Rishta Wahi, Baat Nayi

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  1. Uma Mondal

    I love puja sharma

  2. rk industries

    What's a little cutie girl

  3. Manisha Sharma

    These days my favourite show I love all characters ❤️

  4. sam chaudhary

    why don't u add old serial to hotstar like raja ki aaegi barat, sajan ghar jaana hai etc please add.... they were my favourite i used to watch them in my childhood with my mom.... 😍

  5. suravi borah

    lavanya sir is fabulous for sahdev

  6. Chaitanya Sharma

    This shlok is from manusmriti not from bhagwad geeta .

  7. Darshan Agaja

    Aham nailed the role to perfection 💯💯💯💯💯💯


    Vidur ia best nd u done a fab job

  9. advance tech support

    Ans the audience

  10. All- Rounder

    Plz don't remove radha krishna we are not interested in this ganeah plx don't remove radha krishna

  11. Komal Goel

    Wanna have a good time at ullu You should not do these types of roles Very disgraceful

  12. shining star

    Which episode does redux start?where can I watch all the redux in uae hotstar is not available

  13. ashish mishra


  14. Safia Afrose

    Old is gold

  15. Vikramg Jadhav3

    I love to mahabharat Katha

  16. Safia Afrose

    U make me cry in this serial..

  17. Mradul Goley

    Which episode is this in season 3

  18. anami ji

    So handsam shadev

  19. Safia Afrose

    My favourite show...💜

  20. Akash Gupta

    Bhagwan saath ho toh shalya bhi yudhdh jeet jaata apne samarthya k saath yudhdh ladne mein bhi jigar chahiye jo karna mein tha kisi aur mein nahin

  21. Safia Afrose

    Nice to see u again

  22. Suresh Kumar

    You are 100 percent fit to this role..God bless

  23. Nakul Raj

    Best Karn❤️🥰😍

  24. anoop kumar


  25. Shazia Mudaser

    Plz upload this full episode plz plz

  26. Abdullah Almamun


  27. Basanti Chand

    He is very intelligent and best fit in sahadev character.. I most like tbe scene when both nakul and sahadev cures blooded karna..may this serial be repeated again and again love from nepal mnr..

  28. Rajat Sinha

    Ab kuch bewakoof aayenge aur BR chopra ki so called Mahabharata k jhute gun gayenge

  29. Yeasir Arafat Samin

    Akshay kumar☺☺☺

  30. Basanti Chand

    You are my best character and inspiration..mahabharat brings our ancient history and knowledge of geeta gyan..frm nepal mnr..


    Lavanya Bhardwaj is best actor nd he played his character Sahdev fantastically

  32. Soham Roy

    Still very less view because people don't know about deleted video.Could have cross 500k easily in 1-2 days this is real fraud by star plus

  33. Mrigendra Baruah

    I just love Mahabharat. I love all the characters and all the actors had played so well. I am watching Mahabharat 5th time . And I didn't missed any episode. Love Mahabharat..... 😄😄😊

  34. Chaudhary Sabir

    govinda legend killer


    Vidur ke piche karna bgm...thik karo ise


    He is best actor


    He is the only one I think to recieve star parivar award from mahabharat along with shakuni.Really a great actor

  38. Dipti Kumari

    Aap perfect the sahdev ke role me 🙏🙏jai shree krishna 🙏

  39. Anusha Tadamari


  40. Deep Mala

    Continue radhakrishn serial on star plus


    Suryaputra Karna Karna Parshuram Shishya Karna

  42. Debadrita De

    I am also like Yudhishtir in Mahabharata .

  43. Parineeta Khamkar

    What's wrong with her eyebrows 🙄

  44. Yatendra Awasthi


  45. Bindu Subru

    Full episode

  46. Werderham1

    No match for Ronit Roy


    Please don't remove the radhakrishna show

  48. Tapas Balo

    I'm big fan,, sir❤️❤️❤️


    jo jo apnay maa bap say piyar karty hay aur un ki zindagi lambi chahaty hay plz mare ess channel ko subscribe kary

  50. Sangeeta singh


  51. Ranjit Mandal


  52. Sangeeta singh

    Really star plus you don' t care about the audience not a searial is good on your channel ...! Every one loves radha krishna but you all never care about the audience ... Please only on saturday sunday bring radha krishna back

  53. Subasini Parida

    Main Hotstar pe ab dekh rahi hoon Yeh Mahabharat show mujhe behud pasand h

  54. advance tech support

    Plzz don't remove radha krishna show🙏🙏🙏🙏

  55. Bharat Prasad

    Second dadage

  56. Bharat Prasad

    Diary name yeh rishta kya kehlata hi

  57. Basanti Chand

    I like his expressions very much and best suits for this character,his smile and coustume of prince yudhistira's so much unique..when he seems disappointed it hurts every one heart in the dice game i wept a lot watching his weakness..lots of love frm nepal mnr.

