?????

  17. Luis Mata

    It boggles my mind...... until when police chief's police officers they going to understand..... that we the black and brown taxpayer own ...the patrol. Car pistols uniforms and there salary

  18. Angelica Cristina

    Together we can pin these racist officers down to the ground like they have been doing to minorities for decades. America please come together for a better tomorrow.

  19. Charles Williams

    Everything will come to the light

  20. Rescue Rabbit

    How do you accidentally shoot someone?My tazer is on the left and my gun is on the right. You wanted to do it because you can get points too.

  21. zander88990

    Trump has no power. He is a big blowhard and he is no longer liked. He is making America look Very Very Bad. I see him being out of office by the end of the year.

  22. Godisgood Allthetime

    Powerful! I was delivered that day!!!!!

  23. NoBodyCares AboutYou

    Why am i not famous lol. I did that kind of stuff too. Its actally pretty easy

  24. zod dammit

    Lots of black supremacists.

  25. Jamie Ward

    Anonymous has no leaders is not organized,poltical nor religious point of view anonymous only objective is freedom.

  26. Jackie Wood


  27. YoGurlDivine

    If u thought he was a danger why would u park so damn close and he didnt even point the gun🙄

  28. Sanmia Zoe

    *cough* shrimpyt

  29. Jamie Ward

    Sabu a criminal,traitor,self-absord,perfect government employee.

  30. Mia fio

    YES! So Proud Officer! And altho this is NOT what ANTIFA Wants.. Y'all STAY STRONG.. and Together! ♥️ 🇱🇷 🙏

  31. nabila karim

    Are they related?

  32. Adalberto Valencia

    That happen to me and my wife while going to my sisters party, one rock hit the roof and the other rock hit the door,that scare the crap out of me cause the noise was pretty loud, they were throwing rocks from over some bushes it was a very dark street,luckily we get hurt by these kind of stupid people...


    Good grief if you want socialism then go to f$$ing China, there’s a reason we’re the best in the world and it’s not because of socialism, the stuff don’t work!

  34. Iansain the great

    Oh it's 1 of those kid diddlers & more anti western propaganda. There is absolutely no reason for any "journalistic organization" to exist any longer

  35. Alvz422

    Wow, que dios la tenga en su santa gloria! Nosotros latinos no debes hacer así, tenemos que ayudar a cada hijo de Dios sea como sea. 🙏🏼 dios bendiga a ese señor!

  36. Butcher Peete

    What about the OTHER officer? They BOTH should be charged.

  37. aaron eric

    That’s I good slips & capture

  38. XxxthehunterxxX hawk

    Look at the list of celebrities, politicians, sports figures on the flight logs to this island. Barack Obama, bill Clinton, kevin spacey. Yeah I wonder what they were doing there.

  39. aaron eric

    F ur breath🧐

  40. I don’t Know.

    happy pride everyone!🏳️‍🌈

  41. robert ward

    Ok take it to your empty casinos in Atlantic City you filthy windbag creep and take those buck tooth kids of yours with you

  42. Jack Renaud

    Mr Rogers is one of, if not the most untargetable human on planet earth. I have never seen a single meme making fun of him

  43. KC Woolsey

    I hope they throw the book at this broad.....what a pervert!! SHE was literally trafficking underage girls for lots, and lots of men, and most were very powerful, well connected, and in some cases, very famous!!! But I would guess, we'll find her dead in her home as well!!!

  44. YaboyYn0t

    Disgusting behaviour by the officer...massive “cover up” and abuse of power

  45. J. B.

    This guy would walk free if this corrupt broad was still holding any kind of power.

  46. dj eddie trackton

    🤗☻😀😘 love black and white

  47. ShroomFactory

    There must be somethin in their water!

  48. Crusader of the Holy Grail

    I go to Holy Mass in Latin on Sundays. It's not as rare as you think good sir. Magnificat anima mea Dominum!

  49. juarezve

    Thank you Mariann for standing for the teachings and word of Jesus, and say the truth about what happened , God bless you , you are one of the first real Christians that I see that are willing to defend the truth and the word of God instead of endorsing a person that is trying to use the faith as a way deceive and manipulate the people for his own political gain , thank you for telling the truth, it is despicable and outrageous to use the bible as a publicity tool in this ridiculous way , I have no words to thank you for defending the Christian faith from being mocked and offended in such a pathetic way, Psalms 69:9 because zeal for Your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who insult You have fallen on me, God bless you !!!.

  50. Charles Young

    So let's ask corrupt Loretta Lynch to comment on the George Floyd case wow you couldn't ask for more professional opinion get real CBS

  51. X_SITH_X

    bernie was the only good democratic candidate for the 2020 election

  52. Jeffrey Ramsdell

    This killing isn’t racism this is a cop who didn’t do his job and should’ve been fired before this. Stop looking at black and white and look at a cop killing an human being! Stop seeing color. Stop saying that black people have inequality! Just because an action of one man doesn’t reflect on others. That cop was an evil man an evil human!