  58. Puja Sharma


  59. Yatendra Awasthi

    Best bheesma like mukesh khanna

  60. Srivarsha Guttula

    Starplus management please put sree ganesh in the place where you repeat ramayan. And give us our Radha Krishna back please

  61. Yatendra Awasthi

    Bhai aapne bheesma ka character bahut thik tarah nibahaya.....

  62. Sangeeta singh

    Only radha krishna was the best serial on star plus . Now not a perecent of good serial is their 😠😠😠

  63. Soniya Chakrawarti

    Plz i have a request ......... plzzz don't stop showing Radha Krishna . Radha Krishna is one of favorite serial don't stop showing Radha Krishna 😔😔😔

  64. Prativa Gupta

    I like the way he told us

  65. Sangeeta singh

    Radha krishan😱😱😭😭😭😭😭 i request you all

  66. K4F sandalwood

    When I see SONAKSHI DIXITH with this person Im like i wanna KILL him *******, SONAKSHI DIXITH MADE FOR DEV RAAT DIXITH, not for this****. ***** , ****** person 🤬🤬

  67. Sangeeta singh

    Pls bring back radha krishna

  68. Sohang dhillon

    Aap ko bolne ki jrurt nhin hai hum bina deri kiye dekh rhe hain or star plus ka yeh mahabhrt kbhi purana nhi hoga Hume toh lgta hi nhi k yeh mahabhrt seriol hai hum toh isme dekhte dekhte kho jatei hain jaise hum bhi wohi par hain mtlbh outstanding koi jwab nhi es mahabhrt ka itna achha k dil mei kya rooh mei utar gya hai love u allllll misssssss u alll 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭really Miss's u allllllll Mahabharat team

  69. SD girl

    Please don't band Radhakrishn serial😢😢😢It's my favorite serial😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  70. Dashing Star

    Haramzadi toh aur vulgar bana diya hai society ko,kutti

  71. SD girl

    Please don't band Radhakrishn serial😢😢😢😢

  72. explorer

    Suryaputra karn is best seriel it has best role played of karn not sure about arjun but the vfx are great than any other mahabharat seriel even movies can't compete with it

  73. Abinash Singh Bhoi

    Pranipaat 🙏... Mahatma Vidur..

  74. aijazbaloch shahani

    Waow its very nice show please back up jaana naa dil sey door

  75. sathish k


  76. Neema Arasan

    Karna❤️ Ahem Sharma Love from TN

  77. Sanjay Garg

    Please start radha krishna please ..... ...

  78. Hari Namamrutham

    pls act more great roles jii...hope u inspire all of us as always.. .in nearing future u will surely get great roles...jai yuddhishtra🌺🌺 maharaj!!!hare.Krishna ...!!🌹🌹

  79. Let's Go Green

    he looks like daniel radcliff

  80. Kirti Kumar Arora

    Why Today no Ramayan repeat on 10:30 PM ?

  81. Anushka Ghosh

    Why did u delete previous vdo.....to show that yudhisthir is more imp than karn

  82. Asim Shah

    please phir say star plus par chayen yeh drama

  83. Asim Shah

    please phir say star plus par chayen yeh drama

  84. SD girl

    Radhakrishn ko remove karo year😢😢please😢😢

  85. Palash Chandrakar

    he really played the character really well ,jai shri krishna

  86. Ganesh Bartakke

    Please Star Plus per Radha Krishna band mat kar dena please

  87. Ganesh Bartakke

    StarPlus it's my humble and kind request please start Radha Krishna again on Star Plus please

  88. Abhishek Sharma

    I am big fan of karna जुबान का पक्का unbelievable

  89. SD girl

    Star plus walo Radhakrishn ko remove karo 😢😢

  90. Meysha Domun


  91. Subham Gupta

    I am really proud of Arjun he is greatest archer ever in that time

  92. Mylife mystyle myrule

    MRsel per full video not available please haitham all songs Ek Bar download kar lenge Sal aur like😥😥😥💔💘👀

  93. Sc Singh

    Love these kind cousins I am very happy that I too have my crazy cousin's gang and unfortunately I am the leader !! Very tough to make dicisions

  94. Mylife mystyle myrule

    Sir please read uploaded haitham all song full video share and like Jarur Karenge please🤳🤳🤳🤳👍👀👂

  95. reshma suman

    I realy like armaan

  96. Mylife mystyle myrule

    Sir I request you four song full video haitham reupload sir please please iam waiting🤓🤳

  97. Mona Priya

    What a neat haircut 👨❤

  98. Amrita Wanga

    There r many serials which can be replaced but why radha krishna , pls this is Request to go with the majority and try managing the timings intead of replacing it pls pls pls 🙏🙏

  99. Naga Keerthi Keerthi

    Yaarrrr😨 yyyyy r u making again anuus character as weak nd pree is strong😱😱😱 seriously she always take a desicion nd it will ended up in vain..huuhh😏😏😏 Once truth is out he is saving his lifeline(pre)..but he willnot tell the truth r not out..but one thing I want to know after truth is out wat will hpn btwn pre anu nd bajaj

  100. m geller

    Why it ended soon