  53. Joel Ongog

    O my God

  54. BigBlackBloodyDaddy

    "Why are they rioting"

  55. JOHN 22571

    What kind of Bishop is she.... What happened to turning the other cheek... Forgive thy neighbor... I she a Hillary supporter... She is a Trump hating Liberal voice for CNN and all the other fake news....

  56. Brent Waits

    they are all sick in the head, that's why they are cops.

  57. Satirical Doctor


  58. Mommy Shark

    owen boeckman commenting on the video of the week

  59. Jon Crane

    Jadon bermas interview is in depth, and covers everything you need to know.

  60. Mady Guindin

    This Bishop is evil and full of hatred hiding behind her religious frock. Women you don't fool me I see right trough you I hate fake people. And you one of them I can see the demon behind your face So shut up

  61. Bean the Queen

    Funny how if scientists would find a single celled organism on Mars it would be classified as a life, but unborn babies are just a clump of cells.

  62. BLM is wrong all lives matter stop the ignorance

    He'll ya it about time

  63. Tasia Michele

    Cut to 2020 and BLM are burning America over a career criminal. 🤔 funny how it works like this.

  64. Mack G

    Beautiful. Wow

  65. Truth Power


  66. gabs ahmadi

    why is there any reason to dislike his? are you against kindness or something?

  67. Drew 44

    U got two things going on right now one is they all have a worldly mind and its media so they're pushing an agenda of sex before marriage as normal and "okay" and 2nd it's a sense of jealousy cause they see young love done the right way and they're old and still haven't found the will power

  68. john hempstead

    lIKE WOW, man can i help you torch that business.

  69. Pastor Jackqueline Bowers franklin

    Listen👂 we can not bring him back, but the police should be charged put behind bars. Every city of American. We must pray for God justice but we have leave in God hands

  70. Connor Morris

    If you think posting on your instagram to get likes is "helping", you're dumber than the president

  71. Wendell Taylor


  72. charlie brown


  73. G Forcke

    The most ethnically diverse large city in the country. My Htown♥️

  74. john hempstead

    Thats ok, go ahead and torch that business, do you need a lite? BS

  75. Jairus Eli Jasmin

    Sheriff Swanson definitely took the best pages from the American X's movie screenplay. Truly an epic move. The world needs more of you. God bless you kind Sir.

  76. Floyd George

    Lynch will be indicted soon by Mr. Durham's Office...

  77. john hempstead

    we don't need a sheriff like him to deal with terrorist.

  78. atruon


  79. Us Army veteran Jungle training school

    America’s becoming anti white , this is being created by the Zionists who fund BLM

  80. Ami

    Accidentally shoot a police dog watch what happens HANDCUFFED AFTER HE GOT SHOT ☹️😢💔WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. David Zamora

    The 2trillion dollars to help the people, is bushit $1,400.00 that's all we got and lets see how much trump casinos are going to take?

  82. João Neto

    Why no one is talking about that church being burned one day earlier?

  83. Jeannette R


    1. levonwolf

      The invisible ventriloquist is at it again!

  84. Adrian M.

    Gayle is negative towards good things, probably cuz of Oprah

  85. Logan Plays Pokémon

    As if the coronavirus isn’t enough

  86. Rise Adrian

    This worlds messed up

  87. Vanix Xinav

    China will own that

  88. Vitalij Salkauskas

    How in the world kid with toy gun on playground become cop target

  89. Yogesh Yogendran Krishna

    This cruelty shame on the pigs

  90. Juan Ph3

    Why do they let traitors get back on the air? Loretta is corupt all thru and thru...

  91. Meg Kampen

    Were's George Floyd mother? I want to to hear from her. She was the last person who George called for.

  92. Hoss

    Why controversial

  93. David Lawrence

    I hate when black people use and pull the race card to get out of their shenanigans. they later found out that he wasn't invited that he had trespassed several times several witnesses at the pool confirm she never used the n-word.... He only started recording after he was leaving. This is why black lives don't matter.

  94. Raya C

    Cbs... I have seen actual racism. Wht is this? I didn't hear her say anything racist...

  95. Charles Young

    Bishop we know you're outraged about Trump are you outraged about the Looting and the burning and the beating of the other people are you praying for them I wonder because you haven't mentioned it at all

  96. Gary Paul

    I thought she was in prison

  97. Feihui Weng


  98. Feihui Weng


  99. Feihui Weng


  100. maritza quintana

    We need more mom like her. Amen.